Marvel in Between Flesh and Steel.

In an surprising turn of events, Alex wakes up in the Marvel Universe(AU), problem is he had limited knowledge about Marvel. He only know some of the well known heroes, villains and lurking dimensional gods. He did his best to adjusts to this new reality, though not a genius like Ironman, he decides to adapt to this reality by starting a tech company he called Arasaka, hoping to strike it rich. During his undertaking, Alex finally gotten his wish, a half arse Golden Finger. That gave him advanced knowledge about technology, including cyberware, futuristic vehicles and weapons from games and movies like Skynet from Terminator. Empowered with this newfound knowledge, he transforms into a tech-enhanced superhero Navigating the challenges of the Marvel Universe. Authors Note: The Technology he will mostly use are from Terminator, Predator, Cyberpunk. I’ll add more as the story goes. There will be no Harem. I’ll try not to write romances as well so no Smut. I’ll have the main character focus in technology, sorry no magic. MC will appear as he has limited knowledge about the marvel verse. MC only knows about MCU, Spider-man Cartoons and Movies. A few clips he have watched from his previous life like Dare Devil. FAQ: 1) Is this business focus: No its not, There will be parts but not much. 2) There is a chance for romance depends on how the story goes. Note: I don’t know how to write stories. Believe me I tried. I’m just glad that I am able to accomplish one of my bucket list with the help of ChatGPT. Please be gentle lol. I know its gonna be bad, as again I don't know how to write in English and its not my native language. Its not even my secondary language, its not even the third since we have lots of languages, where I’m from. Any helpful criticism will be greatly appreciated. I'm just doing this for fun and hopefully when I actually try to write another story, it will be better.

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Machine Man 84 Rescue Operation

Inside the Pelican ship, Dr. Bruce Banner sat comfortably in a passenger seat, surrounded by a variety of advanced medical equipment. Wireless heart monitors and scanners hummed quietly as they collected and analyzed data from his body. The atmosphere inside the ship was a mix of the sterile smell of machinery and the faint odor of military-grade fabric from the seats.

The ship's comm system crackled to life, announcing in a robotic tone, "Specter has defeated Abomination." Banner's eyes widened in disbelief. He leaned forward, his curiosity piqued. A nearby monitor flickered and displayed footage of the fight. Specter, a mysterious and formidable figure, morphed his hand into what seemed like a pile driver, thrusting it through Abomination's stomach. The screen abruptly cut to black, leaving Banner staring in shock.

Turning his attention to another monitor, Banner saw that the military had withdrawn, their vehicles retreating and making no move to pursue him. Confused, he quickly called out, "What happened? Why did they leave?"

Nightbird, a lithe and agile figure dressed in a sleek, dark armored outfit with purple and gold highlights, approached him. Her helmet, resembling a golden eagle, showed her lower face, her lips accentuated with pink lipstick. "Specter threatened Ross and the military," she explained. "That's why they backed off. I have to go now and help out. If you need anything, ask Donny here."

She turned to Donatello, a tall, humanoid turtle with a purple mask, wearing a tri-weaved, form-fitting suit equipped with gadgets and rocket boots for limited flight. "Please make sure that Mr. Banner feels comfortable, okay?"

Donatello nodded, a reassuring smile on his face. "Don't worry, Nightbird. I'll make sure Dr. Banner stays calm and collected. I'll even share some of my meditation techniques learned from Master Splinter."

Opening a hatch, Nightbird spread her mechanical golden wings as she exited the Pelican, leaving a faint rustle of her wings in her wake, Donatello took a seat next to Banner. The two of them settled into a discussion, the soft hum of the ship's engines providing a backdrop to their conversation.

"So," Banner began, glancing around at the high-tech interior of the Pelican, "how did you end up in all this? I mean, you were an ordinary turtle once, right?" Recalling what Donatello said, when he was trying to scan Bruce's vitals.

Donatello chuckled, adjusting the strap of his titanium bo staff. "Yeah, it's a pretty wild story. My brothers and I were just regular turtles until we came into contact with a mutagenic ooze. It transformed us into what you see now. We were raised and trained by our sensei, Master Splinter, who taught us everything we know."

