Marvel: Infinite Possession

"Under the red moonlight, at the crossroads of the world, I will deliver a wonderful performance..." .... When Ryan wakes up in the unfamiliar yet familiar world of Marvel, he finds himself with a System which gives him character cards which gives him the ability to transform or gain ability of the said character. In short, this is a story of constantly changing bodies in the superhero world.

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Chapter 145. Disappointment.

Bam --

Chinatown, martial arts school.

With a dull thud, a figure in red steel battle armour descended from the sky and landed on one knee at the entrance of the martial arts school.

Lifting his leg, he pulled his foot out of the crater in the ground. As the palladium metal in his body eroded more and more, he couldn't even moderate the power of the armour on his body.

Opening the metal mask on his face, Tony surveyed the unassuming martial arts school in Chinatown and raised his eyebrows.

If it weren't for Natasha's words, he really wouldn't have made the connection between the martial arts school in front of him and the information he had obtained about the mysterious Peng Lai by cracking S.H.I.E.L.D.'s internal data.

'If everything is true, this is probably my last chance. '

Taking in a deep breath, he collected the complicated emotions inside.

Tony arrived at the door of the martial arts school and hesitated for a moment before reaching out and knocking on the door.

"Who's there?"

Hearing Ip Man's puzzled voice from inside the martial arts school, Tony pushed open the door and immediately saw the elegant man standing in front of the wooden dummy and practising his kung fu in a Tang suit.

The footsteps of the armour were louder than expected. Noticing Iron Man walking through the door, Ip Man stopped moving his hands and lowered his sleeve while slightly frowning his brow in recollection, "You're the one from before?"

"Tony Stark." Hearing Ip Man's question, Tony promptly introduced himself.

At that, Ip Man gently nodded, then made a puzzled expression and asked, "So Mr Stark, why are you in my school?"

Looking at Tony's steel armour, it was obvious that he wasn't here to learn martial arts.

Of course, in truth, Ryan knew exactly why Tony had come to the martial arts school.


When Tony heard Ip Man's question, he didn't hastily reveal the purpose of his trip; instead, he turned silent. Actually, he was a little worried about how he would feel if his last hope, Peng Lai, was untrue and how he would feel about the predictable death.

Before arriving, he had made all the preparations necessary in the event of his death, including establishing the heir to Stark Industries and presenting a half-finished steel armour to his close friend in the military, Colonel Rhodes.

Seeing Tony's silence inside the antique shop, Ryan controlled the [Ip Man] inside the martial arts school through [Mizuki] and began to speak. The ability to control chakra clones through another clone was a bit of a pain, but it certainly made a breakthrough in the number of clones Ryan could control, even if the clones created this way couldn't withstand merging with any cards above D-level.

"You don't look too good."

Ip Man's words brought Tony's otherwise distant thoughts back to the forefront. He looked back at the elegantly dressed man before him and remained silent for a moment. Then he said, "It's actually worse than it looks, Master Ip."

"According to my calculations, if it keeps on going like this, I'll probably only last 10 days. That's why I came looking for you... and Peng Lai. It's probably my last chance to survive."

Having said everything he wanted to say, Tony couldn't help but breathe a long sigh of relief. His heart, which had felt heavy, was now somehow lighter.

He had done all he could do. What happened next wasn't up to him, whether he lived or died.

After hearing Tony's words, Ip Man pretended to go silent for a few seconds. In fact, he had always known Tony's physical state, and through Shell, he had accurately gauged the palladium poisoning situation in Tony's body. The reason for giving him Peng Lai's name was also because he had absolute confidence in resolving the poisoning problem in Tony's body.

Of course, Tony's palladium poisoning had an easy solution.

However, Ryan didn't want it to be that easy.

After all, the easier something was solved, the less it would be cherished. By contrast, waiting until the last minute or after a big setback, it would be rewarded with a greater sense of gratitude.

Timely help was more touching than flowery words of love and justice all day long.

Furthermore, Ryan knew that S.H.I.E.L.D. wouldn't let Tony die so easily, even if he didn't help him right now.

Thus, in the martial arts school, Ip Man shook his head and spoke with a regretful tone, "I'm sorry. I don't have the means to save your life."

[Reputation points from Tony Stark +550]

The shattering of his last hope was obviously a huge impact on Tony. He couldn't control his emotions, "How's that possible?! Peng Lai! Master Ip, aren't you from Peng Lai?! That Master Ross guy... he could blast through a building with ease! Doesn't Peng Lai have the magical ability to save lives?"

Ip Man: "Master Roshi... Peng Lai does have the magical capability to save lives."

Tony: "Then why?!"

Faced with Tony's growing irritation, Ip Man offered an explanation, "However, that's an ability only the immortals have. Unfortunately, Master Roshi isn't here, so ..."

Ip Man's words gradually restored Tony's emotional state. He took a deep breath to suppress his chaotic thoughts and addressed Ip Man, "Sorry, Master Ip, I just lost it a bit."

Ip Man shook his head, revealed a regretful expression, and said, "Sorry, I can't help you."

"It doesn't matter. I actually expected this to happen."

Peng Lai's presence seemed like the last miracle in Tony's life, but the cruel reality taught Iron Man that miracles wouldn't come that easily.

Hope was replaced by greater despair.

Tugging at the corners of his mouth with a very forced smile, Tony silently turned around and left the martial arts school.

Since there was no hope of getting better, he needed to arrange the last moments of his life. To be honest, it all came out of nowhere. After the events in Afghanistan, it was as if his life had suddenly been thrown onto a stalled train. He had just assumed the role of a superhero, Iron Man, who would save people. The next thing he knew, he was about to die.

Natasha appeared at the entrance to the martial arts school and took a moment to catch her breath. Noticing Tony's unusually silent appearance within the martial arts hall, she subconsciously frowned.

It was clear from Tony's expression that Peng Lai wouldn't help him.

'Looks like Fury's plan-B needs to be activated.'

Looking down at the briefcase Fury had handed to her, Natasha was about to step forward.

From behind, a familiar greeting was suddenly heard.