One Piece: Path To Immortality

Synopsis:  Tired of his hellish life and being used and betrayed, Don exploits his new life to achieve immorality and kill anyone who stands in the way of his quest for immortality and power. ---------------- If I stop posting chapters it's because I have no ideas. One Piece does not belong to me neither is the picture.

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Chapter: V

Chapter Name: Plans for the future.

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Shiraga was in his room, reading a book in his left hand while holding a wooden sword in his right. As usual, Shiraga had no shirt on and was saturated in sweat.

" Jeez. "


2 and half year time skip.

Shiraga Pov

It has been about 3.5 years since I first entered this world. It has been two years since that day. I've made good progress with my training thus far. I'm trying to learn Rokushiki at the moment.

I'm interested in learning Roku because I'll need it for future goals. Since I don't have someone to teach me Roku, I've been training as hard as I can up to this point. One way to become stronger in the one piece world is through Roku. If I don't learn Roku, my plans won't progress. I'm currently rather stuck as a result.

Tekkai and Soru are the two moves I'm currently looking for at the moment. I want to boost my speed as much as possible, hence I'll need to learn Soru. I'll also need to learn Tekkai in order to improve my defense.

However, I've been trying to read as much as I can. I have access to everything in the Germa kingdom as a prince; not everything, but most things are under my power.

I've been reading historical fiction and books on martial arts, but I've discovered that while I can understand the language, I can't read it. I have therefore been receiving lessons from my special tutor.

I've managed to decipher a few of the words so far, but I still have a long way to go.

. . . .

Knock! Knock!

Unexpectedly, the door was knocked on. Shiraga approached the door and unlocked it. A woman carrying a dish packed with meat and fried rice entered the room.

" As per your request, here you are, sir. " She said setting the tray down on a table.

" Thank you, you're free to go. " said Shiraga.

After leaving the room, the woman shut the door behind her. Shiraga then went over to the table, sat down, and started eating.

. . . . .

I regularly include meat in my diet to help me gain muscle more quickly. Although I'm not trying to overdo it and get ripped like Whitebeard or Kaido. My health has significantly improved since incorporating a rich meat source into my diet, and I feel better overall. I felt stronger and had much clearer thoughts than before.

Right now, my major objective is to increase my strength as much as possible before setting sail for the grandline. I'm thinking about whether I should star as a bounty hunter and use the money I make to build my empire-

Boom! Boom!

A loud ruckus abruptly erupted from outside.

" What's happening? "

The huge explosion that was coming from outside caused the entire castle to tremble.

" THE KING PIRATES ARE ATTACKING US! " Germa soldier A said in a worried manner.

The man's voice could be heard from his room. Shiraga, though, couldn't help but grin. A Germa soldier entered his room abruptly and appeared to be struggling for breath.

"Sir, King Judge has called you outside." The soldier said while attempting to regain his breath.

However, Shiraga was already gone when the soldier turned to look around; it's likely that he had jumped out of the window.

" Not again. " With a slight sigh, the soldier said.

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