6 Mass Hunt


2 weeks later


In a park barely illuminated by a street lamp, a little girl was running at full speed.

As the little girl ran with tears in her eyes, she would occasionally turn around and look back in fear.

Just as the little girl was running and looking back, she tripped on a stone on the ground and fell.

Unable to find the strength to stand up again little girl, with tears still streaming from her eyes, finally managed to make a sound different from the *sobs* she had been making.

"P-please... Help~... Help me!"

No one heard the girl, who could barely speak out of fear and crawled on her hips backwards.

No one could have heard her even if they wanted to, because she had a chain in the center of her chest.

Yes! She was a soul, or rather a plus. That's why no normal person could hear her.

The little girl, still looking around in fear, suddenly froze when she turned her head to the right.

Because there was a four-meter monster staring at her.

When the girl looked at the monster, she could not pay attention to its long legs or its hands. All her attention was on the eyes behind the mask. The madness and anger in those eyes frightened her so much and left her speechless that she didn't even scream for help.

As her whole body trembled with fear, she finally heard a voice from the monster in front of her. Or rather, voices.

"Ayumi... Ayumi don't be afraid! I... I am your father..."


The little girl couldn't understand what the monster was talking about as it shouted angrily in front of her. She called her Ayumi and then suddenly started screaming. It wasn't Ayumi. She didn't know her at all. She just wanted to tell him not to hurt her, but she only got more scared when she heard him shouting.

The little girl couldn't bear it all and finally started to cry.

"*Sob*...*Sob* P-please don't...hurt me. I-I'm...not Ayumi. *Sob*..*Sob*"

Hearing this monster did not shut up and spoke.

"I'm sorry little girl..."


"Fuck you, you son of a bitch!!!"

"*Sigh* Sorry, normally I wouldn't do this to you, but with that bastard, the only good thing I can give you is a quick death. Sorry..."

Having said this, the monster started walking towards the girl and ignored her screams and pleas.


[>Main Pov<]

Two weeks! Two weeks have passed since that fucking day.

At first I was still sane. That's why I was able to move around in hiding, and after my escape I started exploring the city.

But when I saw Karakura High School, it didn't take me long to finally realize where I was.

I was in that damn city!

That city was a cursed city. I couldn't blame a city for that, but the sametime it was the city where things happened in canon. So I knew I had to get the hell out of this city.

After making up my decision, I set off to the eastern side of the city, to the city of Kagamino. It didn't even take me a day to get there. When I arrived in the city, the surroundings were not much different from before, so I got used to it immediately.

Then I spent my days hiding and hunting souls(pluses), occasionally I killed people, but I was very careful not to stand out too much.

In the meantime, I continued to train myself.

Actually, my training wasn't too much. I was training my new skill [Reiatsu Concealment].

I think the skills that the system gave me were not perfect because when I was moving, I would occasionally become translucent or parts of my body would become visible. It wasn't a problem with the skill or with me. It was because I wasn't using this skill well enough.

I was still I could be invisible for hours, but when I was moving, it was limited. So I trained this.

I was trying to keep myself invisible for longer. Depending on how much I moved and my speed, it didn't take long to become visible, but after a week of hunting, I was able to keep the skill for longer.

Another thing I noticed while hunting at the same time was the increase in my speed. I was even faster than I was after I got [Physical Power Boost 2x] from the system, and it didn't take me long to realize why. While I was training [Reiatsu Concealment], my speed was also increasing.

My inference as to why this happened is that probably what I got from the system was more than just an ability. Like the Hollows that Aizen experimented with, there was an unnoticeable change in my constitution that made me stronger. And the increase in my Speed and Stealth abilities was satisfying, but I didn't have much time to think about it.

So I continued to hunt pluses every day and people at night.

Hunting at night allowed me to hide better in the dark and to be faster.

I was like Batman, except I wasn't on a crime hunt, I was on a soul hunt.

Some days I couldn't find a soul (plus) so I took it easy and hunted more people.

Actually, I was a little hesitant at first, but after making sure I was careful, I did it.

It was easy because of my [Reiatsu Concealment] skill. So I had no problem killing people, but I still didn't want to attract the attention of a shinigami.

But probably the shinigami in this city had already notice me or he's just an idiot who doesn't really care about his job because I didn't even see him once in my invisible form, but I already learned my lesson.

I would never let my vigilance and caution go.

So despite my initial hesitation, I killed people using [Reiatsu Concealment].

I was pretty fast at first and managed to collect the souls of almost 27 people before the end of one week, but then the voice of the other soul in my body began to be heard.


Hollows are creatures that feed on other souls, trying to fill the emptiness, pain and suffering in their hearts.

At first they consume hundreds of souls for this, then continue to consume more and more.

Until they no longer have the will to consume and seek a new search.


Hollows who want to consume more and are not satisfied with ordinary human souls, begin to consume each other.

This search for consuming continues and carries them to the next step in their evolution.

However, it should not be forgotten that during this period of consumption, the hollows swallowed hundreds of souls just to satisfy their pain and suffering.

Later on this, when their evolution stops, it results in the hollow's consciousness being eroded by the other souls it harbors.

Unable to move forward hollow is doomed to regress and eventually lose its intelligence again.

This is exactly the strange situation that is happening here right now. Two souls in one body. And one of them trying to dominate the other for body ownership.

