Meta Essence Gacha in Marvel

Waking in a strange yet familiar room the main character now will rise to the top of one most dangerous worlds of fiction with his new cheat.

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Another Day Of A Main Character in Marvel

Disclaimer: I own nothing. This history has no interest in offending any party. Having the sole objective of only entertaining the readers. Enjoy~


"One is born with a unique set of talents and abilities. One must choose which of those talents to nurture, which to ignore completely.

Sometimes the choice is obvious. Other times, the hints and proddings are more obscure. Then, one may need to undergo several regiments of training and sample several different professions before determining where one's strongest talents lie."

-Grand Admiral Thrawn, Star Wars


A.N.: Ahoy.

Little author note here.

So because of the nature of the fic, now I have the habit of always watching shows,animes, movies and read mangas and books with one thing in mind. "Can this be used in my story?" And I now at least start to watch anything to see if I can turn in material to this story.

An story arc, a card...

So... I made a mistake again my brothers.

I watched the new serie Velma...

And it is bad.

Now I'm really convinced that these People that write these News series bad like that on purpose.

Maybe they're at War against us. The fans of the Classic.

And if we hate it, they say that we are the problem.

Fred... Remember What I talked about all white males nowadays being caricatures??? Yeah... That series only proved me right.

I'm sad.

Well, at least Puss in Boots is Fiiiiiire!!!!

Pride of the VA of Death Wolf being BR.

Another side note...

I was researching Blade and other supernatural things from Marvel to the "Vampire Hunt arc" and discovered that there's a character called Caretaker and can make portals too!! Exactly lile Isabella.

I swear that it was a coincidence.

Should I change Isabella's codename?

Readers: "Author, You can't deceive us. We know that you're planning a vampire arc only to use the Gacha to give the MC Seras Victoria, Lady Dimistrecu and other vampire babes!"

Author: "Yes" *Refuses to elaborate further*

*Little Spoiler* Jokes aside the vampire arc is really to give the MC nice cards like Alucard(Hellsing), Cadis Etrama Di Raizel and Castlevania(games and Netflix show). Any idea of other vampire-related things?


Recap: In the last chapters our MC summoned Cassandra, Chun-Li and others. The Eidolon interview, is the first interview of a mutant in history. His words cause great repercussions and unforeseeable consequences. Jennifer Walters finally awakes as the She-Hulk and receives Eidolon's help to control her strength.


In an Unknow Place

In a small and poorly lit room, a young woman is sitting in a small bed hugging her knees while her eyes are focused on the small and grainy TV in the corner.

'...one day I will reach you too.' Eidolon says on the Tv while looking directly to the camera. A message to his fellows metas.

The teenager with dark and unkempt hair doesn't even blink while watching the reprise of the interview.

*Knovk* Knock*

Two strong knocks assault the metal door before someone unceremoniously opens it.

An older woman, using a medical coat, enters the small room and turns off the TV without asking permission. "Time to your exercises." She said

The young woman's eyes glow red for an instant. Unnoticed by the newcomer

No, not red... Scarlet...


Jennifer Walters P.O.V.

Baxter Building, New York

"So... Let's see if I understand... While I was sleeping... New York was attacked by two Norse gods that used a cosmic artifact to open two portals so that an army of Frost Giants and an army of technorganic lizard aliens invades..." I say while watching the footage of The Incident, or The Invasion, depends on how you want to call it.

"Yes... " Bruce says at my side.

"Pretty much like that..." Sue says too.

"And to fight against it... Captain America resurrected from the ice, another Norse god appeared to help, you Bruce" I point at him, still in disbelief that he actually used the Hulk "A Russian spy and a guy with... a bow and arrow..." I'm the one that sees that is group is a little unbalanced?

Bruce laughs.

"And then a super strong mutant- I mean meta-human appears to help with his group..."

"Yes. You forgot some people though." Bruce says

"Like us." Sue adds

"Sorry, but... you guys, Stark and Spider-man are old news." I say and Sue makes a fake affronted face that makes me smile "Even the Pym couple I know. I remember Bruce talked about them in the past. But it appears that we know nothing at all..."

"Wait till you watch Eidolon's interview." Sue comments with a smile

"Very eye-opening." Bruce smiles too.

Ugh...They look like kids that know some spoiler from a movie and want to tease me about it.

"I can go back to the coma and continue blissfully ignorant? I'm feeling like I'm not gonna like to watch it because of your smug faces."

"I think nowadays is almost a necessity to watch that interview..." Bruce says while adjusting his glasses "Anyway, you can continue to watch it later. Eidolon's fight with Thor and the interview. Let's go meditate a little shall we?

"Okay... I still don't feel the need of it, but... I'm not doing anything either." I say truthfully. My... 'problem' is different from Bruce's.

But he asked me to do it with him because we never know if my 'symptons' will increase. Maybe tomorrow I will have problems like this, so is to the best that I prevent it now.

And Eidolon also commented that would be good for me. That even he meditates daily, something about the connection of body and mind and blah, blah, blah.

After I and Bruce walk a little we arrive at the gym of the Baxter Building, there's some interesting equipment here for super strong people like Ben. And me now.

Ben even brought me here before "Reed said that my rock physiology is not like a muscle when we talked about growth. No fibers or something like that..." Ben said to me before "But is good to be aware of my body and know my limits, so come here often. Old habits die hard. And another good part is that I can eat a lot and I don't get fat and will not have health problems." And he laughed loudly

Apparently, I also have a good metabolism, as we tested. So I can eat as much as I like... This transformation has its perks.

And I also like to exercise, discovered it recently too. Or maybe is something new...

We're cataloging possible changes in my behavior.

"So, now that you're more than a fugitive... You and Betty...?" I ask Bruce after we sat down on our respective mats.

Bruce makes a difficult expression. "We still haven't talked yet..." He says

"Translating... Knowing you, you haven't tried to talk with her." I say


"Why?" I ask.

He sighs "This, Jen... You must think that everything is going well now, but to me is like... The calm before the storm. At any moment, everything can go wrong again. So..." He sighs without completing

"..." He is afraid of messing up. "It's gonna be all right now, Bruce. It's different from the past. There are people that can help you, like the Fantastic Four and Stark. And even people that can contain you if you go... Hulk. Like Eidolon or Thor." I tried to argue

But he doesn't look very much convinced.

And then we go to meditate. Respiration, emptying my mind... All that stuff.

But to me is soooo hard. I'm so full of energy. I want to do something. Punch something maybe...

Looking back now, was surprisingly fun training with Eidolon. Using a lot of my strength, destroying some things.

Should I find a place to let it go? I can't go to Peru that easily...

Maybe a beach and go swimming? Swimming is one of the most strenuous physical activities and the water must dampen my strength.

People wouldn't find it weird if I go out, right?

I mean, I have seen how people responded to my... transformation. The media is still shit-talking about the dangers and asking for clarification.

The internet though... Allowed me to see what the public really thinks and... With the exception of people asking to have their pelvis crushed by me, the rest is really taking my existence pretty well.

Probably because I was with Eidolon at that time. He purposefully opened a portal in the middle of the street for me to be seen acting rationally.

And because of Bruce too.

Bruce created a good precedent for me. I'm really grateful for that.

I know that his life has been hard these last couple of years because of the Hulk. Well, his life has been hard since... forever!

Since he is a child with a scumbag abuser of a Father, he always comes to play in my house to escape.

Bruce has taken all the blunt of being a Hulk and thanks to him conquering his fears and prejudices and stepping out to fight with the others, many people like and accept him now.

And consequently accepted me more easily. And for that, I'm grateful and I listen to him about the whole Hulk thing.

Maybe I can help him now, even if its just a little.

"You know..." I start talking making him open his eyes to look at me "Eidolon himself said that he is the 'world's greatest power specialist', maybe he can help you."

"I'm thankful for the thought, I really am, but I don't think he can help. I'm not a mutant, or a meta by his classification..." Bruce says unconvinced

"He helped me."

"Control strength is different from control... this." He says pointing to his interior, trying to show that he is signaling the Hulk

"Eidolon said that many people don't control their powers properly because of the lack of use. A common circumstance when people has strong and destructive powers..." I said looking at him

"..." This he can't deny "I can't practice..." He says exactly what I want

"Maybe you can now. You lacked a training partner before... Now there's Eidolon, Ben or even Thor if he comes back. They can keep you in check if you lost control. Go to a deserted island... Heck, there's me too. I can't say that I know a lot, but if you get out of control I can punch you in the head and make you comport yourself like I used to do when we are children. Haha" I say

He laughs a little, but does not answer.

"Just think about it, cousin." I decide to say nothing more. Trying too hard to convince can have the opposite effect. Bruce can be really stubborn in some things related to him.

But is not a bad idea after all. I know firsthand how Eidolon is strong. When I punched him many times he doesn't even move.

He said that I have untapped potential and I'm very weak for a "Hulk", but the fact stands. He is Strong.

Hmm... I wonder if he will visit? I can throw my idea to him. Maybe he can even kidnap Bruce too. Hehe. Now I want to see that.

