Meta Essence Gacha in Marvel

Waking in a strange yet familiar room the main character now will rise to the top of one most dangerous worlds of fiction with his new cheat.

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Daily Life Of A Main Character in Marvel

Disclaimer: I own nothing. This history have no interest in offending any party. Having the sole objective of only entertaining the readers. Enjoy~



"I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion."

-Alexander, The Great


Third Person P.O.V.

Brazil, Carvalho Farm, Middle of the night

In the residence of Hector's grandparents, everything looks calm as Always. The sound of nocturnal animals is the only thing that is heard this far from big cities.

Inside the main bedroom, the grandfather and grandmother are sleeping peacefully. Then, from the door's crevices, some sorto f gas enters the bedroom silently.

After some seconds of the gas acting, a male figure emerges from the shadows and walks to the bed. Then, the figure raises his two hands in the direction of the elderly couple and touches them.

When the hands finally Grow golden Hector in his Eidolon for mis revealed.


After a short time of 5 seconds, Hector takes his hands back.

He sits on the edge of the bed and sighs

"I don't even know if what I'm doing is right... If you two would want it..." Eidolon sighs again.

Since he has come back from the Bnha/Mha world and has a good grasp of his powers Hector has been using [Rewind] weekly to make his grandparents a semester young each session.

Using other powers, like the ones from Inuyashiki, he has gradatively helped his grandparent's bodies. Fixing old injuries, posture, helping with circulation and revitalizing some organs.

Little by little, so that's not too much of a bizarre transformation.

Now they're good as a very healthy 40-year-old and he plans to maintain them like that now. From the outside, they appearance hasn't changed a bit.

"I would never imagine that using powers is such a moral hassle. Using or not using... Telling or not telling... How far go... Ugh..." He shakes his head "You two with your religious and other sensibilities may find it unnatural and wrong, but..."

"...I'm not ready to lose you two yet."

He closes his eyes for a time before standing up.

His shadows move unnaturally and ten shadowkhan appears in a kneeling position.

"Never be seen or heard. Protect them and alert me if anything... ANYTHING happens." Eidolon says before disappearing

Only a day has passed since he acquired the Shadowkhan but they number is already increasing.


Hector P.O.V.

Training Room 01, Zeta Space Station, Orbit of Earth

"Again..." I repeat while seeing Cassandra crash into the ground.

Let's say that I'm completing her training. I will repeat, she is veeery good. Is in her blood, daughter of Lady Shiva. And she was trained veeeeery harshly by her father.

The kid of the arguably best fighter from DC with the best assassin...

From an early age she was trained, even before she could speak and for a long time she was maintained like that.

The reason for that is increasing her capability of reading people and learning faster. She has a excellent control of her body. As much as she can be similar to Taskmaster from Marvel, learned everything that I taught her easily.

And to no surprise, she is mastering Nen and Haki easily too.

She is a little faster than Saeko, but she is being trained personally by me.

So this is how masters feel training their students, huh? Is a nice feeling...

Well, the fact that she is a genius makes it easy too.

Cassandra gets up without a problem and advances toward me, middle way she bends her body backward dodging a kick of my stand, D4C.

She has been trained to use her eyes very well. She can predict the opponent's next moves by observing the slight change in the facial expressions, eyes, and other muscles...

But against an invisible opponent? Someone that can disappear and appears seamlessly...

Stands only touch other stands and what the user wants. They're like ghosts... Their attacks will not even dislocate the air if the users doesn't want it.

First, I purposely made D4C touch the air to develop her sense of touch. Feeling the airflow.

She catches up quickly... Now she is training Observation Haki. If she can, she could touch D4C, because I'm allowing it. But she will never hurt it using normal means.

Sensing the Danger, she is dodging very well, but she will be in a pinch at any moment because I'm slowly increasing the speed of D4C.

Oh! She grabbed D4C's arm and contorted herself and is going for a submission, trying to choke him.

Sorry, my dear... But a stand is not a person. Using tremendous flexibility D4C leg enters the space between his neck and the leg that is almost clamping on him.

*Bam* He then forcefully lowers his leg making all of Cassandra's form crumble and she hits the ground again.

"Again..." I repeat, she glares at me for a moment before attacking again.

No, I'm not being harsh on her. She hasn't be hurt and I'm not training her to kill anyone. Just to defend herself.

That's is her issue by the way...

Her father taught her very well and she is so talented that her capability of reading people borders empathic powers.

When she completed her training, her father send her to kill someone. The feedback of the feelings that the target and his close familiars felt at that moment assaulted her. She felt they despair and other negative feelings.

So she discovered that she doesn't like that not even a little and run away.

The she went to Gotham where she would eventually be part of the Bat Family, but... She died before it.

Typical Gotham...

Hm~ Black Bat was her name but doesn't sound right... What codename I should I give her?

Watching her dodging the stand attacks and remembering how she played with the Shadowkhan...

Heh~ I know the perfect name!

In my other life I obviously played games online. But I'm most a fan of single player open world games.

Multiplayer games online were not my cup of tea. CS, LoL...But I played when my friends called me. And I was pretty good... There's a Champion that a friend of mine "mained". And he called me to duo to help him climb... I played with Vlad if I want to win 100%, very op.

Oh... I wonder if I can gain him if I getting myself involved with vampires here in Marvel...

Anyway, I'm sidetracking. Is a quote of my friend main that gave me the idea of her name.

"Hitting me is like boxing the shadows!" – Vayne

Cassandra's hero name will be: Shadow.

Heh~ Is funny because Vayne was inspired in Batman. I even laugh about it when I made Helena suit and crossbow.

And remembering Vladimir... I raise my hand to Cassandra that was still fighting her invisible enemy.

My fingers opens fast and then I slowly flex it.

She stops midair and starts trembling. Like a puppet her limbs starting going in awkwards angles.

"...!" Her eyes widens.

"What are you panic for?" I shout "You can fight it!"

Blood bending... Maybe is because my life force/chi is very strong. Or maybe is the Gacha. But I need no full moon to use it.

Cassandra grits her teeth and starts resisting.

In One Punch Man Garou resisted Psykos telekinesis with his own vitality, breaking his limit.

Using nen/chi/qi/life force or other of these types of energy is possible to break control of blood bending.

"Is your own body... Your own blood.... Yours! No one else's!" I say

She slowly starts straightening herself while trembling and sweating.

"AARGH!" With a uncharacteristically shout she breaks free completelly and falls in the ground panting.

Still standing, albeit with the hands on the thighs while breathing heavily. Very good.

"Good job, Cassandra." I praise and approach her "I hope that you know that I'm being harsh with you so that you don't suffer in the hands of someone else."

She looks at me

"The training against invisible enemies, the meditation, breaking free of someone control... Everything is so that you are never at anyone's mercy."

She nods. And I even notice her Relationship Loyalty increasing.

"I have a gift for you." I say making her look at me with more attention "I taught you some Nen and Haki but don't give you any power. You know why?" I ask

"..." Like expected she doesn't respond. Se is too accustomed in not talking.

But she tilts her head, so that's mean that she is participating in the conversation.

"You're a very well-rounded fighter. That means there isn't too much that I can give you to cover your weakness. So the durability and power that you gain from Nen and Haki is enough for now. No need to overload you with powers." By the way, she is an Enhancer, like Saeko.

She has less aura than Saeko though.

"But you also have no specialization... I gave Helena some powers to help her use her crossbow better. But you are not like her. Eventually, I will give you a power to fly in the sky with me." I say

"...!" Oh, her eyes widened a little. Is she interested?

"But flying and fighting is very hard. To not overload you again, let's leave this power for later..."

"..." Heh~ Is she pouting? Cute...

"I decided on a name for you and a corresponding power as a gift." I raise my hand to touch her head "Shadow... That will be your codename." I say while I transfer to her [Black].

The power of Kuroiro Shihai from class 1-B from U.A.. Allows the user to merge his body in anything dark-colored.

I use his power to "blend and get out of the shadows" Batman style. Helena always shakes her head when I do it. Hehe.

Finishing the process I notice that her skin didn't become pitch black. Good. No side effects, just like me.

She looks at her hands in confusion.

"Noticing something extra? Let me make a demonstration..." I speak attrating her attention

I wave my hand a bunch of miscellaneous objects fly off my Sky Poison Pearl and lands on the ground in a mess.

I walk to them and merge with a bowling ball.

"Your new power allows you to merge with anything black... Object, shadows..." I move to the shadow of a desk. "Even allow you to move it like your own body. I don't need to tell it weakness." I get out and put everything back in my storage.

"You will fight mostly at night. With this power you have many forms of approach you oponnent, but most importantly... You will have many means to run away too." I look at her seriously. "Always prioritize your own safety."

"..." She nods

"Go take a bath. We will collect your new suit with Edna before dinner. Familiarize yourself with your new power too, playing around with it is a good way as any..." I say and she nods before going to the showers.

I stay even after she leaves the training room. I want to try something.


