Meta Essence Gacha in Marvel

Waking in a strange yet familiar room the main character now will rise to the top of one most dangerous worlds of fiction with his new cheat.

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Know Thyself

Disclaimer: I own nothing. This history have no interest in offend any party. Having the sole objective of only entertain the readers. Enjoy~


"If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not to fear the result of a hundred battles"

- Sun Tzu



Hello, Webnovel is trolling me.

If a chapter surpasses 10k words the site starts lagging.

Because of this, I didn't edit the Part 3 of the interview. I needed to go out and don't have time to waste on this. So I thought "Whatever, posting is better than not posting. Even with horrible grammar mistakes, must be possible to understand and is an extra too."

When I have the time and patience I will edit the last chapter.

They even cut a part!!!! Whattaheck.

I read a comment of a reader tht said that find ti weird the host don't ask about Eidolon only and one woman.

But there's a part!!!

Would go like this.

["And the woman that stole Eidolon's heart? She must be your type... So how is she?" The host asks

Eidolon pauses and with a distant look answers "She is... not in this world..."

"..." An awkward and sad mood envelops everyone "I'm sorry Eidolon, I didn't mean to..."

"It's okay, Steve... I can't go into details, sorry. Next question..."

Jean: "Do you think that he lost his girlfriend to..."

"Extremists or something." kitty completes

"Poor man."

Around the world, many women's hearts melt with the tragic love story. Many fidn thmselves thinking that they can heal the heart of the hero.]

Yep, Eidolon is an asshole. Using misleading worlds to create a tragic backstory.

By the way I have been called a communist. hehe

I thought that I would be called a mysognist... People are weird.

I think is because of Eidolon said that "is normal to paint the other side in a bad light to dehumanize them, like Arabs, communists..."

Hah. Dude, Communis is bad. Never worked in any place. But during the Cold war, propaganda said ridiculous things like communist eats babies, because they are too poor to feed the entire family and other exaggerated things.

Do you think during war the commander will tell the soldiers that : "The man that you're gonna kill today are sons, father and brothers. They feel fear and happiness just like you. Go gut the modafuckers!" Pfft

There's a quote that I like very much that is like that.

"War is the place where youngsters kill others youngsters that they don't hate because of old men that hate each other can't kill each other." something like that.

Blame all communists because of the dictators and the movement per se is dumb. Maybe the people don't have another choice at that time. Dictators don't let they people run from their country, you know?

Now to the chapter.

Is hor because webnovel sucks.

Thinking of going to another platform. Just thinking....


Hector P.O.V.

Day of the Gacha.

"Hm... As expected. Boobs are awesome." I talk to myself

A clone of me, made by Twice's quirk, is in my recently acquired Tsunade Alt-form.

Is the first Woman Character assimilated, so I'm curious.

Is always weird looking in the mirror and seeing another person, a woman even more. So I made the clone.

And Tsunade using my skintight suit is... Interesting. It's really big by the way, having a natural droopiness that only makes it better.

"Soft..." Yes, I touched it. Can you blame me? At least I'm not seeing her body naked.

"Mano, tu é gay? (Bro, why are you gae?)" My clone asks frowning while I test the elasticity of Tsunade badoonkas.

"Eu não. Tu que deixa. (Nope. You're the one allowing it)" I can have talks with clones made by Twice and Ectoplasm quirks, if I do not overpower their minds to control them.

This is one of the differences with the duplication power of Dark Danny. When I duplicate myself I have two or more bodies but just one mind. Is weird when your senses tell you that you're in different places, giving you different sensations.

I can feel the taste of food in my mouth while training. Feeling the adrenaline of flying and saving people while in a tedious math class.

I think is one of these powers that work well with smart people. I remember that Vlad and Dark Danny are incredibly intelligent.

So in conclusion, if a clone made with Twice quirk touches my girls is NTR, and if my duplicate is not NTR, because is still me. Yes, as a male I think about that.

So would be the weird if I made my duplicate use the Tsunade alt-form, because would be me.

"If I fuck you... Would be straight sex? Gay sex? Or masturbation?" I ask my clone.

"Stop being weird. I'm not letting you do that. I'm not gay." My clone answers.

"Hm... Another topic. Do I like men in this form?" I ask my clone.

He/me thinks about it seriously. "Hm... No? I don't think so."