I remember he is a good teacher too, attentive, talks well with his deep and smooth voice... His hands and muscles that I could see glimpses of it when his mantle is moved by the wind.

Tsk. "Bruce, I'm horny." I say with no shame to my cousin

He sighs heavily. "I... I don't need to know this..."

"Maybe you need..." I decide to tease "Maybe an increase in libido is a side effect you know?"

"...You could have talked about this with Ms. Storm..."

"But I wouldn't have seen your annoyed face." I say poking him on the nose like I did when we are children. Hehe.

Another thing that I noticed after my transformation... I have little to no filter. I almost always ended up saying what is on my mind.

I problem to my career as a lawyer.


Cortana P.O.V.

As I watch my Master's training, I get more and more convinced that he is some sort of freaky.

Right now, in the Training Ground 01 of the Space Station Zeta, he is only in his boxers while sitting in the air in a meditative pose.

That would not be weird if he is meditating and training his mental powers, but he is going beyond that and training his body.

He is doing muscle training too.

"The application of force goes beyond simply using my physical strength... Is more like an act of conscious will... Using my mind... Because of this I can vary and apply 1kg of pressure... 1 Ton of pressure... 100 tons of pressure using exactly the same movement of my body." He said before

And he continued "And because of that I can do muscle training without the need for heavy machinery. I can use my own strength to put pressure on every muscle fiber of my body. What better gym equipment than myself? Haha." He explained his training to us earlier

That Shego woman said that this is "fucking bullshittery" and even if I don't agree with her choice of words, I can understand the sentiment.

The level of concentration, focus, and multitasking ability to accomplish that is ridiculous and not something that you can expect of a human mind.

And this is not all. Enveloping him is a sphere of 5 meters in diameter of unknown energies that he can train.

Is a perfect sphere, nothing escapes from it and is not even affecting the surroundings beyond its limits. To a human eye is possible faintly see my Master figure inside, in the middle of stormy distortions of space together with flashes of golden and white light that shine occasionally.

My sensors indicate that in the interior of the sphere, the temperature and pressure are at astronomical levels. In some years of growth and if my Master stops holding back I think would be possible for him to create a singularity using this method.

And this is only him training.

The sphere starts to recede and my master figure is finally visible. The training is over for today.

Now is possible to see him clearly as he exhales and opens his eyes while his feet touch the ground. There's a sheen of sweat in his powerful muscles and some prominent veins run through his body.

*Screenshot* *Screenshot*

That woman Shego asked for it...

He rolls his shoulders and cleans himself with his powers.


Hector P.O.V.

Aah~ Working out is great.

Today is one of the rare days where I can do my training for more than an hour.

Sometimes I need to cut my training short for some reason or I can't keep up with the mental exhaustion of doing many things.

I still prioritize control over growth. With every assimilation I will grow strong, so is better that I always have flawless control of my body, powers and energies.

Bruce once told me that is needed to train every part of the body so that when you want to move it, you will move it. I can proudly say that my mind and body connection is excellent, and I plan to keep it this way.

Today I could train till I feel that burning sensation of a good workout. A rare feeling to me and will probably become even more difficult to accomplish with time.

Looking at my hand and forearm I clench my fist strongly, the veins jump, and I ask myself how strong I am with only my physical strength. I can't test it without causing great destruction.

All my support powers are growing strong. Like One For All... At a really surprisingly fast rate. Sometimes a weak body grows strong to adapt to a stronger power.

The reciprocal can be true as well. I think One For All is growing so fast to keep up with my already strong body. The power has been stimulated and is passively getting stronger.

After taking another deep breath I let my body "deflate", for the lack of a better word.

What I mean is, I have three body types. My normal that I was while training; my Eidolon version that is more muscular and taller, literally an older version of myself; and my civilian version, smaller and with fewer muscles but still ripped. Very easy to hide with baggy clothes.

Even my civilian version is great for my age. I have to tell you. Very aesthetically pleasing...

I use a power to make a mirror-like surface in the air and flex a little and then turn around. Raising my hands higher than my shoulders I put pressure and *BAM* ...

Demon Back...

Hehe. So cool... and a little weird.

How my back has abs? And look, now my back is laughing. And now is crying... And now is angry.

I play with changing my back expressions for a little.

Well, the demon back only appears when I put an effort so is okay.

Yep. My normal body would be too weird for a 16 old to have... Sorry, I'm not in an American movie where high school characters are played by 30-year-olds.

And the time that passed since I was a skinny kid is too short... With time I will be capable of using my normal body in my civilian identity.

"Did anything happen while I was training, Cortana?" I ask my dependable A.I..

"Nothing out of ordinary, Master. The world is at its 'normal peace'." She says appearing at my side.

'Normal peace', huh? So not in peace at all, just no problem worth my attention for now.

"Caerbannog, come here..." I say to my recently summoned pet. Yes, this is his name now. But I will probably shorten it in the future.

The white and fluffy rabbit obeys, abandoning the meat that he was eating before in the corner of the training room.

Yep, he eats meat.

I tested his ability with some bots and let's say that I had flashbacks of when Kars became the Ultimate Lifeform and make his hand become a squirrel and killed a bunch of soldiers.

The movie where he originated has a shitty budget (that gives it charm), so here he moves like a white streak of lighting.

The little thing can fuck break the sound barrier and his mouth can open to ridiculous proportions to show many-inch-long teeth.

Sitting on the ground he comes to snuggle with me "Aren't you the cutest killing machine?" I say petting the white ball of death.

I brought him here to the station to increase the relationship and keep him away from Cathulhu. Caerbannog is pretty chill, but very territorial... And boundaries are not something that a cat respect. Cathulhu even more so.

Now I have three pets, and probably will increase even more. Gamera does literally nothing all day, very easy to take care.

I enter her mind one day to see her past. In her timeline, she was never found and continued as a wild turtle all her life. She died when some sort of bird of prey caught her, flew away, and released her on a rock.

So she never met Giorno and the gang in that universe.

Cathulhu has no past, he is like a generic flerken.

Caerbannog has only memories of killing and eating people.

I still haven't summoned my Flora Colossus because of these observations... Apparently, he will come like Cathulhu. A generic of its species, without past.

I also could make him come like a sapling by the way, like baby Groot or already an adult. I asked myself why I could choose it now and not with Cathulhu.

Must be the "Customizable" part of the card(And I could make Cathulhu come as a little kitten if I used the Background Customization Card). The change in appearance is solely cosmetic too. This will give it no advantage or disadvantage.

And I can't choose mystic or magic trees from fiction like Yggdrasil... Too bad. Only of Earth flora. Still thorn between a cherry blossom or another white tree. They are cool.

And let's be honest... A Groot is no pet. I have no place to put him for now. I can't simply ground him at home but I also can't let him alone. He could be a little too gullible, to not say idiot, and expose himself in some way.

Bringing him as a sapling will take too much time for him to grow. And his teenage years will be a pain in the ass, even though he is super cute as a child. Oh... So this is what parenting feels like...

I could put him with the Morlocks but doesn't sound right...

So for now I'm holding in summoning him. Not super necessary anyway.

Now that I'm thinking about my summons, let's see how they're going and adapting.

Summon administration time.

Still sitting, my rabbit rolled in a furball on my lap, I open my tab to see my summoned characters.

Time to check them...

I already talked about the pets...

Isabella... Bond Relationship 8/10. I live with her, so I Interact with her daily. She was my all-rounded helper before, but with the advent of Cortana, she can focus on only caring about my household.

Combines with her wishes to live peacefully and is excellent to me too. Having someone to take care of these small things is a blessing, makes my life easier.

Shego also has a Bond Relationship of 8/10 even if she was summoned after Isabella. Strange if even with the same number, our relationships grew in different ways...

Shego is overall lazy but is surprisingly fired up in making her club. And even if she say that don't like doing hero work, sometimes she goes with Helena to patrol.

Most of the time, she is simply enjoying life. Isn't her life too easy? Damn, I'm a good employer...

Helena... 7/10 in Bond Relationship. Lower than the other two, but this fact is attributed more to her former world and natural suspicion. Before she was always two points lower in Bond Relationship when compared with the other two. Is only one point now, so is a progress.

She likes to constantly do hero work and patrol. Old habits die hard apparently... She is as much active as Spider-man. But is not always that she works in New York. With the advantages of teleportation, she is active in many cities.

Especially Detroit... That city needs it, not gonna lie.

Helena is a good someone to talk to, because her world is very similar to Marvel (Is literally the competition and Twin multiverse). Our relationship is platonic. Very different from my relationship with Shego in that the sexual tension needs to be cut by the Sword of Actuation.

Edna... Is close but not as much as the others. 3/10 in Bond Relationship. Passing the thresholds of multiples of 3 is always a little hard, I noticed...

3 to 4, 6 to 7... And must be hard to achieve 10 too. No one reached this level yet... Well, except for the two special cases.

Gigantomachia and Cortana. Machia is a fanatic and living proof that is much better to summon the "followers" types of characters. He is always with the Morlocks. Sometimes I visit him to talk with him.

But I'm curious if its possible for the Bond relationship to go down.

I think the image of All For One is already replaced by me in his heart.

