Strange Romance with the Lord of Mafia Book

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Strange Romance with the Lord of Mafia


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Saved then kidnapped. Caged but doted. Punished but then loved. Pained but then pleasured. It all started when Juliette’s standard business trip with her father, the wealthy businessman from Gracia, was halted — no, obliterated — when he was shot down by an anonymous gunman. Realizing that the gunman was also after her life, Juliette had no other option but to run for her life. However, just as she was about to be killed, a black sedan came to her rescue, revealing the gorgeous Luca Romano inside the vehicle. While she had escaped the gunman, she was now faced with another potential criminal. Her kidnapper and savior. Luca Romano was a bearer of multiple personalities. He was known as the Golden Investor by day, and the dangerous Lord Jaguar by night. In the world of the mafia, Luca’s presence was nearly god-like, dubbed to be one of the, if not most, dangerous men in the world, infamous for his tyranny and notoriety. Hence, when Juliette was presented with a will that was left by her father, entrusting her care to Luca of all people, she was more than doubtful. Yet, Juliette had no other choice than to submit to Luca, who was a stranger to her. What will happen when circumstances pull the two together, and the flirtatious banter soon gets too tempting and desirable? Through push and pull, good and bad, sweet and sour, lust and love. Will Juliette eventually submit her heart to this dangerous man? Or will this fiery romance only thrust her further into the depths of danger?


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