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Lord of the Dark Tower


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Update Daily! 9 AM PST ---------------------- Provincial Alliance, Sailport. Bairon Stewart, an unremarkable young mage, resolute in his pursuit to find a cure for his sister's terminal illness, withdrew from the Mage Guild. He ventured into the forbidden, touching upon the objects of the fallen, and embarked on an adventure into the new world. By fortuitous circumstances, he traveled extensively; In the East, he saw a pitch-black maw voraciously consuming the seawater. In the North, he heard the soft murmurs of conversation between two snowy mountains. In the South, he witnessed the pinnacle of the Tree of Life reaching for the heavens, touching the very canopy of the sky. In the West, insects from the depths of the desert conveyed to him the miraculous deeds of the divine. ---------------------- Bells echo beneath the starlit prairie, resonating in all directions. Every corner of the Röntgen Continent hears the tale of the Giant King's triumph over the Elf Queen. Mankind replaced the Elves, dominating the world. The first Giant King, Freljord Montagne, personally wielded his massive hammer, shattering the dark tower and proclaiming the end of the "Millennium Darkness." Elves and Dragons fled to the world's edges. ... Night breezes sweep through the city built of sailboats. "That's it for tonight, Evelyn. Time for bed," in a two-story building, a young man with raven-black hair gently caressed his sister's ashen cheek, a look of tenderness in his eyes. Resting by his knee was a hefty tome titled "Epic of Heroes." The greyish pallor of her face signified a terminal illness known as "Greyscale." "Brother, do Dragons truly exist in this world?" Evelyn inquired. "They do." "Where are they?" "In dreams. Good children dream of Dragons. When you wake, remember to tell me what the Dragon looked like." Blowing out the candle, Bairon Stewart put on his magus ring, a symbol of weaponry, and departed from his home. ---------------------- WSA 2023 Entry! Please show your support if you enjoy the story! How can you show your support? Gift Power Stone! 150=1 bonus chapter 200=2 bonus chapters 500=3 bonus chapters Bonus release will drop the following week!