Marvel in Between Flesh and Steel.

In an surprising turn of events, Alex wakes up in the Marvel Universe(AU), problem is he had limited knowledge about Marvel. He only know some of the well known heroes, villains and lurking dimensional gods. He did his best to adjusts to this new reality, though not a genius like Ironman, he decides to adapt to this reality by starting a tech company he called Arasaka, hoping to strike it rich. During his undertaking, Alex finally gotten his wish, a half arse Golden Finger. That gave him advanced knowledge about technology, including cyberware, futuristic vehicles and weapons from games and movies like Skynet from Terminator. Empowered with this newfound knowledge, he transforms into a tech-enhanced superhero Navigating the challenges of the Marvel Universe. Authors Note: The Technology he will mostly use are from Terminator, Predator, Cyberpunk. I’ll add more as the story goes. There will be no Harem. I’ll try not to write romances as well so no Smut. I’ll have the main character focus in technology, sorry no magic. MC will appear as he has limited knowledge about the marvel verse. MC only knows about MCU, Spider-man Cartoons and Movies. A few clips he have watched from his previous life like Dare Devil. FAQ: 1) Is this business focus: No its not, There will be parts but not much. 2) There is a chance for romance depends on how the story goes. Note: I don’t know how to write stories. Believe me I tried. I’m just glad that I am able to accomplish one of my bucket list with the help of ChatGPT. Please be gentle lol. I know its gonna be bad, as again I don't know how to write in English and its not my native language. Its not even my secondary language, its not even the third since we have lots of languages, where I’m from. Any helpful criticism will be greatly appreciated. I'm just doing this for fun and hopefully when I actually try to write another story, it will be better.

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Machine Man 86: New technology that shock the world.

After the meeting with the Ancient One, Bruce Banner decided to stay behind to learn more about the Hulk, hoping to gain control over the entity within him. How that would turn out, only time could tell. The rest of us returned to our base, still in disbelief about the existence of magic.

We stood in our high-tech base, the walls gleaming with polished metal, and the hum of advanced machinery filling the air. Monitors displayed various data streams, and holographic interfaces floated, showing tactical information and mission briefings. The contrast between our base and the mystical temple we had just visited was striking.

Leo, one of the ninja turtles, was the first to speak, breaking the heavy silence. "I can't believe we just saw real magic. I thought that stuff was just in fairy tales."

Nightbird, always the pragmatic one, shook her head in disbelief. "It's not just the magic. It's the fact that it's real. We've been dealing with advanced tech and mutants, but to learn that Sorcerers are roaming amongst us make the world feel so different."

Spiderman, ever the curious one, chimed in. "And the Ancient One... she was something else. Did you see how she just... did that? Whatever that was?"

Sandman, still looking around as if expecting something magical to pop up in the base, muttered, "And she just waves her hand and where here, did she just teleport us back to our base."

I watched them, feeling a mix of relief and fascination. They were hung up on the discovery of magic, but I was grateful they didn't know the deeper truths. The reason why Sorcerers are needed, that they fight supernatural threats and existence of other dimensions, the constant threat of interdimensional gods and demons trying to take over Earth. The team had no idea, and it was better that way. They were already dealing with enough.

I clap my hand, drawing their attention. "It's a lot to take in, I know. But let's focus on what we can do with what we know. Just stick at what you do best and don't get hung up on things you can't control."

Nightbird looked at me sharply. "You seem awfully calm about all this. Did she tell you something we don't know?"

I shook my head, keeping my expression neutral. "No, just trying to keep us grounded. We have a lot of work to do, and now we know magic exists. It's just another tool, another variable we need to consider."

Ralph sighed. "I guess you're right. But it still feels like we've been thrown into a fantasy novel."

Spiderman laughed, a bit nervously. "Yeah, next thing you know, we'll be fighting dragons."

The rest of the team chuckled, but I kept my thoughts to myself. The Ancient One had been clear. They wouldn't remember the location of Kamar-Taj unless they developed a connection to magic. And she had given me a mission, be a baby sitter of all things.

As we settled back into our routines, I couldn't help but feel a weight on my shoulders. I was the only one who knew about the true threats out there—demons, interdimensional gods, and more. But for now, I would keep that burden to myself. The team is not ready to face such ordeals and revealing everything might do more harm than good.