It's a complete battle of wills!

The winner will dominate and devour the other.

And that's exactly what I'm trying to do right now.

In the beginning, after the system was gone, there was no problem, but as time went on, the soul, the original owner of this body, began to exploit the cracks in the wall where it had been sealed.

Right now, it's trying to erode that wall and take control for itself.

At first it was just a headache, but now it's a problem when it starts causing trouble both when hunting and in normal times.

According to my knowledge from the anime, the owner of this body is actually an obsessive soul.

From the occasional memory pieces I see, I can tell that the Ayumi he's talking about is his daughter. After all, there's no reason not to think that it's his daughter he's obsessed with.

But here's where the trouble starts. The original owner of this body is a rapist bastard!

He doesn't have many memories of when he was human. But he has memories of his daughter and he has memories of the things that he likes to do.

What I know about him until now is that his name is Komiya Takashi, that he likes raping women and stealing them from their husbands, and that he likes his daughter.

Komiya Takashi...

Damn it! Even his name sounds like a hentai protagonist!

There's no way I'm letting this bastard take over this body!

It's not just for my own safety, but for the safety of every woman, living or not. It's also for Ayumi's safety

Not that I really care, but I don't want to contribute to the creation of the most disgusting and gross hentai scene ever.

It's getting more difficult to keep him under pressure these days.

The incompatibility of our characters and our wills are constantly colliding with each other.

Our characters are incompatible because his life, as far as I can see, is a life lived according to his hedonistic desires.

Mine is more of a life of loneliness and lack of taste, where I developed an antisocial personality.

This is understandable because I lost my parents at young age and had to live with my grandparents.

As a result, most of my life was based on working, studying and earning money.

My grandparents were not in a good financial situation. So I had to support myself and I worked at different jobs all the time.

As for making friends, losing my family at young age had a bad effect on me and made it difficult for me to make friends.

In short, my life was lonely and boring.

The problem wasn't that I was lonely, I actually enjoyed that, but I was tired of doing the same things every day.

I was just doing things because I had to.

It's a rotten, boring life, full of the same things, one day no different from the other.

So I'm not going to let this second chance slip from my hands.

As much as I whined like a bitch at the beginning, this is the excitement and new life I've been looking for. I would do anything to not let that go to waste.

So right now I'm still trying to hold down the second soul in this body, and I'm also doing as much soul hunting as I can.

It's been 2 weeks since I started doing this and almost 80% of the energy needed to restore the energy of the system is complete.

In total, I've hunted 36 pluses and humans up until now.

A dozen more and I can finally have my baby.

But that's where the trouble starts. The other soul has gone crazy and started to force its obsession on me. Until now I was still immune and able to resist its mental attacks, but now it's getting harder and harder.

That bastard is trying to affect me and force his obsession on me and devour me.

'Arrghh... The moment I get the system, I'll get rid of you first, you asshole!'

"Ayumi... Ayuumiii!!! I MUST FIND HER!!!"

"You'll find it in hell, you piece of shit! Just wait for me to finish this!!!"

"Ayuu... mi..."

As I gradually drowned out the annoying noise, I kept moving towards my final target.

I was jumping from rooftop to rooftop, and I was moving pretty fast. I started to like this method of getting somewhere because it gave me a good view and made it easier to find my targets.

I spent these 2 weeks mostly clinging around like a frog, so I got used to it.

And it is also interesting that during these 2 weeks I did not meet any shinigami.

Maybe there were no shinigami in this city, or the city was so big that it was difficult for me to encounter them, or maybe I was hiding too well.

The first was definitely not possible. There was a shinigami in this city, that's what my senses were telling me, so the second one was possible, but I was hoping that the third one was true.

During these 2 weeks it became easier for me to draw conclusions about shinigami from what I remembered from the series.

In short, in my opinion, shinigamis are a bunch of people who think they're in charge of souls but they're not in charge of shit.

Yes, why do I say that, it's simple. A lot of people died during these 2 weeks and none of them found me. And I'm sure there were others who died elsewhere. But they felt no guilt or responsibility for those who died, because there is no other explanation for giving one shinigami to a whole city.

After all, 1 or 2 shinigami can never keep up with everything and there will always be people who die. Even pluses that are unnoticed and turn into hollows.

A huge Soul Society doesn't know that? Honestly, I'm not sure of the answer to that, but during my time in this world I've become convinced that the Quincys are not so wrong.

They can be portrayed as balance-breakers all they want, but if you look at it objectively, who wants to have to wait for a shinigami for the safety of their lives?

The Shinigamis will eventually be too late and another human or plus will not be saved.

In such a situation, of course, it is inevitable that people like Quincy will come into conflict with Soul Society. No matter how much the Soul Society would like to leave the job to themselves, their irresponsibility and lack of practical methods are so blatant that even an ordinary Quincy will eventually have to pick up an arrow (or create one) and act before them.

As these things were going through my mind, I finally reached the target I was looking for and I started to look ahead and observe. A group of people were gathering and talking.

To the outsiders, these people would look very dangerous and suspicious and the police would question them as soon as they saw them.

But here it's only them and me. In short, my prey and me. I look towards them and they start to move. I get off the roof and activate [Reiatsu Concealment] and start moving towards them.

Let the hunt begin.


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