2 First Killing

[> Main Pov <]

I keep walking in the forest. I've been walking for almost 10 minutes and there's nothing in sight except the damn trees.

In the meantime, I kept talking to the with system as I walked, and it gave me some useful information. Actually, this >Soul-coin< earning thing is not only about human souls, it can also be about animals or any creature. Even hollow.

Of course, at my current weak level, I'm not going to deal with hollows who are stronger than me. I'm sorry, but once I died, I realized that I like to live.

After I finished talking to the with system, I had already made my decision. Human, animal or something else, it doesn't matter as long as I am stronger.

I will hunt their souls and I will not go back. After all, if you are a hollow and weak, it doesn't matter what kind of person you are. The powerful beings in the Bleach universe can decide your fate. I might even die without attracting their attention.

If I'm lucky, even after dying with a shinigami sword, I don't know if I'll go to soul society or just disappear. I have no intention of finding out. But even after all this logic...

'Fuck, I still feel bad about the first time.'

*sigh* Anyway, I think about that and I have made a decision. I'm clearly weak right now, but I still need to set a goal for myself.

First I have to find where I am in the canon.

Secondly I need to hunt the souls by being as hidden as possible. I doubt I can do it secretly though, in the anime they have a device that shows the location of the hollows like a gps and it's very possible they will find me but there is a skill in the shop for that.


[>Shop - Level 1<]

|Soul-Coin : 0|

[> Skills: {

→ [Reiatsu Concealment] = 5000-Sc

• } <]


If I use this, it will be hard for them to find me and I can be easily hunted. So I immediately asked the system for more information about this skill and it answered me.

[Yes, your thinking is correct. This [Reiatsu Concealment] skill is a skill that Aizen gave to some hollows as a result of hollowfication experiments. The skill in the shop can be seen as the completed version. When the host uses this skill, he can not only evade the spiritual detector radar, he can also completely hide his existence.]

'Yes, as I guessed, this skill is very Op. As long as I get this, my empowerment will be smooth and I won't have to be afraid of anyone to hide.'

As this was going through my mind, my goal was becoming clear. Grow stronger secretly, then come out when you can no longer hide. It was very simple but easy to understand goal, at least I believe so.

I don't want to meet any canon characters in any way during all of this. As much as I'm still excited to see fictional characters, it's also going to be a nuisance in the end. For example, I'm sure there are a lot of people watching Ichigo. As far as I know, it's not just Aizen, I remember there are different enemies later on in the series.

I haven't read the story completely but I've seen it on the net. Moreover his father is already a shinigami. On top of that, I might have to deal with Urahara Kisuke, a genius scientist, and I don't want that, I don't want that at all! At least not until I'm sure I'm safe or have the power to protect myself.

As I was still thinking, I heard a sound further ahead and I looked up. I had finally found a path in the forest. This was good news, but I was more surprised by the source of the sound. A boy and a girl were walking side by side. Even though it was night I could clearly recognize them in detail. I guess night vision is one of the benefits of being a hollow. I finally paid attention to them and the obvious question crossed my mind.

'Should I kill them?'

It seemed like this was kind of in the middle of nowhere, and it seemed like a better place to do it than in the middle of the city. I was going to do it eventually and this was the perfect opportunity. Yet the human part of me was still uncomfortable about it.

I watched them for a while. They couldn't see me anyway. The boy was average looking, a bit shy and always stammering and sometimes blushing when talking to the girl. I think he likes her and is afraid of saying the wrong thing. He doesn't realize it, but from a distance he looks like a complete idiot. As I was looking at him, a question came to my mind.

'Not all people in the anime world are this weird, right?'

I would find out the answer to that later, so I turned my head towards the girl. She was just... beautiful. She had waist-length black hair, green eyes that were still prominent even if it was the night. I think she was a B-Cup but she had a perfect S body. The short skirt that showed off her long white attractive legs definitely added to her beauty. I have to admit that I wouldn't have felt sorry for the boy, but I couldn't say the same for the girl.

While I was looking at them, she was listening to him, sometimes smiling slightly.

She was asking questions and I think she was deliberately teasing him and enjoying this.

'Alright, enough of this, I'd better get started', I thought as a cold glow spread behind my mask and I began to advance on them.


[> ??? Pov <]

As I walk I secretly look at the girl next to me and I get excited, she is absolutely beautiful. I'm excited because I still can't believe I'm talking to her, I wouldn't be surprised if they said it was just a dream.

Koyanagi Miki, this name is well known in our school. She is the girl of everyone's dreams at our school, not only beautiful but also very talented. At school she has always come first in her classes and competitions.

I heard from some of my friends that her father works abroad and her family is quite rich.

She is a wonderful person who has been involved in art, music and all kinds of things since she was a child with the support of her father. This beautiful girl is with me right now and we are walking home together.

Actually, at first I couldn't believe it when she told me to walk with her, but I understood immediately when I realized that she was late at home like me and she didn't want to go back alone because it was evening.

I think her being late has something to do with her club. So she was looking for someone to go home with her, luckily I live in the same place as her, so when she asked me to come to the reading club and go with her, I didn't expect it.

