No More Pain For This Villain. Book

novel - Fantasy

No More Pain For This Villain.


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[Synopsis] In a dark, underground basement, a spooky old man's voice sent shivers down my spine. "You're gonna meet your end, hahaha," he taunted, before lunging at me with a sword, slashing the air, and spattering my throat with red drops. "We'll see," I defiantly whispered, my last words fading as I drifted into darkness. Suddenly, I woke up in a bustling tavern filled with laughter and clinking glasses. A captivating lady stood before me, her beauty clashing with her angry expression, ready to disrupt the cheerful mood. "Don't stalk me," she snapped, giving me a harsh look before storming out of the tavern. Am I stuck in some kind of game? My common sense shattered, leaving me questioning my reality. ------------------------------------------- [A/N: Give it a read, buddy; you won't regret it.] [Discord Server Link: https://discord.com/invite/q94jcyF7uU]


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