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Naruto: I Quit


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On the fateful night of the Nine-Tails Rebellion, a foreign soul found itself reborn in the world of the Hokage, merging with the infant Naruto. Yet, hidden beneath the innocent façade of this newborn babe lay the wisdom and experience of an adult soul, a secret known to none. As life unfurled within the Hidden Leaf Village, the unfair treatment and unwarranted hostility that once besieged Naruto now fell upon the new soul. With a resolve that defied the very fabric of destiny, he declared, "Fuck you Konoha, I am not gonna stay in this shithole any longer." ======= Support me on Patreon and get access to 60+ advanced chapters, putting you right in the middle of the action. Link: patreon.com/KittyLovesMilk ======= Disclaimer It's important to note that I do not assert any ownership over the material, as they fall under the category of fanfiction, creatively derived from existing works.


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