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Zora, reborn in the Marvel Universe, awakens memories of a previous life as a result of activating his X-gene. He must now navigate through this new reality while knowing about the various world-ending level disasters. Mutant Ability - Mimicry: MC can copy the abilities of other mutants and superhumans through three methods. This includes physical, mental, and energy-based powers. The copied powers are retained indefinitely and can be used at will. This will be an AU with changes, just take it as one of the many parallel universes in marvel.

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Chapter 4: Anomaly

(A/N) Note : This is my first fan fiction, so bare with me. I've had a craving for a specific kind of marvel fanfic and decided to take matters into my own hands. Any helpful suggestions are welcomed. I'll try to upload 3 chapters a week. Lastly, I do not own any of the characters in this story, except my own. This is purely for entertainment. Enjoy~

(A/N: Name Change -> Do I change MC's name to Adept or keep Zora?)


Somewhere in the vast multiverse of Marvel, on a planet remarkably similar to Earth, a figure could be seen sitting at a dimly lit bar, nursing a beverage. He was the epitome of average, his presence blending seamlessly with the surroundings, leaving him unbothered by the passing patrons who were engrossed in their own affairs.

The bar itself was a modest establishment, filled with the low hum of conversation and the clinking of glasses. Neon lights flickered sporadically, casting a soft, multicolored glow over the room. The man, seemingly inconspicuous, reached for his cup to take another sip. However, this time, his hand froze just before the cup reached his lips.

Almost simultaneously, everything around him—the hustle and bustle of the bar, the faint movement of the wind outside, the hum of distant traffic—all stopped as if frozen in time. The glasses halted mid-clink, and the conversations ceased mid-sentence. The air itself seemed to hang motionless.

This phenomenon wasn't limited to this planet alone. In fact, the entire universe had paused. From the smallest of warriors engaged in battle to the most formidable cosmic beings, all stood still, caught in an eerie stasis.

Back at the bar, the man turned his head in a specific direction, his eyes appearing to pierce through the very fabric of space and time. His face registered a fleeting flash of surprise before an involuntary smile formed on his lips.

"Capable of blocking my omniscience... I wonder who this new fellow is," he murmured, his voice carrying a hint of amusement.

If anyone of significance in the multiverse were present, they would be astounded by the words that had just escaped this being's mouth. For he was the One Above All, the supreme god of the Marvel omniverse. There was nothing he didn't know, no secret he couldn't unveil.

However, now, for the first time since his existence began, this was no longer the case. He had sensed an anomaly the moment Zora had awakened with his new memories. Yet, the sensation had immediately vanished, only giving him a fleeting sense of the direction from which it had come.

An odd feeling welled up inside him, akin to excitement but tinged with a hint of paranoia. He had grown so accustomed to knowing everything, never having to worry about what the outcome might be because he knew them all. Now, however, this wasn't true. He felt something blocking his omniscience whenever he tried to get details of the anomaly.

"Living Tribunal, I want you to locate the source of the anomaly and report back," the One Above All spoke into the air, his voice rippling across the dimensions, carrying his command through the boundaries of universes.

His words reached the Living Tribunal, a being of immense power and authority within the multiverse. The Living Tribunal, an entity with three faces representing Equity, Necessity, and Vengeance, existed beyond the constraints of any single universe, his purpose to maintain balance and oversee cosmic justice.

The Living Tribunal's form shimmered with an ethereal light as he received the One Above All's command. His three faces turned in unison, each reflecting a different aspect of his complex nature. The golden face of Equity, the hooded face of Necessity, and the face of Vengeance, all aligned in agreement.

"Understood," the Living Tribunal replied, his voice resonating with a deep, cosmic authority. The words echoed through the fabric of reality, their power undeniable.

With a thought, the Living Tribunal extended his awareness, scanning the vast expanse of the multiverse for the elusive anomaly that had evaded even the One Above All's omniscience. His presence moved like a tidal wave, sweeping through galaxies and dimensions, searching for the source of this unprecedented disruption. He had to go universe by universe, manually investigating what the anomaly could be.

Nevertheless, he would find the source of the anomaly, and the balance of the multiverse would be restored.

Back at the bar, after a brief moment of eerie silence, everything gradually returned to normal. The hum of conversations picked up, the clinking of glasses resumed, and the familiar buzz of laughter and chatter filled the air once more. It was as if the brief interruption had never occurred. Patrons continued their drinks and discussions, oblivious to the cosmic disturbance that had just been set in motion.

The mysterious figure who had been there just moments before had vanished without a trace, with nobody even noticing his absence, as if he had never existed at all.


