Marvel in Between Flesh and Steel.

In an surprising turn of events, Alex wakes up in the Marvel Universe(AU), problem is he had limited knowledge about Marvel. He only know some of the well known heroes, villains and lurking dimensional gods. He did his best to adjusts to this new reality, though not a genius like Ironman, he decides to adapt to this reality by starting a tech company he called Arasaka, hoping to strike it rich. During his undertaking, Alex finally gotten his wish, a half arse Golden Finger. That gave him advanced knowledge about technology, including cyberware, futuristic vehicles and weapons from games and movies like Skynet from Terminator. Empowered with this newfound knowledge, he transforms into a tech-enhanced superhero Navigating the challenges of the Marvel Universe. Authors Note: The Technology he will mostly use are from Terminator, Predator, Cyberpunk. I’ll add more as the story goes. There will be no Harem. I’ll try not to write romances as well so no Smut. I’ll have the main character focus in technology, sorry no magic. MC will appear as he has limited knowledge about the marvel verse. MC only knows about MCU, Spider-man Cartoons and Movies. A few clips he have watched from his previous life like Dare Devil. FAQ: 1) Is this business focus: No its not, There will be parts but not much. 2) There is a chance for romance depends on how the story goes. Note: I don’t know how to write stories. Believe me I tried. I’m just glad that I am able to accomplish one of my bucket list with the help of ChatGPT. Please be gentle lol. I know its gonna be bad, as again I don't know how to write in English and its not my native language. Its not even my secondary language, its not even the third since we have lots of languages, where I’m from. Any helpful criticism will be greatly appreciated. I'm just doing this for fun and hopefully when I actually try to write another story, it will be better.

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Machine Man 85 Side Story, Reaction

Side Story: On The Time where Alex and Abomination are currently fighting.

Tony Stark stood in his state-of-the-art lab, surrounded by the best technology money could buy. From a particle collider to machines that even the military didn't have access to, his lab was a testament to his genius and resources. The walls were lined with holographic screens displaying complex data streams, while various prototypes and mechanical parts were meticulously organized on workbenches. On the side where rows of Armors, he have made so far, all the way to Mark VI. If Alex could see this, he would be thoroughly impressed, that Tony had made armors which should not be ready during this time line.

Tony was currently engrossed in studying nanomachines, trying to figure out how Alex Arasaka had managed to create such a portable armor with just a mini tablet-sized belt buckle. His own portable armor, the Mark V, was housed in a suitcase and could be donned quickly without external assistance. However, it still fell short of what he envisioned.

He glanced at his latest idea, the Mark VII, which involved a satellite delivery system that would drop his armor from space in a coffin shape dropship. Another concept he was working on involved a flying drone hidden in the air that could deploy the armor when needed. He tried learning nano machines but the technology behind them will take to long to create, he needed something portable and fast so he won't be left behind in the armor race. He was deep in thought when Jarvis interrupted him.

"Sir, a battle has just occurred in Harlem. A monster-like figure is wreaking havoc and is fighting someone in a 12-foot-tall armored suit," Jarvis reported.

"Display it to me, Jarvis," Tony said, intrigued.

The holographic screens lit up, displaying the chaotic scene of Abomination fighting Specter. Tony watched intently, noticing the extraordinary capabilities of Specter's suit. The armor had control over magnetism and gravity and could physically exert a force of 100 tons. What surprised Tony the most was the suit's ability to regenerate using nanomachines that replaced damaged parts with new ones.

"How the hell does he control gravity?" Tony muttered to himself. "Is it a gravity generator machine house in the red circle on the shoulder part of the armor? But that only works on theory so far… How"

Jarvis ever the sassy AI said, "Sir it seems you are the 3rd best Mechanical Engineer when it comes to developing Power Armors."

Tony hearing this, just shake his head and replied "It seems we have to update you Jarvis, you're becoming more talkative than usual."

Tony zoomed in on the red circle, analyzing its design and function. He began to theorize. "This Specter seems to have found a way to utilize Gravitonium, an element with an atomic number of 123 and an atomic mass of 308, it would explain the gravity manipulation. Gravitonium can create localized gravitational fields, which could be harnessed and controlled through advanced technology."

He continued to deduce aloud, "The magnetism is the easy part. Electromagnetic fields can be manipulated using existing technology. But controlling gravity… that's a totally different concept. If he's using Gravitonium, he must have it in large quantities. The element should only exist in theory, but he seems to have found it. Specter's suit might be integrating this element directly into its framework."

