16 Chapter 16

I already finished my goal. Or considered it already finish for today since, can't do it anymore, can I?

Well, all the girls started sticking to each other the moment the night fell, can't do much about it since I can't find a moment where I could talk to one of them alone. Or at least have enough time to do it without getting distracted by the others.

At the very least, I managed to do Saya. It's not much but, it'll do for now. Besides, It's not like I could rizz them all together, I'm not that much of a Chad.

In any case, left with no choice, I just decided to chill with the boys and wait for 'that' time to come. Well, the night already came almost an hour ago so, I doubt it'll be that long.

In any case, I already prepared for it. I already wore my ass-kicking suit... An upgraded version of my ass-kicking suit actually.

Well, in this house, we not only got guns but tactical equipment as well such as vests, combat gear, holsters for guns, etc.

So to make the long story short, right now, I look like a badass. With the heavy-duty equipment and tick clothing wrapped around my body, bites wouldn't pass through so easily even if a zombie manage to overwhelm me.

But that doesn't mean that I'm invincible already. All these gears are only making me bite-resistant, not immune.

In the very first place, my head, my hand, a bit of my shoulder, and some of my leg are still bite~able. All of this is still exposed and can be bitten. I already did my best for those parts, wrapping them with some thick clothes but even with that, it's obviously not enough.

Unless I wrap them up with some really thick garments, it really doesn't matter given how strong the zombie bites are.

Unfortunately, I don't have any of that. I do have some that can be a replacement, but they are just too thick that if I use them, it will prevent my mobility, which is a thing that I would rather not have in these kinds of situations.

In any case, as long as I am careful with my actions, I'll be fine.


Cause the thing is, what I'm about to do, is not considered being careful at all. One wrong move and I'm fucked for life.

Oh well, such life. Can't do much about it.

If I don't do this, we are fucked either way. If that's the case, I would rather risk it all and have a perfect scenario.

A literal High risk, High reward situation.

Just imagine everyone's reaction if I heroically save that kid and her father. Progressing my goal at that point would be such a breeze.

In any case... even though my guard is already on the high end throughout this whole time, it seems that I was still caught lacking somehow.

"H- Hiro! Behind you!"

Cause all of a sudden, while I was sitting here in the room with the boys, Takashi suddenly exclaimed while noticing something approaching behind my back.

It happened so quickly that even with Takashi's heads up, before I could even react...


I still got assaulted by a pair of softness.


Followed by me being pushed off from the bed and then getting pinned down to the floor.

"HI. RO. KUN~"

Now, as obvious as it is, the one who just jumped at me and assaulted me with those pair of monsters of hers is no other than Shizuka sensei. And right now, she's acting quite bubbly probably cause she was drunk.

The smell of beer from her breath can probably explain why is that the case.

Now that I think about it, this also happened in the Anime. Well, I only know that there are some ecchi scenes there but I didn't know that all of that happened cause the girls got drunk.

Oh well. I forgot. But now I know.

"yaah~ Hiro kun you pervert."

Not gonna lie though, even for a drunk, isn't she acting a bit too erotic?

To explain my current situation...

Right now, I was currently on the floor and cannot leave cause she was sitting on top of me, pinning me down with her weight. Now when I said earlier that I was getting assaulted by her, I meant it.

Her hands are going all over the place. It's touching parts of my body that shouldn't be touched normally.

There's also the fact that she's currently digged down on my neck, doing things to it that I don't even know how to explain.

Also, my pants, the part where she is currently sitting down, is wet. Now given how warm it feels, I doubt that's because she just came out of the shower.

Overall, my situation is fucking dangerous.

Dangerously great.

"Se- Sensei! S~ stop it!"

Now what I just said right there, that's a fat lie. I obviously don't want this to stop. Keep it coming is what I actually wanted to say.

But as much as I want to have this situation to go even further beyond, I can't forget the fact that I was currently in an open room and is being watched by two guys near me.

Also, my guy down there has already started his rebellion phase, begging me to let him out so we can finally unleash the deep chaos within.

The fact that both my hands 'accidentally' grabbed Sensei's pairs as well when I tried to 'push her away' didn't help at all. In fact, it even makes the situation much worse for me and my guy down there.

"S- stop~!"

"Hehe~ you say stop but your body says otherwise."

When she said that, she looks like a hunting cat that is about to pounce on its prey.

