Marvel: Starting in Knowhere

Jack was sucked into an unknown vortex and ended up in Knowhere. To his surprise, he was the protagonist of his favorite game that the devs never completed, and made countless remakes only to abandon them later. Now, he got a chance to play that game in real life and do everything according to his choice, plus its Marvel universe, girls and harem are a must, but then the System popped up with quests and rewards. Complete quests, and get rewards. A simple system without any need for tracking attributes and all. [Don't copy, translate, or make audiobooks with my work] **** [The game's name: Big Brother, renpy game] [Heavily focused on Slice of Life and OC for the first half] [MC won't be going to Earth for the first part] **** Cover Picture is AI-generated. So, unless that AI tells me to remove it, I won't remove it.

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[A few hours later...]

After talking to Rosia, I got a general idea of why my quest wasn't progressing. The reason was simple, there are other forms of weapons than the ones we use. For example, ships' weaponry, automated turrets, deployment, mines, etc. Those weapons' knowledge books can't be easily found anywhere because experienced professionals write specific books on that particular weapon type. Besides, in the world of technology, very few hard-covered books are available, the rest are all in digital or hologram format.

But, in her bookstore, Rosia has a whole section dedicated to weapon-related books. This store is my only choice for completing this quest. 

"I'll take them all," I bought 70 books and a couple of digital e-books for 10,000 credits. Damn, they are so expensive. I checked my inventory, well, I still have only 10k Credits. I need to find a way to earn more money. 

"Damn, boy. This is the biggest purchase anyone has ever made in my store," Rosia said as she scanned the items with a terminal.

"Well, can't help, can I? It's the only way to achieve my goal..."

"Goal? What can you achieve just by reading these books? I doubt you will even understand half the concepts in them." Rosia laughed.

"Ah! I guess I will have to show you someday what I'm talking about," I responded jokingly as I fiddled my ring with my fingers.

"Well, I'll wait here till then," She smiled with a seductive wink as she pressed her arms together, making her boobs bulge. Fuck! Such a tease...

While she was processing the books, Lisa was sitting in the corner, reading a comic book.

After finishing the process...

"Jack, follow me inside. I got something for you," Rosia said as she walked out of the counter and stood before me. Her palm was on my crotch. Wtf?! I didn't expect this! Then she walked past me, "Don't make me wait."

I glanced toward Lisa. She was focused on her book. Rosia's arm was touching my crotch. This woman... She was actually teasing me the whole time by leaning on the counter and pressing her side boobs with her arms. Damn... I could tell where it was going if I wasn't having second thoughts about fucking a woman I hardly know. If I was my normal horny teenage self, I would have said "Fuck it" and had some fun.

Rosia turned around and licked her lips before going inside the back room. 

Damn it! Who am I kidding, I'm already hard from thinking about it. 'Fuck it and have some fun.' Let's have a quickie.

My body was doing it on autopilot. "Lisa, stay and read some comics. I'll check out some more books inside."

"Uh huh... Okay..." She is so cute when she agrees to everything like this. She could have asked me "What kind?", "Why?", or something like "When are you coming out?", she didn't even pay attention to us, totally focused on her books and that was good.

I followed Rosia inside. She closed the door behind us and instantly grabbed my crotch. She pushed me to the door and moved her lips so close to mine. I can smell the sweet scent of her lip-gloss, her hands undid my trousers, and soon her fingers wrapped around the shaft of my throbbing cock and caressed my tip with her thumb, spreading the pre-cum around the head, my pants were halfway down, exposing my erect length.

God! This feels so fucking good.

I tried to lean in for a kiss, but she pulled her face back with a sly smirk.

"Not so fast, stud," Rosia pressed her tits to my chest. I could smell her perfume over the bookish musk she had all over her and it felt nice. She looked at my cock, "Never imagined you had such a big cock hiding in here..." She teased me. "Handjob or footjob, choose one," She whispered in my ears while stroking my dick gently with her hands. 

Fuck! As much as I would have liked to go with a handjob, I don't want her weapon hands to grab my cock. No, thank you.

"Footjob..." I chose instantly.

"Good choice..." Rosia smirked.

She pushed me to sit on a nearby chair. Then she removed my trousers completely exposing my lower body completely.

"Wait here. I'll clean my feet first," Rosia ordered me as she went to the washroom connected to the backroom.

She came back after a few minutes wearing nothing but lingerie. Holy Shit! Her body looks amazing in that red lingerie. I almost drooled at the sight of her sexy body. Rosia walked toward me slowly with swaying hips. That high knee transparent stocking coupled with the garter belt looked so hot on her. Fuck! I'm getting harder every moment I watch this beautiful woman walk toward me.

She pulled a table and sat on it. Then placed her feet on my hard cock.

"Umm~ I can feel it throbbing against my soles..." Rosia smirked at me.

"You look so damn sexy in that lingerie..." I praised her without holding back.