For now, I was just glad to be back in the familiar environment of our base, even if the memory of the mystical temple lingered in my mind. We had a lot to learn, and a lot to prepare for, but for now the teams just need to deal with the common crooks and villains, just leave the supernatural to those who specialized in them.

In Another part of the world

Samuel Sterns awoke in an unfamiliar place, his vision blurred and head pounding. As his eyes adjusted to the soft, ambient lighting, he found himself lying in a sleek, futuristic medical bay. The room was immaculate, with smooth white walls accented by gold trim. The medical equipment, seamlessly integrated into the environment, emitted a soft hum. Two female Aerians stood over him, their off-white dresses with gold inlays resembling formal futuristic suits from a cyberpunk world and their beautiful feathers and angelic like wings, gives of a calming athmosphere. They were running scans, their voices a melodic contrast to their mocking words.

"Why did the Emperor bring a mutant into his castle?" one Aerian, her feathers a striking bluish-white, said with disdain. "Not only is he ugly, I also doubt his intellect can even fathom our technological advancements."

The other Aerian, her wings white with light yellow highlights, nodded. "True. But the Emperor must have his reasons. He always sees something we do not."

Samuel rubbed his eyes, groggy and disoriented. "Am I in heaven? Are you angels?"

The first Aerian, named Aqua, laughed—a sound like the most harmonious bell Sterns had ever heard. "If by heaven you mean a utopia where there is no hunger or illness, then yes. Welcome to Arcadia, the city of the Machine Emperor."

Sterns, trying to process this, muttered, "So, I did die...and have ascended to a scientific haven…"

The second Aerian laughed again. "No, you are very much alive. You have been brought here to decide if you are willing to serve the Machine Emperor and live among us, or return to the world of greedy humans."

Stunned, Sterns looked out the window near him. Outside, a majestic city stretched out—a blend of futuristic architecture and lush nature coexisting in perfect harmony. Flying vehicles zipped through the air, and massive spaceships floated gracefully above. It was a vision straight out of his wildest dreams.

Suddenly, a whooshing sound signaled the door opening. In stepped Shanna the She-Devil, clad in tight, form-fitting red armor reminiscent of the Halo video game, and beside her stood the towering figure of Byakko, wearing a full predator killer armor, helmet included. Their presence was commanding, and the room seemed to shrink around them.

"Welcome to Arcadia, Samuel Sterns," Shanna said, her voice firm but welcoming. "Congratulations. You have been given a chance to serve the Emperor and learn the mysteries of the universe. What say you? Are you willing to follow him?"

Sterns was speechless, his mind racing to catch up with the rapid developments. Everything felt surreal—the Aerians, the futuristic city, the imposing figures before him. He had always dreamed of a place like this, a place where technology and intellect thrived without the petty concerns of the outside world , a world where all illness can be cured. But now that it was real, he didn't know what to say.

He glanced back out the window at the breathtaking cityscape, then back at Shanna and Byakko. "I... I don't know what to say. This is all so… unfamiliar and overwhelming." The technological level of the this place is something he can't even comprehend, the calming light which seems to be healing him, the room and the instruments and machines in the surrounding looks and feels so unreal.

Shanna stepped closer, her eyes intense. "Take your time, Samuel. Understand that this is a unique opportunity. The Emperor does not extend such invitations lightly. You have the potential to achieve greatness here, far beyond what you could imagine in the outside world."

Byakko's his helmet collapsing, where nano machines receded flowing down to his neck, showing his Siberian Tiger features which ultimately shock Sterns almost giving him a heart attack.

Byakko's deep voice added, "The Emperor sees potential in you. Your intellect, your mutation—they could be honed into something extraordinary here. But only if you are willing."

Sterns swallowed hard, the weight of their words sinking in, seeing how the armor seemed to be compose of nano machines something which was only theoretical at one point and what seemingly standing infront of him is a humanoid Tiger, it seems his no longer in Earth but somewhere far, far away.

This was his chance to be part of something greater, to leave behind the chaos and limitations of the human world. With a deep breath, he nodded slowly. "Yes, I want to stay. I want to learn and serve your Emperor."

