One Piece: Path To Immortality

Synopsis:  Tired of his hellish life and being used and betrayed, Don exploits his new life to achieve immorality and kill anyone who stands in the way of his quest for immortality and power. ---------------- If I stop posting chapters it's because I have no ideas. One Piece does not belong to me neither is the picture.

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Chapter: VI


Shiraga dropped from many feet in the air and fell on the ground, leaving a tiny crater in his wake.

Shiraga turned to look around and noticed that the germa soldiers had gathered in one area, where Judge was standing in front of the army with his 5 children—or, once Shiraga came, it was 6 children.

Shiraga's eyes widened as he passed past the crowd and noticed 9 ships approaching in the distance.

"Those scumbags banded together to stop us, HAHAHAHA," Judge chuckled.

Judge crossed his arms while grinning and plunged his spear into the ground.

"It's time, my children, to get prepared for your first fight. It's either kill or be killed in this situation, not like in sparring matches." Judge said in a very stern manner.

Shiraga disregarded Judge's words since he was already aware of these facts.

" We'll crush them, so it doesn't matter, Kekekeke. " Ichiji uttered while grinning. " Yes, this'll be too be easy. " Yonji said while clenching his fists. Reiju said in a snarky tone, "Whatever. "

Niji merely grinned. Sanji and Shiraga, however, remained silent and only gazed at the fast approaching ships.

" Prepare yourself for war, soldiers! " Judge screamed.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Several years prior to Don's death.

Don was born into a wealthy family; they controlled a number of enterprises, as well as gold, oil, and various estates. Don was therefore under constant pressure to succeed throughout his whole life, he always tried his best to please his parents and everybody, but he was never enough he only got used and thrown away.

He got the lowest grades at school, the teacher frequently had a condescending attitude toward him, and other students would gossip about him behind his back or even directly in front of him. Don was a secondary character with an below average face and height. He was nothing but an ant.

He learnt how to control his tongue and absorbed the disparaging remarks made about him. Although he gave it his all, he was never good enough for anyone. Even his fiancée, whom he believed to love him, just acted as a conduit for his parents' cash.

He caused family members to be disappointed and embarrassed. His parents abandoned him even more when he was 18 years old, right before his graduation. Don was forced to mature and work his tail off just to feed himself. But he noticed that his brother's name followed him everywhere he went. Rio, his brother, was the ideal child; he had impeccable manners, academic standing, and appearance. He was wealthy and his brother Rio was the complete opposite of Don, who put in a lot of effort. Because of his good looks, he only received what he wanted. He has never had to work a day in his life.

Don quickly found a job at an office where he worked long hours. He was at work more often than I was doing anything enjoyable. And during his free time, he read his comics or watched anime.

His existence consisted solely of a cycle of depressing days. However, since Don lost his job, nothing ever went as planned for him. His parents were to blame for this since they used their connections to get him fired from each and every job he applied for.

Don was at his lowest point; he soon became depressed and had numerous suicidal thoughts, but because he was a chad, he overcame those feelings and started working on himself. But every time he did try to build himself his parents always brought him down.

From the moment of his birth to the very end of his life, his friends, lover, and even his family repeatedly stabbed him in the back. He will, however, not allow the same thing to happen in his new life with this new life. He wanted to achieve the things in this world what he couldn't do in the old world.

Backstory End:

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

In the Germa Kingdom, a fight was taking place.

The alliance consisted of 3 pirate crews. The Rajin pirates, followed by the Swole, and King pirates. Considering their crews were so small, the alliance consisted of 10 ships and approximately 500 people. They had a total bounty of 15 million berries.

They initially tried to secretly attack the kingdom but were caught by a squad of Germa soldiers. But Judge and his laughably powerful children arrived in time to stop them before they could fully invade the Germa Kingdom.

Both sides lost numerous men in the fierce battle.

. . . . . . . . .

Both at the front of the castle was Ichiji and Judge.


Looking at the 10 pirates around him, Ichiji grinned. With simply his kicks and punches, he crushed the ten pirates' heads as he sprinted towards them taking them out one by one.


Although his punches and kicks were relentless, their skulls weren't as resilient. Just from his kicks and blows, they were knocked to the ground, their heads dripping with blood.

"KEKEKEKEKE." Ichiji grinned while licking the blood from his hands.


Judge grinned as he turned to look at Ichiji. He was suddenly encircled by at least 30 pirates.

" He's the one we need to take out! " said Pirate A.

The pirates charged the judge while holding their heads high. However, Judge wasn't a scoff that could be taken lightly by some pirates from the North Blue. The pirate in front of Judge was pierced by his spear as it pushed forward and pierced the pirates behind him as well.

Judge quickly whirled around while drawing his spear back, which was now pointed outward. Suddenly, the heads of ten pirates fell on the ground.

"15 gone, 15 remaining. " Judge spoke in a stern manner. Judge suddenly exuded a chilly vibe.

Judge continued to swing his spear until no more pirates were left alive.

" Hehehehe, good work, Judge. " A mysterious voice said.

Judge turned to face the source of the voice. Judge merely smiled.


- - - - - - -

One the east side of the Germa castle.

With her arms crossed and a stern attitude, Reiju stood there. Twelve pirates were standing in front of her, their swords trembling.

Rattle! Rattle!

"She's just a kid, we can win," Pirate B said, sounding terrified.

