A child in the (A) Marvel Verse accidentally discovers the truth about his life. Discovering his ability is a lot more powerful now that he knows how the world will change. Trying to ensure he is safe from the coming storm and finding the mutants might just be his best way to do this.

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"Very well, I explained to your Queen, I move through various universes, if you are in trouble just pray within my temple and I will know. I have covered this island in various barriers, magical and otherwise. The island cannot be detected by the outside. I have made each of you as strong as a high-level demigod where your bodies are concerned, you are immortal and will keep evolving and adapting in battle. I did this because there will come a time when the Amazons will need to go to war again, and you need to be ready."

The Amazons cheer, they have always been ready.

"Now, go enjoy your new home. You are free to visit man's world with the Queen's permission." I nod, indicating I have finished.

The Amazons kneel once and head off, many of them are already trying out their mounts, who need a saddle.

Hippolyta is smiling, she has one hand on her tummy, can a woman sense it that early?

"I was serious about hearing things in my temple, so be careful about what you say before or after saying my name, I will hear it." I grin and she smiles warmly, "The only things I would say about you would be praise, to have a child is rare for us. As the Queen I am to never be seen submitting to a man, so I thought I would never have a child of my own. I was a little disappointed to know I lay with Zeus and gave him a child. While I would love her regardless, to have that god as her father," Hippolyta sighs. "This is so much better."

I am impressed, she entered motherhood mode minutes after conception.

"I will let items appear in the temple, you decide what to do with them. I wish you all a happy life." I smile and vanish as my mind returns to my main body.

"Just over 36 hours, Lil Lilly says the time matches, but once you left I detected a fluctuation. I think while you are in a portal it synchronizes the time flow."

"Hm, okay then, we going to need a way to regulate the time. Oh, armour and weapons, along the lines of the hero Wonder Woman."

"We have some like them, we have the sword that can reduce its thickness on impact and is made of Adamite, vibranium shield, and armour. Making a lasso of an Adamite and vibranium mix with your blessing of truth will make the lasso and I am sure the rest can just be protective with some blessings."

"Okay, pass me the ones we have, and let's make the rest." With that, unknown to me 3 and a half days after I left, armour appeared in the temple.

Within seconds I received a pray of thanks from Hippolyta for the godly treasure I had sent earlier in the day. This made me pause and gave me an idea. I did not need to regulate the universe on that side, just the Island, because currently, they were 1000x faster than us.

I wanted to give them time to train, but also did not want to be an absent god.

I had an idea on how to change it, but not today, no wait, one day here is like .. 33 months to them, urgh.

In total it takes me just under one hour to make the items I wanted, luckily Ciar was free and let me understand some concepts for the time adjuster. The main thing was not to just adjust the time, you had to do something with the time that was basically in excess, or over time the strain would cause serious issues.

Just over one month after I left I returned, Hippolyta is expecting me.

"Greeting my Lord Paragon, I have set up room within your temple for the shield and mirror."

I smile, everyone would be happy with an efficient assistant.

I place what looks like a sundial down and start to link it to the other defenses I set, with this they will be able to adjust the time within the Island, and the time not used will be used as a shield to age anything traveling through it, if they choose to reduce the time from 1000 to 1, then anything traveling through the shield will age 1000x faster. 

"This mirror has two functions, if you use it yourself you will be able to see anywhere in the world, but it can only be done at 10x speed or more otherwise you need to switch the time shield off. The other function is alert, it will flash when someone nears the first layers of defense, you can then choose to view them or not."

Hippolyta smiles and nods, I notice the entire time her one hand rests gently on her belly.

"Do you mind if I check on the child?" I ask

She nods and smiles warmly, "Please, I do the best I can to ensure she will be born healthy, but I still worry."

I grin and focus on the child in her womb, it seems a little big for a one-month-old, but then what do I know, all toes and fingers seem to be developing fine, I see nothing wrong inside its body.

"I see nothing wrong, a little bigger than I thought, but that's a good thing normally." as I speak I look up and see many Amazons riding their mounts in battles against each other.

"They are happy, they feel stronger as they battle, they have a god they believe in and trust, and they know they will see mighty battles again. For an Amazon, this is the life we crave." Hippolyta explains.

Taping my chin I finally decided to do what had been on my mind since I met these women.

I walk to an alcove within my temple, as my hands shape the stone, marble, and brick a bath appears, it seems like it could hold 3 adults, and then I place what seems to be soft brick next to the bath on a highly decorative podium. On a higher podium, I create a plant with high nutritional fruit.

I grin and nod to myself while Hippolyta watches from the side.

"For those who want, when there is fruit on the tree. Clean themselves as best they can, the water in this bath will help clean. Make sure the tummy is very clean, then come here, before the podium, and lay their hands on this soft brick gently, when they feel a prickling feeling move the hand and lay it over the womb. Keep it there until they feel the same prickling within their bellies, then eat one of these fruit. If all goes well they will bear a daughter." 

Hippolyta stares at me in disbelief, "Remember though, the Island is only so big, I would limit it to one daughter each unless you choose to send sisters out into man's world to learn, and set up support systems for each other. This way you can build up a network and learn of any dangers ahead of time, then as time progresses let them control things from behind the scenes. Remember to never let man know about your immortality, they are greedy creatures."

"Saving up items is a good idea, in the future men will set up places to see items from the past, even bowls. Then store them. in the future, you could sell them for funds and have museums to show them off and for amazons to work. Differing kinds of currency will be very useful as will silver, gold and diamond."

"I understand, will you be staying this time my Lord?"

I shake my head, "No, I have many things to do, I just wanted to ensure you were taken care of. Oh, if any of the Greek gods seek refuge, unless it is Zeus, Ares, or Poseidon it is fine. On this island, no one except myself can use divinity aggressively."

"My Lord, is everything okay? You seem to have been distracted, did I offend you?" she asked with concern.

"Oh, no, I have been keeping an eye on someone, who is finally distracted by a woman, be well." I vanish, I need to act fast to reap this reward.