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Marvel: Lord Of The Omniverse


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[Mature Warning!] [Marvel x Multiverse Fanfic] ... What is the most annoying situation when you wake up in the morning? Is it the alarm you set last night? Perhaps the fact that it's Monday today? Nova Frost, in particular, would say it's none of the above two. The most annoying, and borderline infuriating thing in the morning would be to wake up in a bed that wasn't his. In a world that wasn't his. "Ah fuck, I really was transported in this shit hole? I thought it was a dream. What about my business…" Let us follow Nova Frost as he crawls his way through the shit hole called Marvel. ——— This is not purely a smut fic. the cover is there to lure in hornies like you. so anyone else who's having thoughts of not reading this coz you think it's smut, you should read. The plot is of the main MCU, but there are X-Men, Fantastic Four, and some other comic characters as well (I might even add some other characters. or you can suggest some of the characters you want inside this fic. comment them). ——— 3 chapters a week. for now. show your support, and you'll get daily updates. ——— Current (and main) World: MCU ——— The Updates for this depend on you, and on how much 'love' I receive. For now, I'll post when I want to. But you can change it to daily updates, if you show some love. --- Harem | Gore | Gray-MC | Villain-MC (In the start, he'll improve for the better) | Dark | (more will be added) --- Discord:- https://discord.gg/AFHyUQgJmf If you wish to support me: Patreon.com/Lord_Kismet


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