High above the ground, inside the sleek confines of the Brotherhood's aircraft, Magneto stood with a firm presence. The interior was dark, illuminated only by the glow of various control panels. His followers—Mystique, Pyro, Blob, Avalanche, and Sabretooth—sat in silence, waiting for him to speak.

"Today, I detected the birth of a powerful mutant, likely omega level," Magneto began, his deep voice echoing throughout the room. His eyes, partially concealed beneath his helmet, swept across the assembled group. "We must bring him into our ranks. Such extraordinary power is destined to be with us."

Mystique, leaned forward, her yellow eyes gleaming with interest. "Do we know anything about his abilities?"

Magneto shook his head, his expression grave. "Not much, but enough to know that he poses a significant threat or advantage, depending on where his loyalties lie."

Pyro, unable to contain his excitement, flicked a small flame between his fingers, the flickering light casting dancing shadows on the walls. "So we convince him to join us, or we take him out?"

"Convincing would be preferable," Magneto replied, his eyes narrowing with determination. "But we must be prepared for any outcome. We cannot allow Charles to sway him to his cause."

The aircraft they were aboard began its descent, the Brotherhood's signature black and silver jet slicing through the clouds with precision. Below, the sprawling campus of Collins Men Preparatory Academy came into view, the football field a stark contrast to the surrounding urban landscape. Magneto's gaze sharpened as he spotted the X-Jet already on the ground, its sleek, futuristic design unmistakable.

"It seems Charles and his X-Men had the same idea," he muttered, a hint of disdain in his voice. He turned to his team, his presence exuding authority and confidence. "Prepare for a confrontation. We will not let this mutant slip through our fingers."

As the Brotherhood's jet landed with a soft thud, the ramp lowered, and Magneto led his team out, the cold morning air whipping around them. The field was eerily quiet, the tension palpable. Across the way, the X-Men disembarked from their jet, led by Professor Xavier in his hovering wheelchair, flanked by Cyclops, Jean Grey, Wolverine, Rogue, and Storm.

Xavier's eyes met Magneto's, a mixture of concern and resolve in his gaze. "Erik," he called out, his voice amplified by a telepathic push. "We don't have to do this."

"On the contrary, Charles," Magneto replied, his voice carrying over the field. "This young mutant's power is too great to be left in uncertain hands."

Cyclops, visor gleaming, stepped forward, his stance protective. "We're not here to fight. We're here to ensure his safety."

"Safety under your control, Scott," Magneto retorted. "Safety that ensures he remains a pawn in your dream."

Before the conversation could continue, a figure appeared at the edge of the field, hovering a few feet above the ground.

Zora had arrived, his presence commanding immediate attention from both factions as he observed them.

The second he appeared on the football field, he sensed that he could copy the powers of everyone present through proximity. Which he immedietly did.

As he glided over, Zora could feel his body slowly transforming and growing stronger by the minute.

A special thing that he noticed, was that with each new ability he copied, his overall base strength increased as well as the potency of the abilities he already had.

For example, his telepathy was now three times as strong as when he first got it.

Zora no longer felt even remotely threatened by the two groups. Though, he had no true combat experience, his subconcious told him that he could easily overpower everyone here with brute force.

He descended slowly, touching down on the grass with the grace of someone who was fluent with their powers. His eyes met those of Charles Xavier and Magneto, not flinching in the slightest.

A few hours ago, he had been a normal person. Now, however, he was face to face with some of the most powerful beings on this planet.

Yet, he felt no nervousness or fear.

Xavier, always the first to speak, began with a warm smile. "Welcome, Zora. We are the X-Men. I am Professor Charles Xavier, and these are my students," he said, gesturing to the group behind him. "I apologize for the intrusion before, it wasn't my intention to invade your privacy.

If you join us, we can help you understand and control your powers, giving you a place where you belong."

Magneto, not to be outdone, scoffed and interrupted. "Don't listen to his words, Zora. Xavier preaches peace, but his methods are ineffective and hypocritical. He cannot be trusted to protect our kind." He stepped forward. "I am Magneto," he said. "Join my Mutant Brotherhood, Zora. Your powers are extraordinary, join me, we can help ensure our survival and make a difference in the treatment of mutants. We can reshape the world to respect and fear us, we can have a future where mutants are no longer oppressed."

Zora listened, his expression unreadable. Honestly, despite the personal gripes he had with the two. He had to respect the fact that they had stood up and fought for their kind. The determination was commendable, even if the methods weren't. Still, this wouldn't change or alter his answer. He had already made a decision.

"I know very well who you all are.... I'm not interested in joining either of you."

"Your methods are flawed. Xavier, like Magneto said, you preach peace, but your actions often lead to more conflict. Magneto, you may think your helping mutants, but your violence only breeds more hatred." Zora spoke.