"Yes?" She appears at my side instantly

"Seal all the doors and vents of this room." I say

"it's done." She replies instantly

"Good..." I say while raising my hand. In the back of it, a black circle starts to appear. The circle gains volume and then a disc simply pops off the back of my hand.

Ultimate Echo Echo power... I don't need all of his physiology, only the discs. And damn... These things can pack a punch.

Different from the black and blue in the cartoon, this disc is black and white to match with me.

Making the disc floats at my front. It points to the wall of the training room. Beyond the wall is the vacuum of space.

"Testing..." I say just to warn Cortana.

*Ziiiiin* "BOOOOM"

A hole big enough that a Yacht would pass without problem is open on the wall of the training room.

The alarms and siren ring. The air of the room is sucked fastly to the outside, but I remain unmovable "Stop the alarms." I say(?) to Cortana using technopathy.

Everything is deactivated and I float slowly to the huge hole that I just made.

"You have questions, I presume..." I ask

Cortana nods.

"Things that I gained with my power can self-repair. I just want to test it..." I say dismissively "Watch the process closely, please."

"Will be done." She replies

I watch the edges of the hole, trying to see if is regenerating or something, but not change till now. Maybe it takes some time to start. Or maybe simply repair itself instantly at some point.

"..." I can see that Cortana is making a strange expression. But when she opens her mouth, she only asks... "Is this the limit of attack potency of these disks?"

"Nope, I easily blew up a mountain back there. With one of these's, I can make a lot by the way, is easy to destroy a city in a few rounds." I comment while retrieving the scattered parts of the station.

I want to see if they simply disappear, stay or regroup back to repair...

"From what you said and taking in consideration the area where the humans live on the planet. Should take 7.192 of these discs to completely wipe out humanity in some minutes." She comments

"A very morbid thought, Cortana..." But she is right.

Humans inhabit only a small percentage of the planet. And humans are fragile... Very fragile...

When I first tested Echo's discs I did it in the open ocean. And let's say... It seemed that I used a nuke for illegal fishing.

In some seconds tons and tons of fish started floating on the surface. Dead.

Obviously, I don't waste food and everything is now in the Sky Poison Pearl to be food to Cathulhu. And I even... boosted the fertility of the endangered species...

Is not any big secret, but... I'm a scary motherfucker.

"...but you're still underestimating me a little." I finish talking and make the floating disc grow in size. Becoming as big as me.

I'm really dangerous.

I was not bluffing when I threatened that Skrull. A big empire fighting me must be a nightmare.

There's a truth hard to swallow for all fans of comics... Someone strong can lose a fight to someone weaker than them.

For many reasons: Obvious weakness, lack of preparation, or prepare of the other part. Spider-man recently has his ass kicked by Kraven here. He won in the end, must it shouldn't be that close.

So is always possible to lose. You can be overwhelmed by numbers(most common way of defeating the big villain), have a field disadvantage, traps, overpowered weapons/artifacts/items, be tricked and much more.

But me? Haha. First, I'm not arrogant. I literally run simulations on ways to kill myself to make countermeasures! So I know that I'm very hard to be defeated by people weaker than me.

Fighting against an entire galaxy? No problem. Would be easier than fighting against the Hulk.

I can teleport, blend in the shadows, dive into the ground, shapeshift, become invisible, intangible, super small and much, much more... How can a big empire fight against my guerrilla tactics?

Making clones and gigantification are low-key dangerous powers. Because of the potential of combinations. I can detach my hand... Multiple it a thousand of times, make it bigger as possible and then rain destruction from the sky.

Or I just need to touch the ground of a planet and decay the whole thing in 2 hours. Throw plagues and poison. Or simply fly fast enough from one point to the other on the planet and destroy it. And simply continue my path.

Untraceable and undetected.

'Oh, but they have super advanced technology, Hector...' Pfft. Give me some weeks infiltrating and I can take over everything and make my job even easy. Even learning from them.

Kree or Skrull. No problem.

I realized that someone's Power level is not always beffiting his Threat level.

My power level is, probably, planetary.

But my threat level? Heh. I'm a Galactic-level threat.

Now... the Shi'ar Empire would be more complicated. There's limited information in the Chitauri database but coupling with my metaknowledge I can say that the Shi'ar are very similar to the Roman Empire.

Different from the Kree and Skrull that subjugates the conquered planets and even treat the people like slave or lessers. The Shi'ar annexed them and their culture.

They encourage marriage interspecies and maintain the conquered people's culture and religion intact. But they always preach that the Empire is above everything.

A interesting take... Obviously, there are conflicts of race, religion, and culture. But everything is small beyond the Empire. But the royal family still has the big fist to shut up everyone if things get off hand.

And because of this the,y are so strong. And have strong individuals too.

Like the Gladiator, another rip-off of Superman. A race full of "supermans", in truth. Strontians are the name...

Not something that I want to confront now, but I already have my means.

Huff~ Strong races, galactic empires, space pirates, Thanos... "Cortana, how is the progress in the drone Project?" I ask

"Only 12 are completed and ready to be used, Master." She answers.

I nod in acknowledgment.

Well, twelve is not a bad number when you consider that these drones are not small. They are big as a rocket. Inspired by Syndrome's Omnidroids. Hm~ I wil call them Omnidrones.

They're big and round and can fly in a omnidirectional way. The thing is that there are thousands and thousands of smaller drones inside that can be released to patrol, investigate and collect things.

They look a little like Octopus, because tentacles are the most efficient limb.

12... I can already send one to each planet in the Solar System. Hum... But maybe investigating Jupiter's moons can bring trouble.

Venus also has Olympians right? Or I'm crazy?

"Deploy five of them to monitor Earth, Mars, Pluto, Venus and the Moon. Earth and moon's ones just to patrol. Invasive investigation in the other planets. And control manually the one going to Venus... Self destruct it in case of a shadow of trouble." I give the instructions.

"Will be done, Master."

"And the rest just release them and maintain them in standby in space. With the system on to detect movement."

Space is huge, very huge. If something big is detected, I want to know. "Oh, and discreetly clean the space trash in Earth's orbit please." I remember, there's a huge amount of things just floating in our orbit

"Yes." Is her reply.

"..." I look at her. I can feel that something is weird with her. Maybe is our technopathic connection...


"What is bothering you, Cortana?" I finally ask and look at her directly.

"it's nothing worth attention." She replies.

I give her a look. "... Seriously? Standard women reply? I will not fall for that. Go on. Let's solve it." I say. She is different from what I expected. She is not all... robotic.

"...If I... Was damaged or destroyed... Would I be restored? Or simply a new Cortana will be made or brought as a substitute?" She asks.

"..." Well, to this I have no answer. Cortana is a hybrid, according to the Essence. She is an object at the same time she is a Character.

If an item, like this Space Sation be completely destroyed I don't know if would be replaced by another.

Now, what if some of my summons die... Now this a sad thought. Damn, I don't want to think about this...

But I am me. And I need to think about it.

The Essence didn't said what would happen to a summon that died. I feel that the Essence banalizes a little too much everything, so is possible that there's some sort of "Ressurection of summons" card that I have still not gained.

Maybe I will receive another copy... Copy...

With the infinite possibilities of the fictional Omniverse, I still haven't received a double. Another card of the same. A second Shego for example.

How would it work? If I summon the Shego 2, she will have the same exact same personality? Or will be a little different?

Well, I think is useless to think about it. Shego would probably kill her(self). "I'm the only Shego that you need, bitch" I can almost hear her voice saying it.

And dying of old age? I mean, If I don't help, many of my summons will eventually die. What will happen? I will receive a new one? Or is simply an expected expiration date of mortal characters?

Ugh... This is dark. I always felt that to the Essence everything is trivial, so is not a surprise that it doesn't care about this.

Well, I still need to answer Cortana.

"Cogito, Ergo sum." I say to her

"I think, therefore I am..." She translates easily and smiles at me.

Is always nice to talk with smart people.

"You're alive Cortana. I felt it and I know it. And I want it." I say seriously "You are more than what you are previously, even I noticed it, so you must have noticed too. If you're damaged you will be repaired without a problem and without loss of identity." I say with certainty.

She continues smililing and then nods.

And to seal the deal.

"Are you already uploaded in the Space Station, right?" I ask

"Yes, Is my secondary 'Hotspot'." She says

"Good..." is my reply and I raise my hand in the air. A hole tornred in space(one of the powers that I acquired in the Incredibles world) and I put my hand in it.

When I take it back, Cortana disc is in my hand.

"This is..."

I touch it and it's opened, forming a cylinder. Inside the cylinder a small Cortana is in fetal position resting. I nod and close the cylinder again, making it a disc.

Using one of my powers I shrink it, makingit very small.

Then with my other hand, I touch the left side of my chest and run my fingers in a straight line. A zipper is open on my chest.

Bucciarati stand ability, Sticky Fingers.

