Marvel: Infinite Possession

"Under the red moonlight, at the crossroads of the world, I will deliver a wonderful performance..." .... When Ryan wakes up in the unfamiliar yet familiar world of Marvel, he finds himself with a System which gives him character cards which gives him the ability to transform or gain ability of the said character. In short, this is a story of constantly changing bodies in the superhero world.

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Chapter 146. The Return

"As you instructed, we successfully annexed the Russian gang's territory and opened up the channels to Harlem ..."

At the top of Fisk building, Kingpin listened silently to the reports from the men in front of him.

"... All the gangs in Hell's Kitchen expressed their submission to you, Kingpin."

Sitting at his desk, Kingpin listened to his men's reports in silence. After a moment of silence, he lifted his cane and stood up from his chair, speaking in a deep voice, "It's not enough, Hell's Kitchen is too small after all. New York is my goal. In the future, all of New York will be the same as Hell's Kitchen. Everyone will only listen to one voice, my voice, Kingpin's."

Kingpin's statement was certainly arrogant, but from a realistic point of view, it was a little too cocky.

As a matter of balance, the authorities would never accept the fact that all the gangland forces in New York were concentrated in the hands of one man.

But it was clear that Kingpin was very confident about it.

And the source of this confidence was Jiu You.

"Looks like I underestimated you, Kingpin."

Lord Godless's voice came from the shadows. Then, a tall figure in golden armour stepped out and looked straight at Kingpin, expressionlessly saying, "Or maybe it's you, Kingpin, who has developed contempt for Jiu You?"

"I've never felt the slightest contempt towards Jiu You."

Looking at Lord Godless, who appeared in front of him, Kingpin lowered his head and replied in a deep voice, "I just thought, since Jiu You is so powerful, the whole world should know its name."

"Jiu You's affairs are not things you can speculate on so easily." Lord Godless raised his head and looked at Kingpin's huge body from under his golden helmet, "I already know about Makoto Shishio. Do you really think I wouldn't kill you?"

[Reputation points from Kingpin +350]

Lord Godless's words caused Kingpin's pupils to contract. He tightened the grip on his cane and forced himself to refrain from reacting too obviously.


Looking at the silent reaction from Kingpin, Lord Godless silently withdrew his gaze.

"I don't want it to happen again, Kingpin."

Feeling the intense pressure from the gaze shift away, Kingpin heaved a sigh of relief and, with a seemingly calm face, replied, "I understand."

With a light nod of his head, Lord Godless suddenly said, "Hmm, this time, there's another very important person coming."

'Another very important person? Is it someone like Lord Godless? Could it be an important member within Jiu You?' Kingpin's face changed for a moment as he noticed the tone in which Lord Godless described the other man. From the tone, he could perceive that this new person wasn't a trivial character.

Immediately afterwards, as Lord Godless' words fell, from the shadows, a man with bandages all over his body and the terrifying aura of an evil demon appeared in front of his eyes. With a demon-like grin, the man laughed maniacally, "Haha, we meet again, Kingpin!"

[Reputation points from Kingpin +475]


As one of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s top agents, Natasha was fluent in a number of foreign languages, so she could easily tell that the person behind her was greeting them in French.

Of course, that wasn't the point. The point was that the owner of the voice was quite familiar to Natasha and had even been the target of her mission not so long ago.

Pausing in her tracks, Natasha turned her head to see Master Roshi, dressed in a poncho and wearing a straw hat, smiling and greeting her.

"Long time no see. You're as radiant as ever, Natasha."

"You too, Mr Roshi." Natasha looked up and down at Master Roshi and smiled brightly as she replied, "But, Mr Roshi, I was sad when you left without saying anything." With that, Natasha's expression was suitably sad and teary-eyed, as if she was really upset by Master Roshi's unannounced departure.

Natasha's ease at changing expressions revealed her spy expertise.

"Ha-ha." In the face of Natasha's tears, Master Roshi faked an embarrassed smile before explaining, "I meant to say a proper goodbye to you, but I was in such a hurry to leave that I forgot to say goodbye."

"Master Roshi?!"

On this side, Natasha and Master Roshi interacted, while on the other side, Ryan controlled the other clone to walk over with a surprised look on his face.

"Yo, Ip Man, I'm back! "

Raising a hand in greeting to Ip Man, Master Roshi then turned his gaze to Tony, who was also standing within the martial arts hall.

Noticing Tony's pale face, Master Roshi then frowned and said, "You don't look so good."


Hearing people say the same thing about him over and over, Tony felt a little numb right now.

To the side, Ip Man added, "Master Roshi, you also noticed it."

"Of course." Nodding, Master Roshi stroked his beard. He circled around Tony and cupped his cheeks, forcing him to look left and right, "His face is pale, his qi and blood are unbalanced, and his organs are ill. Typical symptoms of poisoning, and the poison is already deep. If we do not help, I think he will die in a few days' time."

As he spoke, Master Roshi withdrew his hand and shook his head.

Seeing Master Roshi point out the situation of the palladium poisoning in his body in just a few words, Tony's desperate heart started to spark up with hope again. He had already recognised the old man in front of him as the old man who had blown Abomination away earlier, and also the immortal man Ip Man had mentioned.

Forcing down his excitement, Tony turned to Master Roshi and asked, "So... um, Master... Do you have a way to save me?"

"Of course, there's a way."

In the face of Tony's question, Master Roshi nodded without hesitation and replied casually.

He sounded like the solution to Tony's palladium poisoning was as simple as eating and drinking to him.

[Reputation points from Tony Stark +435]

[Reputation points from Natasha Romanoff +200]

After successfully giving Tony confidence with one sentence, Roshi carelessly added, "But why should I save you? I'm not even related to you."

[Reputation points from Tony Stark +550]