And Cortana... Well, nothing to complain about her. Best acquisition ever. And I noticed she was more "alive" than I thought she would be, so her feelings for me go beyond the expected...

I'm not that dense. We are connected.

Hm~ Is the 10th level in a relationship with a woman always romantic love? I don't see myself and Isabella like that, or even Helena... But a very long life can have unlimited possibilities.

I will not exclude anything from happening right now.

Who knows, maybe Helena will be the mother of my children one day... One of them, at least...

Cassandra surprisingly is already 4/10 in Bond Relationship. Well, if you think about it. She is young and is living with me.

I used the Background Customization card to give her an identity, but she said that she has no interest in school. So she is watching TV and eats good food most of the day.

Obviously, she trains daily too, and goes on patrol with me at least three times a week. But her life is good... Again, I'm such a good employer.

Recently Isabella started giving her the education that she needed, so no problem with her don't go to school.

Now, to my "secondary summons", if you want to call them like that. The ones that I let to their own devices after I established some objectives/missions and rules.

Saeko is an interesting case because she can be considered a secondary summon, and not at the same time, like Edna.

She has a surprising Bond Relationship of 7/10. Probably because I helped her with her issue. One of them at least. And she is very submissive.

I still remember that interesting day when I visited her after she made her unexpected debut.

On a certain day, some sort of 3 meters warrior robots appeared and caused havoc in the streets of her city. Typical Japan. If a monster giant attacks I will not be surprised.

Fun fact: Godzilla is part of Marvel so...

Anyway, Saeko then appeared to stop the malfunctioning robots (Probably an attempt to copy Stark tech) in all her purple female samurai glory, with her half-hanya mask she dispatched the things pretty easily and I have to admit... In an incredibly cool way.

Now she is very popular and at that time her obi has the SCP Symbol hanging from her waist, so people connected the dots that she is one of mine.

So she is the talk of the town and people are also asking themselves how many more of the SCP group are around the globe.

Good, continue guessing... More will appear eventually. Search now and be disappointed by discovering nothing... Heh.


Flashback, Third Person P.O.V.

After Saeko appeared on TV, Hector warned that he would visit later and cleared any doubt that she would be punished, for some reason this was a worry of Saeko's part.

To arrive at Saeko's home, Hector unceremoniously teleported inside but only beyond the front door to take off his shoes. He knows basic education from the place.

To his surprise, Saeko is waiting for him in a seiza. Kneeling at the front door with her hands on her thighs to welcome him very traditionally.

"Welcome to my humble abode... Goshujin-sama." She says bowing. The last part is said with a twinkle in her eyes and a little smirk.

Hector groans "You're too much in contact with Shego." Hector deduces

"She said that you have an asian fetish and this would please you..." Saeko says with a teasing smile.

Even if Hector is the master he is not protected from some teasing from his summons.

Saeko's eyes shine again and she continues "Do you want to have dinner? Or maybe take a bath? Or maybe do you want me-(wa-ta-shi~)" She teased but is interrupted

"Okay, okay. Enough... Let's talk business." He says taking a deep breath and covering his eyes.

His weeb heart is being very stimulated. 'Is becoming harder and harder to keep my stoicism...' He sighs mentally 'But I'm living the dream. Thank you, Gacha.' He thinks

After walking a little the two arrive at a room where a bunch of trash is on the floor.

Not trash, but the leftover parts of the robots that Saeko destroyed.

"Here, these are the important parts that you said to separate and tell Isabella to transport." She says


"Why don't take everything though?"

"Let's them think that we know little about them." Hector says while bringing some pieces close to him with telekinesis.

"Yep... A very bastard version of the Arc Reactor. No adamantium, huh? As expected... You cut through it pretty easily, even with a wooden sword. Looks like an early design to the silver samurais..." He analyzes "Yashida..."

"Yashida... An influential family... Close ties with the Imperial Family." Saeko says

"I know..."

"What are you gonna do?" Saeko asks

"To them? Nothing for now... I want to do some things before making contact with them." He says while thinking about his plans. There's an order to everything. "But let's have a spar. It has been a while, huh?" He suddenly says to Saeko and smile

She smiles back.


They moved to the dojo.

From her wrists, Saeko makes two wooden swords. One of her powers that was given by Hector.

"I will go with my fists." He says after being offered one of the swords "And take a real sword too." He says to her surprise.

"..." After a second she goes to take a real sword from the wall and assumes position.

The spar that they will partake in is more of a mini-game. The two will stay at a close distance and attack in turns while the other defends. Is a little similar to Ryu's training of Nen that Killua and Gon made in the Greed Island arc.

While Hector assumes a relaxed stance, with his right hand lowered to his waist level while the left hand protects the left side of his face. His left foot is a little too much forward too, remembering a Muay Thai fighting stance

'I see... Without weapons, that means he can attack with all of his limbs. This will be tricky...' Saeko thinks while assuming a standard chūdan-no-kamae. One of the initial body positions used in Kendo. And the most standard and basic position. With the sword slightly raised in front of her body, 'He wants to test my vision...' She guesses.

"You first." Hector says

Saeko doesn't hesitate. Giving a Half-step forward she raises her sword and goes with a downward slash in Hector's right unprotected shoulder.

Equalizing her speed, Hector moves his torso making the sword miss.

After this exchange, they assume their initial position again.

Saeko will attack again because Hector dodged.

This time she goes with a horizontal slash on the right side of his torso.

Hector still using the same speed raises his right hand and lowers the left hand and catches the blade between his palms.

"Your feet are betraying you, Saeko." He advises.

She takes a breath while observing him with attention. It's his turn now that he defended.

He rotates his hips a little, making her eyes go to his left. At this moment his raised left hand suddenly goes down on her shoulder with a chop. He is still using her level of speed.

She dodges a little flustered because she was preparing to defend from her left.

"Falling for such obvious feint..." He admonishes.

She blushes a little in shame but says nothing. They're too close, is hard for her eyes to look at all the parts of his body simultaneously. This is one of the main points of this mini-game.

'And is not like I can guess anything looking at his eyes either...' Saekos thinks while glancing at his face.

An impassive face and calm eyes. Blue eyes like a calm and windless lake reflecting the sky.

Is said that the eyes are the windows of the soul, and that is possible to see through lies and the real nature of a person if you look into their eyes.

But a person can't see through Hector's eyes. They can't see his depths through these windows, they can only see their own reflections. Nothing more.

In the past, in a moment of meditation, Hector has this epiphany while looking at his inner world. The great expanse of a lake reflects the starry sky above.

Like his eyes, which never show what is beneath them, only the reflection of the person that he is seeing, and interacting. Hector noticed that this is a representation of his way of acting.

He can be good, bad, or neutral to people... His way of acting only depends on the people reflected in his eyes. He is not a saint to everyone without reason, but he is not a monster to everyone either if they don't cross his line.

He attacks again, a casual jab aimed at her face. Saeko retracts the sword and turns the flat of the blade to stop the attack.

Another disadvantage that she has now. Can only defend with her katana, a weapon mainly used to attack. And she has only one Katana right now.

But that is her path... She uses katanas. In many moments she will eventually find herself fighting against people with a weapons advantage.

No is her turn to attack again. She feints with a diagonal slash, but in truth goes with a stab in Hector's chest. He uses the joints of his index and Middle fingers to tap the side of the blade changing its course.

And the game/spar goes on. Slowly they increase the speed and strength of the attacks.

Saeko is hit three more times.

She received a very well punch in the stomach because he hasn't put in enough strength to stop the attack.

A kick on her shin after she just dodged the same kick in the same spot, she hasn't expected to Hector to attack the same place two times in a row and because of the high speed, she was off balance.

And the last attack would fall in her face. Hector's two fingers would gouge her eyes out but he stopped and just jokingly "catches her nose" and makes fun of her.

Like is some sort of tacit agreement the two of them start to use Nen. Training Gyo and Ryu. And still increasing the speed.

After a little more time and two more hits that Saeko received she start using Haki.

With a still equalized speed, they exchange hundreds of attacks in a few seconds. When the attacks became invisible to the naked eye of even trained fighters Saeko started using Observation Haki.

From the outside would be possible to see the two staring at it other while blurring and after images appearing around them.

At some point, when is Saeko's turn to attack she goes for Hector's neck already waiting for him to defend and observing the rest of his body to see how he will counterattack.

But he didn't move.

"!" Surprise assaults her eyes seeing the blade almost touching his unprotected skin. He even tilted his neck to the side while smiling at her, to give her a clean cut.

But she stops brusquely and retracts the attack.

Her actions made her arm bones hurt a little, but she succeed in stopping her attack.

"..." Hector's gaze studies Saeko while he abandons his fighting stance "Why did you stop? I even retract my aura and other resistances... Well, even so, your blade would only cut one centimeter deep anyway..." He says

That's a point of study to Hector. How much the summons could hurt him and how they're stopped to do so.

Can they accidentally hurt him? He already proved that if he commanded, a summon can attack him. But that time with Uvogin... Uvogin himself was certain that wouldn't kill Hector.

Because he holds himself back earlier.

