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What is Marvel: Starting in Knowhere

Read ‘Marvel: Starting in Knowhere’ Online for Free, written by the author UnknownMaster, This book is a Anime & Comics Fanfic, covering R18 Fanfiction, SYSTEM Fan Fiction, WEAKTOSTRONG Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: Jack was sucked into an unknown vortex and ended up in Knowhere. To his surprise, he was the protagonist of his favorite...


Jack was sucked into an unknown vortex and ended up in Knowhere. To his surprise, he was the protagonist of his favorite game that the devs never completed, and made countless remakes only to abandon them later. Now, he got a chance to play that game in real life and do everything according to his choice, plus its Marvel universe, girls and harem are a must, but then the System popped up with quests and rewards. Complete quests, and get rewards. A simple system without any need for tracking attributes and all. [Don't copy, translate, or make audiobooks with my work] **** [The game's name: Big Brother, renpy game] [Heavily focused on Slice of Life and OC for the first half] [MC won't be going to Earth for the first part] **** Cover Picture is AI-generated. So, unless that AI tells me to remove it, I won't remove it. ---- Support link: www.patreon.com/UnknownMaster [14-15 chs] Support Link [In Progress]: https://subscribestar.adult/unknownmaster

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Author here with the usual 5 star review. You got questions, ask here. Don't troll or spam nonsense in the reviews or comments. You don't like harem, I don't care, you don't like yuri, I don't care. I've already mentioned what to expect in the first chapter. So, any comments, or reviews relating to you sharing your dislike for such topics will be deleted because you read the chapters despite the warning. Happy read.


If the author does not end up abandoning the novel, it seems to me that it will have a great future.


Don't drop pls!


Really excited about this please don’t drop


Pretty great so far not many chapters but it go future


When is the next chapter this is good an how many until the book ends


Yup , I always wanted a marvel fic with si transmigrated to space . Keep up.


I hope you pick up the pace. The updates are too slow. Other than that, everything is fine. [img=More pls][img=More pls][img=More pls][img=More pls]


Nice story. Slice of life focused with slight action I like it. Althought the updates are slow, the story makes up for it. +1 for Nebula. She deserves a good life.


I really like the story so far. Nebula deserves a good ending, give her that. And you better make that Erik's life miserable. [img=More pls[img=More pls][img=More pls][img=More pls]


Let me love u a little😊😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄....


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