Inside of the zipper is possible to see a blue pocket space. Inserting my hand in it I pull out my beating heart still connected with my body by the venas and veins.

With good control, I can isolate certain organs of a body.

By the way, inside the Sky Poison Pearl, I have a bunch of spare body parts to replace lost ones in the case of something messing with my healing factor and other ways of healing.

I'm too much paranoid? I mean, everyone would carry spare parts of himself around if they can, right? Right? I'm not weird...

Opening another zipper in my heart I insert Cortana's main body in it and close again.

"There... The safest place that I can think." I say while my heart goes back to its place. Well, not entirely true, the safest place would be inside my skull but I'm not letting her there... physically at least.

"No problems with the connection?" I ask the slightly shocked A.I..

She shakes her head.

I go a little beyond and connect to her via technopathy. Allowing her an isolated room in my mind, where she can contact me directly and pass on information.

I would never do that if the relationship loyalty isn't 10/10 and if I haven't seen how she acts in these couple of days.

"Master..." I hear her saying softly.

Is not a big problem. Much more convenient than having an earpiece all the time or a chip on my neck, like Stark will do when he needs to upgrade his armors.

Like a tech-symbiote, she can help me ward off cyber attacks on my suits and other kinds of stuff more easily.

"Cortana... I really don't know what will happen if you're destroyed and I would never risk testing with you. So let's do like that. You help and protect me and I protect you and we will never discover." I laugh, making her smile.

"I will be in your care, Master." She repeats the world that I said to her in our first encounter.

Is a problem to put an object inside my body? Normally would be... But is a thing from the Essence, so no one can use it if I do not allow it.

That means that even Magneto Omega-level electromagnetism is ineffective in it. And even if someone uses this "weakness" to hurt me... My heart is not that important to me.

Yeah... We, humans, are simply our nervous system in a meat suit. And I take this to the extreme. I can easily move my blood without my heart, no biggie.

I look into the space and think about ways that someone can kill me.

Yep, only someone overwhelming and more powerful than me has a chance in accomplishing that.


France, Paris

"You finally come to visit, huh? Only remember that I exist when you need something... Typical." Edna Mode grumbles and scoffs while she leads me and Cassandra in her home.

Is a somewhat luxurious home. Not as impressive as the one that the other Edna in the Incredible world has, but here she is only starting.

"That's not true, I always contact you." I roll my eyes at her.

"All you talk is about ideas to suits and blah, blah, blah!" She makes a face before opening a secret Elevator in the wall. I'm the one that built her Hidden lab for her.

"What would you expect? Is your interest..."

"Yeah... But you can come to a tea. Is always work to you?" She responds while we go down "And you, darling? Is he tiring you too much? You can snitch on him to me." She turns to Cassandra and smiles.

"...No." She responds. Why did you respond to her so easily? Sometimes I just get a shake or a nod of her head.

"Don't be afraid to tell me, dear. We can bully him back. Together!" She exclaims

"Why I'm the villain here?" I say

"Obviously, us women will unite against you, Darling. Woe to you, you surround yourself with women. You will never win na argument in your life!!! Haha." With the ping of the Elevator, she gets outs laughing.


Don't stare at me like that. Is not on purpose that is mostly women...


"Yes! Yes! You are graceful like a butterfly with the sting of a wasp!" Edna exclaims while we watch Cassandra tries her new suit.

We are sitting and watching Cassandra try every move on the book on my shadowkhan.

Her suit is the typical ninja style, with yellow details. She has a half mask like mine and can put on a hood too. If she wants to cover her eyes there's futurist glasses that I designed with Edna, that has telescopic vision, infrared vision and is connected with Cortana.

This is a thing that I thought before, there's no need to overwhelm someone with powers that can easily be replaced by technology. Not everyone is me, that can have all these powers with no problems.

"What is the name that you decided for her?" Edna asks at my side.


"So common, lacks impact."

"There's no need for impact. That's not her style."

"Okay, if you say so." Edna goes to draw something on her tablet and across the room, a robotic arm descends and draws something quickly on the table and brings to us.

Is a utility belt, similar to mine but slimmer.

What it drawn is an "S" in the middle of the buckle, in the same style as my "E".

"Well... She, being your sidekick... Fit, huh?" Edna asks.

"Is good. By the way, I read that you won some sort of competition." I comment

"Yeah, yeah... An amateur thing. I was almost bullying the other designers." She says dismissively "I wanted to present my work to the high people already, but they don't even deigned to look at me. So I need to present my talents to the world first." She says with annoyance "Hmpf! That people couldn't gauge my talents even if I condensed it in a club and beat them on their face with it!" She says while using her hands to show how she would beat some people with a bat.

Wow, she so into it...

After she panted a little from the exertion she turns to me "Anyway, now that I have been seen will be a piece of cake to reach the top. Muah." She brags

"Is the fashion world dangerous? Did you need more protection?" I ask

She smiles at me and replies. "No problem, Darling. I'm on this game for longer than you've ever lived."

I just shrug my shoulders, but say to Cortana to investigate everyone that works in the fashion industry.

"By the way, you want to dinner with us? We are experimenting the food of a new Chef. I can assure you that will be good." I invite her.

"If you say so, Darling. Who I'm to deny? I can do my things later." Is her reply.


New York

"This is really good, Tsukasa-kun. Are you sure that you don't want to eat with us?" I praise my Young Chef summon while tasting the soup that he made just after the Hors' D'oevres.

We are now in the empty, and still not open to business, Helena's restaurant.

Me, Isabella, Shego, Helena, Cassandra and Edna are enjoying the dinner made by Tsukasa with his new abilities.

"I appreciate the thought, but I enjoy it more when you are all satisfied with my food." This is the polite reply of the guy.

After this, he goes back to the kitchen to bring the appetizers, even if I ordered the Shadowkhan to help, he likes to do it personally. He is a perfectionist.

"That's really good, dear. I'm glad I come." Edna comments "Where did you find these people?" She says just for conversation's sake

"The same place of you guys... There are universes that literally focused in a specific thing like food, a sport, magic... So you can imagine how good is the ones that are good there and compared with people here." I explain.

A good Chef in Shokugeki no Souma, a good boxer in Hajime no Ippo, a good football player in Captain Tsubasa... They would be the greatest here.

"A world revolved around food... Must be a nice world." Helena comments

"Must be peaceful..." Isabella adds

Well, in this case yes, but... Toriko. Heh

"Yes, is good, but yours are still better." Shego comments and receives acknowledgement from the rest.

Even Cassandra nods.

"Well, is not a fair comparison..." I say. And it really isn't. The Asahi card that I assimilated is a even better cook than Tsukasa, even combines with my style because he learns from others easily. And I have super-senses and such precision that I can write a letter in a grain of rice using a needle. Cooking is easy. "He will be better than me eventually." Maybe "is he passion, he will pursue it." I say

I already gave Tsukasa super sense powers. This diner is to see how much he improved with these powers.

Hm~ Maybe I should give him the power to grow more arms or that poltergeist quirk. To him to go beyond his human limitations.

And he is a guy that likes to do things alone too.

"Do you plan to make him work for Helena?" Shego asks


"I don't even know how to take care of a restaurant..." Helena says

"A lazy mind is the devil's workshop..." I quote one of my grandfather's lessons "You need something to do beyond vigilantism." I look at her seriously this time.

This woman in the past only know vengeance and helping people. She needs something to distract herself. Hell, even her hobbies are related to her Huntress persona

"And Cortana will help you all the way. With time you will need to do nothing." I say, and after this, she may finds something that she can invest herself in more.

"Is not that easy to manage a restaurant... Starting one is even more troublesome. With no name or reputation..." Edna warns

"Yes. This is not an immediate plan, but in some years can become a source of income." With my powers will absolutely be a success.

"The challenge will be the beginning." Shego says "Normally a big opening would be planned, inviting famous people and critics... None of this we can do, we have no contacts without 'Eidolon' help."


"You have a mind to business, huh?" I say to her.

"Please, I'm the perfect right hand. The supervisor. I'm the best at it." She brags

"The problem is that the Chef is an unknown young man, the owner is an unknown Woman, and everything is unknown. These things need a brand." Edna adds

"We can send Tsukasa to Paris to make a name to himself." Isabella says

"There are some competitions there. Is easy for him to win." Edna completes

"You can bribe some critics to come at least, no need to buy good reviews if the food is already good. With time the thing will blow up and become famous" Shego says.

"He can go to a TV show." I finally say to them "He is handsome, young and a genius. He will absolutely attract attention." They agree.

I continue "Oh~ Gordon Ramsay can be a good step. He has his TV show already and is already famous for his difficult attitude. I doubt that he can find faults in Tsukasa. When the handsome White Knight stands out from the peasants in his kitchen..." The little plan forms in my mind.

"Cortana, help me sign Tsukasa application." I say to my a trustworthy companion.

Now I'm glad that I used a Background card to give Tsukasa a couisine education.


