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Rise of the Hollow [Hiatus]


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A soul from Earth wakes up as a hollow in the Bleach universe. Then a robotic voice tells him that he died but saved his soul. This story is about our protagonist becoming stronger without discriminating between true or false, good or evil. Warning:  1- My English level is not good and I'm still improving. Sometimes I get translation help, so if that bothers you, don't read this fanfic at all. 2- In this fanfic, the MC's alignment is generally chaotic evil, so keep that in mind before reading. 3- I'm still improving my writing style, if you're not looking for an amateur job, this fanfic is not for you. 4- Although Harem, smut and r-18 are not at the beginning of the story, they will be later. So don't come back later and badmouth the story here. If any of the above conditions are not suitable for you, I strongly recommend you not read this. Tags : #evilmc #dark #r-18 #harem