"Hehehe~ You like it?" Rosia smiled seductively, "Let me tell you something interesting..." She began to rub my cock with her feet, "This lingerie belonged to my ex..." She told me with a mischievous smile.

Holy shit! How is that supposed to turn me on? Wait! Does that mean... Ugh~! Fuck!

"You are a lesbian?!" I blurted out in surprise.

Rosia giggled hearing my question, "Yes, I am... Why? Does that bother you?" She stroked my cock faster.

"No, not at all," I denied instantly, "Lesbian girls turn me on..." I admitted shamelessly. "You know how gently they touch each other as if they are so delicate and all as compared to men, who grope and rough up women..." I explained while moaning.

Rosia smirked hearing me moan. She increased her pace even more. Damn! Her feet feel so good around my cock. Fuck! I'm gonna cum soon if she keeps going like this.

"That we do. But lately, I'm thinking of exploring my sexuality further. And guess what? You are my first male conquest..." She confessed playfully.

"Glad to be of service..." I leaned back on the chair and enjoyed her footjob.

"Hehehe~ I like someone who knows what they want and are direct with their intentions..." Rosia praised me while massaging my balls with her toes.

Fuck! I'm reaching my limit.

"I'm close," I warned Rosia.

"Come on stud, cum for me~" She urged me on by rubbing my cock faster with her feet. 

This feels so freaking awesome. The pressure inside me built up more and more until it finally released itself. Semen splashed all over Rosia's legs and feet. Some drops landed on her stomach, but she didn't care about it at all. She kept on rubbing my cock even faster.

"Argg!" I groaned loudly in pleasure. "Fucking hell!" I cursed as semen kept spurting out of my cock nonstop.

"Hehehe~ Your semen is so thick and sticky..." Rosia commented as she scooped some with her toes and tasted it, "Mm~ Tasty~" She licked her toes clean.

Damn! That's so hot! She is freakishly flexible. The way she licked her toes clean using that long tongue of hers turns me on so much.

"I'm glad you liked it," I thanked her with a satisfied smile.

Rosia chuckled hearing me say that, "Stud, if you tell a single word about this to your sister or anyone, I'll chop your dick and feed it to dogs..." She threatened me seriously.


"Of course not! I promise I won't tell her or anyone about this..." I smiled awkwardly. I wasn't going to tell anyone anyway, but now I definitely won't tell anyone after hearing that threat. Damn! Lesbian girls scare me sometimes.

Rosia smiled hearing me agree to her condition, "Good boy~" She rubbed my cock gently with her feet once more before getting up from the table. She walked over to the desk and pulled out a tissue box. "So, how about we make a deal now?"

"A deal?" I took the box from her and cleaned my cock with tissues.

Rosia nodded, "Since you bought a lot of books from me today, how about I lend you some whenever you want? Sounds good?" She offered while wiping the semen off her stomach with tissues.

"And in return..." I trailed off, waiting for her condition.

"In return..." Rosia threw the dirty tissues into the dustbin and looked at me with a perverted grin, "You come here whenever I call you... I want you to become my man."

Huh?! Wha-Why? We just met today and I thought that footjob was just an extra reward. But, become her man? This is turning out to be more complicated than I expected.

Seeing my dumbfounded face Rosia laughed, "Relax stud, I'm not asking you to marry me, yet. I just want sex whenever I call you. I don't care if you fuck around with other girls. I just want your cock. I know it sounds stupid and unbelievable, coming from a lesbian, but trust me, I can satisfy your sexual desires ten times better than any girl you might end up sleeping with..." She explained confidently.

Well... That sounds tempting.

"And you won't kill me if I decline?" I asked cautiously.

"Of course not. I'm not that crazy," Rosia rolled her eyes hearing me ask that. "You can always decline anytime you want..." She assured me calmly.

I see...

"Why me?" I asked curiously.

Rosia smirked hearing me ask that, "Because you are handsome and have a big cock..." She walked over to me and pressed her knees against my cock, "And you are special. You see, I'm a mutant and my eyes can see one's future potential. And yours is enormous. Trust me, stud... Being my man will benefit you a lot in many ways... I can give you everything you want to get you stronger. But, in return, I want to be your girl and you will be my man..." She explained seductively while rubbing her knees against my cock.

Future potential? Huh?! That sounds intriguing. But I need more proof...

[Ping!] Huh?!


Accomplishment found- Mutant Conqueror > Pending...

Reward(s): Access to the Nova Corps database...


I'll be damned... Access to Nova Corps database? Wow! This is huge...

"Alright, let's make a deal..." I agreed immediately. I don't think Rosia will harm me or Lisa anyway. But let's go along with her for now till I get stronger. Then we will see who controls who...

Rosia smiled hearing me accept her deal. "Great! Now wear your pants. Lisa might come looking for you..." She patted my cock gently before walking away to pick up her dress.


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