You can't really believe how surprised I was when she came and asked me to do that while I was there reading hentai on the net. Luckily she didn't see me reading umm... well I hope not.

While I'm lost in my thoughts, the beauty next to me suddenly speaks. "Are you okay, Kajiwara-san? You're suddenly quiet."

"What? No... I mean yeah... oh sorry I was thinking about something important Miki-san I didn't hear you I'm sorry ahahaha..."

I laughed a little nervously and tried not to look her eyes. At that moment she spoke, but her speech was cut off strangely.

"Mou, Kajiwara-san you've always been... *scream*"

Miki-san's sudden scream surprised me and I immediately turned to look at her, but what I saw was horrible. There was a headless body on the ground, no, its head had been crushed. This corpse looked like Miki-san. In addition to that... my whole body was red. What was that, paint? Red paint, that's how it should be, right? There was no other explanation, so I immediately called out fearfully.

"Miki-san... Ahh..."

First a sudden force squeezed my head and before I could cry out for help, my whole world turned red and then it went black...


[> Main Pov <]

I look at the two mangled corpses on the ground and sigh, for all my worry I didn't feel anything, maybe because of my new body, I don't know, but I only killed two people and that's it.

There is some hunger for the in my soul but it is very weak, the system has already told me that I am not like the hollow and I won't lose my intelligence so I am not surprised.

But it still bothers my human side that I am indifferent about it, I guess I have to overcome it somehow.

Just then the system began to speak in a way that answered my concerns.

[The host has no need to worry. The system has ensured that the host's intelligence is protected and suppresses hollow instincts to a certain extent. The reason for the host's worries may be that it hasn't been too long since he fused with a hollow and his soul is still not stabilized. You will have no trouble with your feelings in the future.]

"Okay, what about these two bodies, can you hide them?" I say, looking at the bodies with a troubled expression.

After all, even if the police can't find me, I might attract the attention of the shinigami's.

[You need to open the Inventory so I can hide things. But I can also remove the body while I absorb their souls. Would you like that?]

'Yes, remove it' I stated that I wanted to get rid of these corpses.

[Ding! 1 soul extracted, 103 >Soul-coin< earned!]

[Ding! 1 soul extracted, 101 >Soul-coin< earned!]

With that I started walking towards where the couple came from. Since they were students, they came from their school and I probably would have found more people there.

I also noticed more details in their conversation, things like "-san", which made me realize where I was. Yes, I was in Japan.

I didn't speak Japanese in my past life, but I understood them somehow, maybe because the owner of this body used to be Japanese, or maybe it's a privilege of the hollows. Other hollows in the series also spoke Japanese.

In other words, this means that I am in the country where the canon started and I have to be more careful. Now I have to find out what year I'm in, so I'm walking in the direction they came from. If they have schools there, they're probably in a city and that might make me notice some details.

I walk slowly along the path. If I run I might attract attention, I have to admit being in the hollow can be very noisy sometimes.

I hope I can get what I want in there, although I open the shop one last time and take a look.


[>Shop - Level 1<]

|Soul-Coin : 204-Sc|

[> Skills: { → [Reiryoku Boost 2x] = 2000-Sc

→ [Low Level Hierro]= 1500-Sc

→ [Low Level Regeneration] = 1500-Sc

→ [Little Cero] = 2000-Sc

→ [Physical Power Boost 2x] = 2000-Sc

→ [Reiatsu Concealment] = 5000-Sc

→ [Shinigami (100%)] = 500,000-Sc

→ [Quincy (100%)] = 550,000-Sc

→ [FullBringer (100%)] = 450,000-Sc } <]



In a city suspended in mid-air, on a futon in an empty room, sat a large bald man with a bushy beard, dressed in a simple shinigami haori. After a while, the man smiled strangely and mumbled words that no one could understand at first.

"Interesting, I wanted to look outside the Soul Society long after I practiced my 'full creation' but I didn't expect to come across something so strange. Well a monk like me who names most things doesn't leave you nameless strange little soul" The man said this as if he really cared about the person he was talking about and then stood up.

Immediately he picked up a big brush and dipped it in black ink. Then he started to scribble something on the floor and then he mumbled.

"I took (kura, darkness), with (yami) it still means darkness. Yes that's it! From now on your name is (deep darkness / kurayami)"

The man finished all this with a slight amusement, as if it were a trivial matter. The only frightening thing was that his eyes were white and his irises were not visible.


A/n : Hey guys! How was it ? Did you like it ?

I want to explain a few things here.

First, about the last part. Mc's name is not Kurayami!

(By the way, it took me a while to find a Japanese name reference :d)

This name thing is a bit more complicated than it appears in this chapter. The reason for this or why he chose to give a name will be explained in the future. But if you want to know, I have to say this is not a good thing.

Secondly, Mc said that he doesn't know what happens if he dies with a shinigami sword, here is the answer!

If Mc dies by a shinigami sword, he goes to the Soul Society according to the normal procedure. But this Konsō technique practiced by shinigami is meant to separate the soul from its sins. So if his sins are too much to be purified, he goes to hell.

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