Marvel: Infinite Possession

"Under the red moonlight, at the crossroads of the world, I will deliver a wonderful performance..." .... When Ryan wakes up in the unfamiliar yet familiar world of Marvel, he finds himself with a System which gives him character cards which gives him the ability to transform or gain ability of the said character. In short, this is a story of constantly changing bodies in the superhero world.

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Chapter 147. Liquid Metal Robot


Kingpin looked at the familiar figure in front of him, and his expression suddenly changed.

According to his understanding, Shishio had clearly burned to ashes in the previous battle with the Defenders. 'How did he come back to life?'

"No, something doesn't make sense. You're not Shishio!"

However, Kingpin soon realised that there was something unusual about the Shishio in front of him. Although his appearance was still bandaged, and he looked like a demon, the other party didn't have the insane temperament of Shishio.

He frowned at the thought and denied it.


Seeing that Kingpin discovered the problem so quickly, Shishio smiled a little. In the next moment, his body suddenly turned into a silvery, metallic liquid in human form and reshaped into a cold man in a white uniform as Kingpin watched in shock.

[Reputation points from Kingpin +300]

"This is the liquid metal robot T-1000, manufactured and developed by Dr Chen."

Meeting Kingpin's shocked gaze, Lord Godless spoke up.

"Dr Chen? Liquid metal robot?!"

Kingpin couldn't hide his surprise when he looked at the liquid metal robot that looked exactly like a real person. He gripped his cane tightly and felt the need to reassess Jiu You's capabilities.

Jiu You was even more terrifying than he had originally predicted.


Perhaps the tone of Master Roshi's refusal was too blunt...

Not even Tony could react for a moment. The smile that had lifted at the corners of his lips instantly froze before it had time to bloom.

"Master Roshi?"

On one side, Ip Man spoke up at the right time, adopting a persuading tone.

"Right now, you're the only one who can save his life."

"No." Rejecting Ip Man's persuasion without a second thought, Roshi stretched out and yawned, replying with disinterest, "I just came back from travelling around the world, I was planning to come back and get some rest. I don't have any spare time for such things."

Hearing Roshi's capricious reply, Tony was at a loss as to what expression to use for the situation at hand.

In the past, he had always thought that his cocky and egotistical personality was obnoxious enough, but he never thought that there was another mountain above his head. This immortal in front of him was far more impressive than he was.

"Maybe, I can come back when you wake up? "

However, thinking that the person in front of him might be his only hope for survival, Tony tugged at the corners of his lips and forced a smile.

"Sure, if you can wait." Nodding at Tony's words, surprisingly, Roshi didn't reject him but looked at him with a smirk on his face.

"What's wrong?"

Noticing the odd smile on Roshi's face, Tony had a bad feeling in his heart. He subconsciously turned his head to look at Ip Man and asked.

Looking at Tony's uneasy gaze, Ip Man's face revealed a bitter smile as he said, "As an immortal, Master Roshi sleeps a little longer than the average person, so ..."

"A little?" The uneasiness in Tony's heart grew stronger.

Roshi: "Actually, it doesn't take too long. I could wake up in less than a month or two."

"Two months?!"

'By that time, my funeral would be all done, and even the grass on my grave would already grow.'

Hearing Roshi's reply, Tony was completely silent.

Natasha had been silently observing the conversations in the martial arts hall, gathering information about Peng Lai.

Roshi's unexpected reply was somewhat a surprise to Natasha. She needed to properly assess the impact of Master Roshi's return on S.H.I.E.L.D. and on New York. After all, the previous battle with Abomination had given Natasha a good idea of the formidable power that was hidden beneath the skinny body in front of her.

However, the most important task at the moment was to restore Tony's health to normal.

With that in mind, Natasha then ruffled her hair and curled her mouth in a flirtatious gesture, "Mr Roshi..."


As Natasha's voice sounded, Tony could clearly see that the expression on Roshi's face had instantly changed from his original look of disinterest towards him to a spirited one.

"What's the matter, Natasha? "

Carrying the briefcase to Roshi, Natasha winked at Tony and then turned back to look at Roshi with a smile on her face and gently asked, "Are you sure you can save Mr Stark from palladium poisoning?"

"Of course." Roshi's attitude toward Natasha and Tony were completely different. He quickly nodded and replied without thinking, "Although the poison is serious, it's only for mortals. Peng Lai has a number of solutions that can help cure him of the poison in his body."

"Is that right? Mr Roshi... since you have a solution, why don't you help Mr Stark? "

At Roshi's answer, Natasha subconsciously raised an eyebrow. However, she then restrained her expression. Still smiling, she took Roshi's hand and leaned forward. In fact, this wasn't just for Tony's sake. S.H.I.E.L.D. needed to use him to find out more about Peng Lai.


Feeling the soft touch on his arm, Roshi's expression visibly faltered for a moment.

Tony was thinking about the meaning of Natasha's wink to him. When he saw Roshi's appearance when facing Natasha, he finally understood it.

He turned his head to look at Ip Man, who was making a helpless expression and felt a little more certain about his guess.


"Yes, Sir."

"Arrange a big party for me immediately and contact all the modelling agencies; the more people, the better."

"Understood, Sir."

Arrangements were made for the party, and a confident smile appeared on Tony's pale face as he looked at Master Roshi, whose heart was fluttering under Natasha's seduction.

"Master, I wonder if you're interested in attending a party?"


As Tony's words fell, the next thing he saw was Roshi's figure, who had been standing next to Natasha, blur. In the next second, the old man was standing in front of him.

"When you say party, is it one of those parties seen on TV, with lots of pretty girls getting together for drinks?"

"Sir, this man nearly broke the speed of sound."

At this moment, Jarvis's analysis sounded in Tony's ear.

However, Tony was already aware of Master Roshi's ability. Although he was startled by his unpredictable speed, he then collected himself, nodded his head, and meaningfully replied, "Yeah~~ but it's even more awesome. "