As I thought, she was going too far. This is not right anymore. What if she did this to a person that doesn't like being treated like this? Imagine the damage that she would cause to that person's feelings. Did she even think of this? How indecent! And she calls herself an adult. Goodness.

Good thing that kind of person doesn't exist.

Anyway, after struggling through the torture I've been put on by Shizuka sensei, a couple of minutes later, she passed out.


Actually, she's not the only one who passed out, even Kohta as well for some reason.

As for Takashi, well, he's just standing there, looking like he just saw god.

In any case, I immediately stood up and fix my crumpled clothes, which looks like a mess now cause of the 'water' that drenched me.

After that, I fixed Shizuka sensei's cover-up towel and then picked her up, Princess carry style.

"Watch over for me, I'll just put Sensei in the other room for a moment," I said towards Takashi who, after hearing me, came back here to our reality.

"Oh- Yeah, sure."

After that, I proceeded to walk outside of the room. Escorting sensei to the guest room downstairs.

Along the way, I saw Rei in the kitchen drinking something that looked like a beer.



Together with her is Saeko, who seems to be cooking something up.

I also passed by Saya who was already asleep on the couch.

In any case, since they didn't notice me anyway, I decided to just ignore the three and proceed to my destination, the guest room.

Well, it's not that far anyway so just after a couple of turns, I finally reached it. After that, I quickly enter inside, go towards the bed, put Sensei down, then...

I locked the door.

I walk back to the bed again after that and look at Sensei who seems to be asleep already.


I tried calling her name out and then pinching her cheeks lightly just to make sure but I met no response. Other than a couple of cute groans, nothing at all.

"Seems she was really asleep."

Now looking at her more carefully, no one can probably blame me for what I'm about to do. She was just so hot that even I, cannot entirely resist it, not after what she just did to me.

So, with my intrusive thoughts winning over me, I grabbed both ends of the towel she was wearing (which is already on the verge of falling out actually), then spread it wide open... revealing the thing it was trying to hide.


Now if I could describe Shizuka sensei's body in one word, now that I'm currently seeing it in front of me, then it would be nothing but, 'Flawless'.

Like literally. All of it is as smooth and spotless as it can be. I even touched it directly just to make sure that my mind isn't playing with me...

And I gotta say, the experience met the hype.

So much so that upon contact, all the chains that were holding me back, were completely obliterated.

Without regard for whether I'll get caught or not, I started caressing, groping, touching, whatever it is, I probably did all of it on Sensei's body. I started feeling every part of her touch by touch.


I even became bold enough that when I saw Sensei's nipples who are now perked up due to what I've been doing to her so far, I started sucking at them.

Not to mention that while this is happening, I am also simultaneously rubbing her down there. Making Sensei's ever-rising voice, even louder.

All of this describes how loose I've become. I just did it, not even thinking about anything else.

I continued doing it and my mind seems to be not planning to stop any time soon.


But all of a sudden, even though my mind said I wouldn't, I stopped.

Why? Because Sensei's hand grabbed mine, making my whole body freeze. To make matters worse, when I look at her face, her eyes, are wide open, staring at me.

"U- uuh."

To say that my heart is already on the verge of jumping out of my chest is such an understatement.

I was shitting myself.

So upon meeting her eyes, I immediately tried to pull my body away. That's the first thing that my body thought of doing.

But I suddenly found out that I was unable to do that cause Sensei's hand prevented me to. That before I could even do what I was about to do, Sensei hugged me and then pull me closer to her.

Now what happened next completely blew my mind.

Our lips met each other and out of nowhere, she started making out with me. Kissing me, tonguing me, you name it.




Obviously, I am a perceptive bastard, so I immediately got over my shocked state, and my horny state got back in again, returning the kiss I'm getting.

So now, here we are. In front of my goal. About to go even further beyond.

My hard work paid off and I can now finally do it. One more step and I am finally there.

Even my hand at this moment is already on its way to my pants, to unbuckle them, to release the raging dragon within.

But, as evident as it is, I was caught lacking again. Too focused on my goal that I forgot why am I even wearing the pants I'm currently wearing in the first place.

And as if the world tried to make me remember the forgotten reason, while I was in the middle of making out with Sensei, I suddenly heard a Gunshot.

Well, the Gunshot itself isn't the one that made me perk up, I've been hearing constant gunshots since earlier so why would I be surprised about that?

What made me surprised about this Gunshot that I heard just now is that... it came from upstairs.

Meaning... The event that I was waiting for already started. Actually, not just that.


It even cucked me goddammit.


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