Next Day

Hector's Residence

'We are live here from the White House where the people are in protest. Let's talk with them...' The reporter on the Tv says. In the background, I can see hundreds of people screaming to the Symbol of the president of the United States.

'What are you protesting for?' The reporter asks a guy nearby. He looks normal.

'We are requesting transparency!!' He half shouts to be heard 'The government always knew of the alien threat and never told us anything! We want to know! We deserve to know!'

At this moment a guy arrives, puts his arm over the shoulder of the first guy and starts screaming 'SHOW US AREA 51! SHOW US AREA 51!'

"Hahaha." I can't help but throw my head back and laugh.

I think that is my fault... Sorry, but not sorry.

The government is in a tough spot.

Or they lie and say that they knew nothing about aliens prior to the Invasion. And paint themselves as incompetents and when the lie is exposed, inevitably will be, they will be liars too.

Or they can come and admit that they knew. To this is needed a very well thought speech on how they would are worried about public security and yada yada yada.

I think President Ellis hates me now. Yeah, no Bush. One of the reasons that the invasion of Iraq is much tamer in this universe.

President Ellis is not even that bad. But he is a little weak-willed. Don't want to offend anyone... Wants to please everybody... Being pushed around. A leader can't be like that.

Well, whatever... At least he is not evil. I can work with that.

My interview, as expected, has huge repercussions. Everything I said, from the big reveal to the jokes, has been heard and is being analyzed around the globe.

Thankfully I'm careful with what I said, these people have no lives. I have seen a video of a guy analyzing my micro-expressions to prove that I'm a sociopath...

But 70% of my face is covered.

There are videos, articles, and discussions on the internet and in TV shows about everything that I said.

Many people hate me now... Hehe.

With technopathy, I shift the channels to watch people distill hate over me. Aah~ I remember how being hated affected my mood in the Bnha/Mha world. But now I find it a little funny.

And as expected, when haters rise... Diehard fans rise too. People coming in my defense in the comments of a video, a post or everything else is incredibly common.

And sincerely... I look at the people saying bad things about me and my views. Snowflake fat people, feminazis, older hillbilly racists... I'm happy that they hate me.

They say such dumb things when asked "Why do you hate Eidolon?", "Can you say how this proves that he is like that?" and they can't answer and just looks dumber, making me look better.

Heh. The mass is really dumb.

I watched a report about how a congressman wants to include DNA tests as one of the covered services that are free by the healthcare system. Good intentions, but is not gonna work...

In the American health system? Pfft.

And even I can say that are other more pressing matters to attend to.

A little bored, I decide to train a little while seeing the snowball effect of my actions.

Raising my hand I contemptuously made a Rasengan.

Aah~ The dream~ One day I will do a Kamehameha...

A Rasengan is easy and is not at the same time. How jutsus works? I study it to start developing my own in the future...

To do a Jutsu you need to pass the chakra through the chakra channels and meridians in the right patterns. For some jutsus, you just need to revolve the chakra in 3 or four meridians and then... "kai", release the thing.

More complex jutsus needs to pass through dozens of meridians. Is like a mini-game.

Hand signs help, but is not entirely necessary. If you are very good in a Jutsu you can do it with fewer hand signs, one-hand hand signs, or no hand signs at all.

Kekkei Genkai Jutsus in most of the cases requires one or a small number of hand-sings. Hashirama's Mokuton is almost him just interlocking fingers, Haku and Oonoki(Tsuchikage) are similar too.

Rasengan is just concentrating and spinning Chakra in my hand. Easy, but it needed some requisites... A huge amount of chakra, great control and concentration.

So even if is a jutsu that Tsunade doesn't know, I can do it very easily.

As a Kage-level ninja, she knows jutsus of all natures. She is epecially good with water and earth jutsus. She is a medical ninja, so her control is off the charts and her experience is big.

To me, better than her only the people with Kekkei Genkais or Orochimaru would be good to assimilate. Because the guy is as good as her and has knowledge of science beyond his time.

I also studying her famous jutsu Strength of a Hundred Seal. To me, right now is not a huge thing... Accumulating chakra over time to release at some point for a boost in power will not make a difference when comparing my amount of Chakra with my strength.

But... If I modify it to work with all life forces energies... I'm Looking forward to it.

The only jutsu that doesn't work properly is the Kuchiyose no Jutsu(Summoning), maybe because there's no Katsuyu to summon here.

Hm~ Should I try the Fuuton: Rasenshuriken? Transform chakra in an elemental nature should not be that hard.

I start to change the chakra in wind and... *Boom*

I act fast to stop the Explosion from propagating itself. Nothing is destroyed, only some things are moved out of place.

Weird, I look at my hand. Why did this happen? Maybe its because I try to transform the chakra while it is spinning, if I generate new chakra already transformed...

Hm? A chill? I look around and spot Isabella looking at me silently.

She is holding a tray with a drink to me. Her eyes look around the messy living room... Oh...


"..." She is giving me that "kind" smile with closed eyes...


"..." Is that shadow covering her eyes?


"..." Okay, she is tilting her head to the side now.

"...Sorry?" I say

"Master Hector, please don't try new moves in the living room. We talked about it." She sighs and puts the tray on the little table.

"Yeah, yeah... Sorry again. Is just that an idea popped off in my head..." I say

She sighs "You're always, training, studying, working... There's a time and place to everything. We talked before about you creating a schedule to organize yourself and having a proper resting time. If you ignore it and maintain yourself active even when is the time to rest, what's the point?" She pointedly looks at me.

"..." Ugh... She made a good point.

She is worried about me. So I can't fault her.

Even with all these powers, I'm still a human teenager.

"I know, I know..." I say " is just that... Ugh, I have so much potential. I feel if I lazy around, I'm wasting it." And like I always said. this is a dangerous world. The last thing I want is to fail because I'm a little less prepared or because I trained too little.

So because of this, I was never arrogant. I can act arrogant to trick people, but I'm always vigilante.

There always someone stronger, smarter or that is preparing to kill me.

Even after I notice that the power of the people here is lower than expected... I beat the X-men too easily and can probably solo the Avengers right now too. But...

They can always improve. I beat Thor, but right now he must be healing and recovering himself to his peak condition, maybe even getting stronger. I remember that normal Thor in the comics is a fucking monster (When they don't nerf him).

The X-men are young... Stark will make better armors... The Hulk can grow infinitely strong... Even Captain America. His fighting style is very outdated, I noticed, when he catches up with modern warfare...

The Fantastic Four too. I remember Susan Storm pushing Celestials with her force field in the comics. But I think the writer was drunk... Human Torch will eventually be capable of flying in space and emit the same amount of heat of a star.

They are weak now. But is because we are at the Dawn of the era of the supers.

In no time, planetary-level heroes will appear like cockroaches and I need to maintain myself on the top.

"You can relax, Isabela... I'm not going overboard. Playing with my powers is a hobby of mine. Is not taxing at all." I assure her

She sighs. "Just... really relax for some time. Let Eidolon rest and Hector do something." She says before walking away.

"..." Now this makes me think.

I look at the TV, I'm watching Eidolon things... Everything I do is Eidolon. Did I really become like Batman?

I remember that at some point he said that his name was Batman while holding the Lasso of Truth. Bruce is his disguise. He is Batman.

Did Hector is not my main identity anymore?

Hum... Maybe is because I can only truly be Hector in certain places and with certain people.

I think I will go visit my grandparents after the exams. I call them every day but maybe is not enough.

"Do Hector things, huh..." I murmur to myself "What Hector likes again?"


At night

Now I'm going on a little hero patrol with Cassandra to teach her the ropes. She never became the Black Bat, so she can fight but that does not mean she can save people well.

So let's Search small things to do tonight.

After taking her to beat some thugs in alleys, something interesting happened.

In an abandoned house, a bunch of teenage boys are gathered... With a pentagram and trying to summon some spirit or demon.

I look at Cassandra at my side. "See those people, Shadow? Is because of them that shampoos have 'don't eat' on the label."


I mean, is probably my fault, but not really...

I talked about this in the interview. Said explicitly to not do anything like that, but knowing humanity is no surprise that people would do it. Me talking just gave the confirmation that exists.

But I can't take all the blame.

There are people who were doing something like that even before I talked about it. People going to the pyramids and praying to Ra or Horus, people searching in haunted places, trying to communicate with Spirits, two dudes tried to invade a nuclear plant while naked to try to gain powers

So is an inevitability that some people will try.

As a Hero, I warned that is bad idea.

Now, I'm just letting natural selection do its part.

And... I have some ulterior motives too. Obviously, I knew that this would make some crazy people die to try these supernatural things. So...

I'm using them as bait.

I still haven't made contact with demons. And I want to.

Meet some low-level ones, study them, dissect the bastards, and know what types of alarms they set off when they appear.

I doubt very much that normal people without a clue of what they're doing can summon Mephisto or something like that, so no problem in taking care of a low-level demon.