Banner shook his head in amazement. "That's incredible. And here I thought I had an unusual transformation." Feeling that the science behind where transforming an animal granting them human intellect sentience and a humanoid form is nothing but sort of a miracle.

"Tell me about it," Donatello said, leaning forward with interest. "What exactly happened with you and the gamma radiation?"

Banner sighed, running a hand through his hair. "It was an experiment gone wrong. I was exposed to a massive dose of gamma rays, and now, whenever I get angry, I turn into the Hulk."

Donatello nodded thoughtfully. "Gamma energy is fascinating. It's so powerful, yet so volatile. Have you ever tried to find a way to control it?"

"I've tried," Banner replied, a hint of frustration in his voice. "But it's not easy. The Hulk is a monster and sometimes it feels like I'm constantly at war with myself and if I'm being honest it's scares me."

"Maybe you could use some of the meditation techniques I've developed," Donatello suggested. "They've helped me and my brothers focus and stay calm, even in the most stressful situations."

Banner smiled, appreciating the offer. "I'd like that, Donny. It's worth a shot." Feeling a weird sort of camaraderie wit the mutant humanoid turtle.

As the two continued their conversation, discussing the intricacies of nuclear physics and the potential applications of gamma energy, the situation below them was far from calm. The ground trembled as the aftermath of the battle between Specter and Abomination played out, leaving the landscape scarred and smoldering.

Leo who then said, "Let's get to it. Help anyone you can." the aftermath of Abomination's rampage hung heavy in the air. Amidst the chaos and destruction, the newly formed superhero team emerged.

With his Iron Spider armor gleaming under the moonlight, Spider-Man activated the advanced scanners embedded within his suit. As he swept his gaze across the shattered streets of Harlem, his keen eyes picked up faint life signs buried beneath the rubble.

"Got a couple of readings here," Spider-Man called out to his comrades, his voice crackling over the communication devices embedded in their suits. "Looks like we've got people trapped under the debris."

Sandman, his sandy form shifting and swirling in the night breeze, nodded in agreement. "I'll start clearing away the debris and freeing those who are trapped," he announced, his voice resonating with quiet strength.

The ninja turtles, equipped with their own scanners a standard equipment use in their team, nodded in acknowledgment as they fanned out across the area. With practiced precision, they scanned the wreckage, their trained eyes discerning the faintest of signals amidst the chaos.

"Over here!" Raphael shouted, his voice ringing out through the night as he pointed towards a collapsed building. "I've got a reading. There's someone trapped under this pile of rubble."

As Spider-Man and the turtles converged on the location, they worked together with Sandman to clear away the debris, their combined efforts fueled by a shared sense of purpose. With each movement, they carefully unearthed the trapped civilians, their hearts pounding with relief as they pulled them to safety.

"Are you okay?" Spider-Man asked, his voice filled with concern as he helped a woman to her feet, her eyes wide with shock and gratitude. "It's ok you're safe now. The Overwatch team is here."

The woman nodded, her hands trembling as she clung to Spider-Man's arm for support. "Thank you," she whispered, her voice choked with emotion. "Thank you for saving me."

Sandman, the Turtles and Spider-Man stood atop a pile of rubble, his Iron Spider armor gleaming in the dim light of dawn as he addressed the weary citizens gathered before him. "My friends and I are here to help," he declared, his voice ringing out with authority and reassurance. "We are Overwatch."

The people witnessing this scene and hearing the declaration of a newly formed team of heroes, calling themselves Overwatch, were thankful. Though some had suffered losses, they were grateful for the arrival of these heroes. Without them, many might not have survived.

With their roles assigned, the members of Overwatch sprang into action, their combined efforts driving them forward as they worked tirelessly to aid the citizens of Harlem. Spider-Man swung through the streets with unmatched agility, his web-shooters firing strands of webbing to stop buildings from collapsing further.

Sandman, using his powers to control the sand around him, worked with incredible precision to clear away rubble and debris, uncovering survivors trapped beneath the wreckage. With each movement, he shifted and molded the sand, creating openings for those in need to escape. While the rest of the turtles use their strength to help the people one by one.

