Marvel: Infinite Possession

"Under the red moonlight, at the crossroads of the world, I will deliver a wonderful performance..." .... When Ryan wakes up in the unfamiliar yet familiar world of Marvel, he finds himself with a System which gives him character cards which gives him the ability to transform or gain ability of the said character. In short, this is a story of constantly changing bodies in the superhero world.

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MUP: Chapter 140. Converging Battles

Dusk, East End of Hell's Kitchen.

Shishio's demonic figure appeared, looking at the several tall and burly men in front of him who obviously looked, Russian. A chuckle as harsh as gravel escaped his lips, "So this is the Russian Mafia's territory? I hope Kingpin was telling the truth."

"You definitely won't be disappointed."

Behind him, Bullseye's eyes flickered as he coldly replied.

"What? You look like you're hiding something from me?" Looking at Bullseye behind him, Shishio suddenly leaned closer and opened his mouth to ask.

[Reputation points from Bullseye +100]

Confronted with a frightening face that was very close, Bullseye's heart sped up a few beats, and his face returned with a somewhat unnatural expression, "No, you're overthinking it."

"Actually, it doesn't matter if you have something to hide." Silently retracting his gaze, Shishio looked back at the Russians on the other side, who were already looking like enemies. Grinning and revealing a terrifying demon-like expression on his bandaged face, he said, "If I die here, it only means that I'm weak. Weak people don't have the right to keep on living."

Hearing these words from Shishio, Bullseye's expression slightly changed.

It was clear that Shishio wasn't only cruel to his enemies but to himself as well.

[Reputation points from Bullseye +55]

"Blazing Soul!

After saying that, no longer paying attention to Bullseye's reaction behind him, [Makoto Shishio] gripped the hilt of the blade at his waist with one hand, lowered himself and rushed in front of the Russians. He swung his sharp blade and made a beautiful mark in the air.

With a scream, a Russian man was split in two by Shishio's slashing blow.

"Damn it, kill him!"

At the moment, the Russians had no idea that Shishio would be the first to attack despite the fact that so many of them had gathered. Looking at his men, who had been cut in two with a pained expression on their faces, one of the Russian men, who had scars on his face and clearly looked like the leader, immediately launched a counterattack.

As he gave the order, his men raised their guns and fired.


Noticing that the Russians were attacking, Bullseye also raised his hand and gestured to his men behind him.

Shots rang out.


"Looks like we're a little late, huh?"

Arriving in the East End, Jessica frowned as she heard the sound of heavy gunfire from up ahead.

"Maybe we came just in time " In his red uniform, Matt turned his head sideways to listen to the movement on the battlefield.

"All in all, the situation ahead is certainly more dangerous than we had thought." Luke Cage listened to the fierce gunfire ahead of him and hesitantly pulled off his shirt, revealing his dark, muscular body, "If you're in danger, hide behind me if you can."

"What's with all the crap? "

Ignoring the exchange between the Defenders, Frank raised an eyebrow and picked up a bazooka from the back of his hummer. He aimed it at the battlefield in front of him.

"What are you going to do? Frank!"

The Punisher's move caught Matt's attention. As the inviter, he was aware of the extreme character of the Punisher and tried to stop it.

"Giving them a present."

Ignoring Matt's attempts to stop him, Frank grinned with excitement and pulled the trigger. With a sharp launch, the rocket sailed toward the battlefield where the Russians were.

Boom --

In the next second, a rush of flames accompanied by an explosion rang out.



Dodging the huge aftermath of the rocket blast, Shishio looked at the Russians and Kingpin's men, who had suffered a small loss in the indiscriminate blast. The expression beneath his bandages was somewhat speechless.

However, he was only a clone, and he knew the Punisher was going to launch the rocket in advance. Otherwise, when the rocket came down, with the defence powers of a mere D-level card, he wouldn't be able to survive the blast.

Although in his heart, he had a new understanding of the insanity in Frank, the cranky old man; on the surface, Ryan still maintained Shishio's evil persona, manipulating his mouth to emit a hoarse laugh, "Hahahahaha, you're all weaklings! "

"What happened?!"

Shaken by the aftermath of the rocket blast, Bullseye shook his head and looked at the situation in front of him.

At first, he suspected that this was the work of the Russians, but it was clear that many of those who had fallen before him were from the mafia group.

Soon, however, Bullseye stopped dwelling on the matter. A figure flying in mid-air provided a good answer to his question.


"You're not dead yet. That's quite some luck you have, Bullseye."

As the saying goes, enemies would always meet each other on a narrow road. When Jessica saw Bullseye, her expression changed. She gritted her teeth and said, "This time, I'm gonna see how far your luck takes you."

'Sure enough, just like Kingpin said, the Defenders would be here.' Ignoring Jessica's fury, Bullseye turned his head and noticed Matt and others approaching. He looked back at Shishio, who was still killing people.

"Shishio, the opponent you've been looking for, they're here!"

"Is that so?" Swinging his sword to sever the arm of the big Russian man in front of him and decapitating the man as he screamed, Shishio licked the corner of his mouth. He then looked at Matt and the others with an expectant gaze, "I hope you guys won't let me down."

Shishio's bandaged look and his cruel demeanour immediately caught Matt's attention. Hearing the words coming out of his mouth, Luke Cage frowned and asked after him, "You're from Jiu You?"

"That's right." Nodding without hesitation, Shishio's gaze swept over the group. His eyes then lingered on Danny for a moment, and he spoke with mockery, "I'm surprised you're still alive after meeting Lord Godless."

Shishio's remark caused Danny's expression to change, and he couldn't help but blurt out, "Where's Lord Godless? Where is he?!"

He looked over the whole scene, but there was no sign of Lord Godless.

"Lord Godless has other more important things to do," swinging his sword and cutting down someone who was blocking his way; Shishio walked toward Matt and the others, "I can deal with you all by myself."