Shanna smiled, a glint of satisfaction in her eyes. "Welcome to Arcadia, Samuel Sterns. Your new life begins now."

As the door whooshed shut behind them, Sterns couldn't help but feel a mix of excitement and trepidation. He had stepped into a new world, one filled with possibilities and unknown challenges. Only time would tell what the future held for him in the city of the Machine Emperor.

Back in New York:

April O'Neil stood confidently in the Channel 6 News studio, the sleek lines of her corporate suit accentuating her figure. Her long red hair framed her face, which was set with a look of determined professionalism, she strikingly looks like Megan Fox in her transformer's days. The bright lights of the studio reflected off her glossy lips as she began her broadcast.

"Hi, this is April O'Neil of Channel 6 News," she said, her voice clear and steady. "And on today's story, a shocking revelation has come to light. Thaddeus 'Thunderbolt' Ross, a former Lieutenant General of the United States Army who had served as Secretary of State, has been performing illegal human experiments under the guise of a project called the Bio-Tech Force Enhancement Project."

April paused, letting the gravity of her words sink in. "You heard that right, folks. An American General tried to play God and performed and authorized human experimentation. He, along with others involved, has been found guilty of a human experiment gone homicidal, which was unleashed upon the streets of Harlem in upper Manhattan, New York City."

The screen behind her switched to a video clip. It showed the Abomination, once a special-ops commander of the British Royal Marines named Emil Blonsky, now transformed into a grotesque, 13-foot-tall creature. His green greyish, veiny skin and protruding bones and spine were a horrifying sight. The footage depicted his rampage through Harlem, flinging cars like toys and causing chaos and death. The more graphic scenes were censored, but the devastation was clear.

The video cut back to April, her expression somber. "General Ross and his associates, who were major contributors to the Bio-Tech Force Enhancement Project, have been swiftly imprisoned. This brings an end to Ross's dangerous experiments. We hope the people of Harlem can find some closure with the justice served today."

"In another new's CEO and owner of Arasaka Industries and Militech, have been using his Militech Robots in an effort in reconstructing Harlem, along with other notable figure like Tony Stark have donated a hefty some of money to aid the people."

At Arasaka Tower:

As the broadcast ended, the scene shifted to a luxurious office in New York's towering Arasaka Tower. Alex Arasaka, dressed in an impeccably tailored suit, sat behind a massive mahogany desk. The room was adorned with modern art and high-tech gadgets, a testament to his wealth and influence. Floor-to-ceiling windows offered a panoramic view of the city, the setting sun casting a golden hue across the skyline.

Alex leaned back in his leather chair, his mind racing as he reflected on the events. He thought back to his brief conversation with General Ross before the arrest. The general had been defiant, but the overwhelming evidence against him, compiled by the notorious hacker known as Silverhand, had sealed his fate.

Alex had orchestrated the swift justice behind the scenes. He had leveraged his connections with politicians and even the President, ensuring that Ross would be prosecuted swiftly and without mercy. The President, initially hesitant, had been swayed by Alex's promise of support, seeing it as an opportunity to strengthen his image as a leader who stood for the people.

The evidence, once in the hands of the media, had spread like wildfire. There was no hiding it, and the public outcry had forced the government's hand. Alex's influence had turned the tide, making Ross a scapegoat for a scandal that threatened to engulf the entire administration.

As Alex pondered these events, his COO, Felicia Hardy, entered the room, carrying a tablet. "Hi Alex, here are the latest updates on the Harlem situation," she said, her voice crisp and professional.

Alex took the tablet and skimmed through the reports. "Thank you, Felicia," he said, his voice calm and controlled. "Ensure that our PR team is prepared to handle any fallout. And arrange a meeting with the President. We need to discuss the next steps."

Felicia nodded and provided more information about the ongoing process with regards to Harlem's reconstruction using the Militech Robots. Alex thoughts drifted to what happened previously concerning Ross's expedited arrest, his mind remembered the events that had happened.

It had begun with a series of discreet conversations in shadowy corners of political power. Alex had called in favors from politicians who owed him, ensuring their support in the upcoming storm. He had also approached the President directly, presenting his case with a mix of compelling evidence and subtle threats.