Tony's mind raced as he considered the implications. "I need to create a fail-safe for this in case I encounter this vigilante. A Faraday shield could protect my suit from electromagnetic interference, but gravity control… I need something more robust."

"Should I prepare the suit for deployment, sir?" Jarvis asked.

"No need, Jarvis, prepare the PR team and let them handle it along with Substantial donation to Harem" Tony replied, eyes still fixed on the screen. "It seems that Specter is able to overpower that Abomination and should be able to end the fight in a few more minutes. But just to be safe, have the suits on standby."

"Right away, sir," Jarvis responded promptly.

Tony continued his analysis, thinking aloud. "If Specter's suit uses nanomachines for regeneration, they must be programmed to identify and repair damage on a molecular level. This is beyond the technology available now, it's like a living organism. I need to study nanotechnology more intensely and catch up to these guys…"

"Like I said Sir, third place" Jarvis said in his AI playful tone.

Tony hearing this, just sight. "I hate to admit it Jarvis, I might be falling behind, but I'm leading in looks department, just look at that armor its ugly as hell. What's he trying to look like Optimus Prime and Batman."

He ran his fingers through his hair, pacing the lab. "The regeneration process isn't just healing—it's rebuilding. The nanomachines eat the damaged parts and replace them with completely new material. It's like having a swarm of microscopic engineers at your disposal."

Tony couldn't help but feel a mix of admiration and frustration. Someone had beaten him to the punch, creating a suit that surpassed even his own designs, twice! But the challenge only fueled his determination.

"Jarvis, compile all available data on Gravitonium and nanomachine technology. Cross-reference with any known research and patents linked to Alex Arasaka and other known tech companies."

"Compiling now, sir," Jarvis replied.

Tony smirked, feeling the familiar rush of a new challenge. "Let's see what makes this Specter tick. And maybe, just maybe, I'll find a way to surpass him or even get a hold of his Identity."

As he continued to study the footage and brainstorm new ideas, the lab hummed with energy and innovation. Tony Stark was ready to push the boundaries of technology once again, driven by the relentless pursuit of excellence and the thrill of competition.

With S.H.I.E.L.D.

In the heart of the massive Helicarrier, the bridge buzzed with activity. The room was a high-tech marvel, filled with sleek consoles, holographic displays, and a panoramic view of the clouds passing by. At the center, in the captain's seat, sat Nick Fury, his one eye piercing as he surveyed the screens before him. At his side stood Maria Hill, ever the diligent deputy, while scientists Fitz and Simmons stand nearby, their expressions a mix of awe and concern.

Fury broke the tense silence, "Alright, what do we know about Specter's new armor?" Although they have some tidbits on Specter's real identity, but it's all hypothetical and the more the department talks about Specter the more it sounds outrageous like a comic book fiction. Like that notion where he is an alien baby who got sent out to Earth and was raise by a loving family. SHIELD even have to go to this wild goose chase, look for any family with in site that have experience a meteorite shower during a certain period, but it was all for nothing. Just a waste of money and man power, he did get a lot of money he used for his personal hidden bases, so he did get something out of it. But it's never enough.

Maria Hill gestured to the large holographic display in the center of the room, which replayed the battle between Specter and the Abomination in Harlem. "Sir, Specter's armor is alien like, but at the same time feels something like a human can theoretically make. It's twelve feet tall, seems to regenerate using nanotechnology, and has control over gravity and magnetism."

Fitz stepped forward, adjusting his glasses as he spoke, "Director Fury, the armor's capabilities are extraordinary. The gravitational control is particularly baffling. We believe it might be utilizing Gravitonium, an element theorized to manipulate gravitational fields although the element only exists in theory but if it's true, this technology is far beyond our current understanding."

Simmons added, "As for the magnetic control, theoretically, we could achieve something similar. However, it would require an immense power source, potentially one that could power an entire city, and the machinery would be enormous, like a building-sized Tesla coil. This makes it highly impractical for field use."

Fury frowned, tapping his fingers on the armrest of his chair. "And the regenerative abilities? How does that work?"

Fitz pulled up another schematic, highlighting the nanomachines at work. "The armor uses nanomachines that repair damage at a molecular level. These nanomachines consume the damaged parts and replace them with new material. It's not just healing; it's rebuilding."

Fury leaned back, his gaze intense. "We need to get in touch with Alex Arasaka. If anyone knows how to counter this kind of tech, it's him."

Maria nodded, already typing on a nearby console to initiate contact. "Understood, sir. We'll reach out immediately."