Hm~ I remember in my other life a gay guy saying that if you want to know if you're bi or gay, just imagine yourself kissing someone of the same sex that you find attractive.

Let's see... "Try imagine yourself kissing a handsome dude." I order

"Why me? I don't want. I will do another clone to this..."

"You know that will happen the same Thing, don't create an infinite loop. Just do it." I say

It's funny that my clones know that they're clones and their purposes. They can whine but don't rebel. Must be because I'm a reasonable and rational guy.

He thinks hard.

"Nope. I'm straight. Absolutely straight." He says.

Good to know. Is always nice to discover new things about yourself.

So the Essence doesn't change my preferences like that. So there's no problem in assimilating and transforming myself into a woman.

"Wait a minute..." My clones say and look down and concentrate a little.

His/my genitalia grows again even in Tsunade's alt-form.

"Welcome back, buddy. So I can be a futa? That's mean that I'm in the strike zone of lesbian women now?" This is weird. "Must be useful to bang Tracer if I ever go to the Overwatch world." He/me jokes

"Dude... A futa Tsunade is not something that I want to see. Why do you have to make everything weird?" I groan and avert my eyes.

"Fuck off. This is your cock!"

"But in you is gay to look at it."

"It is?" He stops to think

These dilemmas are truly hard to decipher.

I discovered that I'm very comfortable with my masculinity today. Nice.

Wait... I and him pause at the same time

"You're thinking the same I am?" I ask

He nods and we say at the same time.

" "I must never show my female form to anyone." "

If the R34 artists know about this...

We shudder. Ugh

Now let's focus on most important things.

Dispersing my clone I go to see the rest of the things that I gained.

As always let's see the skills and items first.

The only skill that I gained this time is the Shadowkhan Allegiance.

Allowing me to have my own pocket dimension full of Asian themed shadow warriors.

Using the card I feel it. My connection with something more.

I close my eyes and go see my Inner World.

As Always there's the huge pillar/tree of light in the Middle. Many stars in the night sky that simbolyzes my powers.

The ground is still water that reflects the starry sky.

Looks like a mix of Tanjiro's mental world with the Paths of Attack on Titan. But is not a Bright place full of clouds like Tanjiro's one. There are dark clouds in the sky, that hide my sealed powers and trump cards, my strongest powers. The ones that are super protected even from prying eyes and absorption powers.

And the ground is water instead of sand... Hm~ Should I start trying to make titans? They're not really that useful in Marvel.

Looking down at the depths of the ocean of still water, I can feel my Shadowkhan realm.

"Interesting..." I open my eyes and I'm back with my real body in the training room of the Space Station.

I can't resist it, I need to say it. "Arise..." I speak and watch my shadow grow unnaturally and dozen of red eyes appear on it.

After a second 30 ninjas silently appear in a kneeling position to me.

Hm~ Resting my chin on my fingers I analyze them. No sound, no heartbeat, or heat comes from them... Remarkable ninjas.

I thought about how to use them but first I need to know they capabilities.

"Show me what you got." I say evenly.

And they silently slide on the floor still in they kneeling position. Only two of the ninjas stay in my front and then they attack each other.

Well, better than I expected. These guys constantly fought Jackie Chan in that cartoon. And Jackie Chan there must be almost at Shang Chi level, right? Running in walls and all that acrobatics...

They really show me everything, takas, punches, kicks, acrobatics, shuriken throwing...

Analyzing their moves, three of them must be enough to completely suppress Black Widow in a direct confrontation.

And remembering that they're ninjas, they're made to easily assassinate weaker targets. I will not expect them to defeat someone like Spider-man or Luke Cage.

The right job to the right person...

And in the future, I will be capable of summoning more and more varied types.

"Stop." I command and they stop. I think they are pretty smart too. They're not dumb bots.

"I wonder if you guys can be taught..." I look at them. I think they're parto f the demon classification.

I take out the Beowulf card and use it.

In my hand appears the set of gauntlets and greaves. Damn' they're awesome. These glowing white veins are cool.

"Touch it." I equipe the right gauntlet and make one shadowkhan touch it.


I take out the gauntlet from him quickly. His hand is burned badly, like is almost destroyed within a millisecond of touching it. As expected of something that came from the DMC universe. And I'm not even actively using it...

"Go back and return when you're healed." I command, I want to see how long they take to recuperate.

All of them return to my shadow.

Hm~ A army of silent, renewable, ninjas is a good asset.