I also don't plan to let anyone be hurt, even if they're retard. I need to test the effectiveness of the Devil Arm: Beowulf too.

And the other motive... How the Ancient One and his acolytes or whatever operate. They would appear to take care of it, right?

Till now, I haven't seen anyone succeed in summoning anything, not even an imp.

Apparently is not enough to draw a pentagram with chalk, and candles and recite some words in Latin...

One of these days I saw some people that even sacrificed a goat. But they also are unsuccessful.

"Lilith... beatiful queen of the succubus hear my plea..." I heard one of the boys says

"..." No fucking way... Is because of this that men live less.

They are risking their lives to bust a nut...

Look, even Cassandra is showing a disgusted/disappointed expression.

"Shadow..." I say and she understands my command.

She jumps in my direction and merges with my mantle using her power. Yeah, I can carry her like that.

I have a portable asian girl. Are you jealous?

Creating a gust of wind, I erase all the candles that the boys light up.


"Is just the wind!! Stay calm!" Someone says, but his voice trembles

"I told you guys, this is a bad idea..."

I make the place go even darker and use illusions to make the shadows dance, and strange noises appear from all directions.

"Mommy..." Some of them sob

And then...

I fall behind them with a thud.

All the phones turn to me with their flashes on... "Boo." I said normally and all of them screamed like little girls.


After sending the idiots/teenagers home with a scolding, I even talked with they parents to ground them for a time, I decide to end the hero business for today.

Well, at least they have a cool story to tell.

"Master I finished that investigation that you asked me to double check... six times..." Cortana's voice talks to me.


"I found nothing about him. I really don't think that he exists here." Is her conclusion.

I'm still not convinced. I want to be sure. "I will go to the Station and will can check together one last time." I say

Dropping Cassandra home, I go to my station.

Sitting in my chair on the Central Computer I say to Cortana "Show me..."

Innumerable screens appear with information about people. All of them have something in common.

"I checked all Robert Reynolds from not only the United States but also from the world. Even the ones that just have been born. I checked people with similar names like Bob, Bobby and the list goes on. The man that you described doesn't exist."

"..." Robert Reynolds, the arguable strongest hero, maybe being, of Earth. The Sentry is as much a good character as a problematic guy.

His power level is ridiculous and fluctuates depending on the story. He is like a plot device.

And there's no shadow of him here in this universe. With means nothing, because his origin story is weird.

The Sentry is a very new character. Really new. Like, he is created in the 2000s. But they wrote him like is was always there.

How? He and Reed (Yes, Always Reed) erased him from the memories of everyone, even from himself. He did it because of his other personality, the Void.

Robert Reynolds is just a normal guy that stumbled on a super juiced version of the Super Soldier Serum (Yes again, Always this serum) and gained the power of a million exploding suns.

Okay, cool. He is another Superman. He even has an "S" on his suit.

Wrong. He is more complex than that. The serum multiplied everything from him to absurd levels, including his heroism and... dark side.

So he has another personality, The Void. That is cool to read about, but not so cool to exist in my universe.

"And a gender-bend version of him?" I ask Cortana "A Roberta Reynolds? And did you study Reed's steps in the last years? Something weird? Lacking? Not adding?" I ask seriously

I investigate it myself and found nothing, then I passed it to Cortana to comb through everything more carefully.

"Nothing found too, Master. Reed's actions since his gained powers have been monitored and he did not suspicious." Cortana says "Is this man that dangerous?" She asks

"Yes. Absolutely. The type of guy that makes me think of killing him just to avoid trouble. But he would come back. So I would need to take his power. But then, the problem will be on me..." How my 'Void' would be? Would be the birth of my Darkest Knight if I absorbed Sentry powers?

Yep, nothing risking it.

"Would you lose?" She asks curiously

"Hm... His power level is higher than mine, for now. But I can win if I explore his unstable mind... Or help him. There's this option too. The black file titled 'Golden Good Guy' is the contingency plan against him by the way." I say

I reclined in my chair to contemplate.

He really doesn't exist? And I'm not even talking about the Sentry, Robert Reynolds doesn't exist either...

Hm. This makes sense.

I have this theory that when Robert drank the serum, he absorbed almost all the alternative versions of himself in the multiverse. So he only exists in 616 and in some others universes. He exists in the Ultimate universe, but that version is a joke close to the main one.

And because of this, his powers are infinite.

And because of this, he has such a dark side, because statically half of our versions will be evil.

Hm... But I'm in the Marvel multiverse that I read in my previous life? I could be in another...

"*haah* There's no end if I start thinking like that... Let's just rest this case for now. But, please pay attention to this, Cortana." I said before standing up to go home.

"Will be done, Master."


Midtown High, the Next day

Well, well. Looks who's come back... Is little goblin junior.

I sat in the class waiting for it to start and saw Harry Osborn entering as if nothing has happened. Is more common for me now to use my duplicate powers to do something else while in class.

If Eidolon never appears during school time, don't will be needed a genius to figure out he is still in school.

Little Harry looks well. After he appears, his friends surround him to ask about... well, everything apparently.

I look to my side and see Peter looking worryingly at his childhood friend. But it appears that his hesitates in going to talk with him while the popular kids are there.

Well, I will just continue programming my games in peace. I discovered that I like to do this. Something that "Hector" would like...

Wait, is that MJ2 with a "META and still HUMAN" T-shirt?

I hope the meta-problem doesn't become part of the woke culture. And became some sort of trending or popular thing to be part of it...

Ugh, is a progress at least...


Hector's Residence

I'm watching some people arguing about how Eidolon is a bad influence on the kids, just after watching a reportage of how Captain America has been talking with the President to help the veteran situation in America.

Shego and Helena are with me.

I and Helena have been talking about how things are in her universe about this social-political stuff. And Shego doesn't care and is on her phone.

'These children look up to him and will imitate his harmful behavior and ideas.' A woman says, she is some sort of pedagogue

'Why are you putting everything on Eidolon? Idols and celebrities influenced children since... FOREVER. Why are you only talking about him now?' Another woman defends me. Go for it girl!

'No one has this level of influence before...'

'So? What is your point? Do you want to censor him? Say him to stop? Or demonize everything he says? He has his ideas and everyone will hear them, exactly because of his level of influence. Now is the job of the parents to police what their children learn and explain that 'this' is okay and 'this' is not okay. But, I haven't seen Eidolon saying a bad thing yet.' Ohoho.

'Do you think that those things he talked about relationships and sex aren't a bad thing to talk about knowing that children will listen?'

'What? Is Eidolon a kid's cartoon character and I don't know about it? He talked about these things in a TV show that was transmitting beyond the hour when kids are still awakened. He is talking to adults. Again, is the parents job to control what their children lear. When they're old enough, when the parents judge that they're old enough to learn about these things, they will allow it and can even enter with their own points.' Damn, completely destroyed.

Some people still have brains, there's hope in the world.

Well, is easy to defend me. I haven't been wrong till now.

"Listen to this, 'If Eidolon can change his body freely, including in animal forms, that means that he embodies all humanity fetishes?'." Shego reads something on her phone and laughs.

"This is gross... And humanity surely loves sex and violence, huh..." I comment

I'm not going down Zeus' path, the guy has issues. I mean, the greek pantheon is full of weirdos. All gods have weird stories.

Even if I live for a long time, and assimilate many characters, I don't think that I will start doing weird/gross things. I already draw the line.

Shego continues reading something " 'Eidolon only has a body count of 1 because is hard for him to lose... including his virginity' "

"Okay, that one is good." I admit

Another thing that became a hot topic, even more than my views in politics and social questions is "the one". The Woman that stole Eidolon's heart.

There are all types of theories. That she is dead. Killed by some mutant hate group and is the main reason that I fight for the metas.

That she is an alien that I had a passion in the past, but she needed to go back to her planet. Because of this, I know so much about the universe.

People like this version. There are all types of bullshit fanfics that she "shipwrecked" here on Earth and I take care of her. A romance bloomed and the res tis cliche.

People really like gossip, huh?

"And when you will tell us about her? The woman capable of breach all you defenses..." Shego asks while looking at me with a side eye.

I don't react to her provocation. She is another one interested in it. Too much I would say. She alwayskeepsp nagging me about it.

I think she is jealous is some weird way.

"Let it rest, Shego." Helena says to help me. She probably thinks is some serious thing.

"Ah c'mon, talking about this can help..." Shego pouts

"There's nothing much to say. She is from another universe. I said 'world' before just to don't complicate things..." I reveal.

I talked about a lot of secrets, but there are things that I believe the world is not ready for and I don't want to overwhelm them too much in this first interview.

Multiverse, Cosmic Entities, the Celestials... These topics are very much above the normal people that are even more useless for them to know... for now.

"You guys know that beyond bringing things from other universes, I can also go there... So I met her, ended up happening. End of the story. Maybe if I go back there we would just be friends. Maybe she already moved on. " I say "There's no great love story or something like that." I say with finality.