Would some invisible force stop the summon if they use fatal force against him? Or is it just a mental suggestion? If a Master Meta controls them? Something will stop them? Can they even be stolen from his control?

"I... I was... Reflex, I think..." Saeko answers stammering a little.

"..." Her answer doesn't help Hector. So he decided to let the matter rest, for now, and he will continue with smalls test in the future. "Did you ever cut someone before, Saeko? A person, I mean..."


She gave bruises and broken bones, but she never cut someone.

"Do you want to try it?" Hector asks with a glint in his gaze "I'm planning an attack on a certain group of people... Bad and disposable people..."

She watches her shuddering a little.

The implication of his words brings... excitement and anticipation.

None of this escaped Hector's eyes.

"But now I feel that maybe is not appropriate..." he starts and puts on a pensive expression.

Saeko's eyes widen a little in disappointment.

Thinking that her display of hesitation made Hector have second thoughts about bringing her to the said attack

"I'm ready! I will do as you command..." She says too eagerly making Hector chuckle and think she is cute.

Is easy to Forget that she is a "normal" high school girl sometimes.

"Relax... I will bring you. Will be a good test and initiation. I'm just thinking that would be a waste that your first experience be with some low-level cannon fodder." He says giving a step closer and grabbing the handle of her sword.

His hand is big enough to encompass her two smaller hands and her sword. "Your first time... shouldn't be... special?" He says with a smirk full of innuendo making her blush.

Still holding her hands and looking directly into her eyes, she uses two fingers of the other hand to grab the blade and point to his own chest.

"The feeling of your sword passing through the elastic skin, muscles full of pulsating blood and bones... What about trying it now? To not feel any surprise or disgust in the crucial moment?" He gives reasons but his mouth and eyes are still playful

Putting his own Nen, Haki, energy and strength in the blade he leads the point even close to his chest.

Saeko's eyes are wide as they can get while her gaze flicks from his face to his chest and then settle on his face. On his eyes...

"Don't worry... I can assure you that will not hurt." He continues with the innuendos.

Right now her face is absolutely red, she wants to turn around but can't break eye contact.

The sword inches closer and closer.

She shudders when she felt the first obstruction of the skin and then shudders even stronger when the sword surpasses it and slides smoothly into his chest muscles.

Hector continues to hold her strongly and bring her closer. Not only the sword, but Saeko herself is also approaching slowly and unconsciously at him.

When the sword hits his ribs, she is already biting her lower lip. And when cuts through his rib cage and approaches his heart she is panting heavily.

And then abruptly Hector strikes. Pulling her with a sudden burst of strength, he droves the sword through his chest completely, passing his heart and getting out on his back.

Saeko falls in his arms with her legs weak. She leans on his larger frame because she didn't trust her trembling legs at the moment.

"See? Is just meat, bone and blood." Hector says nonchalantly while a hand hugs her small waist and the other finally leaves the handle of the sword.

With the katana buried till the guard, Saeko lowers her head to hide her face while feeling Hector's hot blood on her fingers.

"You can take it out now." He says

"..." She hesitates for a moment. Wanting to enjoy the moment a little more.

But eventually, she removes the katana in a swift motion that again brings some sort of ecstasy to her and assaults her nether region.

She moans. She really let escape a moan... Hector decides to not comment.

He chuckles again "You're so fun to tease, Saeko. I'm glad that you did it now. You could've been overwhelmed if unprepared..." he says making her blush that was receding come back to her cheeks

"Is... Is not unsightly?" She asks finally and turns her gaze away.

"I already said before, no part of you is unsightly Saeko. I can and want to accept everything from you." He removes some strands of her that were glued on her face because of the sweat and look at her kindly now.

"And see... Already healed." He points to his chest. "Now I need to go, the blood will evaporate in no time. Bye." He pats her head two times before disappearing

"..." Saeko doesn't move from her spot even after Hector leaves

She is staring dazedly at her katana, the blade is red with her master's blood.

She can still feel the sensations of a minute ago, the blade going through his body, his hand holding hers(the lewdest part of this whole ordeal obviously), his breath when he was close, and his hug.

When steam starts to appear, showing that the blood is evaporating, her eyes go wide again and she seems to hesitate for a moment before her eyes became hooded.

She raises her katana a little and lowers her head. Her pink tongue wets her cherry lips once before being extended out of her mouth. With the tip, she touches the almost hot burning blood and moans.

She likes the metallic taste and likes to know that is her master taste.

Seeing the blood disappearing even faster takes her off her daze and she runs her tongue on the side of her blade with more enthusiasm, more passion... Her imagination went wide. Imagining that is another thing.

Imagine Hector's hands in her hair while he looks down at her. Sometimes with cold eyes, sometimes with kind eyes... But independently of how he looks at her, she shudders slightly.

She falls to her knees. Her legs are finally giving up, but she doesn't care. Her free hand goes to her waistband and very fast goes into her pants to find her already wet privates.

She moans on the ground while her hand and tongue move fast. "Hector-san~ Hng~... Goshujin-sama~ Aahn... !" She repeats again and again before she spasms one last time strongly and goes still.

Her pants in the only thing heard while she stays on the ground.

The katana is now shining. Probably has been for a long time and she hasn't even noticed.

With a deep breath, she assumes a seiza position to center herself. Looking at her glistening sword and fingers she murmurs to herself "How disgraceful..."

After this, she goes to remove the tatami dirted by her own juices.

High in the sky, an invisible Hector observes everything.

"Okaaaay... I'm not weird from finding that hot, right? Right? Can someone tell me? I'm starting to question my fetishes... Maybe I'm a degenerate." He says to himself while watching Saeko Bond's Relationship go up.

He shakes his head to dispel his thoughts and control his body to... stop his natural reaction in his crotch.

He then disappears repeating to himself that he is not weird.

*End of Flashback*


Hector P.O.V.

I can't help but chuckle remembering Saeko.

Luckily I always keep the Black Blood deactivated. Yes, I can change the color of the blood to look like normal red blood, but is not about tricking normal people...

Someone with powers maybe could see that the blood acts and moves differently. Black Blood is a little more viscous, by the way.

And is not only about this skill in particular.

People with super senses like the Daredevil could hear that my heartbeat rarely changes, or my body heat is a little higher than normal, that I do not sweat, my smell is different...

Other people could see other things with power. My aura is different or whatever. Heck, even my way of walking can expose me.

Because of this I never let a clone take my place at school. Thankfully, I can duplicate myself now.

To prevent this I now know how to manually operate my body. To trick these people I can increase my heartbeat and temperature, sweat at my will, dilate my pupils and do the smallest muscle contractions to fake real facial expressions.

Even my mind!!

The truth is, someone with a mind that cannot be read... stand out.

So if... I don't know... Emma Frost decide to pass by my Hospital or future college she would notice that I'm different. Not only her, telepathy is disgustingly common power in this universe.

So I already made my countermeasure...

A fake mind. While I'm on my civilian identity, my true mind is "enveloped" by a fake mind that can be easily read by a telepath. I already "programmed" 10.504 thoughts, 2.102 images and 564 videos memories to appear somewhat randomly or be triggered by words or events of the external world.

Talk about food? 'Hm~ I miss the hamburger of that place that closed with the invasion'

My first thought when a hot woman appears in my front? 'Nice breasts...' This I made specifically for Emma Frost.

And last, but not least, I let my real memories of this world, together with some fake memories be unprotected too.

The memories of my other life and the metaknowledge is kept very secure in the deepest part of my mind.

Hopefully, I have that "Standard Transmigator Mental Protection" where the Gacha would protect the information that this world was a fictional universe to me.

But I'm not counting too much on it.

Now I'm almost secure that people can't easily figure out my identity.

But... *Haah* I'm feeling that is impossible to hide it forever...

It's okay. I just need to hold off till I'm an adult. Wanting or not, if people knew that I'm a teenager, people's respect for me would decrease.

At least compared with right now.

I can imagine the older heroes telling me "Son, is better that you stay out of this" and "You don't know in what you're involving yourself". Ugh.

Whatever, I said that I awakened my powers at 6 years just to give myself more experience in case my real age is discovered.

I always think ahead. "I have ten years of experience more than you." I could answer. So what I started as a kid? My awakening made me mature faster...

Anyway, back to my summons.

"By the way, Cortana, you have seen that... episode with Saeko, right?" I ask out loud.

"Yes. But I thought wise to not comment at that time." She answers

Since I'm connected with Cortana, I'm allowing her to see and hear everything I do. Is no different from when people in sci-fi have wrist devices with their A.I.s or some sort of chip under the skin.

"Even if I don't care... From now on, don't be surprised if I cut our connection to protect my and other people's privacy, okay?" I say to her.

"Will always be your call, Master." She answers dutifully.

Good. Now continuing the inspection of my summons...

Tsukasa... Only 2/10 on Bond Relationship. Well, I literally summoned him five days ago and has two conversations with the guy. About this world and about culinary. Should be only 1/10, but I gave him super-senses and talked about the infinite number of ingredients on the Omniverse. So he is a little hyped.

He is a quiet and closed guy too, so is natural to progress slowly.

He is in France right now, participating in gastronomic events and competitions.