The President had been hesitant at first. "This is a significant accusation, Alex," he had said, his brow furrowed in concern. "Ross has a lot of support in the military."

"True," Alex had replied smoothly, leaning forward with a steely gaze. "But think of the public outrage when they learn the truth. Supporting me in this will not only place you on the right side of history but also secure my backing in future endeavors. Imagine the people seeing you as the leader who stands up for justice, even against one of their own."

The President had weighed the options, his uncertainty clear. But Alex's promise of unwavering support had tipped the scales. "Alright," the President had finally agreed. "But this has to be airtight. No room for error." "It will be," Alex had assured him. "Leave the evidence to me."

Alex's thoughts returned to the present. The evidence that was provided to the public channels, by the hacker known as Silverhand had been damning. It had detailed Ross's illegal experiments in stark, undeniable terms. Initially, the government had tried to suppress the information, but the leak had been too widespread, the media too hungry for the story. Once the evidence reached the public, the outrage had been immediate and fierce.

He find it funny, that Nick Fury himself, didn't even exposed him, that he was the Silverhand, it must be that Furry find him as an unlikely ally, as he did help SHIELD a lot by agreeing to some of their request, like with the Ironmonger incident and now with Harlem or it could be just Fury's paranoid mind working, but whatever it is, it did work beautifully for him.

Felicia leaned closer, looking at the screen over his shoulder. "Silverhand really did a number on Ross," she remarked, her voice low and approving. "The public backlash was unstoppable once those files hit the internet and media."

Alex nodded. "The government's attempts to hide it only made things worse for them. They had no choice but to go along with our plan."

Felicia's hand lingered on his shoulder for a moment longer than necessary. "You always know how to pull the right strings," she said, her voice almost a purr. "It's one of the things I admire about you."

Alex turned his head slightly, meeting her gaze. "You know me Felicia, I always care about the people, and I must thank you for your support on this, I really appreciate it."

Hearing this Felicia just rolled her eyes about Alex's antics, although he said that he cared about the people she knew that there must be some ploy concerning as to why Alex is going this far. They have been together for quite some time now and he had come to know why kind of mind he has and he surely isn't some philanthropist who will do anything for free.

Their eyes locked for a moment, a silent understanding passing between them. Then, Alex's expression turned serious again. "We need to ensure that this momentum continues specially with the reconstruction of Harlem. The government and President must see the benefits of aligning with us."

Felicia straightened, her professional demeanor snapping back into place. "I'll arrange a follow-up meeting with him. And I'll make sure our PR team is ready to handle any questions from the media."

"Good," Alex said, standing up and placing the tablet on his desk. "Let's keep the pressure on. Ross's fall is just the beginning. We have much more work to do."

As Felicia left the room to carry out his instructions, Alex returned to the window, looking out over the city. The sun was setting, casting a golden glow over the skyscrapers. In the distance, he could see the lights beginning to flicker on, one by one.

As the city outside began to light up for the night, Alex Arasaka looked out over New York, a city resilient in the face of chaos. He was determined to imprison Ross and maybe use his connection to the underworld and have a man killed him inside prison and just chuck it up to someone killing him for revenge a lot of people in Harlem had been lost and he can surely find someone who had lost someone in Harlem he just needs to pull a few strings. He will make sure that Ross will never see the light of daym one way or another, no matter the cost.

The Very Next Day:

In the sleek and futuristic presentation room of Arasaka Tower, anticipation buzzed in the air like static electricity. The room was a testament to futuristic design, with its minimalist décor and walls adorned with high-tech displays showcasing the latest advancements from Arasaka Industries. The audience, a mix of scientists, doctors, reporters, and investors, settled into their seats, their eyes fixed on the stage.

Alex Arasaka, a towering figure of confidence and innovation, stood at the front of the room. His tailored suit highlighted his impressive stature, and his calm, authoritative presence commanded attention.

"Thank you for joining us today," Alex began, his voice resonating through the room. "I am Alex Arasaka, and I'm here to introduce a product that will change lives—Kiroshi Optics, a cybernetic eye implant and a microchip for the brain I call the Quantum Tuner."