The field fell silent, the gravity of his's words sinking in. Both Xavier and Magneto were taken aback by the young mutant's confidence and boldness.

"You misunderstand," Xavier began, but Zora cut him off.

"No, I understand perfectly," Zora replied. "I've seen enough to know that neither of you has the right answer. I will forge my own path, one that actually helps our kind."

Magneto's eyes narrowed. "You dare reject our offer?" His tone was icy, a clear threat underlying his words. "Do you understand the consequences of standing alone?"

Before Zora could respond, Pyro stepped forward, fire dancing eagerly on his fingertips. "Let me teach him a lesson, Magneto. A little taste of what we can do."

Zora didn't even give Pyro time to act, with a simple flick of his finger to the air, the guy was sent hurtling backwards before crashing into the dirt.

The action causing both groups to become alert.

"I have no desire to become an enemy of either of you," Zora said, his voice carrying the authority of someone far beyond his years. "But if you force my hand, I will defend myself." he continued, lowering his now raised hand. 

The air crackled with tension. Sabretooth snarled, his claws flexing, ready to pounce. Mystique's eyes shifted, calculating the best approach. But it was Magneto's raised hand that held them back.

Xavier glided forward, his tone conciliatory. "Zora, we only want to help. We can guide you, ensure your powers are used for the greater good."

Zora shook his head. "Your intentions might be noble, but your methods are flawed. I've seen the conflict and distress your approach creates. And you, Magneto," he turned to face the master of magnetism, "your path only leads to more violence and suffering. Neither of you are competent leaders."

Magneto's eyes flashed with anger at the insult. "You think you can stand against us? Alone?"

Zora's response was a display of raw power.

With a mere thought, he manipulated the magnetic fields around them, forcibly lifting everyone into the air and suspending them in place—both the X-Men and the Brotherhood hung helplessly, their bodies immobile.

"I don't need to stand against you," Zora said quietly, his voice steady and resolute. "But I will if I have to."

As he finished speaking, Zora released his control, causing them to plummet back to the ground. The shock and disbelief on their faces were unmistakable as they regained their footing.

In that instant, Magneto realized he had lost complete control of his own magnetic forces. No matter how fiercely he struggled, it was impossible to break free from Zora's influence. Similarly, Professor X and the other mutants found themselves utterly powerless, unable to mount any form of resistance.

He had used the copied abilities of Magneto, which were now much more powerful in his hands. His display of power was immense. Both sides, understanding that further confrontation wouldn't be wise, stared at Zora with a mix of fear and respect.

He had literally just immobilized two of the most powerful mutant groups on the planet, and didn't even break a sweat.

His potential as an ally was too significant to ignore, neither side wanted to be the first to make him their enemy.

"We respect your decision," Xavier said finally, sighing, but his tone was sincere. "But know that our doors are always open to you. We believe you could make a significant difference in our mission for peace and coexistence." He finished before turning around and hovering back towards the x-jet.

The rest of the x-men only stared for a bit before following, their emotions complicated. The words Zora spoke before had resonated with a few of them.

Magneto, though visibly displeased, gave a slight nod. "Very well, if thats your decision. But remember, the world is not kind to those who stand alone. Don't think just because you have such strength you can do everything on your own. The Brotherhood will welcome you when you finally understand this." As he finished, he too turned around, making his way back towards his jet, his followers close in tow. 

Both parties were visibly shaken and confused by Zora's display of power and could only retreat for the time being. They still weren't sure what his abilities even were. The brotherhood felt as if he had the same abilities as Magneto. The X-men, on the other hand, were aware that he also had psychic abilities, making them unable to determine what his true ability was.

Both had come, hoping to recruit a powerful new ally, but instead left empty-handed and feeling humiliated.

Each of them had a similar thought in their heads as they left, "There's no way he just awakened!"

Zora watched as both groups departed, each going their separate ways. In that moment, he had considered using his power to take care of them, right then and there. However, he reminded himself that his power would only grow with time, and there was no need to rush.

After confirming both groups had left, he removed the psychic illusion he had placed on the football field, ensuring nobody from the school approached.

He closed his eyes for a moment, feeling his body brimming with strength. The new abilities he had just acquired were finally competely absorbed by his body. 

Zora, eager to test his current power, slowly began rising into the air using the psychic force. With a thought, his body took off into the sky towards the west. Using the wind to increase his speed, Zora quickly reached hypersonic speeds.

Wanting to test his limits, he controlled the magnetic field around him to incease his speed. The next second, his body disappeared from the spot.

Seven seconds later, when he reappeared, he was already above Badlands National Park, 1600 miles from New York.


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