Knowing interests, motivations, morality, and bottom lines of my summon is super important. People like Tsukasa that want to be the best were easily moved by the infinite possibilities that they can acquire if follow my path.

And obviously, Always giving the right job to the right person.

Hm? I ask myself when I gained such leadership skills. Well, I have a bunch of leaders assimilated, so... Is one of the things that I have and only notice when I use it.

Agent 47 e Chun-Li are the summons that I maintained the least amount of contact. The two are at 1/10 in Bond Relationship.

Agent 47 is on his own devices, working in Eastern Europe doing what he does best. I gave him an arsenal of weapons, money, some useful powers and information about this world. Sincerely, I do not expect much of him, but having a guy with contacts in the underworld of crime can be useful down the line.

Chun-li... If I had summoned her before she would probably be in my inner circle. And not because of her thighs, I'm not that much led by my dick. But she is competent and has a sense of justice.

Too bad I really need people in other countries, especially China. She is working with the government and did a useful report. Apparently China is controlled by old families secretly.

If I have to Guess, they probably use the country's resources to do shady things like research for immortality or something like that. I think this is the plot of Kun'Lun. There's also Shang Chi and his family I think.

Recently I noticed that other countries like England, Canada and Russia are in a hurry to have supers.

Is the arms race again, just that this time the nukes are the metas. I really hope no one does a dumb move like trying to recreate the Hulk and explode a city or trying to summon a dragon...

With the All Seeing Eyes of God, I saw that China is full of shine points that could be portals or pocket dimensions. Ugh.

China, China... Just continue on your turtle shell. Don't provoke me. If not, This Young Master will teach you guys who is the true Mt. Tai. Heh

Armstrong... A guy that I haven't been much in contact. 2/10 too. Funny enough he is in the political party that is compromised by HYDRA apparently. And I only know this because of the movies, I still haven't found clues. Well, I haven't searched anyway... Sniffing around can bring attention and make them more cautious.

Erwin and Saul are working on their own. The two have 2/10 in Bond Relationship. Erwin is working well with the police and receiving information from me and Uvogin he is already a remarkable asset. Gwen's Father likes him very much. The two have my lie-detector power.

And I started to see boards and commercials of Saul frequently now. Hehe "Do you know that you have rights? I do, so better call Saul!" He spent a lot of his initial money on propaganda. But he is a businessman, so he knows what he is doing... To gain money, first is needed to spend it.

Uvogin is just working to the Kingpin. 3/10 in Bond Relationship. I only gave instructions to let heroes get away and for him to pass information. He is just living his life.

One day I could reward these guys. Taking Tsukasa to Toriko universe, dropping Uvogin in a battle-oriented planet here in Marvel, taking Erwin back to an Attack on Titan universe.

Even Johan...

Johan... Weirdo... 5/10 in Bond Relationship...



Third Person P.O.V.

In a dark apartment in New York is possible to hear the sounds of keys being put on the lock of the front door.

From the door, Johan Liebert emerges. This is his apartment.

After hanging his coat, he walks to the living room that has a huge window to New York. There's no need to turn on the lights. New York, the city that never sleeps, has enough light to illuminate his chair and allows for a peaceful moment.

But his chair is already occupied.

"Long time no see, Sir." Johan bowed with a hand over his heart to Hector. "Your appearance is very awe-inspiring..."

Not Hector... A shadow-like figure of Hector.

Hector hasn't come in person. With the combinations of some powers, especially Yone's capability of sending an astral projection, Hector can send his mind far from his body.

Right now in the chair, a spirit-like being that appears to be made of black flames is sitting calmly with the legs crossed.

"So sure that is me..." Hector comments in a neutral tone of voice that no one would recognize. 'Can my summons always know if is me under disguises or something like that?' He thinks to himself.

As always, he likes to create small situations to test things.

"Who else? I have no friends in this world. Maybe I have some enemies, but they would have killed me already..." Johan comments with a smile.

Hector decides to go to the main topic "How are your first meeting with the Kingpin?" he asks. Tonight is exactly the night when the two met at the art gallery.

"Very enlightening." Is Johan answer "He is not a man difficult to figure out, especially with your information about him, Sir." Johan bows again

And then he continues "Now... How do you want to deal with him?" he asks raising his head to look at Hector's projection

"... For a long time, I asked myself this question." Is the answer after some time of silence "Do you ever asked yourself why I'm going through all this trouble, Johan? When I can simply blitz at him and give you a shapeshifter power to take his place?" The shadowy flame eyes go from blue to red while looking at the blonde man.

"... The thought crossed my mind..."

"And what is your deduction?" Hector asks.

"...Maybe you want to enjoy the hunt. Sometimes the process brings more pleasure than the product." Johan says

"You're half right... I don't want to enjoy the hunt. I want to see if I will enjoy the hunt." Hector says to the silent Johan "I have no doubt that in your mind you analyze my every word and action... You can't help it."


"But you will not find results when there's no answer. I want to be slow... How do you suggest doing it?" Hector asks

Hector himself already knows that he takes no pleasure in torturing people. When he needs to end someone, he ends them fast. But what if he has a personal grudge against this someone?

He wants to know what he will feel to see his enemy suffering from his own doing. What if someone in the future hurt someone that Hector loves? Emotions can cloud rationality.

Maybe feeling this now can help. He will allow himself to be selfish in this vengeance.

"From what I know of Wilson Fisk, he has some sort of twisted messiah complex, where he thinks that his evil deeds are a necessary sacrifice to better the city. Thinks highly of himself, acting he is the only one that can see this truth and shoulder this responsibility of being the 'necessary evil'. His work was the most important thing from here, but now..." Johan analyzes

"Vanessa, huh? Are going to explore this weakness?" Hector eyes Johan carefully. 'It's too simple to be something coming from this guy'

"Someone's greatest strength and great weakness sometimes are not different, sir. His strong body, his criminal empire, his woman... Everything that is his greatest source of strength and pride. But pride cometh before the fall. I suggest making him destroy everything... by his own hands."

"Oh... And what do you suggest?" Hector asks with an even voice

"Simple... Give him the illusion of control, but be the one that distributes the cards. Start small... Attack two places or convoys at the same time, making him need to choose to save only one. Give him trouble when he wants to spend time with his beloved. Make that with every choice he loses a little. No right answer. Slowly take his competent and trustworthy subordinates. Give him the responsibility that he loves so much and show him that he is not fit for it. Stress him to the point to that he will lash out at his Vanessa. Make him choose between his beloved or his work constantly. Watch him try to juggle many balls and looks helpless when he can't keep them in the air. Watch his life work crumble and he has no one to blame but himself. And when he loses everything... Give him the hope to recover to his peak. An opportunity that with one stroke, one big effort he can have everything back and more..."

"... And then crush it mercilessly." Johan ends his speech.

"..." Hector observes "You know... You have an evil mind." Hector says equally a scold and a praise.

"But is your evil mind, sir" Johan bows again "But your mind is not behind mine in this aspect, Sir. You're the one that gave someone like me an empathic power. A blessing and a curse... A gift and a punishment..." Johan says

"Hmpf... If I want to curse you I would have messed with the chemicals in your brain or I would have given you empathic powers that you can't turn off. Don't overestimate your own importance. We will go with your plan. Send me your details later. Erwin can work on it too..." Hector says and felt weird seeing the Bond Relationship going up.

"It will be done. And I always consider your blessings as a gift. Everyone is a different book that is a pleasure to read even more than rewrite it..." He comments

"Continue working well and I will release you in a universe full of assholes to you to have fun." Hector says before disappearing.

*End Of Flashback*


Hector P.O.V.

Some people's mind simply works differently.

Why the Bond Relationship is high? No idea.

But he is useful. Being capable of using people that I don't like is a must.

When he is no longer useful I can dispose of him. Killing or rewarding.

Maybe find him a universe where he can have fun with nasty people. Like Game of Thrones or Akame Ga Kill.

The mental image of throwing Johan in Westeros as OC son of Cersei makes me laugh and interested to watch what would happen.

Now, everyone is in their right place, no need to move them, no treacherous thoughts, and everyone is good at what they're doing.

Excellent. For now, is easy to administrate, but I can predict that the number of summons per month in the future will increase because I'm growing stronger, and will not be always necessary to assimilate some characters.

In five years I must have hundreds of summons. Will be a problem to keep in touch with everyone.

Well, a problem for Future Me. I really don't envy that guy...

The great thing about the summons is that I choose who and when to summon.


Next Night, New York

I observe the night sky of New York, while standing in a gargoyle obviously, and paying attention in case of any trouble.

I'm on standby and letting Cassandra run around alone tonight. Obviously, thanks to my powers, I can follow her every move. Right now she is moving into the shadows, searching for people to help.

She is a very good fighter, but that not means she is a good hero. Beating some thugs alone is different if there are people to save in the middle of the confusion.

On the last nights I taught her how to assess the situation, the best take in each case, and who to take down first. The basic.

Now I'm letting her do it alone, but I can intervene at any time.

Oh. And she already has fans. Some people that we saved have taken pictures and posted them.

