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What is Overlord The Strongest Native

Read ‘Overlord The Strongest Native’ Online for Free, written by the author Gold_Silver_4810, This book is a Anime & Comics Fanfic, covering ROMANCE Fanfiction, REINCARNATION Fan Fiction, R18 Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: What if a guy reincarnated into an Overlord world?And what if he isn't a player or an NPC of the game YGGDRASIL?Instead ...


What if a guy reincarnated into an Overlord world? And what if he isn't a player or an NPC of the game YGGDRASIL? Instead he was reincarnated as a native?

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"Very good. Most Overlord fanfictions revolve around characters who are reincarnated as players. Therefore, an MC who is reborn as a native is a refreshing change~"


Reveal spoiler


This is the 2nd story of Overlord I've seen with MC as a native of this world (after the one with MC becoming the Elf King which is also quite new). If someone has similar recommendations with MC as a native in New World, please suggest here (please don't recommend ones who are abandoned after some 10-20 chaps)


The grammar is good and I like this new take of overlord so I'll give it a high score.


Great job! Keep up the good work, author-san! ..................................................................................................................................................




wow there is an overlord novel with a unique story, this novel seems to have the potential to grow. I congratulate the author and if you lack ideas, you can ask your readers once in a while. don't hesitate because I can see the potential of your novel. I have read more than 5000 novels and your novel is one of the unique novels that caught my attention😄


3 chapters in and i can tell this has potential and its been great so far.. Also its a overlord stroy where mc isnt a part of Nazarick which is extremely rare to find in an overlord fanfiction.


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