While Specter himself uses his control over magnetism and gravity to lift heavy debris saving the people who were trap under damage buildings. Although he would like to help more by reconstructing the whole street and buildings that were damage, he and his team can't really stay that long specially with their status as a vigilante. The Military or SHIELD might make a move and try to capture them deeming the super powered individuals as a threat, he can muscle his way through but that will just damage their reputation.

As the dust settled and the echoes of destruction faded, the true extent of the devastation in Harlem became painfully clear. Entire blocks lay in ruins, once vibrant neighborhoods reduced to rubble and debris. The wails of the injured mingled with the distant sirens of approaching emergency vehicles, signaling the desperate need for aid.

A convoy of police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances quickly descended upon the scene, their lights flashing and sirens blaring as they navigated through the debris-strewn streets of Harlem. Commissioner George Stacy emerged from his vehicle, his gaze steely as he surveyed the devastation before him. Dressed in his crisp NYPD uniform, he exuded an air of authority and determination.

Commissioner Stacy barked orders into his radio, his voice cutting through the chaos. "Alright, listen up, everyone! Our priority right now is aiding the people of Harlem. We need to get these civilians to safety and tend to the injured. Let's move!"

The NYPD sprang into action, their training and experience guiding them through the tumultuous aftermath of the Abomination's rampage. Officers and emergency responders, equipped with medical kits and search-and-rescue gear, spread out across the devastated area. Firefighters in heavy protective gear used thermal imaging cameras to locate survivors trapped under the rubble, while paramedics rushed to the injured, administering first aid and preparing them for transport.

At the epicenter of the destruction, the scene was one of utter chaos. Buildings lay in ruins, their skeletal structures twisted and broken. Vehicles were overturned, their frames mangled and charred. Amid the wreckage, civilians stumbled, dazed and injured, seeking help and guidance.

Commissioner Stacy turned to his second-in-command, Captain Rodriguez, who was coordinating with the emergency responders. "Rodriguez, get the IT team to direct the Militech Robots to the worst-hit areas. We need all the help we can get."

Captain Rodriguez nodded, speaking into his headset. "Command center, this is Rodriguez. We need the Militech Robots deployed to Sector 3 and Sector 5. Priority is to clear debris and assist with rescue operations."

Miles away, in a high-tech command center, the IT team monitored the situation via a network of drones and cameras. They relayed instructions to the Militech Robots, sleek machines equipped with powerful hydraulic arms and advanced AI. The robots moved with precision and efficiency, lifting heavy debris and creating pathways for rescuers.

Back on the ground, Commissioner Stacy approached a group of firefighters who were working to extinguish a blaze consuming a collapsed building. "How's it looking here?" he asked, his tone urgent.

One of the firefighters, Captain Harris, wiped sweat from his brow. "It's bad, Commissioner. We've got multiple hotspots, and there might be people trapped inside. We're doing everything we can."

Stacy placed a reassuring hand on Harris's shoulder. "Keep at it, Captain. Lives depend on it."

Nearby, a team of paramedics was treating a woman with a broken leg. She clutched her young daughter tightly, tears streaming down her face. "Is she going to be okay?" the girl asked, her voice trembling.

A paramedic, kneeling beside them, offered a comforting smile. "We're going to take good care of your mom, sweetheart. She's going to be just fine." A woman who seemed to have suffered trauma unable to moved is being tended by the paramedics, as they look after he they find her condition is bad that its possible, she might not be able to stand again.

As the night wore on, the combined efforts of the emergency responders and their high-tech allies began to make a difference. Civilians were rescued, fires were extinguished, and the injured were treated. The people of Harlem, though shaken, found hope in the tireless dedication of those who came to their aid.

But they were not alone in their efforts. A sleek, high-tech vehicle roared into the scene, stopping with precision. The door opened, and out stepped Alex Saburo Arasaka, known to the world as Kamen Rider Zero. But in truth it was the Rev-X in the neon green and black armor glowed in the dim light, white and red highlights catching the eye. His helmet, with its red spectacle eyes resembling a grasshopper, glowed scanning the surroundings lending him an almost otherworldly presence.

Zero moved with purpose through the rubble, rescuing trapped civilians and bringing lost children to safety. Beside him, SHIELD agents, including the formidable Black Widow, tended to the people's needs. Nick Fury had called upon Alex once again to aid New York, and he had answered without hesitation.