'Eidolon's Sidekick' They said. And obviously, the guessing game started... If she is my daughter, sister, some girl that I saved blah, blah. Let them guess. Well, at least she is popular.

Spider-man is not patrolling tonight... Ah. The exams are getting near. He must be with Ned and Gwen.

While still watching the city I raise my hand and create an object.

A silver needle, 15cm long. A senbon, if you want to call it like that.

"Is really impossible, huh?" I murmur Looking at the "failure" in my hands.

Passing it between my fingers and caressing it with my thumb I used my thoughts to "activate" it, making it vibrate a little.

"Well, is a success in its own way..."

My hand blurred and I threw the senbon perfectly into the eye of a gargoyle at my side.

A second after landing, the senbon starts to crumble to dust.

I'm finally capable of producing Nth metal after studying the Thanagarian Mace.

But it's not perfect. Is basically a consumable, a one-time use thing.

Pseudo-Nth Metal, if can be called like that.

I and Cortana deducted that lacks something in my body to perfect the production. Some sort of special radiation that emanates from Nth metal.

Still works, I tested passing a sword of pseudo-Nth metal through an illusion made with Loki powers.

The illusion distorted and disappeared easily, but the sword cracked and lost integrity.

It's Nth metal but very brittle.

A failure in making armor.

But success in throwing and disposable weapons.

I can imagine myself producing a spear of pseudo-Nth metal, Ulquiorra style, and throwing at some sort of magic being.

And if we consider that it's self destruct and leaves nothing to people to study...

Anyway, I produced a lot of crossbow bolts to Helena and shurikens to Cassandra.

Now, I'm thinking in using a lot pf Power Boost cards in the [Creation] power... There's a chance that will help.

But I'm the type of guy to hold the consumable to "use later", never using a potion in a game...

I should change that. This is real life... Oh.

I focus on Cassandra with my senses. Haha.

Not so Lucky Tonight again, kitten? Your name is not helping you, it seems...

I laugh seeing Cassandra subjugating Black Cat. With a knee on the back of the criminal and holding her arms from behind.


Black Cat P.O.V.

And here I thought that Eidolon is bad. This little girl is a menace. It had to be his sidekick.

But at leats is possible to make a conversation with the guy.

"I did nothing, girl." I say when she pushs my face to the ground with her knee between my shoulder blades

"..." She answers nothing

"I was just taking a breath of fresh air..." I say

"...Suspicious." She finally says something, but is not what I want to hear.

"I know Eidolon. He let me off the Hook last time. You don't want to contradict your boss, right?" I appeal

"..." But she doesn't budge

At this moment I hear the sound of a step and turn my head to the front and I see the man himself landing.

"It seems that you two already met... Black Cat, Shadow. Shadow, Black Cat." He says like this situation is normal.

I want to punch him now.

"Argh. A pleasure! Can you take your creature off me now?" Isay annoyed.

"Shadow..." He says, and like an obedient puppy, the little monster lets go of me and goes to his side quietly.

I stand up and glare at the man.

"You can let her go if she doesn't hurt innocents, Shadows. Knowing how to judge the situation is an important skill." He turns to the side to instruct his sidekick

And then he turns to me "Long time no see, Black Cat. How have you been?" He asks nonchalantly

"I was much better before meeting you." I say aggressively. Maybe I shouldn't act aggressive with the guy that can throw me at jail on a whim but I can't help myself.

And I have the impression that he is not that petty.

He just tilts his head to the side acting dumb about why I'm angry with him.

"I thought we departed on somewhat good terms..." he comments

"Good terms?! I departed poor, this is what you mean??" I ask incredulously to this bastard. Will he arrest me if I punch his perfect face?

"Aaaah. That..." He says and fakes realization, even putting a show of beating his fist on his palm. "And here I'm thinking that you're mad that the sidekick spot was taken by shadow..."

! This guy has the talent for getting under my skin...

Okay... Okay... Don't grit your teeth Black Cat. Don't give him the satisfaction.

I can see the amusement in his eyes.

"You're mad for losing money that is not even yours... Talking about entitlement... I can't simply let you get away that easily, right?" He chuckles. A nice deep chuckle that reverberates in my bones.

Down girl.

"So this is the deal... I will not arrest you if you don't hurt innocents or steal things of cultural value. But if I catch you, I will confiscate your... 'gains'. " He gives me a thumbs up "So work hard."

Really infuriating.

"C'mon... Don't act like is unfair. If you rob a mob boss and be caught your fate would be much worse." He comments

And he is right. My night activities are not risk-free. I'm advantage here if is not game over with Eidolon.

I sigh and massage my forehead "The Spider is much easier to deal..." I comment

"Oh, did you meet him? Be easy on the poor guy, you're a bad influence..." he says with amusement

"Yep. I notice. Really gullible. I got away easily. A little flirt and he was all flustered, raising his hands to the air and saying that has a girlfriend. Heh." At least my charms still work, is this Eidolon that must be a Eunuch or something.

To my comment is Eidolon's turn to raise his hand to his forehead to massage it. "Ugh. Really, Spider-man? He really has a big mouth..."

"So you really know his secret identity, huh?" I accuse

"Obviously, I'm world the greatest detective, Felicia." He says nonchalantly

It takes a second for my brain to process that he called me by my real name.


"Relax... Do you think I use it against you? But a tip from a pro, domino masks are dumb." He says

Okay, deep breaths... Is not game over yet.

The little girl looks bored with our conversation and walks to Eidolon... Or better saying, she walks into Eidolon.

She literally merges with his mantle. So she can merge in surfaces? So that is how she caught me off guard. I was sure that my back is facing a wall.

Is a power that I would kill to have.

"Well, I have things to do now. Are you planning some burglary tonight?" He asks

Like I would tell him "To what? So that you can take my hard-earned trinkets? No sir, I'm done for tonight." I say

"Okay. Bye, bye. Good luck next time." He says taking flight.

*Sigh* I really don't know if I hate or like that guy.


Hector P.O.V.

Next day, Mutant Town

In the makeshift hospital that I made to take care of the victims of The Workshop, I walk with Callisto, Mikhail and Cassandra.

"Everyone is already in a good condition. How many plan to go away?" I ask

"Half of them. But they will probably come back. Almost everyone has their appearance changed so... They just haven't suffered the discrimination yet..." Callist answers with a shrug.

"I see. And the ones that want to stay?"

"There's enough empty houses here in Meta Town for them to stay..." Callist says

Meta Town, is what the residents are Calling the place now. Officially: Mutant Town. To the outsiders: Mutant Gheto. But is good that they changed how they called themselves... Is the first step.

"And the gangs?" I ask

Is Mikhail that answers "Disbanded. There was some resistance. Some thugs want to be the new boss. We put them in their place." He says

"Things will be peaceful while you provide with food and other things, but..." Callisto starts uncertain

"Charity can only take them so far." Mikhail completes direct to the point.

"I know. I'm just equalizing the chances. With less worries they can focus in improving themselves." I say

Mikhail nods "Without the need to worry about their safety, their hunger and other essentials for their livelihood, they have no excuse to continue to live like rats." He says, a little too rashly, but without reason.

"But an influx of money is needed..." I comment "Or be self-sufficient"

There are ways to help in the two paths but will take time.

We finally arrived in a bed in the corner of the hospital.

Sitting there is a woman with light pink skin and red/purple hair, the color of the wine. She has some protuberances in some extremities of her body. Bones.

I know her...

I say nothing after arriving, the woman is looking at me intensely.

"Her name is Sarah. She wants to thank you personally." Callisto says

"She doesn't look very gratefully..." I comment.

And I feel Shadow moving discreetly to the woman's blindspot to take her down if she tries anything.

"She is always with an angry face like that." Callisto says then looks at Sarah, urging her to say something.

"Let me join you." Is the first thing that gets out of her mouth

"Okay. You will be under Callisto's command with the Morlocks." I answer without hesitation

"I want to be under you." Phrasing, woman.

"No. My inner circle is not something that can be entered that easily." I say

She doesn't look happy, but she never did since the start of this conversation.

She finally nods

"Do you have a codename?" I ask and she shakes her head

I turn around, making my three subordinates follow "Will be Marrow. Follow me too." She quickly gets up from the bed and settles behind us, at Shadow's side.

"Something more to report?" I ask

"The gangs are using a boy to profit." Callisto says

"A frog boy can produce a hallucinogenic substance from his skin." Mikhail adds

"Like beak, his bones are weak. But is even worse, he can't even walk." Callist comments

"I see. " I make a portal and stop "Callisto, take Marrow with you and make a research on Meta Town to see the people with crippling meta powers. I want details. I will help them later."

She nods

"Mikhail, Shadow. Follow me."


Xavier Institute, Kitty Pryde P.O.V.

Aah~ I hate and love the internet in equal measure.

At the same time, the Internet is a tool to disseminate hate and bad things. It has memes!

I can't stop laughing to myself with the memes of the Eidolon interview.

There's even a remix of his words with autotune. Hahaha.

He talked about a little of everything.

People are finally thinking about the meta-question.

His revelations shocked the world.

His inspiring words touched many people too...

