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My Beautiful Love

[COMPLETED] [EDITING ONGOING] After being separated from him for three years, Wan Jia had only one goal: to take back her daughter from him. Yet, she would never have expected that things would unfold so differently from her expectations. "I will not let you have custody of our daughter." He had said in all seriousness. "But if you become my wife, you will have every right to be with her and we will be a complete family, just like we should be." Wan Jia looked up at him in shock. "Don't you hate me?" Looking into her eyes, he enunciated word for word. "Wanwan, I do hate you. But my love for you is much stronger than the hatred." ___ Wan Jia; A young fashion designer. Thanks to a huge twist in her life, she gets to meet the love of her life. Lu Aotian; Not your every day CEO. Despite every difficulty they faced in the past, his love for Wan Jia and their daughter, Lu Meili, never wavers. ___________ ~Avalorian: ***The cover photo does not belong to me. All credits to owner. This is a romance novel with a bit of crime, twists and mysteries.I hope you enjoy reading it. Please feel free to leave comments and reviews. ___ Join my discord channel: tinyurl.com/Avalorian

Avalorian_ · Contemporary Romance

She transmigrated and started different life

After Kendra Johnson lived her life under great difficulties she finally died and thought that was it. But the fate made bet with her. She awakened in the body of a weak child that was close to dying. Should she take a chance and live this life with full breath? Even tho the body was weak, but the mind of the person that already lived a full life. ''I will make my wishes come true.'' ''I will travel the world and explore the continents.'' ''I can understand all the languages? Great with me I don't need a damn translator.'' ''I need money so let's dive to the depths of the ocean and look for 1000 years old pearls.'' There is this man who can't let go. There is the other who thinks he is important. There are many birds and bees. ''But what I want is just travel around and one day find a quiet spot and enjoy my life.'' ---------------------------------------------- This IS original. NOT a translation. I planned to give you chapters that are long but ended up short. Why? Because it is paid by word count and the long chapters became too expensive. .Should I change it? let me know :) Took the picture from a free download from www.pixabay.com For music, I often hear --- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjzHeG1KWoonmf9d5KBvSiw

JennyS · Historical Romance

The Aquarian Crown

COMPLETED NOVEL/18+ Content Serenity Espoir was looking forward to her cruise ship vacation with her friends. The events, competitions, and on-deck luaus looked like a lot of fun... Next thing she knows, she’s waking up in a giant clam bed, and being addressed as Queen Iris of the Undines! As Serenity adjusts to everything from a new name and body, to an entirely different world; she quickly learns that everything is Not better under the sea... While her new world does hold untold beauty and possibilities, Serenity will do whatever it takes to find her way back home, and back to the only man that she ever loved. ‘Is Matt even still alive? Were any of them? Is there even a way to get back home?’ As Serenity’s story progresses, she will encounter Mermaids, Sirens, Selkies, and many more sea creatures and gods than she ever knew existed. As she learns the history behind not only her powers, but why the Aquarian’s world was created in the first place; a Prophecy emerges.. One that not even Poseidon himself can change.. As the Fate of the Cosmos hangs in the balance, All await the rightful ruler: the Heir to the Aquarian Crown. What will you discover in the depths? DISCLAIMER. 18+ Content Warning For: Language, Violence, Gore, War, and Some Sexual Content. VIEWER’S DISCRETION IS ADVISED *This art/cover is owned by me. Hand clap for the amazing artist: MichelleLeeee [HCBL II ILMA]#5111(on Discord) ***If you like this work, check out my ongoing series Dawning Skye*** *Check out the Chapter Comment Section and Author’s Notes for Picture References, Tidbits, and Interesting Facts* *Word Count Generally Maintained Between 1,520-1,680 words Per Chapter* Note From The Author: This work is a bit slow-paced to start, with lots of comedy and movie/TV/Anime references mixed in. It gets pretty action/adventure heavy later, and I believe you will like the variety of sea creatures, monsters, and various Greek Gods that make appearances throughout the book. And when I say ‘Greek Gods’, I don’t mean your typical Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades trio. Poseidon plays a large part, but have you ever wondered about the Titans, like Cronus? What were their origins? If you’re curiosity is peaked, please check out my story. I love my characters and their worlds, and I hope you do, too. (: P.S. There’s also a couple creepy parts, too. Just giving you a heads up! ;)

