One Piece: Path To Immortality

Synopsis:  Tired of his hellish life and being used and betrayed, Don exploits his new life to achieve immorality and kill anyone who stands in the way of his quest for immortality and power. ---------------- If I stop posting chapters it's because I have no ideas. One Piece does not belong to me neither is the picture.

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Chapter: IV

A young boy was seen holding a huge wooden sword in the courtyard of the Germa kingdom castle. He was sweaty and without a shirt.

" Hu! Hu! " Shiraga inhaled through his mouth as he swung his wooden sword and exhaled as he brought it back over his head.

Shiraga Pov-

I've been at this for a few months, and I've already noticed vast improvements. I've long since surpassed my siblings at this point. But a few weeks ago, I noticed an abnormality. They appeared to have grown irate and begun their own self-training as a result of the differences between me and them. even Sanji, who most impressed me.

But since they'll never compare to me, it makes no difference to me. They are therefore useless.

I continued in swinging my wooden sword until I felt as though I could no longer swing and my arms shook. I threw the wooden sword to the ground and started pacing the courtyard like there was no tomorrow.

I ran nonstop until my knees gave way and my lungs began to feel heavy.

' Maybe this is too much for a boy my age. I can't relax inside this new world. I'll be the one to die if I don't get stronger.

"Sir, please report to the training room as instructed by Master Judge. " From above, there was an abrupt noise.

I turned to face the man in front of me and said, "I'll be right there. Tell him to wait."

" It's a little urgent, sir, because you'll be fighting your siblings in a battle. " The man spoke uneasily.

I said, "I'll be right there," grinning.

" Yes, sir." He bowed before leaving.

I guess it's just my luck that I'll need some test subjects to gauge my progress. I snatched a towel, dried off, and then put on a black shirt. I got dressed and then proceed to the training room.

. . . . . . . .

As I entered the room, my eyes were drawn to the ring in the center, where Yonji and Reiju were in combat. The sound of their strikes and the clashing of their weapons filled the air, and it was clear that Reiju had the upper hand. Her movements were swift and calculated, displaying the training and skills of a true warrior.

The rest of my siblings, Ichiji, Niji, and Sanji, stood on the sidelines, watching the match intently. Their faces showed a mix of surprise and annoyance as they noticed my presence. I could feel their eyes on me, their expressions turning from pleasant to disapproval.

Ignoring their stares, I kept my grin firmly in place.

"You've made it, boy," Judge said.

"I heard we gotta fight, so who's my opponent?" I said in a cold manner.

' I was sure in my ability to win and was ready to face any of the siblings. I cannot and will not lose. '

" It will be you versus Ichiji. " Judge replied, pointing at Ichiji.

' Oh, this is going to be extremely fun. '

Ichiji Pov

Shiraga He constantly got my father's attention, and I despised him. I detest his eyes because he treats me like an ant. When I crush him, I will rip out his eyes. I'll prove why I'm the strongest out of all the siblings.

Shiraga and I approached the ring. I tightened my fist in preparation for combat.

" I'll see to it that you're dead. " I said in a furious voice.

However, even after mocking him Shiraga appeared unconcerned and unmoved; he had the impression that I posed no threat to him.

I clenched my fists and sprinted in the direction of Shiraga.

General Pov

Ichiji launched a right hand punch forward, but Shiraga just moved to the side. Shiraga intercepted Ichiji's fist as he swung it at him with his left hand, rendering the blow useless.

" It was too slow. " Shiraga spoke in a cold tone.

Ichiji appeared to be offended by these statements, as he lifted his right hand to pound Shiraga again.

" You truly never listen. "

Shiraga yanked Ichiji toward himself while still holding onto his left hand and giving him an abdomen kick. He threw a blow towards Ichiji's jaw with his left hand. Ichiji was propelled flying back by the impact of the punch.

" OOf. " Ichiji skid across the ground. Ichiji stood up again but felt a little lightheaded.

" You... bastard. "

Shiraga sprinted at a blurring pace towards the direction of Ichiji. Shiraga was a few meters away from him for a brief moment before the distance between them nearly vanished.

Shiraga looked into Ichiji's eyes when he said this.

Shiraga swung his leg and gave Ichiji a roundhouse kick to the jaw. He was launched out of the arena by this kick alone.

Shiraga Pov

It's not enough as of yet. At best, those abilities were average. But Ichiji was still in no situation to succeed. I guess I'll ask Judge for some books about some fighting style I could learn after this because I'm now too weak. If I want to survive in this world, I'll have to put in more effort.

Getting a devil fruit is one of my objectives, but which one? There are so many that I could pick from. However, they are all now taken; perhaps I might try for the Yami Yami no mi or wait for Ace to die so I can obtain his devil fruit.

Jeez I'll think on this later.

I left the ring after taking a last look at my fist. Following that, Niji and Sanji began to duel. It was clear who was going to win, but unlike canon Sanji appeared to be more confident when he was in canon in his backstory.

Maybe I made a few unexpected changes as a result of my birth. If that's the chase, I'll need to remain cautious as it could make the future a little unpredictable.

After Niji won, we underwent a fitness test. which, obviously, I breezed through. Sanji, however, was not so lucky and failed horribly.

I got back to my room after a long test day, took a brief shower, and then went to bed. I immediately dozed off due to being so exhausted from training.


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