A new trend is popular now, the #EidolonChallenge is what is called in social media.

People are going to hear his words that they can change themselves in six months and is filming their progress to show the world and inspire others too.

I pass my thumb on the screen of my smartphone and see one of them...

'Day 3 of the #EidolonChallenge. The soreness is already gone and I'm feeling better' I see the caption of the video of a skinny guy in the gym.

The comments are surprisingly supportive

'Here, King. You dropped this' And a emote of a crown.

'Nice going, bro.'

And other things. That was nice.

Is mostly men in the challenge, and most of them are going to the gym or practicing a sport or martial art.

But there are people doing other things. Like the guy that is learning how to cook, or that woman that is learning C and C+++.

People are doing and reporting their progress on social media.

Even me, Rogue and Jubilee have joined Jean in her yoga.

Right now, we just ended our session here in the garden of the mansion

There's also the controversial topic of men and women that Eidolon talked about.

Many people are mad at him.

Many agree with him.

I have seen some news that restaurant owners are mad because their winning decreased since the Eidolon interview. They said that men are not taking women on a date in fancy restaurants anymore. Hahaha.

If I go around on Instagram and see the post of some girl in a bikini, there will be comments like...

'Don't simp, Brothers! Stay Strong.'

'Don't let virtual women distract you from your grind, brother!'

'Begone temptation!!!'

'Are you horny?? 10 push-ups now!'

Hahahaha. Why men are so funny?

This last one is always accompanied by a picture of Eidolon giving his glare.

And people said that he disseminated hate against women... The men are making fun of these people with memes.

Like the flood of Men Vs Women memes. There's no aggression, is just comedy.

I search for the memes on my smartphone.

Hehe. Found it...

*Women: Noooo. Their body is so unrealistic. No normal woman has a body like that. Is a bad influence on the little girls!!*

And there's a picture of Lady Jade and Black Widow.

Then there's a Picture of literally Gigantomachia, the Hulk and the Thing and the boys talking.

*Damn, I need to hit the gym.*

Men Vs Women and the bathroom... The women one is just gossiping and the men one is a gif of Eidolon and Thor exchanging attacks at high speed.

Haha. I really love the internet.

I don't know why people are mad. I agree completely with Eidolon when he said that "we are not the same, but we should be equal". Even me that likes a lot of boy's things.

Jean also agrees with me. She always defends Eidolon. She is also a fangirl, even though she doesn't admit it.

She even talked about her own experience.

"Even the way we do bad things is different..." She said to us "I can read minds and I know that when a guy sometimes messed up with his friends, most of the cases is immaturity, some dick measurement contest. And when boys fight with punches, they are okay shortly after without hard feelings... But woman... Heh. 'hell hath no fury like a woman scorned' indeed. In school, when a girl does a bad thing to her friend is because she is really trying to be mean. And they never forget. Never."

That must be most of the cases. Thankfully, here in the mansion, everyone gets along. Must be the outside threats that unite us. I can't say that I'm good friends with every girl here, but I at least am on amicable terms.

Scrolling through my phone I come across a vídeo

'Eidolon bathing dogs in the most wholesome and cool thing that you will see today' Is the title.

"Girls..." I call the other three "Come watch something... From Eidolon." I say

They lean on me to watch. In the video, there's Eidolon, without his mantle squatting while scrubbing in soap a big dog.

Around him, there are dozens of dogs, almost a hundred.

"They're in the air too!" Jean exclaims

Eidolon is keeping the recently cleaned dogs in big bubbles in the air, they're running around like giant hamsters.

"Look how the dog waits patiently." Jubilee comments

"He can talk with animals." Rogue says

"Such a cool power." I comment

The camera shifts and shows the sky filled with dogs in bubbles having fun flying around.

"That's cool and really beautiful.." Jean comments

And really is. The bubble shifts the light, making little rainbows fill the street.

There are many other people filming too. Become some sort of tourist attraction, but at least no one is interrupting Eidolon.

"He must be keeping them close with telekinesis." Jean comments about the dogs

"Apparently the soap is a power too... And look, is a jet of water and wind from his hand" I say.

"This is where?" Rogue asks

"I don't know... Looks hot. Miami... maybe?" I say

"These poor dogs must be suffering from the heat there" Jubilee sighs

"Check the comments..." Jean suggests

"Oh, is really Florida. They say in the comments that Eidolon healed the dogs too." I read the comments

"He is a cool guy." Jubilee says

The vídeo shifts to a small mountain of dog food where the already-dried dogs are eating.

When I was going to comment about that, Jean suddenly raises her head.

"What?" I ask

She is looking around and frowning. And then she smiles a little.

"Follow me." She said and start walking into the garden.

We look at each other and after shrugging our shoulders we follow.

Doesn't take long for us to come across the laughs of children.

Turning around a bush wall, we met a strange situation.

There's Eidolon and Mikhail, the ex-evil(apparently) brother of Piotr.

But Eidolon is juggling four small children of the mansion like they are balls.

Pfft. I can't help but smile at the situation.

The children look like they are having fun, and Eidolon has great strength and control when he puts them on the ground after seeing us. So is not dangerous.

"Long time no see..." He says with his hot guy voice.

I can feel Rogue stiffening slightly by my side.

But Jean doesn't have this problem.

"Eidolon!" She smiles broadly and advances to hug him, even kissing his covered cheek.

I noticed that Eidolon really lives up to his philosophy of "respectful distance". His hands never leave the side of his body and he just inclined forward slightly to allow Jean's kiss.

"Oy, oy, oy. Aren't they getting along too well?" Jubilee whispers in my ear

I look at them.

The distance between them is less than a step, Jean still has her hand on Eidolon's shoulder and because she needs to look up, her back is a little arched and her breasts a little too forward.

She is laughing at some joke between them.

A very relaxed laugh.

A rare laugh coming from Jean.

I look to my side. To Rogue...

She is frowning her brows and pursing her lips slightly to the scene.


Drama incoming...

(End of The chapter)


Extra: A glimpe into the future

It looks just like a normal two-story house in the suburbs of a quiet town.

But the residents are far from normal.

In the Kitchen, the mother is occupied making Dinner. Even if she can imply snap her fingers and be done with it. She still prefers to do these things properly.

Using a blue apron over her red shirt and grey leggings, Wanda Carvalho, née Maximoff was proving the sauce when she felt her husband appear in the kitchen.

"Dear..." She smiles while greeting her husband. But then admonishes him "You should use the door, you're giving a bad example to the boys." She says while he walks to her and kisses the top of her head.

Her husband is literally the most handsome man in existence "to the humanoid's standards" he always adds when someone compliments his appearance.

Hector is taller than most, with a chiseled jaw, deep blue eyes, and soft and shiny black hair. He is using a somewhat tight long sleeve black shirt that really doesn't hide his muscles and blue pants. Really casual.

He retreats to lean on the dinner table while taking an apple that is golden.

Wanda frowns a little while still working on the food... "How was your day?" She asks

"The same, the same... Nothing happened with the Multiverse, I just need to exist to keep those people in place." He says casually throwing the apple high in the air before catching and taking a bite.

"I see..." Wanda then bends over a little to take an ingredient on the kitchen counter.

"..." Hector continues to eat his apple in silence.

'Weird...' Wanda thinks 'He hasn't slapped my ass...'

She remembers when she complained before, he replied that is his "right and duty", and he plans to exert it.

"Did something happen?" She asks while frowning. 'Is he in a bad mood?'

"Nope. *Crunch*" he answers nonchalantly giving another bite of the apple.

"..." Wanda tries to shrug it off like she doesn't care but this is eating her inside.

This time she goes to check the kitchen cabinet, literally sticking her legging-clad ass in Hector's Direction.

*Crunch* Again, he is unfazed.

She can't take it anymore. She raises herself up.

"Okay, what's happening?" She turns aggressively to her husband and crosses her arms.

"He stops mid-bite "...What?"

"You haven't slapped my butt. You always slap my butt!" She says

He looks at her and finishes his apple before finally answering "You are really hard to understand... When I do it you always protest with 'Not here, dear!', and glares and pinches my hand."

"...Yes. But, is not like I want you to stop..." She says weakly

Hector rolls his eyes "Women... I finally understand you, my love. Relax, I will not slap your butt in situations like that ever again. Boundaries and decency are important... Thanks for teaching me." He smiles righteously.

"..." Wanda has no answer to that. "Whatever, do what you want." She gives another standard dangerous answer of women.

She turns again to the food.

'Maybe he spent time with the others... Or maybe he does not find me attractive anymore...' Wanda thinks a little down.

While she is lost in thoughts...


Hector's two hands meet her bubbly buttcheeks very strongly.

"Kyah.!" She yelps a little at the sudden sensation.

"Do you really believe that? So innocent... I need to be crazy to not exact my rights!" While keeping one hand mauling her butt, another goes to Wanda's front to bring her in a hug.

He whispers and bites her ears lightly, before kissing her neck and sniffing her hair "The day that I don't do that, you can kill me that I can only be an imposter." He jokes while trailing kisses on her neck and face.

