After Gray had used a shovel he had found inside the tool cabinet of the town hall to dig a shallow grave, he buried the flame-throwing man's corpse. Looking around to make sure that no one was watching him.

"I hope his body hasn't decayed to a large extent by the time I come back for him," thought Gray as he rubbed the dirt of his face and threw the muddy shovel to the side.

"Now time to go home,"

Gray walked through the desolate streets, making sure that his footsteps were as loud as possible. It was as if he were just begging to be attacked by beasts of some sort.

"I really want to test the limits of my new power. It would be nice if I were to stumble upon some monsters on the way home. I'm not too picky, even a monster dressed in human skin would be okay. " thought Gray as he finally reached his house.

The front door hung on its hinges, well that's if you could still call the fibrous splinters of wood that were left of it a door.

Gray created a blood spear, consuming a good chunk of his blood to do so. As the blood price was paid, he felt a wave of nausea pass through his body, a painful reminder that every weapon he created came at a steep price.

He walked through the front door into the kitchen. The kitchen sink gushing water onto the nearly flooded kitchen floor. The claw marks on the cupboards painted a vivid picture of the struggle that ensued earlier.

"Hello!" called out Gray, his voice echoing throughout the seemingly empty house.

Nobody answered. The house was completely silent, apart from the constant dripping of water, and other liquids.

Gray entered his room, his pillows were piled on the floor, and his bed was a mess. All his drawers were open and it looked as if someone had been searching for something in a rush.

"That bastard" whispered Gray under his breath.

He found that his computer and all the money he had hidden in his drawers were gone. His father had probably stolen all of it.

"Well, it's not like money will make much of a difference in this new world anyway. Right now it's just spoilt paper." thought Gray as he left his room and entered his mother's room.

"What the f-"

A series of red blotches were painted along the walls. Small pieces of green were scattered within the red Picasso, giving Gray the impression that they were goblin corpses instead of human ones.

"It seems that mother must've gotten a rather powerful ability. Though I worry for the people that she will come across. A drug addict with this much power is probably going to be the Joker incarnate." smiled Gray as he thought about how many foolish people must've died to his junkie mother already.

Gray had a complicated relationship with his mother. She was once the person that Gray loved and looked up to the most, but after she had a miscarriage and started using drugs to help forget her pain, they slowly drifted apart. And when his father began drinking, he began to despise her more and more.

That was when Gray started having a sadistical, nihilistic outlook on life. What little love he had for his parents died with the old Gray.

"Well, she's not my problem anymore, so long as we never meet. However, I'll have to pay him back in blood." smiled Gray as he went through his father's belongings.

"Drats he took it," thought Gray.

"Well, I can always find another gun somewhere else. If I'm able to analyze the way it works, I might be able to make blood firearms. Hopefully, the ability description works just as it says it does." smiled Gray as he read the ability description again.

[...However, weapons are limited to one's that you are familiar with...]

"But if I go to a gun store there are bound to be other survivors looking to use the guns as a means of protection," thought Gray, but his contemplation was cut short by the sound of the autonomous voice that had been talking earlier.

[Citizens of New Vautis. The first towers have been made active. Rewards for completing the tower floors will be awarded to those who succeed in doing it first.]

[Dungeons and ruins have also been made active, rewards will be awarded for completing them first.]

[Those who complete all the tower floors will be awarded S-rated rewards. Keep in mind that all races are allowed to participate in the tower, dungeons and ruin raids. A maximum number of citizens will be set for each raid. Good luck.]

As the voice finished talking a shockwave reverberated through the air, sending Gray to the ground.

Gray quickly ran outside to see what was going on, and that's when he saw it.

Giant pillars of red light shot out into the sky from the giant structures that have appeared all over the town.

"This is becoming more and more like a game. I think I might actually be in love with this new world," laughed Gray hysterically as he thought of all the fun he would have while completing the tower levels.

The number of bloodbaths he would have to fight through, and the number of weapons he would create to increase that bloodbath by using the spilled bood.

Just as Gray thought that things couldn't get any better, another shockwave reverberated through the air. A purple portal that seemed to exude a cosmical power appeared a few yards away from Gray. And out of it came a wolf-like beast.

*AWOOOOOOOOO*(AN: Lol this is so childish but whatevs)

The beast sniffed the air and turned to look at Gray.

It had grey scales instead of fur and had two long tusks protruding out of its face. It stood at an enormous 4meters, and its eyes gleamed with a burning bloodlust as it stared at Gray in hunger.

"Isn't this progressing a little too fast," said Gray with an awkward smile, clutching on to the blood spear in his hand ever so tightly.