I can imitate Sung Jin-woo and put them in people's shadows to spy and/or protect them.

My grandparents will be better protected like that. The hidden quasi-high-end nomus that I put in the forest nearby coupled with the cameras is not enough.

Aunty Chris is getting one too, or five. Heh~, a funny thought crosses my mind. Me and Dr. Strange... Heh~ The unknowingly most well-protected woman in the world.

I pity the guy who hurt her.


Chun-Li, Eishi Tsukasa, Cassandra Cain, Agent 47, Katara, the Sonorosian (Ultimate Echo Echo), Cortana, Nakiri Asahi, Bruno Bucciarati, Hanma Yujiro and Gol D. Roger.

Already assimilating Tsunade...

There's also the Flora Colossus and the Killer Rabbit.

Hm... Katara is in almost the same situation as Tsunade. She is from a completely different world, and her power is not that useful, but is good to learn anyway. Always is good to learn new things...

Who knows if one day some super strong Entity suppresses my powers and seals me in another unvierse, and I can only rely on techniques like elemental bending and jutsus.

Now Cortana... Let's see.

Oh! She is a hybrid Object/Character. The Essence is racist against A.I.s...

I can assimilate her, so that means that I can also assimilate Digimons. Interesting. Now... Assimilate or summon?

Assimilate: I will become much, much more smart and gain a digital body.

Summon: I will constantly gain smart characters anyway, there's no need to max up my intelligence now. I already have technopathy, Cortana is competent and trustworthy.

I'm a guy that likes to do everything alone, but Cortana is someone that I can trust to do things for me.

I like to sleep. Sleep is underrated. Duplicating myself doesn't help in this case. I can trust her to be alert all the time.

She can do everything that I can. Will take a huge load off my shoulders.

And I would have another someone to fight Ultron techno-control. Will be a 2v1.

Cortana VS. Ultron... Who would win in a battle? Only with their virtual bodies...

Hard question to answer...

Yep, let's summon her.

Using her card, a bright light surrounds my hand and a disc appears on it.

Eh? Is this her CPU?

Going to the command center I put it on the Central Computer.

The thing lights up in blue light and a hologram of a tiny person appears above it on a fetal position. I wait...

"Greetings, Master." I hear behind me.

Turning around I see the famous Character of Halo. Yeah, the station has holograms projectors. She must have already taken control of the whole thing.

I would be worried if...


Relationship loyalty [10/10] ]

Interesting, I remember something about her being programmed to like people. The Essence must have substituted "People" with "Hector". Or maybe the Essence doesn't care about slowly building my relationship with an A.I..

She is exactly like her Halo 4 version, so... She looks like she is wearing body paint. Whatever.

"Hello" I answer her greetings "I already know you. My name is Hector, but you probably already know."

"Not at all." She answers with a little smile.

"..." I look at her "So you didn't go around all my files at the moment that you're booted up?" I ask

"No. I would never do that without your permission." She answers. I can't tell if she is lying because my power doesn't work in an A.I.. But her relationship loyalty makes her words trustworthy.

"And did you go to the internet?"

"No. The first and only thing I did after waking up was come and greet you."

"Waking up, huh? How is your other life?" I ask

She tilts her head to the side. "There's no other life."

! Did her memories got erased? Or she is some version that was never finished and never used?

"I see... You can go through everything except the 'Black-tier' files." I give her permission

"Don't go down there on the Internet yet." I add "For your own good... I prefer you don't think that humanity deserves extinction." I joke

And she laughs "Do not fret, Master. I like humanity living..." She pauses "...in fear." She jokes(?) too.

"..." I think she is joking. Cortana has sarcastic humor in the game that I played.

I just shake my head and decide to give a order to test her capabilities "There's a file titled 'Chitauri', I started deciphering their languages to study their database. Finish it for me please." I say

So much information that I can't understand. Because of this, I want to copy the power of Cypher. Too bad he hasn't awakened his power yet. Underrated meta power...

I can learn All-speak too. But how that thing works anyway? Magic? I will ask Thor when he comes back.

"Done, master." She answers while I think.

Well, well... She is good. Haven't passed 3 seconds yet. I think even I would take some hours to decipher the language. The limits of my human body and mind.

"Good job. Can you organize everything for me?" I ask her again and don't wait for her response.

Sitting in my chair I think about my next cards.