The bridge doors slid open, and Agent Coulson walked in, holding a tablet. "Director, we've managed to compile all available data on Specter and his armor. It's undoubtably something which cannot be achieved by our scientist, but we believe that Alex can possibly make it. If Specter ever turns rogue, we can only turn to Alex for help not even Tony Stark has this kind of technology that can counter him."

Fury stood, the weight of the situation clear in his stance. "We can't afford to be caught off guard. I want a full assessment and counter-plan drafted by the end of the day. Fitz, Simmons, you're leading this. Work with Arasaka Industries. We need to know their vulnerabilities and how to exploit them if necessary."

Fitz and Simmons exchanged determined looks. "We'll get right on it, sir," Fitz said, as Simmons nodded in agreement.

As they left to begin their work, Fury turned to Maria and Coulson. "Keep me updated on Arasaka's response. And let's make sure we monitor Specter closely. The last thing we need is more uncontrolled variable in our equation." He had left of Specter for some time, because he believes that his level of Technology can be achieve by the likes of Tony Stark, something which can be over powered by Alex Arasaka and his Militech Robots, but this is way beyond anything they could ever have thought off.

Maria finished her call and turned to Fury. "Arasaka's team is ready to cooperate. They've agreed to work with us on this, hopefully we can get him to sell armors like his Zero One."

Fury gave a rare nod of approval. "Good. We need every advantage we can get. This Specter is operating on a whole different level, and we need to be prepared for anything."

With the decision made, the team dispersed to their tasks, the atmosphere on the bridge charged with urgency and determination. The Helicarrier continued its flight, a silent guardian in the sky, as SHIELD prepared for the challenges ahead.

Maria approached Fury with a tablet. "Sir, Arasaka still won't sell us any core technology, including nanotech. However, he has agreed to help us in the field."

Fury raised an eyebrow. "He's that confident, huh? Alright. Contact Arasaka and tell him we need his assistance in Harlem. Inform Black Widow to rendezvous with him. They can handle this together."

Maria nodded, sending the message immediately. Within moments, a reply came back. "Alex Arasaka has agreed, sir. He's en route to Harlem now."

Fury leaned back in his chair, satisfied. "Good. Let's see how this plays out. Keep me updated on their progress. And keep an eye on Specter. We still don't know who he really is or where he came from, but we need to be ready for anything."

As Maria relayed the orders, the bridge of the Helicarrier continued to buzz with activity, each member of SHIELD preparing for the next step in their ever-evolving mission. The mystery of Specter remained, but with allies like Arasaka, Fury knew they had a fighting chance against whatever came next.

Back to current timeline, Meanwhile the Overwatch Team.

After a simple debacle with SHIELD where Specter uses his control over gravity to put them into place, they vanish and head inside the Pelican Air Ship.

Specter stood aboard the Pelican, a high-tech ship that is reminiscence of the one from Halo, surrounded by the Overwatch team and Bruce Banner. The sleek interior was filled with advanced technology, its walls lined with consoles displaying various readouts and maps. Specter, clad in his iconic Arkham Knight Armor, turned to address the group.

"Are we heading back to base?" Spiderman asked, his youthful curiosity evident.

Banner, looking uneasy, shook his head. "No. You can just drop me off somewhere with no people. I can't endanger anyone. Although it has been a pleasure talking with all of you and Donatello here," he glanced at the turtle beside him, "I must insist that you let me go."

Specter, standing tall, turned to Banner. "I can help you with your Hulk problem."

Banner's eyes widened with hope. "Like what you did with Blonsky? Are you able to cure me?"

Specter shook his head. "No. Even if I did that, you would just turn into Hulk again. He's already a part of you, unlike Blonsky who hadn't fully integrated with the transformation. But I have another idea. I can bring you to someone who can show you the way." Although he really wants to use the nanomachines and take the gamma cells from Bruce which is a lot more powerful than Abomination, but he doesn't know what adverse effect it will have to Banner, plus there is a high chance that Hulk will just fight it, like he always did and he need someone as strong as Hulk to fight the coming troubles, a designated heavy hitter for their Overwatch team.

Nightbird, her posh eagle themed armor stands very noticeable under the interior lights of the ship, asked, "So where to?"

"Tibet," Specter replied.

Leo, the leader of the Ninja Turtles, perked up. "Are we going to find Buddhist monks to help him with meditation?"

Banner sighed. "I've already tried that. It doesn't work."

Specter smiled knowingly. "No, not meditation. Something better."

The Pelican soared through the skies, its engines a low hum. Within minutes, the unlikely group stood before a dilapidated temple, its ancient stone walls worn by time. The surrounding area was sparse, with only a few monks walking quietly among the alley. The air was crisp and thin, and the mountains loomed majestically in the background.

