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Chapter 24: Meeting Orochimaru Again

Two years had passed, and Ryujiro could now open up to the sixth gate.

During these two years, Ryujiro had not slackened in the slightest. 

Following the original timeline of the Naruto world, the plot leading to Fourth Great Ninja War had already begun.

Currently, both Hinata and Neji had graduated early from the ninja academy, and their strength now rivaled that of Chunin.

This was why Hiashi had agreed to Hinata's early graduation.

"Gentle Fist Style! 

Eight Trigrams, Sixty-Four Palms!"

Two palms, four palms, eight palms, sixteen palms, thirty-two palms.

Sixty-four palms!

Hinata and Neji teamed up against Ryujiro, but with the help of his Observation Haki.

Both of their attack patterns were deciphered by Ryujiro. 

Even if there were deviations or changes in position, with the assistance of Observation Haki, he could easily evade their attacks.

Even when facing the sixty-four palms head-on, Ryujiro remained unscathed. His Armament Haki acted like an invisible armor protecting him.

All of Hinata and Neji's Gentle Fist were dodged by Ryujiro.

"Impressive, Ryujiro. The gap between us is still immense."

Hinata and Neji were sweating profusely.

Ryujiro looked at them and smiled faintly. "Both of your strengths are already impressive."


"Compared to you we're still weak, we will need to train harder."

A hint of helplessness appeared on Ryujiro's face.

Neji always seemed dissatisfied with his own strength, but now, compared to the original, he was much stronger.

Having changed the plot, both Hinata and Neji had graduated early from the ninja academy, and it was unknown whether the Chunin exams would begin early.

Konoha Crush Plan

By now, the Fourth Kazekage was probably dead at Orochimaru's hands. The Konoha Crush Plan was one of the key plot points in changing Konoha's fate.

Ryujiro felt that Konoha should make some changes. 

Hiruzen was already old, and even if he sat in the Hokage's position, he was somewhat ineffective. 

Furthermore, Hiruzen's constant compromise with the Konoha Council, and his lack of assertiveness towards Danzo, had led to the decay of Konoha's roots.

It was time for the wheels of Konoha to turn once again.

At night, Ryujiro's figure disappeared into the darkness and arrived at an open field.

At this moment, a cold voice sounded strangely sinister under the moonlight.

"Ryujiro, it's been a while. You are even more intriguing now."

Orochimaru's eyes revealed a hint of fanaticism.

"Disgusting, Orochimaru."

A trace of disgust flashed in Ryujiro's eyes.

"Hehe, Ryujiro, you're different from those people. You are a commoner, yet you've reached heights that commoners can't achieve."

"What secrets does your body hide? It's really intriguing. I want to cut it open."

Orochimaru spat out his snake tongue, his gaze on Ryujiro as if he wanted to devour him alive.

"Keep your dirty thoughts to yourself."

"You just want to use me as an experimental subject, or use my body for your next reincarnation."

"Am I right?"


Orochimaru's gaze changed, and a sharp murderous intent emanated from him.

"Ryujiro, it seems you know quite a bit."

"But the Immortality Jutsu is a forbidden Jutsu I developed. Apart from me and one other person, no one else knows about it."

"How did you find out?"

Ryujiro looked at him indifferently. "I know everything about you."


Orochimaru's expression finally became serious.

This brat was indeed different.

He was even more unfathomable than a few years ago.

As a snake by instinct, he should have been a predator. But when he carefully observed Ryujiro...

Orochimaru felt that Ryujiro was his natural enemy.

However, Orochimaru was not afraid. Instead, he was even more excited, and the madness on his face became even more intense.


"You're amazing!"

"I can't wait to uncover the secrets within you!"

Hidden Shadow Snake Hands!

Many poisonous snakes flew out from Orochimaru's sleeves, their sharp fangs open wide, flying towards Ryujiro.

Ryujiro's gaze suddenly turned cold.

"I really hate snakes, Orochimaru."

With a swing of his sword, snake heads rolled on the ground, and at the same time, a terrifying aura erupted from Ryujiro's body.

Conqueror's Haki swept over the surroundings, creating an invisible storm.

Orochimaru's eyes couldn't help but contract, and his whole body trembled for a moment.

This aura!

Cold sweat broke out on Orochimaru's forehead as he looked at Ryujiro in fear, his eyes filled with dread as he gazed into Ryujiro's hawk-like eyes.

The natural enemy of snakes is hawks. Looking at those sharp eyes, Orochimaru felt like he was facing a fierce hawk.

For a moment, even Orochimaru was briefly distracted by the Conqueror's Haki.

Ryujiro's patience was limited, but dealing with Orochimaru, a troublesome opponent, wasn't as simple as making him pay a price easily.

Orochimaru also realized that his previous plans were no longer feasible, because the current Ryujiro had grown to be a ninja who was not inferior to himself.

"Hehe, I see now."

"It seems I was too arrogant, but Ryujiro, I know now which category you belong to."

"You won't be easily bound by Konoha. Someone like you belongs to the Shinobi World."

"I look forward to our next meeting."

In the darkness, Orochimaru's figure gradually disappeared.

"An annoying snake."

Ryujiro sheathed his sword.

Although Orochimaru was detestable, Ryujiro had to admit that he was an outstanding scientist.

In order to achieve immortality, he developed forbidden Jutsus like the Immortality Jutsu. In a certain sense, this was also a form of immortality.

However, this kind of immortality required changing bodies every few years, which was the price of immortality.

In fact, Ryujiro had thought that if the bloodlines of the Uchiha and Otsutsuki clans could be transplanted, perhaps only Orochimaru could do it.

Apart from his own strength, Ryujiro also considered that if Hinata's Byakugan could undergo a change, perhaps he wouldn't have to worry too much about her safety.

The Sharingan's ultimate form was the Rinnegan, while the Hyuga Clan's Byakugan was the Tenseigan.

But for the Byakugan to evolve into the Tenseigan, it required the chakra of the Otsutsuki Clan. 

Although the Hyuga Clan had the bloodline of the Otsutsuki Clan, it was still too thin to meet the conditions for evolving into the Tenseigan.

The Tenseigan was no less powerful than the Rinnegan.

It possessed the power of creation and destruction.

That was the power of the Six Paths.


The next time he saw him, he should remind this mischievous snake to be more mindful.


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