A child in the (A) Marvel Verse accidentally discovers the truth about his life. Discovering his ability is a lot more powerful now that he knows how the world will change. Trying to ensure he is safe from the coming storm and finding the mutants might just be his best way to do this.

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Reaching back Darkseid smashed down heavily on the ground. A shockwave flew outwards from him as a large lava-like pattern started to grow outwards from his position.

The human forces move back, away from the lava as 3 ships descended behind Darkseid, out of each ship came 3 robed figures, with a glowing box hovering above them, one glowed blue, another red, and the last orange as they started to float towards each other, energy could be seen traveling between then, seemingly attracting them towards each other.

as they got closer they started to fuse, thick beams of energy flowed into the ground from either end, and this seemed to be the spark.

The Amazonians let loose a battle cry and set forth on a mounted charge, the Atlanteans followed on foot and lastly, the humans and gods with the green lantern taking to the air.

The two armies clashed with the Amazons in the lead, the lantern fended off the Para demons in the sky while Artemis snipped enemies that seemed to have an advantage, during this time Zeus stood back and unleashed lightning bolts.

The Amazons started using bows while on horseback and killing the robed figures, seeing Darkseid charged forward only to be blasted back by the green lantern who was then attacked and fell to the ground. 

Darkseid advanced on him, giving him a straight kill to the chest, as he flew back from the impact Darkseid followed up, raising the spear he stuck down, cutting off the lantern's hand, the one one with the ring on. To finish the job Darkseid stabbed the spear through the lantern's chest.

With its master dead, the ring flew up to find the one with the strongest will. It flew directly to Darkseid who reached out as the ring grew and settled on his finger. His immense will showed itself and a powerful green shield covered his body.

Artemis fired two arrows at Darkseid but the ring shield blocked both, the Atlantean king raised his trident high and stabbed it downwards, but the trident never reached the ground as a creation of the ring blocked it, Zeus turned to see the situation and gathered his power, letting out a mighty bolt of lightning that was deflected but the ring.

Ares saw Darkseid advance on Zeus and charged, jumping high he swung his axe in a downward arc, Darkseid stepped to the side and, creating a sword out of will, stabbed Ares below the ribs then kicked straight ahead to send the god of war to the ground.

As a spear of will appeared in his hands he advanced on Ares, Artemis shouted to the Amazon queen who was closest as now both she and Zeus were unable to break through the shields made of will.

Sword in hand the queen charged, leaping off the horse she raised her sword high. Darkseid showed amazing battleground awareness, he turned and caught the queen by the neck, knowing she only had a moment before her throat was closed, Hippolyta, knowing if she and Ares died here, her sister would follow swallowed her pride and shouted, "Paragon, I call on the favour, save my sisters!"

Joel, who has been watching from the side while playing with a new ebony and ivory-coloured ring grinned.

All the Amazons healed, their stamina restored as Joel rose all of them to their peak, this naturally included Hippolyta who felt a burst of strength rush through her, raising her knees she kicked Darkseids chest, placing all her power into her legs, sending herself free from his grip and away from him. Hippolyta smiled as she stood and faced Darkseid, she knew she could not win but suddenly grinned.

Darkseid was only confused for an instant before he spun around and saw, standing behind him a young man holding no weapons, smiling brightly at him.

"Hi, I am Lord Paragon, All-Father of a Solar Pantheon, and you are not welcome in my realm, bitch." before Darkseid could react Joel grabbed his arm and using it as a pivot started smashing Darkseid into the ground, much to the shock of the Gods and Queen gathered who were still processing Joel was an All-Father.

Many Para demons rushed forward to help Darkseid but seemed to turn into flakes of dust and disappear on the breeze.

Joel had no intention of killing him, as this would just lead to a new avatar being created, he would much rather leave this avatar with a few scars, and with that in mind, he changed to grabbing the back of Darkseids head and started smashing it into the ground while speaking to him, "Now go home and plot how to kill daddy, since that is all you will ever be good for, taking over someone else's work and pretending it was all yours." Removing the ring I flipped it into the air, I had already gained the knowledge I needed from it. 

With that I lifted the lifeless-looking body of Darkseid and threw it at the mother boxes, shattering them apart.

"Take him away, pathetic." the robes wanted to grab the mother boxes but Joel's glare stopped them, they grabbed Darkseid and left.

Turning around Joel faced the smiling Hippolyta, her sisters had lived and they had won, that was all she could have ask for.

Raising his finger up Joel said, "That was one, two is for you to do."

Hippolyta nodded, it was something she should do anyway, but it obviously meant something to this God, so she would ensure it even though she was concerned about his previous mention of the Amazons being betrayed.