Although Nick Fury wasn't able to get the information in a timely manner since it was block off by the Military, he still sent Black Widow with Alex Arasaka hoping to find out what happen and to see if Romanoff can get a hold of Hulk and bring him into the Avengers.

Black Widow, her keen eyes scanning the wreckage, muttered to herself, "Looks like Specter's team was thorough. No trace of Abomination's blood or anything useful."

Alex, his armor gleaming under the emergency lights, activated his advanced scanners. "We'll keep looking. Specter's thorough, but we might find something they missed." The Rev-X or the Terminator Edgerunner model, said without a hint that it was just a stand in. Perfectly mimicking Alex's demeanor and mannerism.

As Zero One continued to help out, the sight of his gleaming armor sparked joy in the hearts of frightened children. Their cheers echoed through the desolate streets as they witnessed the heroes in action. Even amidst the chaos, their smiles brought a glimmer of hope to the beleaguered city.

The Militech robots brought by Alex, equipped with specialized rescue and paramedic shards, swiftly sprang into action. Their metallic forms moved with purpose and precision amidst the debris-strewn streets. Each movement was calculated, each action deliberate as they worked tirelessly to reach those in need. They handed out food and supplies to albeit the hunger and some of trouble felt by those affected.

Amidst the rubble, cries for help echoed through the night, mingling with the whirring of the robots' motors and the shrill wail of emergency sirens. With deft movements, the robots administered first aid to the wounded, stabilizing their conditions, doing their best to save lives. Those in critical condition were swiftly brought to human doctors or paramedics on the scene to ensure Militech and Arasaka wouldn't be held accountable if something went awry.

As Alex helped a young boy out of a collapsed building, a police officer nearby called out, "Commissioner, what about Spider-Man and those other vigilantes? Shouldn't we be trying to capture them?"

Commissioner Stacy paused, his brow furrowing in contemplation. He glanced towards the where the masked heroes are running from place to place to help. He looked back at the scene unfolding in front of him—people being rescued, children being comforted, lives being saved.

"Not this time," he replied firmly, his tone carrying the weight of authority. "Right now, our priority is aiding the civilians. Spider-Man and the others may have their methods, but they're here to help. We can't afford to waste resources chasing them down when there are people in need of our assistance."

As the hours passed and the rescue efforts continued, a sense of resilience began to emerge amidst the rubble. The heroes, both known and unsung, worked tirelessly to save lives and bring comfort to the frightened civilians. And amidst the devastation, a new spirit of unity and strength arose—a testament to the indomitable human spirit in the face of adversity.

An agent accompanied Kamen Rider Zero as they talk to Commissioner Stacy introducing themselves and the authority they hold. A brief exchange happened asking about the status and information that the NYPD have gathered. It was then cut to where the REV-X in the Kamen Rider armor spoke to Gordon.

Kamen Rider Zero, his armor glowing faintly in the dim light, stood beside Commissioner Stacy. "You did the right thing, Commissioner," he said quietly.

Stacy nodded, his eyes weary but resolute. "Maybe. But this city needs all the help it can get, even if it comes from vigilantes."

Zero's red spectacle eyes seemed to flicker with understanding. "We're all in this together, Commissioner. We always have been."

As the night wore on, the combined efforts of the emergency responders and their high-tech allies began to make a difference. Civilians were rescued, fires were extinguished, and the injured were treated. The people of Harlem, though shaken, found hope in the tireless dedication of those who came to their aid.

In the midst of the devastation, a sense of resilience and solidarity emerged. The true heroes of the night—Commissioner Stacy, the NYPD, firefighters, paramedics, IT specialists, Militech Robots, and vigilantes like Specter—worked together, their collective efforts a beacon of hope in the darkness.

As the chaotic scene of destruction and rescue efforts in Harlem continued, April O'Neil, the famous reporter from Channel 6 News, arrived with her crew in tow. She moved swiftly and confidently through the rubble-strewn streets, her microphone in hand and her cameraman keeping up behind her. Her iconic yellow jumpsuit was a bright contrast against the gray devastation, and her expression was a mix of determination and compassion.