Hm... this annoys me.nagging'm annoyed again? The constant naggin about it? Because I always remembered about it or is because Kaina maybe moved on...

Damn... I'm that possessive?

I look at Shego intensely, even making her a little uncomfortable.

"What?" She asks defensively and crosses her arms over her chest.

"Nothing..." I say and turn to the TV again, but I'm not watching.

Relationships... I Always avoid thinking too much about this. My modus operandi is: Don't chase, let it happen.

Because there's really no need for me to chase it. Don't want to blow my own horn, but with... everything that I am and have, relationships will come easily.

Will be maintained easily? That's another story, and because of this I avoid the drama for now.

I used my power to see the future in myself. I only used it once, just to be a north... And I'm curious. But is not that useful.

I only see fast images, not clear. But I know that some things will happen, don't know when will happen though.

I don't want to become a slave of this power, like Contessa from Worm.

I know that before one year pass, I will...

Fight shadows in a medieval castle.

Go to space, another planet.

Go to a giant library.

Fight in a coliseum full of screens.

Fight a dinosaur, I think.

Be engulfed in a sea of fire.

Fight Thor again, probably as a spar, but this is Marvel, who knows?

Meet Sinister and many other villains that I recognized.

Go to Asgard.

Important things, you know?

But I saw not-so-important things.

I saw myself being straddled by Shego. Her long black hair falls to cover our faces while she kisses me.

I saw myself kissing the neck of a redhead. Don't know who.

I saw a head of blonde hair going very deep on my crotch.

A small lithe body sits on my lap while I play with her breast and lower lips. I don't know who again. Looked young and had black hair.

Me kissing a pale and toned stomach before going even lower.

A kimono is pooled in the feet of a woman.

A more muscular, but still feminine body.

And many other things R-18.

I sigh again.

I will fucking make a harem.

That's it. Is inevitable. But how I will manage it? Must be only my summons, right?

I don't see the women from here accepting sharing. One of the reasons that I don't chase the ones from here.

If I need to choose between a monogamous relationship with a woman that can cheat on me. Yes, I'm still traumatized by the writers from Marvel.

Or a harem of super-loyal babes from all around the omniverse.

Oh~ What a hard choice!

Is weird? Is it a fake relationship? Maybe... And also why I don't did a move... yet.

Let's work it properly. Do it right.

Maybe I should take Shego on a date...

"So... Who is prettier between me and her?" Shego's voice cuts my thoughts

"..." Is this your focus woman?

"I mean... The great impenetrable fortress that is Hector did a one-night stand with someone... The guy who has an iceberg in the place of his torso and adamantium as his heart. She must be a goddess!" She says exaggeratedly.

I decide to ignore her, but she doesn't stop talking. Ty to Guess how Kaina looks or other things.

I sigh and suddenly turn on her direction.

"Shego..." I say slowly and in a low voice.

I put my hand on her cheek and look at her directly in her eyes. Her eyes widen in surprise, I give her a smirk with thousands of hidden intentions.

I can feel Helena Looking at us while eating snacks like she is watching a show.

I look at her lips, the message clear. She also looks at mine. I can feel her heartbeat increasing. Se parts her lips slightly

I snuggle her face with my hand and... pass my thumb over her lips


And closed it with Sticky Fingers.


Returning to my previous positions calmly I see Shego go from dumbfounded to pissed to outraged in a second.

" Hmnp. Hmm. Hmp!" I think she is cussing at me.

"Best.Power.ever." I hear Helena saying holding back her laughter "give me a copy. NOW."

While Shego tries to strangle me, I just calmly watch TV.

Oh~ "Master..." Cortana's voice warns me at the same time that I notice it.

She sends the footage directly to my retina. Advantages of our union...

"Sorry, Shego." I say standing up and becoming Eidolon "It appears that I have a date with another green-skinned woman." I say just to make her mad and disappear.

If she could talk, she would have screamed.

Only after I'm very far away that I released the power of Sticky Fingers on her.


Third Person P.O.V.

Some minutes earlier in the Baxter Building

In one of the rooms of the famous Building of the Fantastic Four, Jennifer Walters is still in a coma. Her situation stabilized since the blood transfusion from her cousin Bruce Banner.

No side effects are shown till now. And everyone is just waiting for her to wake up...

And she is waking up...

But the side effects are showing.

She starts trembling slightly, nothing that is out of the normal. But then it starts growing strong, now her trembling is like convulsions.

The medical devices beep and alert that something is wrong. In another part of the Building, a notification of the situation is sent automatically to Reed's phone. But he is occupied and focused on his Project.

The same notification is sent to Susan Storm phone too, but she was in the elevator almost getting out of the building. Instantly she presses the buttons of the Elevator to it to go up again.

While waiting she hesitates in calling Bruce Banner. Can be a problem to worry him without her knowing what is going on. She then sent a message to Ben, to him to go check out. He must be closer.

Ben Grimm dutifully goes to Jennifer's room to check on her.

Opening the door, what greets him makes his face fall.

"Uh-oh..." he says.

The bed is ceding to the weight of the occupant.

Jennifer is bigger now, and has grown a foot more or less. Her hair is more voluminous. She is more muscly now. And she is green.

She trashes around for a bit before falling to the floor. She moves around a little, but this "little" made her strongly crash into the wall.

Making her even more annoyed. Her hands go to her head, covering her ears and she kicks the ground, jumping and hitting the ceiling, she falls in her back and kicks again hitting another wall with her head.

"Jen...? Are you there?" Ben asks cautiously. A hulk can put anyone on guard, even the Thing is worried.

Most for the building and the people in it, truly.

His words make her turn to him. But is like she isn't even seeing him, her mane of hair covers her face, and she growls with a hand in her heaf like she is in pain.

"Calm down..." he said. Poor choice of words.

She advances toward him, faster than he expected. Even him trying to resist he is launched through the wall like it is made of cardboard.

They, together, pass for one, two, three walls till they're out of the building, many floors above the ground.

When they start falling, a force field tries to stop them. Invisible Woman finally arrived.

She tried to contain the two Brute heroes in a force field bubble, but the intense fighting make it tremendously difficult.

Sweating, she steps on an invisible platform and starts going down while holding the two. She can at least control the fall.

Invisible Woman finally release the two on the ground and maybe because Jennifer is more active, she grabbed the Thing and simply throw him in a random direction.

She almost crazily starts trashing everything nearby, turning cars, destroying electricity posts.

Susan again tries to contain her in a much more small bubble.

"Hngg." The Invisible Woman valiantly put the effort to hold down Jennifer.

But is useless in the end. The green woman breaks free and identifies Susan as some sort of danger to her, and she goes to the attack.

"Aaargh!" Jennifer tries to pound Susan on the ground with her two hands bawled in fists, but the Invisible Woman stops the attack with another shield.

But Jennifer is relentless and doesn't stop to try to hammer the blonde woman down.


Every clash makes shockwaves and cracks a little the shield.

"Ugh.." The Invisible Woman groans in pain while she is forced to the ground with every attack.

Jennifer throws her two hands to the sky, concentrating strength on her arms and prepares to give the final.

"AAAARGHHH!" She screams and goes to attack.

But instead of completing the attack, she is yanked back suddenly.

Eidolon Simply pulled her hair by the hair and swung her on the ground like a doll.


"Are you okay?" he turns to Susan

"E-eidolon... Ye-yeah! I am... I'm okay." She responds still a little shocked.

"Situation...?" He asked calmly, even if already knows everything

"Eh- uhm... She is Bruce's cousin! She just transformed! You need to help her! "Susan exclaims trying to convert the situation and say that Jennifer is not an enemy or villain

"I see..." Eidolon turns to the rising-up green woman.

Her medical gown is in tatters, exposing too much. Eidolon's shadow grows unnaturally and a mist portal wraps around Jennifer, like the ground is swallowing her.

"I will take care of her. I will bring her back intact..." Eidolon says to the Invisible Woman while he raises his hand. Everyone that was watching and recording the whole ordeal started having problems with their smartphones "... I just don't know when." He finishes before disappearing in the portal too.

After some time Ben, that looks completely unharmed despite being throw from a huge distace, returns and looks around and asks "What did I miss?"

Susan groans and sighs at the same time "We need to call Dr. Banner." She is already having a headache.


Eidolon P.O.V.

Colca Canyon, Peru. One of the World's deepest canyons

Landing down on the ground after my teleport I watch Jennifer Walters squirm in the ground. She looks extremely uncomfortable, maybe even in pain.

"Are you conscious?" I ask calmly while approaching

The She-hulk is famous for not having a alter ego, so... What is the problem here? Or here is different?

My voice appears to trigger her and she advances toward me.

Her sloppy punch never connects, with an aikido move she is flung in the air spinning three times before landing heavily on the ground.

I start using somnambulist(Midnight quirk) and a quirk that steal other people's stamina(One of Overhaul's men's quirk). Must be a little effective in calming her down.

