9 Chapter 9

"... The zombies in this world are so fucking confusing."

Zombies in High School of the Dead, if my memory serves me right, are supposed to be blind and greatly rely on their hearing for attacking someone.

But for some reason, the trio in front of me is accurately rushing toward my position even though I'm not making any sort of noise right now.

Unless their hearing extends so much that they can hear the heartbeat of a person, which is very unlikely, then there should be no way for them to know that I'm in my current position so accurately.


Suddenly, as I was in the middle of my own thoughts, one of the trio who got pretty close to me, lunged at me with no hesitation at all.

Proving my point that these three are really going for me.

But, even though I was caught off guard by the peculiarity of the zombies here, I didn't lower my guard even for a single moment throughout this whole ordeal.

That's why the moment I was lunged at, my body immediately moved.


I immediately placed my bag in front of me, which I was holding onto this whole time, and shove it aggressively towards the face of the lunging zombie. Canceling its momentum and lightly pushing it backward.


As the zombie was pushed back... I then quickly followed it up by delivering a low kick to its feet.


Making it fall towards the floor. Preventing any follow-up attacks from that particular zombie for a couple of moments.

A couple of moments that I happily took advantage of cause right after that, I immediately sprinted towards the other two zombies, getting past them pretty easily using the same method of knocking them back using my bag.

"... See you fuckers!"

Now, I'm running in the hallways again, living the trio eating dust.



As I was running though, I kept hearing screams of the students and teachers as they were getting eaten alive by the zombies.


Heck, I even ran past some who's been getting the same treatment.

But I ignored all of them as I made haste. I have no time and enough energy to be helping those in need. In the very first place, I am no hero.

Besides, I gotta reach the nurse's office as quickly as possible.

That's right, that's where my destination is. Now for the possible reason why in the world would I even go there... Well, trust me, it's not because the nurse has some big tiddies and is easily manipulated cause she's an airhead type of character. Definitely not the case.

Guns. In this scenario, I desperately need guns. And since that is the case, going for that big tiddy nurse is the best option cause I'm pretty sure that she's the only one here who has a bunch of Guns in her house.

Now, given that it's her house, obviously, she's the only one who knows where that said house is. Now if she dies here today for some goddamn reason, I'm pretty much f*cked.

That's why I'm rushing toward the nurse's office right now. To ensure that she will get out of this place as safely as it can be, and lead me or us to her house.

Also, she can drive multiple types of vehicles and has a fortified house and an armored car inside it. She's literally the best character here.


Now after a lot of shoving zombies with my trusty bag, running around, and asking where the f*ck is the nurse's office, I finally arrived at my destination.

After arriving, I quickly peeked inside to check the situation there. Cause I worried that I may have arrived too late and everything is already over.

Though it turns out that my worries are useless cause everything seems fine and there's still a big tiddy nurse inside, running around.

"Good. Looks like I arrived on time."

I also saw two other students inside, one is just standing there, and the other one is in bed, looking not so well.

"Well, that's not good."

After looking inside, I then quickly observe the entire area. Just to see if there's an incoming zombie... well, I saw nothing. Not for now I guess.

*Opening door!*

So after finding out that in the meantime, this place is safe, I finally decided to go inside.


Upon going inside, the two students, even the one on the bed, were startled. They probably thought that I was a zombie or something, given that one of them, the standing one, immediately grabbed onto a steel pole, holding it as some sort of weapon.

As for the nurse, well she's an airhead.

"... Relax, I don't bite."

I quickly dismissed their worries. Making them all sigh in relief.

"... I- is everything alright now outside?"

After that, one of the students, the one who's holding a pole, walks towards me and asks me a question.

Which is a pretty dumb question.

"Listen to the screams outside. Does that sound alright now?" I said sarcastically as I walk past him and goes towards the nearest table.

"... I- I'm sorry. I'm just-"

"Shut it!"

He was about to say something again, but I quickly shut him off. I only have little to no time to prepare before the zombies barge into this room, talking to a soon-to-be-dead person is the last thing I would want right now.

"H- Hey! A- aren't you *cough*, a-" The guy on the bed who's probably bitten and is about turn into a zombie soon, tried to also speak. Probably angry about the way I am treating his friend.

But I ignored all of them as I began my preparation.


I opened my bag and took out my books.

Now, what I plan to do for this book is to wrap it around my arms as some sort of protection. Making my arm bite-resistant for the time being.

I can also use this to tank some incoming bites, just like a bite rag for dogs.

Though I don't have ducktape, which is essential in order to make this work. But as they said, beggars can't be choosers that's why I just made use of the medical tape I found here in this room.

Shizuka-sensei is generous enough to give them to me when I asked for them. Yes, I now know her name.

Anyways, after I patched it all up, my biting rag is finally done. It looks pretty scuffed due to the tape I used but it'll do for now.

Now for weapons... well, I have my stuff inside my bag. And by stuff I mean, my weapons who came with me from High-rise Invasion World.

Good thing I am so smart that I decided to bring it with me today.

But, even though this weapon of mine is on point and pretty lethal compared to others, it possesses some flaws.

It's all close range.

Well, zombies here like to attack in hordes. Now given that situation, fighting close range is probably not the most ideal thing to do.

That's why I need another weapon. Preferably something long, enough to put distance between me and the Zombies.

But I'm in the nurse's office. Can't really find something like that from here. That's why in the meantime, the pole that the other student grabbed earlier, will do for now.


Well, as I was at the end of my preparation, as if on cue, the guy on the bed earlier, finally died.


And is now coming back to life, looking for someone to bite.

Good thing I'm here though cause before that Okada guy could even get up completely on the bed...


I already plunged my sharpened screwdriver right into his head. Making him fall back to the bed instantly.

I then looked back to his supposedly "friend" who right now, looked pretty stunned. Well, I'm pretty sure he has a lot to say, and I couldn't give a f*ck.

"... Get ready, they're coming."

"Wha- what?"

He sounds confused, and that's understandable, but explaining is such a drag that's why I just pointed at the window.


When he look at it, he immediately understood what I mean. There, he saw a bunch of zombies, ramming their heads against the windows.


And just by the looks of it, it wouldn't take that long before that window gives up.

"We need to get out of here!"

After seeing the horrific scene at the window, he panicked. Which for some reason, made me laugh.

"Yeah, good luck getting past that."

Well, I ignored the panicking guy as I walks closer to Shizuka-sensei who was running around, gathering stuff.

"... Shizuka-sensei."

I called her name as I grab her hand, stopping her in her tracks.

"Hmm? What is it... uhh."

She seems to be thinking about what my name could be.

"It's Hiro."

"Oh~. Then what is it Hiro-kun?"

"... Nothing much, I just need you to go there with me for a second."

I said as I pointed to a certain spot in the room. The farthest spot ever, where no zombies could ever reach her.

"Hmm, but I still need to-"

She's probably going to say that she still needs to take some stuff with her, but I have no time for that since when I glance at the window behind me...


... it's already on the verge of breaking, that's why I quickly stopped her.

"We can just take the stuff later, for now, come with me."

I didn't even wait for her answer as I drag her with me. Gently of course. Well, she's pretty submissive so she didn't fight back but let herself be dragged instead.

Which is pretty good since I can't be delayed any more than I already have at this point.

So, after reaching the said spot, I then pointed to a certain corner.

"Go hide there for a moment Shizuka-sensei."


Which, fortunately, what she did immediately, cause right after she did that...



The window finally gave in...

And since the only thing that is keeping them out was finally gone, slowly but surely, zombies started pouring in.

Signaling the start of this fight.

"Finally, here we go."


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