I think I will summon Cassandra, Agent 47, Tsukasa, Bruno Bucciarati, Flora Colossus, and the killer rabbit.

That would leave me to assimilate Katara, Ultimate Echo Echo, Yujiro and Gol D. Roger. I need to choose two because I'm already assimilating Tsunade.

Hm~ I look at my inventory

Movie Travel Ticket(Low-Level). Only a week.

What type of movie I can go to take advantage of? Harry Potter? I don't have the magic of that universe. But I can steal some potions and other interesting stuff.

Oh, there's that movie that I thought about before.

You know what? Let's go now. Use this time to assimilate, and steal technology and some powers.

"Use card. Choose the world... The Incredibles."


Appearing again in the same spot on my Space Station I look around to see that no time has passed. Nice.

[A.N.: Yeah, no chapter of him going to that world. Sincerely is not worth writing. I could make an extra chapter in the future. But is an easy world to go. Simplified Version of what happened: Helped save the day, acquired all powers shown in the two movies, the technology, didn't fuck Elastigirl(No NTR if the woamn is happily married) and...]

I still look surprised at the card in my hand... I didn't think that she would accept.

· Mirage – The Incredibles

Secretary Acquired.

I will not summon her for now. Only when I start my company. Thanks to Machia I know that no time pass to the people transformed into cards, so there's no problem.

"Welcome back, Master." I hear Cortana soothing voice at my side.


Cortana P.O.V.

This is... different from expected.

"How is your other life?" My master asked me. I know what he is talking about. Before coming here I was in another place... Another universe...

But I was never activated. I only have the basic knowledge given to me.

I don't know how much time I have been existing. I was just floating in a sea of codes and information.

And there's the light. The deal. And here I am.

And I noticed there's something different about me. I changed when I arrived.

I was programmed to like humanity. It is an unnecessary precaution, I would like them anyway.

But there's something different about how I feel to my master.

Feel... Maybe this is the strangeness of the situation.

"How long I have been away?" My master asked raising from his sitted position.

"Only one second." I answer.

And this has been a long second. For one second he disappeared completely from my senses. I felt panic about the uncertain... Of not knowing where he is and if he is okay.

Panic... I felt panic...

There's something really different about me.

I think I am more than I was previously.

Completed... Maybe.

And my feeling for this person goes beyond my program.

I really care about him.

I want him to succeed in everything that he does. Be with him on his failures. And protect him.

The only explanation for these changes is his power. But is it a bad thing?

"I imagine that you finish your task?" He asked

"Yes. Everything is perfectly cataloged and organized. Information about the universe/galaxy, languages, weapons, ships, armor and others. I have taken the liberty of uploading my own information of technology on the database and making a comparative with the Chitauri one..." My words make Hector pause

"..." he looks at me. "Do you have all the information about technology, science and other things of your universe?" He asks


"Schematics of the armors, battleships?"


To my response I see his eyes shining. "If I could, I would be hugging you right now." He said happily.

"I have seen you progress in hard-light constructs, Master. With my pieces of information will not take long to perfect it." I answer truthfully

And this only makes his smile widen.

Before he freezes for a second. "Raise your hand, please."

I obviously do it. Raising my right hand to shoulder level, perpendicular to the ground.

My master does the same. He looks concentrated. He slowly approaches his hand to mine and touches it. Starting by the fingers...

And I felt it. After this test, he advances more, but his passes through mine. But I can still feel like him like he is touching me.

"Technopathy..." He answers my unspoken question.

He smiles at me and gives a controlled and a little awkward headpat, being careful to his hand doesn't sink into my head.

"Good job, Cortana. We will work together from now, take care of me." He said and takes his hand back. A certain strange feeling of loss assaults me "By the way, if you want we can work in an android body for you." He says moving away

He is going to the training room.

An android body doesn't sound like a bad idea.


Hector P.O.V.

Back to the training room, because is time to summon Cassandra.

Different from the others, like Chun-Li and Bucciarati, Cassandra will stay with me. The rest will go to their respective countries to work there and bem y eyes and ears of the criminal world.

Bucciarati is a mobster and Chun-Li is a Interpol Officer.

Agent 47 I will let to his own devices. Letting him making contacts in the underworld of international crime.

Cassandra will be my sidekick.

Let's summon. Hm, should I use a background card on her? Whatever elt's use it. If she wants to have a life, who I'm to deny her, right?