Considering her options Hippolyta made a bold decision, she would speak to Lord Paragon when there was a moment and ask that the Amazons fall under his protection.

"Lord Paragon, might I invite you to the Amazons camp, there will be a celebration tonight"

Joel grinned, "I would love it, just one moment though." Joel turned and walked to Zeus who was watching Artemis bandage Ares. Walking behind him he grabbed a handful of his hair and turned his face to face him.

"Never insult me behind my back again, or I will first rip your appendages off, then I will destroy your Olympian dimension. Do I make myself clear you little sparkplug?"

Zeus had no clue what the last things meant, but this God knew about their dimension, that was the most fearful thing, so he nodded fervently.

"Good, good fight." Joel turned and left, within his hand were many hairs he slipped into a metal tube. 

He had an idea, would a cloned God gain divinity, and if so, could he take it if he killed them?

That night Joel had a hard time, pun intended, keeping up the image of a presentable All-Father and not turning into a perve like Zeus, the Amazons were all stunning women in differing ways, they were all differing ethnicities but any of them would be regarded as, at the very least a nine.

As the night progressed Hippolyta stayed close, she seemed to be getting a feel for the kind of God he was, and eventually, she spoke up.

"Lord Paragon, would you accept the Amazons as your race? The older Gods created us, but we have been forgotten. We are a strong force, and all Amazons are fiercely loyal."

"Hm, the concern would be I move between universes, but that might not be a concern actually."

Hippolyta, who was disappointed at first looked hopeful. 

"I could just make the leader among you goddesses, place you on a secure island where no one can find you, and you can then interact with man's world as you like, without fear."

Hippolyta stared at Joel in disbelief, "But, gods can only be born from gods."

Joel chuckled, "For lesser gods, yes. Hm, let's see. Would the Amazons like to have their own structure in regards to domains, or should we copy Olympus or Asgard."

"My Lord, we do not seek godhood, we only seek to be in your service. If, through time you believe we have earned such a right, then we would be honored." Hippolyta lowered her head and answered.

I grinned, this woman was wise, she understood I was tempting her to see if she was after power or security for her people.

"Very well, then at the least, I will make you worthy of being my followers," I said seriously while gently waving my hand over the area we were all gathered, instantly some Amazons collapsed, some remained standing motionless while some merely gritted their teeth.

Hippolyta looked at me slightly confused, but her change was the fastest. This led her to understand what I had done, at the moment of realization she knelt, "Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons swears to follow Lord Paragon loyally and without question."

As more Amazons recovered they did the same, Once all had recovered and swore loyalty I stood up, "I accept the oath of the Amazons, tomorrow we will create a haven for you. Until then, enjoy the night!"

And they did, with their massively improved physic they ate well and danced through the night. I will not lie, I was tempted, many times.

The next day the Amazons looked even more attractive as their bodies no longer had any blemishes or scars, although if I am honest, some of those scars were kinda of sexy.

I flew off early and found an open area in the ocean, there I rose a large Island, within the Amazon's camp a large blue portal appeared, while the curious Amazons studied it they heard their god speak, "Come on, bring everything with, leave nothing behind." Slightly shocked, but excited the Amazons moved homes.

The Island had a vast forest, open plains, and lush grassland, at its center was a mountain that had a large path built in that led upwards.

Many large houses were on the pathway up the mountain, fountains supplied water and near the top seemed to be larger military-type buildings and massive stables.

At the top was what seemed to be a Royal home and temple.

There stood their god, "Welcome all, this is your new home, Themyscira, this shall be my temple and the home of Hippolyta.

You might wonder why the stables are so high up," I grin and wave my hand, for a moment it seems all the horses became unstable as the amazement of the Amazon's large wings grows out the horse's backs, yeah, I made my own Valkyries, on steroids.

I beckon Hippolyta close, "Personally I would never do this, but for your daughter to be born she must be a match between yourself and Zeus," The Amazon's murmur, and Hippolyta looks taken aback, "Originally you spend the night with him as payment to save your sisters from slavery," I see many eyes turn red as they look at their queen, Hippolyta says nothing, she knows she would give anything to save her sisters, "Out of that one night though, an amazing Amazon is born, a true leader and hero. I will not take that away from you, so if you are willing I can place the baby in your belly," I grin as I hold up a strand of Zeus's hair, "and she will truly be yours as I will be stripping a tiny fraction of his divinity and making it neutral. She will be the daughter of yourself and divinity." Hippolyta smiles brightly and nods as I strip the tiniest speck of divinity from the hair, I create a tiny gene and place it within, then add the same physic as my angels, I smile and place it in Hippolyta's fertile womb.