"Good evening, viewers," she began, her voice steady despite the turmoil around her. "This is April O'Neil reporting live from Harlem, where the aftermath of a fierce battle between the monstrous Abomination and the vigilante known as Specter has left the neighborhood in ruins. But even amidst this destruction, stories of heroism and resilience are emerging."

April paused as she surveyed the scene, taking in the sight of rescue workers, volunteers, and superheroes alike working tirelessly to aid those in need. The streets were littered with debris, and the sounds of distant sirens and urgent voices filled the air.

"Thanks to information provided by a mysterious source known only as Silver Hand," April continued, "we have learned that the root cause of this disaster lies with a military experiment gone wrong. Emil Blonsky, transformed into the Abomination, is a direct result of these reckless experiments led by General Thaddeus E. Ross. The people of Harlem are paying the price for these dangerous and irresponsible actions."

She approached a group of civilians who were receiving medical attention from paramedics. A young mother, clutching her injured child, looked up as April knelt beside her. "Can you tell us what happened?" April asked gently.

The woman, her face streaked with tears and dirt, nodded. "It was terrifying. One moment everything was normal, and the next, the whole neighborhood was coming down around us. If it weren't for Specter and the others, I don't know what we would have done."

April nodded, offering a comforting smile before turning to the camera. "These stories are a testament to the bravery and dedication of the heroes who stepped up in our time of need. Among them is Specter, whose efforts have been instrumental in saving lives tonight."

April moved on, her crew following closely as she sought out more interviews. She spotted Specter and the newly formed Overwatch team assisting with the rescue efforts. Specter, in his armored suit, was directing Militech robots while the Overwatch team provided medical aid and support.

"Specter!" April called out, approaching him. "Can we have a word?"

Specter turned, his helmet reflecting the emergency lights. He nodded slightly, signaling his agreement. "Make it quick, April," he said, his voice modulated and authoritative.

"Specter, you've been instrumental in both the fight against the Abomination and the ongoing rescue operations. What do you say to those who view vigilantes as a danger to public safety?"

Specter's gaze was unwavering. "I really don't care about what other people say, but we will always be here to help out in anyway we can."

Nightbird seeing Alex being all broody cut in the conversation and said, "We're here to protect the people despite the dangers it entails. Our actions speak louder than words, Miss O'Neil."

April nodded, appreciating the succinct response, before moving on to the Overwatch team, capturing their efforts on camera. The team members, clad in advanced tactical gear, were working tirelessly to stabilize the injured and clear debris. She interviewed several of them, highlighting their bravery and dedication.

Next, she found the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, who were aiding in the rescue efforts while still wearing their distinctive eye masks and new form-fitting suits with gadgets provided by Specter as a sort of power ranger esque uniform. The Turtles greeted her with friendly nods, their youthful energy a stark contrast to the somber scene.

"Leo, Mikey, Raph," April addressed them, "there have been talks about turtle heroes saving people in the shadows, but this is the first time we've seen you in action during such a large-scale disaster. How are you holding up?"

Leo, the leader, spoke first, his voice calm and resolute. "We're doing what we can to help, April. This city is also our home, and we'll protect it with everything we've got." Mikey, always the optimist, added with a grin, "It's a mess out here, but we're on it! Gotta keep those spirits up, right? I even ordered tons of pizza to give those in need." Raph chimed in, each offering their perspectives on the situation and their commitment to aiding the people of Harlem.

She tried to interview Spider-man and Flint Marco as well, but they're still busy moving from one place to another helping up in cleaning the streets of Harlem.

April then spotted Commissioner George Stacy directing operations. She approached him, microphone at the ready. "Commissioner Stacy, how is the rescue operation progressing?"

Commissioner Stacy, his face lined with fatigue but his resolve unwavering, replied, "We're making headway, but it's slow. The cooperation between the NYPD, emergency services, and volunteers is critical. We're doing everything we can to save lives and restore some order here."

April nodded, appreciating his candor, and then turned her attention to the gleaming figure of Kamen Rider Zero, Alex Saburo Arasaka. His neon green and black armor stood out vividly in the dim light, the red spectacle eyes of his helmet giving him an almost mythical appearance.

As Alex deactivated his armor, revealing himself as the influential CEO of Arasaka Industries and Militech, April seized the opportunity. "Mr. Arasaka, you've been a visible presence here, not just as Kamen Rider Zero but also as a significant benefactor providing aid. What can you tell us about your efforts today?"

