One Piece: Path To Immortality

Author: FictionGoat
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What is One Piece: Path To Immortality

Read ‘One Piece: Path To Immortality’ Online for Free, written by the author FictionGoat, This book is a Anime & Comics Fanfic, covering ACTION Fanfiction, ADVENTURE Fan Fiction, VILLAIN Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: Synopsis:  Tired of his hellish life and being used and betrayed, Don exploits his new life to achieve immorality and ki...


Synopsis:  Tired of his hellish life and being used and betrayed, Don exploits his new life to achieve immorality and kill anyone who stands in the way of his quest for immortality and power. ---------------- If I stop posting chapters it's because I have no ideas. One Piece does not belong to me neither is the picture.

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it is too early to give an in-depth review. the beginning is not bad and the story and its development is very interesting, although I would prefer longer chapters, perhaps reaching around 1000 words per chapter the mc' mentality is too hastily explained and I would try to re-explain the way it developed in this way, but I like his personality right now. it's just how he got there that needs to be better explained. Good luck author


so far, so good.........................


Shameless author review here, if you enjoy the story support the story by showing interesting and continue reading. Since it's break I should drop some chapters for you guys to enjoy.


Another review, chill I just want to get those ratings. Read my book its good trust. But its gonna take a while for updates won't lie. Just deal with it for now. I promise I'll update more often once I figure some personal things out.


This is actually interesting...the chapter delay can be annoying, but it's good each chapter. Still not worth the wait... Top tier top tier




this is a great fan fiction (self-insert), writing quality, story development, character design are somewhat similar to reverend insanity writing style. all in all, the only problem is stability of update, when you see the stability you think, "oh, this is that kind of fiction that writer drop after 20 chapter."


bro this is so good lets go Evil mc😈 ......


I want to see the world burn. otherwise it starts well .....................................................................................................


This story has great potential and can go far depending on the author but so far it is going well. The author has a talent for writing and I look forward to seeing where he takes this story.


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