A child in the (A) Marvel Verse accidentally discovers the truth about his life. Discovering his ability is a lot more powerful now that he knows how the world will change. Trying to ensure he is safe from the coming storm and finding the mutants might just be his best way to do this.

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I don't have long, luckily I do not need long. I had to wait on the Axis Mundi, the Axis Mundi exists in various other forms to various other faiths, including Yggdrasil, the Bodhi Tree, and the Crown of Silla, associated with the Asgardians, Buddhists, and Shin, respectively. These forms are accessible to each other by deities aware of their existence, and what affects one form affects them all. Anyone who knows the Atlantean spell can use the Omphalos with the Axis Mundi to affect Earth's history and take Atlas' place, (Fandom) to move to the right place, directly above Tartarus, so not only could I gain Atlas's power and connection to it, Hades would not sense me within his realm, right outside the Titans prison.

I can feel slight increases in some of my weaker domains and a strong increase in my matter manipulation and celestial energy manipulation, but nothing more. All better than nothing, the link to the Axis was my main benefit. Since I now already have a connection, I could evoke massive reality manipulation power, but that is not my goal, right now, unknown to Odin within my universe, Eve is perched inside the world tree, absorbing massive amounts of knowledge.

I chuckle to myself and return to my universe.

'How are we doing there Eve?' I ask her telepathically.

'It's so big! There is everything in here, all knowledge!' Eve replies.

'Hey, hey, just what we need to have a greater understanding of what we already know, okay. Being too greedy in this universe does not normally go well.'

'Okay Joel, by the way, we are getting a massive boost of faith from somewhere, it slowed down a bit but it's still a lot.' Eve queries

'Only thing I can think of is the Amazons in another universe, the time difference would make it seem like a flood, we regulated it though.' I explain.

'Okay, well we finished your Afterlife and made it really cool, unless you go to the bad side, then not so nice.' Eve grins

'Thanks, that means it's time to see if I have a Goddess to care for it then.' I mentally ruffle Eve's hair and head to the portal I left open, to Hel.


I float into where I sat before, Hela has not moved, she does not even look up.

"What can you offer me?" she asks, still not looking at me.

"Currently you take energy from Asgard, I will link you to one of my dimensions, Afterlife. You are the Goddess of Death because my Afterlife has heaven and Hell you will be the Goddess of Life and Death. Your power will be a lot more. You may keep your full name, Hela Odinsdottir, and you may acknowledge your family fully."

Hela's head turned, the last one was massive, normally a god was not allowed to help or interfere with another pantheon, but Joel had just given her the right to use all the information he provided before to help her family, and by making her a Goddess of Life as well, he gave her a greater chance to save them.

Gritting her teeth she nodded, to save Asgard she would do anything, even give it up. Joel was aware of why she was doing it, but he also knew Hela would never betray him, she took oaths and loyalty very seriously, and since she kept her name, they all reflected on her family as well.

"I swear to serve you loyally as your Goddess of Life and Death, Lord Paragon."

Joel nodded and instantly Hela felt a part of her being ripped apart, she felt weak as she watched the right half of her body begin to age and die, and then just as suddenly she felt a powerful energy enter he body, she felt like she was being remade, more powerful than before, her divinity changed, it became more vast, she understood almost all about existence, her only lacking was the field of the soul.

Half of her hair became pure white while the other remained black.

Before she was settled she received a message, "I am so proud of you my child, I look forward to being able to see you again," the voice was loving and warm, filled with relief, she recognized it straight away, her mother Frigga, Lord Paragon had not lied, her mother was always checking on her. If she was anyone else they might have let a tear fall, but she was Hela Odinsdottir, and she was filled with glorious purpose. (hehe)

I opened a portal to Afterlife, not that she needs it, she now has secondary permissions in my dimension. 

"Souls are judged by Karma, but naturally there might be unique situations, you will be expected to judge them. The positive side is that souls can remain until they are ready to enter the cycle of reincarnation or under special instances, rebirth. The negative side is where souls suffer the emotions and physical damage they caused others directly or indirectly, as long as it was with purpose. When the soul is cleansed it will move on for reincarnation."