Is impossible for an imposter to take Hector's place, all his wives have a connection with him gained through many "Harem management" perks so they will never be tricked, and because of this the thought of this not being the real Hector never crossed Wanda's mind.

"Dear~ Hng~ Not here... The kids and... ahn~" She protests, very weakly and unconvincing because one of her hands goes to his nape to bring him even closer and the other meets her husband's hand that is toying with her breasts.

Turning their faces, they kiss.

Wanda loves the feeling of these familiar hands, lips... and now tongue giving her pleasure. Loves to feel her husband's hunger and lust for her.

She doesn't resist when Hector turns her around and pins her against the kitchen counter, pressing their bodies tightly together.

His right hand goes to her head of brunette hair while the other snakes under the waistband of her leggings and panties to squeeze her bare ass.

She moans in his mouth while his hand mercilessly kneads her firm and soft butt like dough, his fingers dangerously close to her backdoor.

Her hands are not idle either. Going to his hair, scratching his back, squeezing his pecs, trailing through his abs, and finally landing on his crotch.

There, she found the dick that she knows very well already, half-mast. And with a quick and skillful work of her hand through his length, she brings his member to full glory.

This time, she is the one that moves him, exchanging places. Putting her husband back against the counter she goes down in a squat on her heels, smiling while looking up at him, she releases his cock from his confines. Even at its normal size, is bigger than her forearm.

She pumps it skilfully while asking "So hubby~ Which of your other women have you been with today?"

He laughs "Why do you want to know?" He raises an eyebrow

"Nothing much... just to know..." She shrugs while landing kisses on all of his length.

Hector has a big harem, a really big harem.

Wanda herself doesn't even met all of them. And she doesn't care. She loves him and is enough. And all others love him too, so work somehow.

Some work with him, live with him, always close.

Some live separately, like Wanda. And to take it some extreme, there are some that live in their home universe.

They do what they want, normal lives, pursue power, adventure, research of magic or science, rule or simply laze around.

Wanda is good friends with many of his women, there are some that she is not on good terms, but is not like they will fight.

So no, she is not jealous, but there's a competitive spirit in her. She wants to do better than others in pleasing the love of her life.

"Hm... Well, I pounded Anissa in her place early today. She asked me to breed her, but I denied it." His talk makes Wanda work faster with her hand

"I went to other universes too. I visited Qianye Ying'er... You know how clingy she is, so I used time dilatation to spend days with her..." Wanda massages his balls with the other hand

"Visited Esdeath in the hellscape dimension to give her a pause in all that slaughter that she loves so much and give her real love." Wanda goes even faster and starts to lick the tip of his cock.

"And then went to talk with Selene about magic research. We ended up fucking like demons too... Is this that you want to know?" He smirks at her, passing a hand through her brown locks

"Hum~ So today is the day that you visit you psychotic crazy women, Hector? I'm the last of the list on your little trip?" She raises her eyebrow accusatory at him, but never stopping her work with his member.

"Hahaha." He can't resist and throws his head back to laugh. "Yes and no... I decided to end the day visiting my lovely wife to spend some quality normal time with her. To relax and charge my batteries." He says while caressing her hair.

"Hmpf." She scoffs while her tongue runs on the side of his cock. "You always know what to say, huh?"

"Is easy when I only say the truth to you." He answers easily

She scoffs again.

'Is not for nothing that so many women love this guy' She thinks. 'Even Jean one day said that if he put a little effort there's no woman with emotions that he can't conquer.'

Normal people, heroes, villains, demons, gods, dragons, vampires, aliens, and other types of races. His harem has a lot of diversity.

And even someone Like Selene Galio ended up on it!

Selene Galio is not much well-liked by some of the others, even if Wanda has nothing against her.

But her first impression was... troubled.

She and Hector, Eidolon, started as enemies. They fight each other sometimes. Hector even killed her...

But she came back. And did not want to fight again.

She boldly declared that wants to be at his side.

Hector laughed in her face and said that would not fall into a honey trap.

But the woman is obstinate.

She always wanted Hector's powers to herself, when she figured out that is impossible to win against him... She tried to join him.

"It's not a trap, my dear..." She said to him many years ago "I know that I can't trick you. So I will love and respect you truthfully. If I can't have everything alone I want to have it by your side. And I know that to do this, I can't fake my feelings, so my only option is... love you truthfully and entirely. Is the first step that I have taken" She approached and passed a finger in his sharp jaw "But you make it so easy to love you..." She smiles at him.

Hector can only look at her strangely, and he simply turns around and went away. But the fact that he hadn't killed her on the spot is proof that she truly starts to love him.

Selene great scheme where the first victim is herself.

Years passed. She patiently waited, helping him without asking anything... Helping in the events of Necrosha and the establishment of his nation.

Always there. By his side. Silently... Not forcing anything,

Hector never lowered his guard against her, he is cautious like that.

But eventually... eventually...

She snaked her way into his heart and stole a spot for herself.

Even Hector was impressed. And he could only smile resigned when he finally accepted her as a lover.

Shego said that was the dark lipstick and his fetish in goth girls.

But Hector is not dumb, he has his means to know if she is lying or faking it... If he accepted her, she truly loves him.

In the end, Selene Galio is now one of his greatest supporters. She is prideful, but even her pride changed a little... She has pride in having Hector. 'Her greatest achievement...' She said

They have a weird relationship, where Hector controls her to not go around consuming planets and universes to increase her power. She is the type that only cares about him and nothing more.

One day she asked for a universe herself, but Hector denied it. So they made a bet.

The two would reincarnate in a world of swords and magic. Selene would be the Demon King and Hector the Chosen Hero.

No memories and no powers of out that universe. They need to play with what they have in hand.

If Selene wins she gains her pocket universe. If Hector wins she needs to be obedient for 5.000 years.

Plot twist: During the time there. They ended up falling in love again. The Hero discovered the generic troupe that he was being used by the royal family and married the Demon King and then they conquered the world and ended the discrimination between humans and demons.

50 years in that world without killing themselves, the countermeasures of Hector activated and they returned, not even a second passed here.

When the sealed memories returned they laughed, and look even more in love now.

The bet ended up in a draw. She received her Universe, but she needs to share her control with Hector and follow some rules.

After that bet is normal for some of his women to take him on "life time" vacations.

Back to Wanda...

"My poor Hubby~ Works so hard... Let your wife help you relax~" She says sultrily.

She aims the cockhead to her face and opens her mouth wide, rolling her tongue off her mouth to make space, she is ready to engulf everything with her throat.


But their eyes widen slightly at the same time.

Faster than the eyes could see they move to become presentable again. Hector leaning on the table and Wanda cooking.

A second later, what they noticed arriving with their cosmic senses finally enter the kitchen.

" "Dad" " Two young voices shouts at the same time.

Billy and Tommy fly and run to their Father, respectively.

Billy, Wiccan, is flying while emitting starlight from his hand and goes directly to hug his Father and Tommy, Speed, is running at incredible speeds around the kitchen, streaks of lightning accompanying his every move.

"What I said about powers inside?!?" Wanda asks sternly

Tommy finally settle in hugging his father's legs to Shield himself from his mother's ire. Billy is already in his father's arms.

"Let the boys play with their powers, is help with control..." Hector defends them "But if you guys break anything... Know that there will be punishment. Be responsible." He warns afterward.

The two children nod solemnly before Hector let the serious mask slip off his face and starts asking how was their day.

Wanda stays there, watching her most loved boys talk with each other, between hugs and kisses on the cheek and forehead. And she feels very blessed.

While seeing Hector carrying the two troublemakers to the living room while Tommy tells him how she hadn't let him paint his hair, she notices Hector discreetly gazing at her...

A shiver runs down her spine, settling in her lower region. That gaze is full of promises of how the night will go on because of the interruption.

She decides to focus on finishing the dinner and plans for the children to go to sleep early tonight.

"Mother..." While she is focused she hears Tommy calling her at the side.

"What's it, sweetie?" She asks her speedster son

"You're a hypocrite." He declares strongly and full of the righteousness that only a child can have.

"What?" She asked perplexed, already preparing to give him an earful and a grounding.

"You didn't let me paint my hair, but you... You painted your hair in your youth. Father showed me the Picture." And then he shows her the picture of her young self on his holo tablet.

In the picture, a young Wanda with hair tinted black and red on the side.

"HECTOR!" How can he show this embarrassing past to her children??

Wanda's eyes glow Scarlet, and the sky follows suit. The world starts to deform itself like is being stretched by an invisible power.

"That's it... I just need to erase this dark past... Definitely" She says while her hands start glowing too.


In the Living Room

While Hector is sitting on his chair with Billy on his lap, Tommy arrives dast and shouts "Dad, Dad! Mother is altering the fabric of space and time again!!" He snitches on her but is unnecessary.

Hector already knows.

He sighs tiredly... 'This is the price for a harem. Huge harem, huge problems' He thinks.

His eyes started glowing to match Wanda's, but his shine white.

"*Sigh* Here we go again..."

(End of the Extra) Non-cannon

For now...


A.N.: Hello there.

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But with the progression of the story, would take a long time to write.

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Is easy to imagine this future of Hector/Wanda.

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