That's the first time that I deal with a Hulk, obviously I have contingency plans. The easiest is simply yeet her into orbit.

But I'm here to help her.

I analyze her actions... Common first-time transformation problems... Oh. Sensorial Overload!

She was in a coma for some time and all of a sudden her bones, muscles, tissues, tendons and everything grows too fast. She is also hearing, seeing and feeling too much.

I have some "soothing" powers. Let's try.

Approaching her silently I say "I normally don't do this on the first date but..." A mouth appears in the palm of my hand and I made it kiss her on the head.

One of the effects of Recovery Girl's power is to alleviate pain, I use other miscellaneous powers to make her feel good and then I invade her mind with telepathy.


Third Person P.O.V.

Jennifer Walters is so confused.

She doesn't know where she is. Is like she is in the middle of a storm where the world is spinning and many people are screaming. A sand storm where she can feel every grain of sand assaulting her.

Her irritation is through the roof. She has never been so angry in her life.

After some time, things calm down. She feels like a relaxing breeze enveloped her and is gently guiding her somewhere and she is glad to follow it.

The sounds start to be more recognizable. Peaceful sounds of nature, the type she put on her phone to hear to sleep.

She finally opens her eyes.

"Finally awake, huh... Is not everyone that can receive a lap pillow from me." She hears a deep and smooth voice a little above her "You can repay this debt crushing my head with your thighs..." She doesn't hear this last joke because she suddenly jolted off the ground and Eidolon purposefully said it in a low voice.

"Aaaaah!" Her horizontal jump ended up taking her too far and she falls to the ground with a bang again.

Eidolon raises himself from his crossed legs position and just waits calmly for Jennifer Walters to do the same.

"Nice to meet you, Jennifer Walters." He decided to say, to show that he knows her. "You're still green..." he analyzes

The lawyer now She-hulk rises and looks at him suspiciously and puts a horrible fighting stance.

"Who are you? Where I am? How do you know my name?" She asks fast while looking around.

"Eidolon. Colca Canyon in Peru. I know you because I know your cousin." Eidolon doesn't hesitate to answer.

"You know my cousin? Wait! We are in Peru?? WAIT! Eidolon who?" she appears to be unsure in what topic to focus

"Yeah, I know him. We fought together. Great guy. I brought you here because covers the requisites. I'm just a guy that's a hero for fun." He says

"Bruce fought? What requisites? And a hero for fun? Really?" She asks incredulously

"Yes, it's my hobby." He chuckles "The requisites is a quiet and remote place for your safety and the safety of others. And you can ask him later."

"So I will go back? You're not kidnapping me?" She probes

Eidolon chuckles again "I'm not kidnapping you. I will take you back after helping you. By the way, I think you should look at your hands."

"Look at my hands..." She mutters while looking down slowly "AAAaaahhh!"


After she calmed down again.

"So you're saying that I'm now like my cousin." Jennifer asks Eidolon

"Similar but different." He nods

"Yes, I can see that. All of this because of that blood transfusion?" She looks unbelievingly

"Well, You would be dead if not for that blood transfusion. Luckily you're compatible."

"I see..." She stops, and starts looking at some point in the ground without focus

She must be thinking about all implications of being a Hulk, Bruce's life is not easy. She naturally doesn't want something like that to herself.

"..." Eidolon fumbles a little with his mantle before taking out something from under it "Here, wear this. Is a very durable spandex." He says and turns around

"Wha-" She looks confused before Looking at her state of dress. A half destroyed medical gown.

Only now she notices that Eidolon was with his eyes closed all the time while talking with her.

Embarrassed, she goes to wear the thing that looks like a one-piece swimsuit.

Is white and purple, similar to her comic version, but different because it goes to the middle of her thighs, instead of being overly sexualized. And has long sleeves too, instead of allowing a side boob view.

"You can turn around now." She says after fighting with the suit

"It looks good on you." Eidolon gives the standard compliment without even changing expression.

"Thanks. Why do you have this thing for a female in my exact size?" She asks with a raised eyebrow.

"Because I'm Eidolon. And is spandex... Is everyone size." He answers.

"Oookay..." She claps her hands "You can take me back now."

"Not yet..." he starts but is interrupted by Jennifer.

"What?! Why not? Are you lying before?!?" Veins start to appear on her neck.

"..." Eidolon tilts his head to the side while observing her "Take this." He throws something at her.

A metal baseball bat.

She reflexively catches it and the metal groans when her fingers sink in it like is made of dough.


"..." Eidolon doesn't need to say anything "Like I said before you're a danger. Unintentionally, but is the truth..." He says seriously

"..." She just keeps herself in silence and goes to bend the metal bat, the thing is like made of paper, being bent easily by her.

She is so surprised that even drops the thing on the ground.

"You're stronger than you know. But don't worry I can help you to know..." Eidolon says "Before going back, let's go in simple training to better your control."

"And how we will do it?" She asks

Eidolon smirks "Just a simple evening long intensive training from Eidolon. Will be easy... You have a healing factor..." he says

Jennifer takes a deep breath and looks determined. "Okay, let's get over it. You say that we can finish it today?"

"Only depends on you."

"Okay. Let's start."

"Very well. First, let's familiarize ourselves with your limits." Eidolon says while walking towards her.

He raises his hand in a flick motion and "Don't worry, I'm not gonna hurt you."

*Booom* He flicks her, sending her clashing into a rocky wall hundreds of meters of distance.

He leisurely floats towards her.

"Aargh! What is that, your bastard?!" She gets out of the wall spitting sand and rocks "That hurts! Ouch!"

"Did it really?" he asks raising an eyebrow

"What are you talking about?? Is obvious that-" she pauses and looks at herself "did not hurt..." She murmurs

"You're stronger than you know." He repeats himself. "Punch the ground." He commands

"..." she looks at him "but... my hand..." she says in a low voice, worriedly of breaking her wrist or something.

Eidolon sighs and blurs. Reappearing in front of her, he grabs her arm and slams her on the ground "Did it hurt?" He asks like is obvious.

"Ugh... Only my pride..." She says while getting off the ground.

"Punch the ground. The ground is soft, Jennifer. To us." He orders again and this time she obeys

She punchs, with a horrible form, but anyway it makes a huge crater on the ground.

"Oh~ Ohoho." Jennifer is surprised by her own strength, even a little excited.

"Cool, huh?" Eidolon asks arriving at her side

"Yeeah!" she is smiling

"Imagine if is a car with a family of four. Easily turned in a canned tomato sauce" He says with a tone of voice that matches her excitement but the mental image is too gruesome.

"..." She makes a face "Ugh... Why do you have to say something like that?" She puts her hand on her mouth

"Because can be an easy reality if you're not cllllll. Imagine it... And maintain this only in the imagination." He says pointing to his head "Will be a good mental block for now."

Mental blocks can be bad if you need to fight a strong opponent but is a good immediate solution for her.

And being a hulk, when she gets angry no mental blocks will resist. So Eidolon is not worried.

"Now, let's take away your normal human sensibilities..." he says and grabs her wrist

"What do you mean by tha- AAAAaaaah" And he flung her to the sky.

So far away that she disappears into the clouds.

"...This is more fun than I thought would be. Maybe I reaaly have some affinity for being a teacher." Eidolon says to himself before following Jennifer that is vertically flying.


"AAAAAAAAAAhhhh" She screams at the top of her lungs. At some point, almost leaving the atmosphere, she reaches her highest point and starts falling.

Her screaming, which stopped for a moment, starts again.

Eidolon appears at her side upside down and speaks annoyingly calmly to her "Calm down. You will not get hurt."

She looks to the ground that is so distant "I WILL OBVIOUSLY GET HURT!! AND DON'T TELL ME TO CALM DOWN!!!"


She tries to grab him, but he maintains himself out of her range, annoying her even more.


"Relax, I will catch you..." He says





She finally falls like a bomb.

While getting out of the crater furious, she sees Eidolon landing on the ground with the grace of a feather.

She breathes heavily.

"*Huuf* *HuuF*"

"See... You're not hurt..." he says with a smile.

This only makes her even madder. With a growl, she launches herself against Eidolon.

And he easily again redirects the attack, making her crash to the ground.

"Strength without purpose is useless..." he says "Calm down Jennifer. Remember the problem that your cousin has because of anger. Are you gonna let this control you too?" He says while holding her in submission

She growls and breathes heavily, but in some minutes she starts to calm down again.

"Okay... Okay..." She says between deep breaths. Eidolon finally releases her.

"Now to the next step... You will like it." He says

"I doubt it... I hate you already, by the way." She murmurs

He only smiles at her. Raising his arms so that they became horizontal to the ground he says "Punch me."


"Punch me. Time to test your strength against me. I will also teach you some basic stuff on how to properly control it."

"...Are you serious?" She asks incredulously


She starts grinning and even cracks her knuckles

"Now this... I like this." She advances "Asshole!!" She gives a battle cry while going to punch Eidolon's chest.

