Naruto: Monkey Sage

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What is Naruto: Monkey Sage

Read ‘Naruto: Monkey Sage’ Online for Free, written by the author truepowerscaler1, This book is a Anime & Comics Fanfic, covering ACTION Fanfiction, ADVENTURE Fan Fiction, SYSTEM Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: Transmigrated into the body of Asuma, He gained a system to help him protect himself and maybe anyone who will become de...


Transmigrated into the body of Asuma, He gained a system to help him protect himself and maybe anyone who will become dear to him.

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storyline is moving too fast and also weird conversations that just don't end up working. slow down give personality ti the characters(even the mc is boring and emotionless)


idk if authors snubbing reviews or something, but its bad, the power levelmakes no sense- he is getting 1 point per day which increases his strength by 1/3rd of elite join stat- and he keeps complaining that its too small increase and the ninja war is near- when in reality by the speed he is getting these points, which don't have an increment in need, he will max by the time of chunnin exams and a god by the time naruto time skip happens.




I’m just here to hate I system story’s they are dumb and being reborn as main or side characters as well.


There are some flaws, like being too fast, but I prefer it this way rather than the Naruto Gamer fanfic that takes 300 chapters to start the classic Naruto. Seriously, at this pace, the author will take about 2 to 3 thousand chapters to finish the novel. If I can choose, I prefer a fast pace as it has a better chance of delivering an ending. Thank you for your work, author.


Not a good story. It lacks any sort of character or creativity. It just goes like: Oh no, I'm Asuma! I'm gonna die! Ooohhh, I have a system! Silly me! Nothing of importance happens. He gets monkey summon. It's *dramatic drumroll* Son Wukong! Now that I have this 'legendary' monkey friend, I should change my whole fighting style on a random whim! Directly before my serious mission in fact! Proceeds to creatively go on 'wave mission'. I haven't read further, but that's it. I don't think it' gonna get better. Cheers, I guess?


The story is too fast even for someone like me who likes fast paces novels, It's don't feel right for me. Like I really don't like fics which drag things too much but this one is too fast for my taste.




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If this is a Chinese novel, this is a good novel according to the Chinese. If not, this is a superficially written novel. First of all, characters can be added to the novel without a background. Later, while there are sections about unimportant conversations, things like MC's adaptation to the world and people around him noticing the differences between MC and Asuma are directly skipped. It's like MC is still Asuma. Besides, it still looks like an average FF.


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