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No More Pain For This Villain.


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Before you dive into the upcoming chapter, there are a few things you should know that will pique your interest. 1) Brace yourself for a genuine and thrilling experience that won't leave you irritated as a reader. I made a major mistake, a mishap with the editors, and the chapters got locked prematurely. Unfortunately, I can't change that now, but if you're looking for a story where the protagonist isn't a simp and doesn't whine over trivial matters, then this is exactly what you're seeking. 2) Every character, regardless of their role, plays a crucial part in this story. Even those introduced briefly are connected in unexpected ways. The intricate web of relationships will keep you engaged and guessing. 3) I've received nothing but positive feedback from the readers who managed to unlock the chapters so far. They've been captivated by the story, characters, and plot. The only complaint has been the premature locking of the chapters, and for that, I sincerely apologize. If you're a dedicated reader craving a captivating tale, please read on. Prepare to be enthralled! - Love Satan03 [Synopsis] Link to my Discord: https://discord.gg/Nh8U2NVE ------------------------------------------- [Inside an underground basement] "You are going to die for nothing, hahahaha," the old man's voice thundered through the room, sending chills down my spine. Step. With a swift and ruthless motion, he lunged forward, his sword slicing through the air and slashing my throat, crimson droplets staining the darkness. "We'll see," I whispered defiantly, my final words escaping as a mere breath against the impending darkness. Slowly, inexorably, my consciousness slipped away, and I descended into a deep, unfathomable slumber. "Huh!?" My eyes fluttered open, and I found myself seated in a bustling tavern, the air thick with laughter and the clinking of glasses. In front of me stood a captivating lady, her beauty juxtaposed with an angry furrow upon her brow, threatening to shatter the harmony of the jovial scene. "Don't follow me around!" Her words pierced the air like shards of ice, the intensity of her emotions palpable as she cast a resentful glare in my direction, before swiftly departing from the tavern. ... Am I trapped within the confines of a game? The fragments of my shattered common sense scattered before me, leaving me to question the very fabric of my reality. ------------------------------------------- [A/N: Your support equals rapid chapter updates.] Greetings, dear readers. I, Satan, present this enthralling tale to you, and I hope it captivates your imagination. Discord ID: Satan03#0162


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