Marvel: Starting in Knowhere

Jack was sucked into an unknown vortex and ended up in Knowhere. To his surprise, he was the protagonist of his favorite game that the devs never completed, and made countless remakes only to abandon them later. Now, he got a chance to play that game in real life and do everything according to his choice, plus its Marvel universe, girls and harem are a must, but then the System popped up with quests and rewards. Complete quests, and get rewards. A simple system without any need for tracking attributes and all. [Don't copy, translate, or make audiobooks with my work] **** [The game's name: Big Brother, renpy game] [Heavily focused on Slice of Life and OC for the first half] [MC won't be going to Earth for the first part] **** Cover Picture is AI-generated. So, unless that AI tells me to remove it, I won't remove it. ---- Support link: www.patreon.com/UnknownMaster [14-15 chs] Support Link [In Progress]: https://subscribestar.adult/unknownmaster

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[2 days later]

It's a holiday, yay! No school... Is what I would have liked to say, but unfortunately, some space pirates invaded Knowhere taking advantage of the weakened Guardians. So yeah, Knowhere was attacked, and it's all over the news. I can hear the sound of bombardment even from my house.

According to the news, the Nova Corps is sending reinforcements to drive out the space pirates.

Anyway, while everyone was busy watching the news and panicking over the attack, I was sitting on my bed reading more books on weapons to complete that quest. The thing is no matter how many books I read and absorbed their knowledge, there was no progress. I'm getting stronger. I can feel it, but the quest notification isn't popping. So, I needed more books, but I didn't know where I could find more advanced weapons books.

I tried to find it online, but there's a limit to what I can buy with the credits I have right now. I can't be hasty and blow it all at once. Besides, buying advanced books online is dangerous because there are chances that they might be fake, and I don't want to risk that.

So, I need to find another source where I can get the books, but where? I've read whatever could find in Library and School. So, where else could I find books about advanced weapons? I think it's about time I explore Knowhere properly. Maybe I'll find something in the market. But that will have to wait till this fight is over.

3 hours later...


Space Pirates Defeated!!!

Nova Corps wins!!!

After 3 hours, the battle finally ended with Nova Corps' victory. According to the news, there have been very few casualties but other than that the pirates suffered a crushing defeat. Nova Corps killed most of the pirates while arresting some of them. After capturing the space pirates, they left Knowhere taking the captured pirates with them while leaving behind the dead bodies to be disposed of by Knowhere officials.

Ok, time to go out. I put on my jacket and jeans and as I walked out of my room, I noticed some voices coming from Alice's room. I tip-toed towards her room quietly. Thanks to my adaptability, my stealth is out of the charts. I peeked in through the keyhole.

Alice was lying on Mom's lap, butt naked and Mom was spanking her ass with a paddle. Holy shit! Alice moaned loudly as Mom delivered a smack to her bare ass. Damn! Mom finally decided to listen to me and punish her for not doing her chores or maybe her studies, who knows? Good job Mom, keep spanking that slutty ass!

Now, I look like a creep, peeping through a keyhole. From what I can see through this small hole, Alice's face looks more like a moaning slut than the usual cold-hearted bitchy expression she carries around. She's enjoying it. Seeing Alice's slutty side kinda makes me horny. Fuck! I wish I could join them instead of standing here like a creep.


I stood up and fixed my boner, hearing footsteps coming from the stairs. It must be Lisa. I pretended to be normal and walked down the stairs.

"Hey, Lisa," I stopped before her in the mid-stairs. Huh?! "Wait a sec..." I wiped the chocolate syrup from the corner of her lips and licked my finger. Mm... Chocolate syrup! "Sorry, you had chocolate syrup on your lips..." I looked into her eyes. Dang! She's blushing, holy shit!

"Thanks..." Lisa smiled shyly, "Uh... Are you going out somewhere?" She asked me awkwardly while trying to hide her blush.

"Yeah, I'm going to the market," I replied, "Wanna come along?"

Lisa nodded happily.

"Well, ask for Mom's permission. She's in Alice's room," I added.

Lisa nodded and ran upstairs excitedly. Wow! She's really happy to spend some time with me. But my innocent sister, you are in for a treat in Alice's room. Hahaha! I wonder what kind of face they will make when Lisa barges in on them. Alice will be so fucking humiliated. Eh! Whatever. I went downstairs and sat down on the couch waiting for Lisa to return.

5 minutes later...

Lisa came downstairs wearing a black dress that reached just above her knees with frilly sleeves and a collar. She looks so adorably cute.

"So..." She began to fiddle her finger. Ah! I love her shy nature so much! "Mom said okay," Lisa smiled cutely. Damn! She's so adorable!

"Well, then, let's go..." I made my way toward the garage. Lisa followed me behind, "By the way, you look gorgeous in that dress," I complimented Lisa making her blush again. Hehehe!

"Tha... Thank you!" She replied shyly. Cute!

We got into my hover bike. I started the engine and we set off to Knowhere Market.