Reiju sprinted towards the pirates in front of her, grabbed their necks, and swiftly snapped them. Some attempted to flee, but they too had their heads snapped. The pirates laid their dead with their eyes rolled back in less than three minutes.

Reiju seemed to have lost all emotion as she stared at the dead below her.

" Wow, you're a strong little girl. " Behind her, a startling voice spoke. When she glanced back, she saw a tall man standing there grinning broadly.


On the west side of the Germa castle. Yonji and Niji were there, standing side by side. They were smiling broadly as they observed the person in front of them.

" You little brat thinks you can defeat me! " Old voice said.

A tall, elderly man with a grey beard and a head that sparkled in the light stood in front of them. He had a tattoo of a big arm on his bald head. He wore a long grey coat that sat on his back and a dark button-up shirt with short sleeves that showed off his muscular biceps. He was dressed in black boots, a dark scarf tied around his waist, and grey pants.

" You're just an old geezer, HEHEHEHE. " Yonji said as he observed the elderly man.

"I'm the captain of the "Swole Pirates" I'm Ronnie Coleman! You think you can stop me? I have a bounty of 5 million berries on my head." The elderly man laughed.

Yonji and Niji made a beeline for Ronnie while remaining quiet.

" Give me everything you've got! " Ronnie extended his hand out as if he were about to give someone a hug while having a big smile on his face.

- - - - - - - - -

Sanji was inside the castle, specifically in the hallway. He was surrounded by two bloody corpses on the ground. They had died.

Sanji had a startled expression on his face and appeared to be about to vomit. He had a blood crowbar in his hands, which he used to kill two pirates.

" I can't believe I did this " Sanji stared at his bloody hands with a countenance wrapped in horror and disgust. Sanji tried to resist the impulse to throw up, but he was unable and did so.


He cleaned his mouth out and made an effort to settle himself when suddenly he heard a clap off in the distance.

Clap! Clap!

" Surprising, I thought you would have died already by now just by looking at you. "

Sanji wasn't lucky like his siblings he wasn't genetically modified like them. So Sanji was rather scrawny and weak. His body was built like thick twigs.

. . . .

Sanji turned around, shaking the crowbar in his hands as he stared back in terror. He glanced and caught a glimpse of his face.

He had dark skin and short, black hair. He was dressed in tight white jeans, a tight black long sleeve shirt, a sunglass on his face, and black boots.

" You're going to die here anyhow, so whatever. " The man clenched his right fist and charge at Sanji

Sanji closed his eyes and accepted his fate out of fear.

" Di- " The man was abruptly cut off.

" You really are pitiful, Sanji. " Unknown voice spoke.

When Sanji opened his eyes, he saw Shiraga standing in front of him. He was first a little startled, but after seeing Shiraga, he had somewhat calmed down.

Shiraga Pov

I wasn't really sure why Sanji was here when I first saw him, until I noticed the two corpses that were lying on the ground. Sanji was a loving boy who spent much of his time cooking. Sanji, however, was not the type of person to murder someone.

Sanji was suddenly approached by a man who he didn't recognize. He wasn't wearing traditional clothing, so he wasn't even one of the Germa soldiers.

He's an enemy.

I sprinted in front of Sanji as he ran. Just in time I got in front of Sanji.

' I'm going to keep Sanji around for a little while longer to see what he does next, I guess. '

. . . . . . . . .

Shiraga ducked to avoid the approaching man's initial attack as he swung at him.

" You have good refleh- "

"Hmm, no, you're moving too slowly." Shiraga cut off the man's attempt to provoke him.

He became too easily angered, and veins appeared in his forehead. Being made fun of by a young child injured his pride; for the kind of man he was, pride was everything. That was the final straw for him, so he jumped up and slammed into the ground with his left leg, attempting to crush Shiraga's head.

Shiraga swung his body to the side avoiding his attack.

" Why don't you stop dodging my blows and just stay still? " Grinning somewhat agitated, the man said.

Sanji's eyes sparkled as he watched Shiraga from a good distance away. Sanji was a little taken aback that someone finally stood up for him.

" I'll have to reject your request. "

The man attempted to punch at Shiraga's head in response to Shiraga charging at him. Shiraga, however, turned his body to the side and punched him in the chest.

" Gah. " As he was launched backward into the wall, the man cried out in pain.

The man grinned while wiping the blood from his lips as it dripped from his mouth.

"A heavy blo- "

Shiraga quickly interrupted the man by striking him again in the chest. The wall behind him was broken by the blow.

" Ghh. " The man was bleeding from his mouth as he lay there in the room.

Shiraga crossed the sizable gap in the wall "I hate spending time chit-chatting, as you can see. I like to communicate by trading blows."

Shiraga grabbed the man's collar and struck him once more in the face while he was still motionless on the ground.

Bum, Bum, Brum!

Shiraga started punching the man in the face repeatedly; blood was all over his face. His jaw was fractured, and a tooth had fallen out of his mouth.

"Ghu...Ga..HAH...Hahaha." The man was laughing as blood spattered from his mouth.

Boom! Boom!

The north side of the castle was where an explosion was heard suddenly.

" He's here, he's here, he's here. " The man said

" Huh? " Shiraga raised an uncertain gaze.

"You're all going to die! You're all going to die, BY MY CAPTAIN!"



N: Who's this captain this strange man is talking about? Find out next time on One Piece: Path to Immortality.


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