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The protagonist’s soul walks through the universe of a mortal and merges with the grandfather’s soul in “Rick and Morty” during the journey. He inherits his grandfather’s talent and knowledge and then survives, grows stronger, expands, and rages in the Marvel and DC universe please support me on patreon.com/harsh07 you can read upto 100 advance chapters on [[[Patreon]]]] or https://www.buymeacoffee.com/harsh07 -------------- I've started my youtube channel and it's about art and anime If you can then please subscribe and follow  www.youtube.com/@Artistwholikeanime instagram - @artistwholikesanime

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Chapter 131

The circus, of course, is not a real circus. There are no clowns and no performances. Some are just imprisonment and experimentation.

The biggest feature of this prison is the big omega symbol on the door.

That's right, it is the iconic ability of Dark Lord Darkside of the Apocalypse, Omega rays.

As for why the ARGUS would engrave the Omega symbol on the door of its prison, no one knows.

The clones of Special Force 4 arrived here, and looking at the giant steel gate in front of them, clone No. 61 took out the molecular destruction bomb.

After the placement was completed, there was no violent explosion sound. After the bomb detonated, the steel gate softened directly and became a mess of mud.

The circus was also declared breached in less than half an hour, and the prison guards were wiped out.

In the depths of the circus, a trace of the little spider was finally found.

This child is much worse than Ivy. He was seriously injured in the battle with the Evil Six, and he was locked up by the ARGUS before he was treated.

At this moment, he was still wearing that tattered spider suit, and he was scratched on the wall, and his mental state was very bad.

The cell door was blasted open, and the little spider slowly raised his head, looking at the three Jude Herberts in front of him and muttering to himself, "It seems that my brain has begun to be confused, and all have hallucinations, three Herberts. Sir, it's weird."

"O...Fuck! Peter, are you still alive?"

"Peter, Peter, wake up; I'm here to save you."

"Peter, Peter, open your eyes and see who I am."


The little spider suddenly felt a pain in his face and couldn't help frowning: "This dream is too real, and I have to be slapped."

Clone No. 77 knocked No. 65 to the ground with a punch: "You can't beat him; only I can!"

No. 78 didn't do it after hearing the words. he opened her mouth and spouted, "Is there a problem with my ears? Can you? Shit, it should be me!"

"Damnit! Do you want a duel first?"

"What can't it, sooner or later anyway?"

"It's you!"

In a disagreement, the three clones ignored the little spiders and started fighting each other.

"Wow, this dream is getting more and more weird."


Suddenly, a circle of electric current surrounded the three clones, and in the strong electric arc, the three screamed and turned into ash.

Clone No. 63 walked out of the corner with a smile and stared at the pile of ashes.

Afterward, he opened the little spider's mouth and poured a bottle of whiskey down.

"Ah la la la... Are you awake now? Peter."

"Cough cough...cough cough..."

It took a long time for the little spider to cough violently before relieving his energy, shaking his head vigorously, and saying in surprise, "Mr. Herbert, it's really you!"

No. 63 broke his shackles, patted his head, and smiled: "Of course"

"I really thought it was a dream. Just now, I saw three of you fighting."

"Yes, that's not a dream; you are stepping on them."


The little spider was agitated, his feet hurriedly lifted, and the ashes were all on the pants.

"Very good; I have it now."

"What exactly is going on?"

"It's very simple; we are all clones of Jude Herbert. The petri dish you assembled by yourself, did you forget?"

"You grew up so soon?" Little Spider asked in surprise.

"Of course, but this is not the point. We have to leave the circus first. Amanda Waller is still waiting to be cleaned up."

With a bang, people in New York felt the ground vibrate. After a while, the vibration ended, and a large crack with a length of three kilometers and a width of one kilometer appeared on the ground.

On the Quinjet, Spiderman looked at the tragedy caused by the earth dragon turning over below and couldn't help asking, "Mr. Herbert, this is too exaggerated. It will hurt civilians."

A clone said indifferently with his hands on his chest, "Don't worry, Peter, that is the secret prison of the ARGUS; dozens of kilometers around have been emptied."


"Of course."

"But you are making a long tone, and I understand you. As long as you make a long tone, it means you are not sure, or you are lying to me."

Upon hearing this, the clone suddenly became angry and pointed to the little spider's nose and cursed, "Peter, I risked my life to save you, and this is your attitude? This is how you treat the Savior."

"I just draw a conclusion based on my own imagination and speculation. Is this the attitude that a scientist should have? Is this what a normal-thinking person should do? You disappointed me too much, Peter Parker!"

The little spider was sprayed by him, feeling a little guilty. Yes, how could he doubt Mr. Herbert? He was so kind, he gave himself a job, and then came to save himself; he really shouldn't.

"Sorry, sir." Little Spider said.

"It's pretty much the same. Also, you have to change your mind. The so-called non-killing principle you insist on is a joke. When you treat your enemy, you should kill if you should kill, understand?"

"But, I think..."

"No, no, no, I don't want you to feel that; I want to tell you that you are kind to your enemies, but they won't be kind to you."

"On the contrary, they will only take advantage of your kindness. This incident is the best proof. Wake up Peter, I'll let it pass but It's time to accept new ideas."

"You must understand that being kind to the enemy is cruel to yourself, not to mention that your identity has been exposed. Aunt May, Gwen Stacey, Harry Osborn, Mary Jane, your family, and friends will all be threatened. Do you want them to be in danger?"

Little Spider was silent; this was indeed a big problem, and it was something he had been worried about.

"So you have to listen to me. The best way to protect them is to kill your enemies. To your friends, be as warm as spring, and to your enemies, be as cruel and ruthless as the autumn wind sweeps fallen leaves, remember?"


The clone smiled with satisfaction. I can't change the old bat. But I change the little spider. You are afraid to insist on the principle of not killing. If you go to other universes, or other dimensions, or face the invasion of aliens, you still have to kill.


More than half an hour ago, Nick Fury, Amanda Waller, and Silvers were entangled with Jude, but then they received news of the attack and left immediately.

And shortly after they left, a Quinjet arrived here.

The Warden Vic thought that Nick Fury had gone and returned, but he was pointed at the forehead by a black hole as soon as he came out.

Seeing more than twenty Jude Herberts jumping off the plane, the warden was speechless.

"What the fuck! Can anyone tell me what is happening?"


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