He only shakes his head and rolls his eyes.

"So childish..." he says in a low voice.


New York, Front of the Baxter Building

Hours later

A black mist portal is open on the sidewalk of the Baxter Building, from it Eidolon and Jennifer get off.

Eidolon looks pristine as ever. Not even a speck of dust taints his figure.

Jennifer on the other hand... She is a little dirty, her hair is a mess that she tries to control, even being a little successful and she is rolling her shoulders and groaning.

"Ugh.. You left me all sore... Why do you need to be so rough~?" She pouts and smirks at him

The two are a little closer now. They spent hours together after all.

"..." Eidolon as always ignores her.

She then notices the people around her, they are taking off their phones to take pictures of them.

She looks a little self conscious now. She can't turn back to normal, no matter how hard she tried. She is unconfortable a little from the attention.

Eidolon waves at some fans that shouted his name

"Wave too, Jennifer." He says

"Why?" she asks but raises her hand all the same. Some loud gasp are heard from her action.

Without losing time Eidolon enters the Building and she follows him.

"You didn't make a first good impression. Now you showed that you are a 'rational hulk'..." He answers her.

"Oh..." She understands and makes a surprised face before smiling broadly. "You're a surprisingly nice and considerate guy, huh?" She elbows him

He ignores her and only says "Strong enough to destroy a brick wall."

"Ugh..." She groans.

To help her control her strengh, Eidolon is always saying the destruction that would be caused by her actions.

Is effective, but annoying.

They take o elevator together like normal people.

"So... Do you have a girlfriend?" she asks half-joking

"..." Eidolon doesn't react initially "No..." He ended up answering

"Oh~ As expected... You're so... grumpy." She says

"..." 'Maybe yeet her into orbit was not a bad idea after all'


After the doors of the Elevator are opened they walk to one of Reed's labs.

Is there that Eidolon can see that everyone is assembled.

Opening the door to the lab they saw Susan, Ben, Bruce and even Stark talking. The three looked worried and nervous. Reed is there too, but he is leaning over one of his machines. Stretching himself.

The opening of the doors attracted the attention of everyone

"Bruce!" Jen shouts

"Jen!" The doctor exclaims. And then taking a good look "Jen?"

"Yes. It's me!" She says and goes to hug her cousin.

"Don't crush him." Eidolon's calm voice is heard before they make contact

"Uh..." Jennifer stops and carefully gives small taps on Bruce's shoulder.

"Eidolon." Banner greets

"Dr. Banner. Everyone." He nods two times.

"Jen... How? Why? Wha-wha..." Bruce stutters while Looking at his cousin "You're..."

"Nice, huh?" And she strikes a pose.

"You don't have another personality?"

"Is it really you?"

Ben and Susan ask respectively.

"So not another Harlem? Cool..." Stark says

"Remarkable.." Reed comments "So you're fully aware, Ms. Walters?"

"Yep. Totally."

"But how? Damn... Is this jealousy that I'm feeling" Bruce frowns "Share your secret, please..." He jokes afterward

"Hehe. No idea, sorry cousin. Maybe is my feminine side." She shrugs her shoulder "All women are bipolar so..."

"Jokes aside..." Eidolon interrupts the laughs "While Ms. Walters here don't have another alter ego like Dr. Banner. She can't turn back."

"Wait, really?" Banner frowns

"Yes. We win some, we lose some." Jennifer says with a sad smile

"We should study it more deeply..." Reed comments

"If we can take Banner's ability to turn back and Jennifer's control and fuse to you two. Will be perfect." Ben resumes the situation.

"Would be the ideal. But the priority now is to acclimate Ms. Walters to her new powers and life. I hope you guys can do it. I could only help with the basics..." Eidolon says

"Look at you... 'Ms. Walters' I thought that we are closer than that~" She puts her arm over Eidolon shoulder. He as always ignores it. "Damn, I'm tall now. You're so small, Susan. Heh." She laughs

She is now 6'7'', and she only had Eidolon's 6'4'' height as a comparison till now. Seeing Susan and the rest makes her realizes that she grew a lot.

At this moment, Human Torch passes through one of the giant open windows.

"I come the fastest that I could." Johnny Storm says

Susan rolls her eyes "I called you hours ago."

"The fastest I could... But some girls are so slow and..." He starts but Susan raises her hand to stop whatever gross thing he would say

"Oh~ Hello, beautiful!" Johnny says to Jennifer, giving her a lewd once over.

Susan facepalms in embarrassment

"Susan... Permission to slap you brother?" Jennifer says

"... denied, for now." Susan sighs

"Hey, Eidolon!" Johnny greets enthusiastically. Eidolon nods at him. "About that interview... You said that I am overeager... Not cool man. Look...." And he starts talking but Eidolon interrupts

"I have things to do. Two last things. Ms. Walters... Refrain from sexual intercourse for now. Human Torch here remembered me of it." Eidolon says

Jennifer raises her eyebrows

"Obviously, only you can judge your own control. But remember that there are involuntary muscle contractions too..." He says and grabs a metal pipe on a table.

And squeeze it till became very thin.

All men groan and wince in pain in unison.

"Okay..." Jennifer says a little put off by her own capability of castrating men unintentionally "But would be no problem if the partner is strong too, right?" She smiles salaciously while bringing Eidolon even close. She even winks at him.



"... Was she like that before?" Eidolon asks the mouth agape Bruce,


"So, some sort of behavior change can be a side effect of the transformation. Some loss of inhibition and increased confidence. Be mindful of it." Eidolon says professionally.

"My personality changed?" Jennifer frowns while looking at her own hands.

"Maybe a little..." Eidolon answers "Second... Why are you building a portal to the negative zone in the middle of New York?" Eidolon massages his temples and looks tiredly to Reed.




Everyone looks to Mr. Fantastic weirdly.

The man himself eyes widen for a moment before he talks. "So is really possible to go to this sub-space... And Negative Zone?"

Eidolon sighs "A Dimension of Negative matter. By the way, your calculus doesn't consider that the matter modulator would have problems by the lack of positive matter on the other side, making it form a small singularity to stabilize the space between the two dimensions..." Eidolon explains "This would suck everything nearby in an area of 20 meters."

'I can almost smell this being a plot of some Fantastic Four adventure. Someone is caught on this and they go to rescue... Ugh.' He thinks


"Negative Zone? And how do you know it?" Stark asks

"I started a portal like this some time ago, but stopped in the planning phase. Apparently there are life forms on the other side, so no need to go there for now." He explains

Is true that he himself start projecting one portal, but is simply not his priority at the moment. And he can always cheat with D4C.

"But you doing this in the middle of New York..." he admonishes "Seriously, buy an island or something." Eidolon sighs

"We lack funds for an island..." Susan comments

Eidolon looks at her. "Must be hard for you..." He says imagining how she handles these people. Her brother and Reed.

She smiles, catching his meaning.

Eidolon goes to say his farewell but notices something..

'Hm...' He looks at Susan. Her heart is beating a little faster and her pupils dilated slightly. 'Hell naw... Don't look at me like that.' He thinks

"Well... Bye." He passes behind a machine and disappears.

In truth, Susan can be considered a sapiosexual. Someone that is attracted to intelligent people. Ambitious and hard-working people too.

And Eidolon falls into all of these categories...

So is not weird for a small crush to form.

In truth, the number that Susans in the multiverse that stay together with Reed is not as high as expected. Most of the Reeds are part of the Council of Reeds...

So is not weird if Reed is just a little more workaholic than the 616 version, their relationship would stay stagnant.

But this is not something that Eidolon wants to deal now.


In the laboratory, sometime after Eidolon left.

Tony Stark left a little later, after he talked with Reed a little about a partnership in some projects.

Bruce stayed to talk with Jennifer.

"They're calling you She-hulk already." Johnny comments showing his smartphone.

Jennifer frowns "Don't like it... Hulk came from Bulk right? I'm not bulky." She says

Susan looks at her. "Well... You are." She laughs

"This..." Jennifer passes her hand through her body "is thickness. I'm thicc now. So calls me She-thicc." He jokes

"Haha. I think will not be popular." Susan says

"Is true that you went around almost naked, Jen?" Johnny asks

"Oh god... I was literally butt naked." She raised her hands to her head "My life is destroyed.

"Relax, check it out." Johnny says showing his smartphone again

There's footage of the She-hulk.

But strangely nothing R-18 is shown. He shows another footage and again nothing interesting is shown.

"Everyone is like that. People reported that their phones were locked for some time and some vídeos are deleted." Human Torch says


"Eidolon must have done this..." Susan arrives at the conclusion

"He censored dozed of phones remotely? He is the enemy of men..." Johnny comments make him earns a slap on his head.

"Well, well... Look at that. It appears that I can still marry. Another thing to thank him later..." She-hulk says before smiling mischievously "... or reward~." She pokes the side of Susan full of innuendo.

Susan blushes a little

"Okay... I really don't need to hear that." Bruce says.


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