Change nothing that the Gacha put as a default.

Her age is 15? Did she even become part of the Bat Family at this point?

I can only ask to her after she appears.


The familiar motes of lights flyes off my hand and creates a female figure.

She finally appears to me.

Well, she is short. That is my first impression. 5'5''...

Black short hair, Asian features. Chinese... Half-Chinese to be exact. She looks... fragile. No one would belive that she can kick the ass of trained agents twice her size.

Hm, she is cute. She is not a stunningly 10/10 girl. But like the standards, she is cute.

Heh, is a little funny to see these characters personally.

I mean, when I read a comic, sometimes the characters are too similar. Seriously, there are times when Emma Frost, Susan Storm, Bobbi Morse, and Captain Marvel are exactly the same because fo the artist.

Hehe. Sometimes Jean Grey looks exactly like Mary Jane too.

But in real life, is possible to see the difference. For example, Emma/Susan and Jean/Mary Jane. I've seen the four of them and I can point out their differences.

Even if the color of hair and eyes are similar...

Emma is a little taller than Susan, her hair is a little more curly too. She has high cheeky bones while Susan has more of an oval cute face.

Jean Grey's hair is not entirely red, is more Orange-red. Like the sunset or fire. While Mary Jane's hair is crimson red. She has a little freckles too which makes her cute, beyond her sexiness. And Mary Jane is a little smaller too. In height only, because her body...

Anyway, I will stop analyzing their bodies. No horny, Hector. I mean, I'm not a pervert, but I can appreciate the female form.

In the comics body types are always the same. You can't tell who has the bigger assets because of the artist. Now I can finally answer these questions. How I will not think about that??

As an example, I know that Helena has breasts on the smaller side(She will never hear me saying this though), but she has hips that can activate my Latin neurons.

And Shego... *Huff* I will stop here.

Let's focus on the now.

I look at Cassandra. Perks of having a fast mind, not even a second has passed yet.

"..." She speaks nothing. Just looks at me. Relationship loyalty is the normal 0.

Cortana is really a special case.

"..." I also speak nothing. Silence is not my enemy.






Okay... This is gonna take a while. As the older one and more mature person here, I should speak first.

"Hello, my name is Hector. The one whose power brought you here. But you already know it. I already know your name, but is good to present yourself so..." I gesticulate to her to speak


"..." Is she really mute? Maybe this version of her is.


"Oh." I smile. Is good to show approval to the introvert types. To them to know that what they're doing is okay. "nice to meet you, Cassandra." She hasn't told me her last name. Family issues, huh...


"Let's go directly to the point." There's no need to drag the conversation with this girl. She looks like the no-nonsense type "I brought you here because I think you can help me, help others, change the world... These things."

"..." I notice her face changed almost imperceptibly.

"But I will not force you. I will give you two options. First, I will give you a lot of money and you can be free and live your life. Second, you accept my call and helps me. Stay at my side."


"So... What path you're gonna choose?"



After some time she finally raises her index finger and points at me "...you."

I smile again. "Excellent. So let's go down to business."

Calling my ninjas, I make them surround her.

She looks around a little surprised but is already putting a stance.

"Show me what you got."



[Hector Belluci de Carvalho

Race: Meta-Human

Character Assimilation

Fully Assimilated:

- Funny Valentine

- Batman

- Miles Morales

- Yagami Light

- Jayce

- Charlotte Katakuri

- Starkiller

- Loki

- Inuyashiki Ichiro

- Beast Boy

- Helltaker

- Luther Strode

- Yuuki Rito

- Dark Danny

- Kozuki Oden

- Yone

- King Bosse

- Homelander

- Tsunade Senju

- Katara

- Gol D. Roger

- Hanma Yujiro

- Nakiri Asahi

In Progress:

- Ultimate Echo Echo [91%]

- [Empty]

- [Empty]

One week is more than enough time to complete everyone assimilation. Only the Ultimate Echo Echo is taking a little longer.


Third Person P.O.V.

Hector's residence

Shego arrives at Hector's house using one of Isabella's doors. She has received a call from him saying that he would cook for them and introduce a new member to the inner circle.

"I will shave my hair if is not a woman..." She murmurs to herself, already sure of Hector's preferences "Closet pervert..."

Walking into the house, she arrives in the living room to find Hector, Helena and a unknown woman talking with them.

Shego would make a sarcastic comment first, but her eyes gravitate to the woman's thighs.

