Overlord: The Multiverse

When MC was reliving on a picture of a Goddess, he died. Only meet the Goddess but instead of torturing him to eternity, She give him wishes. And make him reincarnated in Overlord world. As the name suggested, this a multiverse Fan fiction, that mean MC will travel through different world like Marvel, DC, Highschool DXD, My vampire Diaries(may be) , Demon Slayer etc. first world: Overlord second World: Highschool DXD There will a harem, No NTR Or stuff. (some of you might dislike the Yggdrisil arc as it is bit of AU and MC talk a lot. But it is only in this arc on world travel arc I will tone down his unnecessary internal monologue.) I am not a professional writing and I have no deep experience in writing, so please ignore my grammar mistake and such. I also took some inspiration from other fan fiction. It would be a great help if you could donate your power stone to me. I posted 50 and more advance chapters on Patreon, If you are interested check it out. Only 3$ is needed to join my Patreon. it will be helpful if you can join my Patreon. You can support me on: patreon.com/BlackBolt517 1, 2 or 3 chapter per week. I will post bonus chapters on 150 power stone. Regular chapter update are on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

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Chapter 39: Dungeon

As we stood on the edge of the Poisonous Swamp, ready to venture into the unknown. Touch Me's look at me.

"It's seems like you are awfully excited for raiding the dungeon."

Well, you know me, Touch Me," I replied with a sheepish grin. "Adventure is my middle name."

Touch Me laughed, shaking his head. "I don't think 'Adventure' is actually your middle name, I think 'fearless' is your middle name."

I chuckled at Touch Me's quip. "Well, you've got me there," I admitted, adjusting the strap of my gear. "But hey, what's life without a little thrill, right?"

Touch Me nodded in agreement, his eyes gleaming with anticipation. "Couldn't have said it better myself," he replied, his voice filled with excitement.

"So, leader, what's our mode of operation? Full-blown attack, attack and retreat, or something more spicy?" Ulbert asked.

I grinned at Ulbert's question, appreciating his flair for the dramatic even in the face of danger. "Well, Ulbert, I was thinking we could mix things up a bit," I replied, tapping my chin thoughtfully. "How about a little of everything? We'll start with a full-blown attack to catch them off guard, then switch to hit-and-run tactics to keep them on their toes. And if things get really spicy, we'll throw in a dash of magic for good measure."

Ulbert couldn't resist adding his own two cents, of course. "Oh, great, now we're all going to die in the most creative ways possible," he quipped, earning an exaggerated eye roll from Touch Me.

"Well, if I'm leading us to our demise, at least it'll be a memorable one," I retorted with a grin, eliciting a few laughs from the clan.

Blue Planet, ever the voice of reason, chimed in with a word of caution. "Just don't lead us into any bottomless pits, okay? My inventory's already full, and I don't need any more accidental deaths," he joked, earning a round of nods and chuckles from the group.

With our preparations complete and our spirits high, we ventured into the murky depths of the dungeon, our laughter echoing through the eerie silence. As we encountered obstacles and challenges along the way, I made sure to keep the mood light with a well-timed joke or two.

"Watch out for the giant spiders, everyone," I called out, my tone mock-serious. "They've been known to have a penchant for fashion, so don't be surprised if they critique your armor choices."

After bashing our way through a bunch of monsters and undead, we finally made it to the entrance of the first big boss room.

The door was huge! I mean, seriously massive! It made me wonder if the boss inside had some sort of size complex or something.

"Now, then, it's seems like we will split here." I said to rest of the team.

"You sure about this," Blue Planet asked.

"Absolutely," I replied with a nod. With that I entered the boss room for 1 vs 1 show down.


As Alexander stepped into the boss room, Ulbert couldn't resist a mischievous grin. "The bet is on," he declared with a twinkle in his eye, his tone filled with playful anticipation.

The rest of the team chuckled, amused by Ulbert's antics. "You really think he's going to be the first one to get knocked out?" Touch me teased, nudging Ulbert with his elbow.

Ulbert shrugged, still grinning. "Hey, anything can happen in there. And besides, it's all in good fun,"

"Come on, let's be real here. Half the fun of these raids is watching someone trip up, right?" he teased, nudging Blue Planet playfully.

Touch me chuckled, unable to hide a smirk. "I guess there's a little truth to that," he admitted, shooting a playful glance at Warrior Takamikazuchi.

Warrior Takamikazuchi shrugged, a grin tugging at his lips. "Hey, as long as it's not me getting skewered by the boss, I'm game for some entertainment,"

"Enough with the chatter, let's get moving," Blue planet said.


Meanwhile, inside the boss room, I was sizing up the massive creature before me. A towering monstrosity with gnarled horns and glowing red eyes.

As I faced the towering creature before me, I couldn't help but marvel at its sheer size. "Looks like a steroid version of a vampire to me," I muttered under my breath, eyeing the creature's gnarled horns and glowing red eyes.

With a smirk, I readied my weapon, preparing to unleash my vampire ability on the beast. "Let's see if my vampire charm can work its magic on this oversized bloodsucker,"

"{Domain of Unholy Flame}," I said as I activated one of my over powered ability.

The Domain of Unholy Flame is a fearsome combination of the Domain of Wrath and the Domain of Fire. One of its abilities is to increase attack damage and critical damage against powerful enemies.

As the flames licked at the creature's skin, it let out a deafening roar of pain and fury, thrashing wildly as it struggled to escape the inferno. But try as it might, the boss was no match for the relentless onslaught of my dark magic.

"Looks like things are heating up," I quipped, unable to resist a little wordplay as I watched the creature's health bar steadily decrease.

With each passing moment, the flames grew hotter and more intense, reducing the once formidable boss to little more than a smoldering heap of charred flesh and bone.

And as the last embers flickered and died, I couldn't help but feel a sense of satisfaction knowing that my abilities had helped secure our victory.

"Guess you could say that boss just got roasted."


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