Multiverse of Madness (Marvel x DC)

[ Multiverse of Madness (Marvel x DC) ] Austin Evans accidentally crossed over into the wasteland universe in the Marvel Multiverse. In this world, everything was so hopeless. After being bitten by a spider, Peter Parker did not become Spiderman, but was infected with a disease and died in the streets! Other nascent heroes met similar ends, their destinies perverted into tragedy. In this bleak universe, he found himself in, there were no heroes left to save the day. The familiar origins that once birthed legendary heroes had instead become harbingers of their doom. As Austin explored this wasteland, he unearthed clues about its fallen heroes and villains. A newspaper told of the Avengers, branded extremists, wiped out by missiles. A gifted archer named Hawkeye was gunned down in the streets. Millionaire inventor Tony Stark turned terrorist mastermind, was executed for his rebellion. After barely escaping this universe, Austin was horrified to discover that the multiverse had long since collapsed into ruin. What awaited him would be one apocalyptic universe after another... This world was an inverted mirror, distorting everything Austin knew about the grand mythology he once loved. How had such a corruption come to pass? What led the multiverse itself down this dark path of destruction? Austin was now a wanderer in infinity, his duty to chronicle the downfall of all worlds. If these apocalypses were gravestones, he would be the gravedigger to bury them. Their forgotten stories would live on through him alone. --- Disclaimer: All rights to the original content belong to their respective creators. Author: 御笔画眉 Translator & Editor: RedX43 ---

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Chapter 59 Taking Action

Golden yellow, silver-white, and purple-blue.

Three differently colored lightning bolts tore through half of the battlefield simultaneously, ripping open the air. The violent shockwaves distorted the surrounding airflow, three extremely gorgeous rays of light burst out, instantly grabbing everyone's attention.

This included Faora. Warnings kept coming to her mind, she could even sense the attack paths of the incoming lightning bolts. But being in mid-air, she was no longer able to make an effective dodge due to inertia.

At the same time, she also didn't expect there to be beings capable of manipulating lightning on this little planet Earth. This sudden sneak attack clearly caught her by surprise.

Perhaps it was because of their understanding of Earth these past days that gave these Kryptonians an arrogant sense of superiority. Although there were many interesting technologies on Earth, the vast majority were child's play before the Kryptonians. What's more, with the enhancement of the yellow sun, it made General Zod and the others even more unbridled.

But lightning was different. Any lightning observable by the naked eye carried tremendous power, it was a mighty force that could pierce the air. Perhaps it couldn't cause fatal harm to the Kryptonians, but making them hurt or paralyzed was possible.

The attack enveloped in tremendous energy came too fast for Faora to counterattack at all. She could only instinctively cross her arms, attempting to use the Kryptonian armor on her forearms to block the lightning strikes.


The lightning flashed brightly as it instantly smashed into Faora's arms. Faora only felt a piercing pain and numbness in her arms, followed by a strong flash of light that made her squeeze her eyes shut.

Before losing most of her vision, Faora vaguely saw the three who ambushed her.

They all looked human, and one of them, the guy with the cane, was still a handicapped person with only one hand. One of the lightning bolts was fired from the top of the scepter he was holding.

The other two were surrounded by electric charges, with lightning bolts wavering over them like snakes, finally converging together and shooting out from their hands.

The battlefield changed rapidly. Now the soldiers finally understood this saying. They watched this scene in shock, the situation bursting out instantly grabbed everyone's attention. No one knew the identities of these people, or when they had appeared.

But they knew that since these people with 'superpowers' attacked the Kryptonians, they must be on humanity's side.

The scene of Faora being ambushed also attracted General Zod's gaze. He climbed out of the crater and looked at the enraged Kara, slowly shaking his head.

"Is this your reinforcements? As a Kryptonian, you would actually choose to stand together with humans. Kara, you have gone down the wrong path in the end."

"You don't even deserve to speak Krypton's name," Kara looked at General Zod full of hatred. Seeing his gaze shift towards Faora's direction, Kara sneered coldly, "And don't you underestimate the people of Earth."

As if to prove Kara's words, a missile was seen shooting towards Faora. It was a small grenade launcher, not very fast either, but definitely dodgeable for a Kryptonian. But pressed down by the three lightning bolts, Faora was unable to move for the time being.

However, even if she wasn't paralyzed, Faora wouldn't bother dodging. She was only thinking about how to counterattack right now.

These lightning bolts were very powerful, but they couldn't effectively injure her. Also, releasing such tremendous lightning required massive amounts of energy, it was impossible for the opponent to keep suppressing her for long.

When the opponent's energy ran out, that would be the time for her counterattack.

Keeping this thought in mind, Faora was directly hit in the back by the missile. The grenade exploded upon contact with Faora's steel body, the blazing flames flashed and were gone, sending up a puff of green smoke.

However, Faora still didn't care, including the Kryptonian soldiers rushing towards them. To them, human weapons were all just empty noise, useless beyond making some sound.

Sensing the strange-colored fog, a mocking arc appeared on Faora's lips. Poison gas, truly ignorant creatures, even fighting like such children. Having followed General Zod to war for so long, this kind of poison gas warfare had long been discarded as primitive tactics.

It wasn't just because substances differed on each planet, making formulated poisons difficult to take effect on aliens. Moreso, many powerful existences had long since developed immunity to 'toxins', including the Kryptonians.

Plus, when they came to Earth, General Zod and the others didn't come unprepared. They had observed most of the substances and technological levels on Earth early on. It could be said that Earth civilizations would have great difficulty contending against them.

So Faora didn't care about this little poison gas at all. But in the next moment, her expression froze, even her slightly narrowed eyes couldn't help opening wide, filled with disbelief.

As the green fog was inhaled, a feeling of weakness suddenly surged from within her body. It was an indescribable bizarre sensation that Faora had never experienced in her life.

At first, Faora thought she was imagining things, but soon she discovered the pain in her arms growing increasingly severe. It wasn't just numbness and soreness, there was even a scorching heat as if enveloped by tremendous heat.

Fortunately, this feeling quickly disappeared.

Not because Faora's own power returned, but because the three who released the lightning had run out of energy and stopped. Faora barely steadied herself, feeling extremely 'weak'. Her arms hung limply, unable to even lift them.

"You... What have you done?"

Faora asked through clenched teeth as she looked at the three humans in front of her with varying expressions. She simply couldn't believe that there was still something left on Earth that could weaken them Kryptonians.

"Didn't do much, just prepared some little 'gifts' for you guys."

A voice abruptly came from behind Faora, causing her eyes to bulge wide. Hearing the clear words less than a meter away, Faora felt her mouth go dry.

Who was it?!

To be able to sneak up to her back unnoticed, and so close too. Most terrifyingly, she was completely unaware when the other party had come.

The next second, Faora suddenly felt a push on her back. The force quickly sent her flying into the sky.

Her view shifted and a bizarre figure appeared in Faora's eyes. It was someone wearing a strange helmet and bird mask, clad in a black windcoat and top hat.

Most eye-catching was the black umbrella in his hand, and the ink sword drawn out from the umbrella handle.

Before this bizarre person, a body stood firmly. What Faora found strange was how familiar this body looked, as if she had seen it somewhere before.

Also, why didn't this body have a head?

(End Of The Chapter)...To be continued.


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