Sara_Wilcox · Fantasy Romance

Knight My Lady

Charlix has low self esteem and doesn't believe in fairy tales and love. She lives like a knight to protect her childhood friend who is betrothed to the Crown Prince. When forced to attend the Royal ball, Charlix accidentally overheard something she should not have. In an ill fate, she fought against a hooded stranger that ended up leaving her in a peculiar situation. Waking up to find herself in her best friends body, she sets off to find out what happened. For the first time, she starts to fall in love, but was the love meant for her?

LucyXiong · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

My Billionaire Husband is My Lecturer

Follow Instagram @sere_nity_lee for new info novel of Serenity Lee [Mature content] [WSA 2022] || Vol 1-3 END "So, you are, my lecturer?" Audia asked as the two of them were on their way in Alvin's private car. Alvin cleared his throat once. "Yes, that is so." "No wonder I feel like I know your face," said Audia, matching her memory. "What do you teach, huh?" "Architecture." Audia nodded her head while her mouth formed an 'o' shape. 'Uh? .... Wait ... what?' Suddenly the nerves of her brain suppress the memory in the hippocampus. "Mr. Mandala?" Audia asked for sure. Which immediately got a nod from Alvin. "No way!" Audia screamed in disbelief. Her eyes narrowed at Alvin. "Why?" asked Alvin in surprise. A Mandala H, that's what Audia remembers when the new lecturer introduced himself when he first taught. Wearing a plaid shirt, smooth hair, neatly slicked back, glasses always perched on his sharp nose. Came with a bag containing his laptop and a textbook for teaching. Lecturer arrogant, pretentious cool, stingy smile, flat face, killer. Very different from Alvin who is now her husband. Unexpectedly 'that Mr. Mandala' and Alvin—her husband, turned out to be the same person. 'That annoying person turned out to be my husband?' she thought. 'Oh noooooo!' * * ******* ** The bride-to-be suddenly withdrew from the marriage due to an arranged marriage. Then run away and the news is not known. The groom-to-be was left speechless in front of the invited guests. Worry for a moment. Canceling the marriage contract or looking for an impromptu replacement bride. Until his eyes caught a woman in a white dress sitting among the invited guests. The other ones were students at his campus where he had just taught. As a substitute teacher. How will the story of their marriage continue? Will the seeds of love grow between these two strangers? With a myriad of question marks in the bride's heart, why was she chosen among the many other single women who were also present at the grand wedding of the son of one of Indonesia's well-known real estate entrepreneurs. cover: www.freepik.com === INCLUDE COLLECTION/TAP LOVE/ADD BEFORE READING. SO THAT THIS STORY IS IN YOUR READING LIST AND GETS NOTIFICATIONS WHEN NEW CHAPTER UPDATES ^^ CONTINUE SUPPORT THIS STORY, by throwing BLUE STONE'S POWER STONES FOR THIS STORY! — 1 POWER STONE WILL GET 1 FREE VOUCHER TO OPEN THE LOCKED BOOK. DON'T FORGET, A 5 STAR REVIEW YES! THANK YOU

Serenity_Lee · Contemporary Romance

The Alpha VS The Beta

Lucia is a woman who is kind, humble, beautiful, also sweet. Meanwhile, Diana is an arrogant woman, although from the outside she looked beautiful, but her heart was not as beautiful as her outer appearance. Diana is Arya's fiance who had an affair with Ryan. One day, Arya reunited with Lucia in Greece while they were on vacation there. Then, Arya approached Lucia, but suddenly an earthquake and then a tsunami dragged them into the sea. A few hours later, Arya woke up in a strange room with a different body, while Lucia woke up and found out herself in a hospital. At the same time, Ryan was also vacationing on the Santorini Island and then sank to the bottom of the sea after a fight with Alexa. It turns out their bodies were swapped. Between Arya and Ryan, they turned into other people. This story is not about love, but there are some conflicts about revenge also infidelity, complicated life. Notes : All characters, names and place settings, companies are fictional. Except country and airport is non fiction.

