Marvel: Infinite Possession

"Under the red moonlight, at the crossroads of the world, I will deliver a wonderful performance..." .... When Ryan wakes up in the unfamiliar yet familiar world of Marvel, he finds himself with a System which gives him character cards which gives him the ability to transform or gain ability of the said character. In short, this is a story of constantly changing bodies in the superhero world.

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MUP: Chapter 141. Lucky Luke

As the sound of his voice fell ...

In the next second, Shishio wielded his blade and slashed at Matt and the others.

At the sight of the grotesque figure, Luke Cage frowned. Without hesitation, he stepped forward and raised his arms, standing in the way.

Clank --

The blade struck Luke Cage with a crisp sound. The sharp edge of the blade couldn't even leave a single red mark on his body.


The strange sensation from his hand brought out a slight look of surprise on Shishio's face, but then it turned into a maniacal laugh, "Interesting! Let me see if you can still do that with fire!"

With that, Shishio waved the blade in his hand while shouting, "Fire Bearing Spirit God!"

As the skill was unleashed, Shishio's katana burst into flames and slashed toward Luke Cage.

Feeling the searing heat from the katana, Cage subconsciously frowned; although he wasn't afraid of flames, he was still instinctively reluctant to get too close to the fire. Hastily raising both hands, he clamped the blade in a deadly grip while applying force with both hands to break the katana.

"Luckily, I took off my clothes ahead of time."

Noticing the movement in Cage's hands, Shishio quickly withdrew his weapon.

The katana made a harsh scraping sound against Cage's hand before breaking free.

Shishio raised his hand and touched the surface of the katana. He looked at the clear handprint that Cage had left, his face expressionless. He had managed to retrieve the weapon, but it was clear that it had received some damage.

'Sure enough, it was a bit of a stretch to threaten the Defenders with a D-level card like [Makoto Shishio] alone.'

Slightly pressing his cowboy hat down, Ryan noticed the battle between Luke Cage and [Makoto Shishio] and thought to himself. Luke Cage's superhuman strength, combined with his invulnerability, was a great counterweight to Makoto Shishio's swordsmanship. There was no effective way to do damage without any special means.

"This is the scary Jiu You, you guys keep mentioning?"

Looking at the battle between Cage and Shishio, Frank's expression was a little dismissive, "This guy doesn't look like a threat to me."

"Not the same." Danny was silent for a moment, "Lord Godless is a thousand times more dangerous than he is."

"Maybe it's because you're too weak."

Having never seen Lord Godless's power, Frank couldn't imagine how dangerous he could be. With a casual reply, he lifted his submachine gun and charged toward the Russians in front of him. He was aiming at the shady forces that had been rooted in Hell's Kitchen rather than Shishio.

Frank's move clearly acted as a signal.

The battle that had calmed down a little reheated again, descending into chaotic fighting as bullets exploded into a Russian Ross man's head.

Suddenly, the Defenders, Kingpin and the Russian, were at odds with each other.

Matt and others were forced into the fray.

Dodging a stray bullet, Bullseye took out the cards from his pocket and aimed at Cage. He didn't care if Shishio lived or died. However, he didn't want to see the Defenders achieve their goal so easily. In the previous battles, he developed a deep grudge against the Defenders.

Flicking his wrist, two sharp cards spun out of his hand.

Bang, bang --

However, before the cards had gone too far, two clear shots rang out.

The flying poker cards were then hit with unerring accuracy and fell to the ground.

Reaching down to remove his cowboy hat, Ryan, in a thick Texan accent, nodded to Bullseye.

Bullseye frowned at the sight of a man dressed in a cowboy outfit. If he remembered correctly, the other party seemed to have arrived with the Defenders.

"Who the hell are you?! You're with the Defenders too?"

"The name's Luke, from the Brotherhood," Ryan responded to Bullseye's question with a slight smile.

[Reputation points from Bullseye +40]

"The Brotherhood?" Bullseye's brow furrowed as he heard Ryan mention the name. A name he had never heard before made him wary. The cowboy, Luke, reminded him of someone who had done the same feats in marksmanship before.

"This shouldn't have anything to do with the Brotherhood! Whoever that is..."

"Sorry, but fighting evil is part of our mission." Placing his Stetson back on, Ryan replied in his lazy cowboy-like tone of voice.

"So, no discussion?"

Bullseye asked rhetorically, as Ryan clearly defined the positions of both sides. Just because Bullseye was wary of his marksmanship, it didn't mean that he was actually afraid to make a move. He had a lot of pride in his throwing ability.

"I think so."

As Ryan's words fell, Bullseye flicked his playing cards, sending them flying toward him like a mass of swirling blades. He noticed the revolver Ryan held in his hand; there was no way such an old-fashioned gun could be loaded with too many bullets. Even if he was able to knock down one or two playing cards, the others would still be able to take him down.

Looking at the flying cards in front of him, Ryan's face didn't change at all. He took out a cigarette from his jacket pocket and held it in his mouth with a calm look, then struck a match and lit the cigarette. He took a deep breath and stared silently at the cards that were coming closer and closer.

Not far away, a stray bullet from the Russians bounced off a wall and hit the cords of a distant billboard, which swayed and fell with a loud bang and a gust of wind. It landed straight on the ground, less than half a meter in front of Ryan's eyes, and blocked all of Bullseye's playing cards with precision.

[Reputation points from Bullseye +185]

Lifting his leg and pushing the billboard in front of him down, Ryan gently tugged the front tip of his cowboy hat and turned his head to look at the Defenders, whose eyes had been caught by the sudden situation. He revealed a smile, "As I said, I've always had good luck."

[Reputation points from Daredevil +120]

[Reputation points from Luke Cage +110]

[Reputation points from Iron Fist +90]

[Reputation points from Jessica Jones +145]

[Reputation points from Frank Castle +75]