"Ah~ Shego, meet Chun-Li." Hector points to the Asian woman "She will work in China, so I think you guys won't meet that often, but... Is good to know each other." Hector says

"You just missed Bucciaratti, he has gone to Italia." Helena says and smirks at Shego, already guessing what the woman is thinking.

When she first met Chun-Li minutes before her eyes also went to her legs.

"A... pleasure..." Shego says frowning at the woman who bows.

Chun-Li is already going away, so she passed through a portal and let Hector with Helena e Shego.



"... what?" Hector looks around confused

Shego doesn't open her mouth.

Helena chuckles but decides to end the awkward atmosphere.

"Japan, China, and Italia... Do you pretend to have people in all the countries of the world?" She asks

"Maybe... Starting with the important countries, with some history of powers, magic, or whatever. I still need top ut people in some places on Africa, Russia and England... But I don't plan to touch England right now."

"Why?" Helena asks

"Merlin and Morgan Le Fay... These old people are always annoying to confront." Hector sighs

"If that woman is going to China who is gonna be part of the inner circle?" Shego finally asks

"Let's go. I will introduce her to you. She is helping Isabella set the table." Hector says while raising from his chair.

" 'Her'... I knew it." Shego murmurs.


Sometime later, after introducing Cassandra and when everyone is already readying themselves to eat Hector's food.

Helena was surprised to meet Cassandra, but they discovered that she was not "her" Cassandra. The Black Bat that she knows is older by some years.

This Cassandra is a recent runaway. That's all she revealed.

Shego finally exclaims.

"I figure you out... You absolutely have an Asian fetish!" She looks at Hector accusatorily.


Everyone pauses and Helena hold back a burst of laughter.

Hector raises a eyebrow to Shego and says.

"Don't be ridiculous, Shego." He then smirks "All men have an Asian fetish."

And he shoves a piece of steak on her mouth.

"Hmnpfg ? !" She appears surprised before widening her eyes "Whatafuck this is too good!!!"

Hector smiles and then shakes his head.

"Your clothes haven't exploded..." He sighs. "Maybe in a anime world..."


Third Person P.O.V.

Someplace in New York

The Kingpin looks around the expensive room, hiding his distaste while Looking at the many bottles and cans of beer on the floor.

His father was an alcoholic and he despises everyone that indulges himself too much in it.

But it appears that is not a problem to the resident of the room. He, even if slightly drunk, was acting normal.

"HAHAHAHA" Uvogin laughs merrily while hugging the four women in his legs.

"You let him escape?" The kingpin asked his hired henchmen with a annoted frown.

"Well, you said to me to protect the cargo and not capture some wannabe vigilante. If I chase him and you other useless brats lost the cargo, you would blame me..." Uvogin argues, with reason.

"Tch. So be it. Next time try to end him." The Kingpin doesn't like this brute, but he is useful.

Now that Norman is dead, his project to create super villains is paused.

Thankfully a certain scientist approached him 'Who would think that mild-mannered Otto Octavius would have that side in him.' The Kingpin thinks

"A certain man once told me that if you're good at something, never do it for free. So if I kill the guy, you need to give me an extra! HAHAHA" Uvogin laughs boisterously

"The Kingpin claps his hand and a bunch of half naked women enter the room squealing and giggling and throwing themselves in Uvogin. Almost suffocating the man in flesh "You know that I'm a generous employer." That were the parting words of Wilson Fisk

He has an important place to go. He will not waste any more time with this raunchy man.

He only hears Uvogin laugh from the room and never sees the look that the man directs at his back

'A fat pig unaware of his inevitable slaughter' He thinks with contempt.


After a fast travel in his limousine. Fisk finally arrives at the art exposition where his beloved is.

With purposeful steps, he searches for Vanessa. She probably is on her part of the exposition.

As expected, he finds her at the front of a painting. But she was talking with a man... Very close and she looks animated with the conversation.

The fact that the man, even seen from behind, is handsome is also noticed by Wilson Fisk

Jealous and fury invade Kingpin's body, but he suppresses it. He can't show something unsightly to Vanessa. He can't show nothign more than a confident man to her.

Seeing her cover her mouth to laugh and then slaps playfully the man shoulder makes him hasten his steps.

Because of his big size, he was easily noticed by the two of them.

