Sadistic Player In A Fantasy Game World

Author: LordofKaizen
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What is Sadistic Player In A Fantasy Game World

Read ‘Sadistic Player In A Fantasy Game World’ Online for Free, written by the author LordofKaizen, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: *Villain MC*Apathetic, cruel, and terrifyingly sadistic. Gray's world is brought alight when beings of unknown origin su...


*Villain MC* Apathetic, cruel, and terrifyingly sadistic. Gray's world is brought alight when beings of unknown origin summon creatures and structures of terrifying nature to his hometown. "Enjoy that feeling of pain. After all, you're only human." laughed Gray as he watched the goblin tug at the girl's breasts, prompting her to scream in pain. Equipped with a rather unique power, and sadistic nature, Gray's days are bound to be filled with blood goring fun. Join Gray on his bloodthirsty rampage, if you dare.

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Something different from the usual, I like it. The mc is Chaotic Evil, he will slaughter everyone in sight when the time comes. And this is exactly what I like.... sooo, if you're a fan of evil mc, this one is for you. Keep up the great work Author!


Reveal spoiler


I just love it. I'm waiting for the next chapter sooooooooo bad. I like the writer's approach but....does he not know his a sadist!?!?!?!? [img=update]


Cringy MC is just a wannabe edge Lord subpar concept nothing new MC makes me cringe so much this for sure was made by a child dropped at chap 5...


Amazing setting for the story having a psychopath running around and killing people for fun, is really entertaining. Though 1 chapter is week is a bit slow as long as the chapters are long enough to satisfy me I have no complaints.


I like the main character of the villain 👍 .


Author here. Do you like chaotic evil MCs? Do you like systems? Do you like magic lore? If your answer was yes, yes and yes, then read this. That's all I have to say.


A well made story where the main character is a villain (obviously) but without the manipulative tendencies, just straight murder happy. Not the kind of ’murder makes me feel something in my apathetic life’, no good reader this man reavels in the blood of enemies, peers, randoms, literally anyone that comes too close one day. Some how the author pulled off a big one and made it so that he actually has a companion which seems understandable why they aren’t dead het, which is great since when you kill everyone, you often have no one to talk to (shocker that). All in all its a fun story that gets your daily dose of bloodshed and innocent slaughter filled.


Exactly what i was looking for for a while 🤩😈 if u have thirst for Blood read this 👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹.


This is extremly hard to read. So cringe bro.........................................................................................................


The first story I've read in a while that truly lives up to "evil MC". This is a multi-faceted story giving us Multiple POV's. Normally in other stories, I usually skip any side-character POV's but unlike those, the characters here are very fleshed out and makes me enjoy reading their perspective. Overall, a gory, brutal, chaotic mess.... but a good mess


Reveal spoiler


Bro get some therapy. Oh also, great book. Lelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelel


(•‿•)👍 Very nice book. Love it ......................................................................................................................


Great story with edgy MC. I was looking for something with gore to make me feel more alive after my mundane workweek. And thus did it. looking forward to more chapters.


Pretty glad I found this book. It’s a nice change from hero mc. Mc is chaotic “evil” and actually uses his brain. He’s also a bit relatable. It’s all just a nice change tbh. Loving this book!


If you aren’t reading this, oh boy you are missing out!I don’t care if you like good MC because the story is so good!You will be repulsed at first but I am sure you will grow to love it!Only complain is itms apparently only 2 chapters per week so…


This was the first book I read on this app I love the fact that Gray is a genuine pyschopath. He has no "I am the darkness of society" moments, he just wants yo kill kill kill till everything is dead Please update soon !!!


This a great view on how most people will act in a smilar Situation. And the sadistic part adds more to it


The story background is very good and mc is evil, I persona like that but mc is a little crazy and stupid. I don’t if he improves cause I dropped😩


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