If you are wondering where this hoverbike came from, well, it was lying in the garage for ages. So, I tweaked it and changed some parts. Now, it's an upgraded hoverbike. Dad used this bike when he was alive or so the story goes. Anyway, I restored this bike to its former glory.

Lisa hugged me tightly as I drove through the road, occasionally dodging vehicles coming our way. Lisa buried her face in my back causing me to feel ticklish. Hehehe! Her hugs always make me feel warm and comfortable. I can drive like this forever.

Knowhere Market, 10 minutes later...

The market was unusually crowded today. Must be because of that attack earlier. People are gathering here to see if everything's fine. Well, I can understand how they feel since I also felt worried during the attack.

"Wow! So crowded..." Lisa expressed her surprise as she grabbed onto my hand tightly. Ah! Her soft hands feel so good against mine.

"Yeah, let's go inside," I parked the bike in a rented space and we went inside on foot. Lisa grabbed onto my arm as we entered the market.

As we walked through the crowd, I saw some new species of alien race that I would very much like to not talk about... Maybe a little, like how that blue girl with octopus tentacles, coming out under her skirt and a human was rubbing her hand and even kissing the tentacle. Seriously man, fuck off! Who's next? That weird gray-skinned woman, covered with some purple paste? Man, fuck you too! Or that big blue-green guy, he can go get gang-banged, wherever he went, to a place far, far away, never to come near us.

It's best not to pry into people's fetishes, except if you are a masochist or have a high tolerance for weirdness. Otherwise, ignore it, I ignored it all, well not completely, I have my own weird fetishes, a bit less weird, or I hope, I never act upon them. That's something, I'm very good at and proud about.

Anyway, Lisa was having the time of her life walking through these stores with me. Unlike me, she is used to seeing aliens, so, she isn't at all freaked out by these species.

After visiting four bookstores, I was about to give up.

"Are you looking for something?" Lisa stopped in her tracks and asked me.

"I'm looking for books that relate to weapons," I answered her while I put my hand on the railings attached to the bridge we were walking on.

"Oh, then come..." Lisa grabbed my hand and pulled me into a small store.

"What's this place?" I questioned her as soon as we stepped into the store.

"Welcome to Xandar's bookstore!" A slender female voice greeted us.

The bookstore looked modern and sophisticated. The ceiling looked like an ocean; the floor seemed to have a stream of running water and the store's walls looked like a tropical jungle. What a weird place...

"Hi! Ms. Rosia, how have you been?" Lisa waved happily at the woman behind the counter. The lady waved back, showing the same excitement as Lisa.

Ms. Rosia, a human female, 27 years old, single... Ah! My handy system shows the basic information about her. Nice, nice, single and free. I wouldn't mind going out with such a beautiful woman. Black hair, green iris, average boobs... Her height and her slim build aren't so bad either.

"Ah! Lisa, it's been a while, how have you been?" Rosia asked her with a gentle smile.

"Fine, I'm always fine. I brought my big brother," Lisa introduced me.

"Hi! I am Jack," I extended my hand.

"Nice to meet you, Jack, I'm Rosia," She shook my hands with hers.

Mm... Her hands are hard and cold... Cybernetics?!

The information just popped up in my head. Both her arms are cybernetic. She lost her arms six years ago during a fight with the space pirates. She was actually one of the Nova Corps officers, but in that incident, she lost her partner and her arms, so, later she decided to quit the Nova Corps and run this bookstore. But the thing that surprised me most was the weapons built in her arms. Thanks to my info adaptation, I can tell just how dangerous those weapons can get. I've read about them before. Neutron Plasma rifles! They can take down a small fighter jet with a double shot. I better not try anything funny with her or things could go bad in a snap, and this bookstore could be my final resting place.

"Uhm! Bro..."

"Umm... Jack...?" Both Rosia and Lisa called me twice as they watched my face grow pale.

"Oh, sorry... Just admiring your cool implants," I apologized while returning myself to reality, "Those Plasma rifles must be really strong..." I trailed off, noticing my mistake a bit late. I babbled out...

"How did...?!" Rosia was a little shocked, "Are you some kind of..."

"Oh, no... Haha!" I scratched my head. "Who hasn't heard about you in Knowhere? And I read about Nova Corps cybernetic implants... So, it's just a wild guess. Do you really have weapons hidden in your arms?" I changed the topic and tried to ease the atmosphere. It's common knowledge to everyone here how powerful the implants of Nova Corps' officers are.

"Oh, curious aren't you?" Rosia smiled lightly.

"I'm researching on weapons. So, can you blame me though?" I shrugged.

"Hmm... Well, maybe I'll give you a demonstration later. But, let's come at the job at hand, shall we? Since you are researching weapons, I guess, you want some unique books or information on higher-level weaponry, am I correct?" She grinned.

"Yup!" Lisa mumbled softly.

"I got you covered..." Rosia replied with her usual calm smile.

"Wow! I thought, I have to go through hell finding some proper bookstore but looks like someone guided me perfectly here!" I complimented and patted Lisa's back.


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