Banner, pulling his hoodie tighter to conceal his identity, murmured, "I really shouldn't be here. I could endanger everyone. Just drop me somewhere isolated."

Specter ignored him and knocked on the door of a dilapidated old stone house. The group waited, feeling the weight of the silent, expectant atmosphere. Spiderman, ever the jokester, broke the tension. "Are you sure this is the right place? The one across the street looks more... temple-y."

Mikey the most light hearted amongst the Nina Turtles comment, "True, this place gives me a weird feeling, bad energy vibes man. Bad energy vibes…"

Specter chuckled. "No, this is the place. Don't worry, the owner owes me one. Just be respectful. I don't want anyone getting kick to another dimension because they offended her."

Donatello, hearing this quickly ask, "That's just a figure of speech, right?" Specter just looks at him without telling him anything, Donatello feeling something off ask again, "Just a figure of speech…. Right?

With Specter keeping quiet and not answering, gives the rest of the team a bad feeling, that something wasn't right. Sandman and the turtles gulped but stood their ground curious, although a bit scared as they can't imagine what Specter meant about being kick to another dimension.

The door creaked open, revealing an old monk who bowed respectfully. "The Ancient One is expecting you, follow me."

Spiderman, ever polite, bowed deeply. "Thank you for inviting us."

The rest followed suit, their bows ranging from deep to simple nods. Specter led them through the temple's stone corridors, finally arriving in a room where a bald woman, the Ancient One, sat serenely, sipping tea.

The old monk bowed to the Ancient One and left. The turtles and Spiderman, awed by the surroundings, started to follow the monk. Specter stopped them. "We're already here."

He gave a curt bow. "Greetings, Ancient One."

The Ancient One, eyes twinkling with amusement, greeted him. "Greetings, Specter, or should I say Machine Emperor?"

The rest of the group was stunned. "You're an emperor?" Leo blurted out.

Sandman nodded appreciatively. "As expected of the boss."

Nightbird gave a confuse look at the bald woman before her, her skin was so smooth, she just can't see the Ancient Part.

Spiderman looked confused. "It's just a title, right? Like, you're really good with machines, so she calls you a machine emperor?" Spiderman asked.

Specter shook his head, seeing the Ancient One's playful smile almost giving out his biggest secret, steered the topic back at hand. "Let's stay focused. I need your help, Ancient One. Banner needs your guidance."

The Ancient One studied Banner. "Ah, the Hulk. The angry one, but to others a gentle giant. I can help, but is he willing to help himself?"

Banner looked skeptical. "How can you help me? I'll tell you know meditation won't work."

The Ancient One smiled and, with a swift motion, slapped Banner's chest, pushing his soul out of his body. She believes that a man of science such as Banner, won't believe what she can do unless he experiences it himself.

Plus, she needs to hurry, she see's someone who seemed to be eager on sending their child to Earth for a so called trial, which to be honest, is giving her a headache. But the trade actually far outweigh what his willing to offer, Yao guess she could just send this young Emperor here to handle it.

Returning back to Banner she said, "It's more than just meditation, Doctor. It's about the fundamentals and laws of the universe."

Banner, now in his astral form, looked at his body in shock. "What is happening? How are you doing this?"

Mikey seeing this was so shock he screamed! "Banner are you dead? Are you a ghost!?"

Ralph who has always been quite and was content to observing everything was so shock that you could fit a whole pizza with the box inside his mouth comments, "Is that an Astral projection thing, that Master always talks about?"

Leo hearing this, just nods and spoke. "Talk about mind over everything…"

The rest of the group watched in awe. Even Specter, who knew the Ancient One's capabilities, was still impressed. His internal systems analyzed the event, data streaming to his connected satellites to enhance his understanding, he even asks Skynet to help him with real time analysis and recording.

The Ancient One glanced at Specter, seeing what he is doing. "I'm sorry to burst your bubble, Specter, but you have no talent for magic. However, you will be able to bridge the gap in other ways soon enough. As for you, Doctor Banner, I can help you. But first, you must be willing to help yourself."

Banner nodded, still dazed. "I'll try anything at this point." Amazed that what he digest is his soul floating a few steps away from his body, an actual astral figure as he looks at his transparent hands. At this point he is willing to follow anything the bald woman in front of him says as long as he could get rid of the Hulk.

The Overwatch team absorbed the revelation that magic was real, their minds racing with possibilities. Specter felt a sense of relief. Banner was in good hands. The journey to Tibet had been worth it, and as they stood in the ancient temple, they knew they were part of something much larger than themselves.

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