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The protagonist’s soul walks through the universe of a mortal and merges with the grandfather’s soul in “Rick and Morty” during the journey. He inherits his grandfather’s talent and knowledge and then survives, grows stronger, expands, and rages in the Marvel and DC universe please support me on patreon.com/harsh07 you can read upto 100 advance chapters on [[[Patreon]]]] or https://www.buymeacoffee.com/harsh07 -------------- I've started my youtube channel and it's about art and anime If you can then please subscribe and follow  www.youtube.com/@Artistwholikeanime instagram - @artistwholikesanime

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Chapter 132 : Wubalubadubdub

By the end of the season, "Wubalubadubdub" essentially became canon when it was revealed that the phrase is Bird Person language for "I am in great pain, please help me."


After considering Jude, who remained imprisoned deep at the bottom of the sea, the warden, Vic, looked at the group before him once more, and said coldly, "No matter who you are working for, fighting against S.H.I.E.L.D. will not end well."


A beam of light shot out, directly splitting the sea for hundreds of meters, and despite the high-energy surge, the seawater unexpectedly failed to heal.

"Of course, I believe S.H.I.E.L.D. has no intention of becoming your enemy," Vic stated decisively. He was not an absolute confidant of Nick Fury; someone above him held that position. To him, it was all about business—surrender or face the consequences.

"Take us to find that person. You know who he is and where he is locked up, right?"

"Of course, this prison is under my management, sir. I know everything about it, and I am more than willing to assist you," replied Clone No. 85 mockingly. "If SHIELD's operatives were as perceptive as you in assessing the situation, we wouldn't be in this mess. But now it's too late."

As they reached the interior of the isolated island, three clones escorted the warden deeper, while the other clones assaulted various parts of the prison, swiftly gaining control of the situation.

In the command center, Clone 99 threw in a sonic bomb, rendering all the prison guards unconscious. Only the deputy warden remained, foaming at the mouth and convulsing.

"You, the intruders, I have informed Director Fury that you will definitely be punished," the deputy warden gasped.

No. 99 grinned, "If Nick Fury takes the initiative to deliver himself, then I really want to thank you."

As the deputy spoke, he was swiftly silenced by a shot.

Meanwhile, Nick Fury flew back to the headquarters of the Tri-Wing Building, receiving bad news along the way. Even the Air and Sky Mothership couldn't be contacted. Several key officers, including Deputy Director Maria Hill, were out of reach.

This was terrible news. S.H.I.E.L.D. was facing a crisis.

A cloud of dread loomed over Nick Fury, an inexplicable feeling of heart palpitations suddenly gripping him.

At that moment, news came from the communication equipment on the plane that the Isolated Island Prison had also been attacked. Now all four major prisons were compromised.

The pilot asked, "Chief, do you want to return to the island?"

Nick Fury rejected the idea without hesitation, "Do you want to die? If not, return to headquarters as quickly as possible."

Turning his gaze back to the isolated island, the warden Vic led the way and soon brought the three clones to Jude.

As the two sides eyed each other, Clone 91 began to mock, "Look at who we have here. Jude Herbert, our creator, is known as the smartest person in the world. But how did you end up in this situation?"

Jude adopted a condescending tone, "If I hadn't been imprisoned, you might never have been released, so you should be grateful. After all, you are just clones of me."

"Really? But how are we different from you? We share the same biological signs, intelligence, spirit, and memory. We are one person."

"Huh! You are right, but there is no need for so many Jude Herberts in this world at the same time, so you want to kill me first and then decide the final winner, right?"

The three clones laughed in unison, "So we don't have any difference; even the idea is the same."

"Haha... Let me guess, the five major prisons were attacked simultaneously. Calculating based on the distance, it will not take long before all the clones gather here. After that, you will open a public trial, put me to death in public, and then decide the final winner or loser."

"Yes, I am as smart as I am."

The cell door was opened, and three guns were aimed at Jude simultaneously.

"I advise you not to play tricks, so you can live a little longer."

Jude pretended to be desperate, "Are Ivy and Little Spider rescued?"

"Of course, we are not like you. We won't fail. You can see them before you die. This is the last gift to you."

As the clone finished speaking, he turned and blasted the head of the warden, Vic.

Jude's neighbors, Baron Zemo and Juhuanv looked at him with some envy. They had been locked up for several years, longing to escape. However, seeing the complicated situation in front of them, they remained silent.

Jude winked at the two of them and said, "Don't worry, you will be released."

Soon, all the clones of the fifth task force were assembled in the command center, surrounding Jude with weapons drawn.

But that wasn't enough. His hands and feet were restrained, and after a thorough search, all potential weapons were confiscated. It seemed the only movable parts were his glasses and mouth. After all, only he knew himself best.

After more than an hour, members of the other four task forces arrived on the island one after another.

Jude frowned, "I remember cloning one hundred and eleven. Why are there only one hundred left? Were those eleven idiots killed?"

But no one answered him. Little Spider and Ivy looked at the situation in front of them in surprise.

"Wait, I'm already confused. Who on earth is the real Jude?"

"We all are, Ivy."

"No, I mean, who is the original one?"

"There is no original, and there will be no more in the future. Okay, let us execute the trial of Jude Herbert. Only by killing this guy can we symbolize our birth."

"Yeah, baby!"

A group of clones raised their arms excitedly.

"Our creator, the dying ontology, do you have any last words?"

"There is no last word, but there is a question: are you really all here? I mean, is there anyone else missing?"

"Of course not. Watching you die is the common wish of all of us."

Jude heaved a sigh of relief, "That's good, so I can say that sentence with confidence; you should have really sealed my mouth."


The clones suddenly realized something was wrong.


As Jude yelled these words out loud, all the clones seemed to have been frozen in place.

A dark purple metal thread stretched out of his right arm, easily loosening his restraints.

Jude relaxed his neck, looked at Ivy and Little Spider, and asked, "Does anyone have any alcohol?"


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