"You will have two Angels to aid you personally, to manage the dimension you will have ten for each side," I explain.

"You are free to be where you want as long as you are able to keep Afterlife running smoothly. You can also invite who you like unless we are hostile to them. Lastly, I might call on you to do tasks, while I can be flexible, my orders are nondebatable." I advise her seriously.

Hela has two homes, one in my realm and one within Afterlife, I walk her along the path to her home, it is like a wonderland, not very suitable to the current Hela, but the divinity will slowly change her in minor ways, as we reach a manor with two Angels stationed in front of the door.

"They need your imprint, currently they are unassigned. Once you imprint them they will obey only you and I."

Hela nods and places her hands on them both, One becomes like a light elf, the other, a dark elf, minus the ears.

"I name you," Hela grins, "Thor and Loki,"

A muffled giggling can be heard from within the manor as Hela looks at me.

"Someone came to pass on a message, they then asked if they could visit with you." I smile as I indicate Hela should enter her home.

Walking in, she can see the lounge and the woman waiting within, Lady Frigga who is normally the perfect vision of a queen runs forward and throws her arms around her daughter, tears running down her cheeks hugging Hela close.

Hela's usual mask drops and she hugs her mother tightly, Frigga has always made sure that her children, adopted or otherwise knew they were loved by their mother regardless of what has happened.

After a few minutes, they break away and both fix themselves, "Your father wanted to be here, but he thought it might not be appropriate under the circumstances." Frigga explains.

Hela looks at me curiously, with a grin I reply, "Well it seems your brothers refuse to listen to the voice of reason and have found a way to sneak into Earth, Midgard, and plan to beat me and my pantheon until we hand it back to Odin."

Hela burst out laughing, she grabbed her tummy, if it was not for the sofa she would have fallen on the floor.

Frigga looked at her with an amused expression, "My dear, is it really that bad?"

Hela stops and looks at her mother with a seldom-seen smile, "I just joined the pantheon and am already equal to my father who I faced before, every moment I am in this dimension I get stronger, imagine the Gods who have been with Lord Paragon from the beginning. My body has changed massively, I can tell I will never suffer like father, my body will always adapt and evolve to allow me to accommodate greater levels of power." Hela says looking at Frigga with purpose, who immediately understood, that if they could trade the same physic for Odin he would not die because the Odin force became too powerful for his body to handle.

"I was going to send the Goddess of the Storm and the Goddess of Trickery, Assassination, and Espionage to greet them once they arrived. I was not going to bully them."

"I want to go, it is only right that I greet my family, right mother?" Hela says with a grin.

Frigga rolls her eyes, "Yes, it would be proper for you to greet them and introduce yourself." she says with a sigh, her poor sons.

"Then who would be best to send with you?" I ask curiously.

"You mentioned they both have egos, just one is proud of his power while the other is his intellect. The Goddess of Trickery then." Hela decides.

"Very well, Lady Widow it is, I have sent her all the information we have on them, it is available to you as well. Oh, right, I forgot, sorry Ion. If you require help, Lady Ion, the Goddess of Knowledge and Technology. Once you say her name she will be with you." 

"I was wondering when you were going to introduce me, My Lord. Hello Lady Hela, it is a pleasure to meet you. I have heard a lot about you."

"Hello Lady Ion, it is nice to meet you. Could you supply me with the knowledge you have about my brothers?" A vine drops from the roof and Hela holds it quizzingly. I tap my ear to show her where mine is and she puts it on. Instantly all the information about the brothers and their companions is within her mind.

"This is amazing, you know everything, Thor's force, his resistance to energy, his reliance on .. haha, on my hammer." 

Frigga on the side looks shocked as she listens, how did they know all this information about Thor?

"Hm, so basically he is a Mage who likes to use illusions and stab you in the back? There are a lot better uses for illusions." Frigga nods and realizes they once again have information they should not have.

"Oh, I like this one, Lady Sif. I need to make sure not to break her." Hela mumbles to herself.