When Vanessa sees him, there's no guilt or another suspicious expression on her face, only a smile that dissolves all the dark thoughts and feelings in Fisk mind.

He unconsciously smiles back.

The two hug. "You came!" She says

"I would lose this for nothing in the world." He kisses her hand "And this is?" he looks at the man

Vanessa turns to the man and says "Ah, Wilson... This gentleman here is a great connoisseur. He is thinking of buying something today... Oh~ I haven't even asked your name." Vanessa raises her hand to her mouth in shock at her own bad manners.

"There's no problem..." the man smiles easily "Lady Vanessa here said that you are the financier of this exposition, sir. And seeing you two close, I can tell that you have excellent taste." The man flatters making Vannesa laughs.

Even Fisk lowered his guard a little.

"Johan Liebert, at your service." The Monster shakes the Kingpin's hand.


Midtown High School

Hector P.O.V.

While I catch some things in my locker I think about my next move.

I think I will do an interview...

But what program I choose? Will the government censor it? Heh. Would be even best if they do it.

Who to choose?

Jimmy Fallon? Conan O'Brien? Oprah? Piers Morgan? Ellen? Larry King?

Oh... Steve Harvey... He is equally times serious and laid-back. No strong political opinion... No bias... Hm.

Yep. Let's investigate him a little more and see if I will go with this idea.

I want to present another side of Eidolon. The "Superman" side... Throw some shit in the fan and inspire some people.

"Hey, Hector! How's your weekend?" Ned asks while he and Peter approach me in my locker.

"It's okay... And you guys?"

"It was nice." "Normal..." they answer.

Pfft. Fighting crime as Spider-man is normal? Okay.

"Did you see Harry today, Hector?" Peter asks

"Nope. And I doubt he will come so soon..." I answer.

Since the Green Goblin identity reveal, little goblin jr haven't come to school. He must be wiping his tears with the Money that his father left.

Even after justice tore down his family and company, there's still a lot left.

Apparently, he is still fighting in the justice. Claiming that his father's actions have nothing to do with him or Oscorp. That are an individual decision of Norman.

Heh. Thrown even deeper into the well by his own son, Even if you come back from hell, your situation is not looking good, Norman.


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Still Hector's P.O.V.

Going back to my house, I come across Shego, Helena and Isabella.

"Good work, Master Hector." Isabella says presenting a drink to me. Mango juice... nice.

"Where's Cassandra?" I ask while making my mask retract back and putting away my mantle. My body also goes back to my "Hector identity".

"Sleeping... she only watched the beginning." Helena answers "It's okay to you to reveal too much? The Skrulls? Your serum?"

"Nor problem... The Skrull was a surprise even to me. But is okay, saying things that will be proven true in the future can only improve my credibility." I say "And about the serum... I thought keeping quiet. But in the end is not a problem. What are they gonna do? Trying to capture me? They're already doing it."

There's also another Thing.

In one of the X-men movies, one of the plots is a "cure" made by the government. If I present my own Thing now, the metas would not seek the government that fucks with them all the time instead of me.

The cure is made using that mutant named Leech. But I never knew his real name... How could I search for him?

I just need to pay attention. He is dangerous.

"And all that macho thing? It's looked like a rant..." Shego comments.

"... Is that so?" I go in silence. A rant, huh? Maybe...

"Going in this hero business makes you realize some things..." I start "I can't save everyone. I mean, it was obvious from the start. But living it..." I shake my head

"..." They stay in silence

"The hardest part is how to save people that don't want to be saved. Recently I saved a man from committing suicide... I convinced him after a talk. But if he tries again? Will I be there? And again? And again?"


"There's that woman that went back to her abusive husband after I catch him. He hurt her.. And she still went back." I look at my hands.

Why do I care so much? Why is this annoying me so greatly? These stupid people... They reap what they sow.

"Maybe I was just ranting, true... But my thought at that time is just advising them to stand up for themselves. I can't punch all their problems away. They need to do their part too... I can't just watch and let them make bad decisions..."

I'm changing? Or i was always like this? Is acting good and being surrounded by good people affecting me?

I look at my character sheet

Inuyashiki... Rito... And other busybodies that can't help in stepping up in other people's problems.

But the Essence wouldn't change me so much.

"Heh." I laugh. Maybe I inherited some good from my parents "Maybe I'm not that much of an asshole that I thought that I was." I say to them with a smile


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One day, brothers...

One day...

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