Marvel: Infinite Possession

"Under the red moonlight, at the crossroads of the world, I will deliver a wonderful performance..." .... When Ryan wakes up in the unfamiliar yet familiar world of Marvel, he finds himself with a System which gives him character cards which gives him the ability to transform or gain ability of the said character. In short, this is a story of constantly changing bodies in the superhero world.

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MUP: Chapter 142. Dual Card (Part1)

[Lucky One] ...

A passive skill that came with the [Luke] character that could drastically increase the user's luck in battle, or even do as much as it did before, turning bad luck into good luck.

Unfortunately, this luck only worked during combat. The effect wouldn't just activate in daily life. It basically eliminated the possibility of Ryan exploiting a loophole through such an ability. After all, it was only a skill on a character card, which ultimately had limits. There's no way the system would leave such an obvious loophole for him to exploit.

However, the crowd was impressed by Ryan's incredible luck.

"Luck? No one could be lucky all the time!"

Recovering from the shock, Bullseye looked at Ryan, who was looking at him with ease and was still a bit overwhelmed by the situation.

Indeed, as Bullseye pointed out, [Lucky One] wasn't invincible. The luck from the ability only made Ryan a little more capable in combat and somewhat less vulnerable to his opponent's attacks. But it wasn't a case of doing nothing and winning easily.

Ryan guessed that such a blessed ability might also exist, but not until at least an A-level character.

[Lucky Luke], being a mid-level card, had partial luck at best.

With that, Bullseye pulled out a dart and threw it toward Ryan.


With a miserable scream, this time, a Russian guy, who had intruded into the battle, blocked the dart.

Raising an eyebrow, Ryan looked at the unlucky man who had fallen to the ground screaming in agony, and after a few seconds of silence for him, he then aimed the revolver he was holding at Bullseye and fired.

He didn't forget that, in addition to the passive ability [Lucky One], Luke also had the [Quick Draw] skill.


Stunned by Ryan's impressive luck, Bullseye forgot about the superior marksmanship he had previously displayed. Now, seeing his hand move, Bullseye snapped out of it and tried to dodge it, but it was obvious that Ryan was firing faster than Bullseye could have imagined. With his superhuman dynamic vision, he could clearly see that the gleaming bullet from the muzzle of the revolver hit his shoulder with unmistakable accuracy. In the next second, accompanied by blood and severe pain, he was lodged in his bone.


Gritting his teeth and covering the wound on his arm, Bullseye's expression turned grim.

With the shot to his left arm, his throwing ability, which he had prided himself on, was also affected. It reduced his combat power by at least half.

"Looks like I'll have to withdraw."

Turning his head, Bullseye looked at Shishio, who was still fighting Luke Cage. Bullseye was tempted to retreat on his own. Before he could put his thoughts into action, the next shot was fired. Accompanied by red blood, a clear bullet mark appeared on Bullseye's other arm.

With that shot, his abilities were basically nullified.

Sensing Bullseye's gaze, Ryan gently pushed his cowboy hat up. He calmly said, "Perfect balance. One left and one right."


[Reputation points from Bullseye +245]

If eyes could shoot daggers, Bullseye's gaze would have turned Ryan into Swiss cheese.

"Your next opponent is me."

Jessica, who had been watching the situation on the battlefield, noticed that Bullseye was wounded and immediately descended from mid-air. She stared at the guy who had been shot in both arms. With an unmistakable smile on her face, she challenged him. She hadn't forgotten about taking revenge for Ah Xing.

'There's no need to talk about combat ethics when dealing with evil forces. Attack him together!'

This quote crossed Ryan's mind as he saw Jessica suddenly entering the battle.

Jessica was adamant, so Ryan went along with it and relinquished Bullseye.

Looking back at Shishio, who couldn't break through Cage's defences, he subconsciously frowned but quickly suppressed the expression on his face. While exchanging fire with the Russian mafia, he secretly contemplated.

'It seems that some special measures must be taken.'

In any case, Jiu You was also a secret organisation that Ryan had devised, with a mysterious background that seemed to hide a huge conspiracy. However, if [Makoto Shishio] couldn't even handle Luke Cage with the strength that he had shown, it would really bring down the high profile that Jiu You had displayed.

So, after a moment of hesitation, Ryan decided to use some of his cards.

As a matter of fact, since unlocking the new card slot, Ryan had been experimenting with the possibility of splitting the clones to have the same ability to use two cards at the same time.

After some experimentation, he had basically established that the clones were indeed capable of overlaying the abilities of two cards.

However, due to the strength of the chakra in the clone's own body, the power of stacking two cards at the same time was clearly beyond the limit of what Ryan's current clone could withstand. In short, the effect wasn't sustainable. Even after a certain time limit, the clone would, in effect, 'blow itself up'.

This meant that there was no way to bear the ability of two cards and automatically disable the splitting ability.

Although this 'dual card' format had a significant amount of vulnerability, it wasn't a bad hand to play, especially in the current situation.

Thinking of that, Ryan no longer hesitated and opened the system to find the [Senior Brother Lau] card that he had fused before and pointed it at [Makoto Shishio], who wasn't far away. Then he saw the D-level card in the system turn into a white light that no one else could perceive and enter the clone.


Although there was no way to see what Ryan was doing with the system, Matt was keenly aware that there seemed to be a change in Shishio, who was fighting Cage. He couldn't understand it but still warned, "Cage! Look out! "

At Matt's warning, Cage instinctively reacted with caution, even though he wasn't sure why.

As the [Senior Brother Lau] card was inserted into his body, Shishio then went into overload mode. The combination of the two D-level cards' abilities undoubtedly gave Shishio a significant increase in both strength and speed. He looked up at Cage, who was looking at him with a wary look on his face. The corners of his lips rose up into a devilish grin, "I'm gonna take this seriously now."



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