Vienna_Gu · Fantasy Romance

Get Away from me, Weird Heroine! Why is the Villainess clinging to me?

Our Story starts with our Lazy Mc accidentally being chosen instead of the Gorgeous Rare genius hacker by our equally stupid System [Stupid System: Welcome Host! 。:.゚ヽ(´∀`。)ノ゚.:。+] Mc:... [Stupid System: Host???] Mc: Bring me back [Stupid System: I can't do that Host! You're already bound to me! ٩(๑òωó๑)۶] Mc: -_- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mc: So you're telling me I have to do Stupid tasks that are not guaranteed to be beneficial to me all just because YOU are bound to me? [Stupid System: Yes and also no Host! You will benefit from me too! You will be more talented, beautiful and ridiculously OP like other Hosts!] Mc: I don't care about those things so would you please return me ho- [Stupid System: There are other benefits as well host! like infinite complete novels, pre-existing anime that are complete and from the future, unlimited wifi and Un-li-mi-ted Food!] Mc: !!! Mc: You know what this seems legit when do I start?? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ First World Heroine: Don't worry Wife I'll protect you! Mc: Aren't you supposed to be kind and oblivious? Heroine: I'll be anything you want me to be wifey~ Villainess: Who are you calling your wife you white lotus!? Heroine: Back off you Cold B*tch! Villainess: Why you- (The Heroine and Villainess arguing in the background) Mc: -_- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Second World Villain Brother: Kyaaaa! Older Sister help! Villainess Sister: Waaa! (Sob) Big Sis help us! Mc: Aren't they supposed to be Ruthless and Arrogant big shots that aren't even afraid of the President? Why are they so scared?? Real Villainess: hehe don't worry about it too much Darling~ Heroine:(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ Mc: -_- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Third World Male! Mc:... [Stupid System: Oops...] Villainess: (blushing heavily) Heroine: It doesn't matter what form you'll take! My love for you will never change! Villainess: Y-yeah! though it's not like I l-like you or anything like that!! Mc, Heroine, [Stupid System]: Tsundere Villainess: W-what? N-no I'm not!!! Shut up!! Mc: -_- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mc: System why do they keep following us!? [Stupid System: I don't know Host!] Mc:... [Stupid System:〜(^∇^〜)] Mc: Useless System -_- ~~~~~~~ (This is my first story hope you enjoy it!) 。:.゚ヽ(´∀`。)ノ゚.:。+゚

Adrianne_Crystalyn · Fantasy Romance


This is cut version of... Novel : THE MEMORY LOST IN SPACE Author: TONG HUA Translator: HONGGSHUAI Lorraine was a fake princess. She's the only pure-gene human in the mutant world. Without past memories, she had befriended with an experimental body who could turn into a dangerous beast. Nothing can escape the clutches of time. Death and deterioration is but an eventuality. Only memory is not bound by the shackles of time. In fact some memories become clearer steeped in time. The beautiful, the ugly, all the has-beens. Each event seemingly small and insignificant but their flashes of brilliance can even outdazzle the night’s sky. An existence that should be denied, he thought he would be alone forever for a soul born in darkness was destined to be swallowed up by darkness. Happiness can only be a mirage. Yet he cannot control his feelings that are overflowing because he has found someone willing to stand with him against all odds. One existence was built on another person’s genetic makeup. The other lived a fabricated lie. Just like a whisper in the wind, they had no past and no future. They only have the present. They only have each other. Will your pursuit only end with the withering of the final rose? Will you discover that you’ve missed all of its radiant beauty only when it is gone? Will you only stop grumbling about the cold when the last snowflake has fallen? Will you regret failing to appreciate the here and now?

HONGGSHUAI · Sci-fi Romance