Alex faced the camera, his expression sincere and determined. "The people of Harlem need all the help they can get. Arasaka Industries and Militech have deployed all available resources to assist in the rescue operations. Additionally, I'm committing a substantial donation to aid in the recovery and rebuilding efforts. Harlem will rise again, stronger than ever."

April smiled, her eyes reflecting the hope and determination around her. "Thank you, Mr. Arasaka. Your generosity will make a huge difference."

As the night wore on, April O'Neil and her crew continued to document the unfolding stories of heroism, resilience, and unity. The people of Harlem, though shaken and battered, found hope in the tireless efforts of those who came to their aid. And amidst the devastation, a new spirit of unity and strength arose—a testament to the indomitable human spirit in the face of adversity.

As the chaos of the aftermath continued to swirl around Harlem, Black Widow, clad in her sleek black tactical suit that hug her body, observed the scene with a calculating eye. The arrival of April O'Neil and the Channel 6 News crew had drawn significant attention to the area, making any covert actions difficult. Natasha Romanoff, known to the world as Black Widow, understood the delicate balance of authority and public sentiment. SHIELD might have the authority to place individuals under arrest, but the vigilantes here were viewed as saviors by the people, complicating any direct approach.

Her mission, however, remained clear. She needed information on Bruce Banner, the Hulk. The last intelligence had placed him with the Overwatch team, but he had since vanished. With a composed resolve, she made her way through the rubble-strewn streets, approaching the figure of Specter, who was standing alongside Alex Arasaka. Specter, in his armored suit, cut an imposing figure, his blue cobalt helmet hiding any hint of emotion. Alex, now in his civilian guise, was conversing with April O'Neil.

"Specter, we meet again" Natasha called out, her voice carrying over the din of the ongoing rescue operations. As she approached, she could see the Overwatch team members and Militech robots continuing their coordinated efforts to aid the injured and clear debris.

Specter turned to face her, his helmet's visor glinting in the light of the emergency vehicles. "Black Widow," he acknowledged, his voice digitized and authoritative.

Natasha's eyes flicked to Alex the REV-X briefly before settling back on Specter. "I need to know what happened to Dr. Banner. The last time we saw him was with your team."

Specter's stance remained unyielding. "Banner was still able to transform into the Hulk," he stated, his tone measured. "He left, destroying the door of our ship in the process."

Black Widow's instincts told her that something was off, but Specter's digitized voice and impenetrable helmet gave nothing away and she can't force him to say anything as they are currently surrounded by non-affiliated personnel and civilians. "That's quite a story," she said, her tone laced with skepticism. "But something tells me there's more to it than that."

Specter remained silent, his visor reflecting the chaos around them. Natasha knew pressing further here, in front of the cameras and the grateful civilians, wouldn't be wise. She needed a different approach.

Alex the Rev-X, sensing the tension, stepped forward. "Natasha," he said, his tone more approachable. "We're all on the same side here. Banner is safe and might have run who knows where, that's all we need to know right now."

Natasha narrowed her eyes slightly but nodded. "We'll talk more later," she said, turning away.

As she moved through the crowd, she couldn't shake the feeling of unease. The disappearance of the Hulk and the trouble caused by the military's actions had given SHIELD a new set of headaches. The strength and abilities of individuals like Specter and the Hulk were beyond anything SHIELD had previously seen. The fact that Specter had been able to defeat the Abomination only added to their concerns.

Natasha watched as the people of Harlem, bruised but resilient, looked to the heroes with gratitude even Specter who was widely known for his harsh take on vigilantism and causing half the damage done during his fight with Abomination was still adorned by some of the people. And the sight of Alex Arasaka, known publicly as Kamen Rider Zero and owner of the most technically advance company, brought a spark of hope to the frightened children, their cheers echoing through the streets as his personal Militech Robots hand out sweets and food cheering the little ones.

As the night wore on, the rescue efforts continued under the watchful eyes of both heroes and authorities. Natasha knew that while SHIELD had its reservations about vigilantes, there was no denying their impact. The indomitable human spirit, bolstered by the actions of these masked heroes, shone brightly amidst the rubble and destruction.