He gestured to the display behind him, which illuminated with detailed diagrams of the Kiroshi Optics. "These implants connect directly to the brain via a microchip, allowing the blind to see with 20/20 vision as for the microchip it allows those who were once paralyze to move again. This isn't just a concept; we've already successfully installed these implants in a few willing volunteers."

The audience murmured in awe as Alex continued, "But don't just take my word for it. Let me introduce you to one of our volunteers, Miss Camila Karnstein and to help me with the interview Is Miss April Oneil."

Camila, wearing a visible but thin and lightweight exoskeleton that supported her movements, walked onto the stage. Her steps were purposeful, each one a testament to the breakthrough technology she embodied. She joined Alex and April Oneil, who was there to conduct the interview, on a comfortable couch set up on the stage.

April, looking stunning in her form-fitting corporate suit "Hi I'm April Oneil from Channel 6 News", began the interview with a warm smile. "Camila, thank you for being here. Can you tell us about your experience during the Harlem incident?"

Camila took a deep breath, her voice steady as she recounted her ordeal. "When Abomination attacked, it was like living through a nightmare. I was paralyzed from the waist down when I was caught up in the attack and thought I'd never walk again. But thanks to the microchip in my brain and this exoskeleton, I can move again. My kids even call me a cyborg and say I'm cool, like a superhero."

The audience chuckled, the tension easing a bit with the light-hearted moment.

April then ask her, regarding the operation process, "How was the operation, how long did it take you to get back at your feet?"

Camila smiled remembering the process, "The whole operation was unbelievably quick. A specialize doctor that works with Arasaka Industries handled the operation. It took less than a day for me to stand again and lest than a week to get used to it and move normally."

April hearing this was surprise that such process only took her 1 day. "Just 1 day, that's unbelievable she then continued, "And how do you feel about the chip in your brain? Any discomfort?"

"None at all," Camila replied with a smile. "It feels like a part of me. I'm just grateful to be able to move and live my life again, I can even use my hands and fingers like normal again. Although it's taking some time to get use to due to the new sensation, as you can see the results is impeccable." As she showed the audience her hands that seems to have a thin film on the lower part of her palm as she move her fingers one by one, showing her full control.

April then turned back to Alex and asked, "Are those microchip connected to the internet or a network? Won't there be a mischance of tampering?"

Hearing this smiled and said, "Non at all, those chips are not really connected to anything. The only way to get access to those chips is by taking them out." Hearing this April nodded and asked a few more information regarding the technology behind the microchip while Alex answered in turn.

After a while, Alex nodded, clearly pleased with the process of the interview. "Next, we have Dave Evans," he announced, gesturing to another man who stepped forward. Dave moved confidently, his new cybernetic eyes gleaming under the lights.

Dave shared his story, "I lost my eyesight in an accident and was recently in a coma. When I heard about the Kiroshi Optics, I jumped at the chance. The process was painless, and now I can see again. It's like a miracle."

The floor opened for questions, and a scientist in the audience stood up, holding a tablet. "Mr. Arasaka, can you explain how you address privacy concerns with the chip?"

Alex nodded. "Excellent question. The chip has multiple layers of encryption and security protocols to prevent unauthorized access. We've worked closely with cybersecurity experts to ensure the highest level of protection. Additionally, each chip is programmed to operate independently, without transmitting data externally." While internally thinking it was just him and Skynet who did the whole process.

A doctor raised his hand next. "What about long-term health effects? Any risks?"

"We've conducted extensive tests," Alex replied. "So far, there are no adverse effects. The FDA has granted us approval for human testing, and we are monitoring the subjects closely."

Another audience member, an investor, asked, "What's the commercial availability timeline?"

"We're still in the final stages of testing," Alex said. "Once we have full FDA approval and complete our trial phase, we plan to make Kiroshi Optics and the Quantum Tuner available to the public. Our goal is to ensure it's safe and effective for everyone."

As the Q&A session wrapped up, Alex thanked everyone for their questions and participation. The audience left with a sense of awe and anticipation, buzzing with excitement about the future possibilities.

Back in his office, Alex reflected on the day's success, knowing that his work was far from over. With Felicia Hardy by his side, he was ready to continue pushing the boundaries of technology and making the world a better place.

While on April Oneill's side, she relay the same report for all the people to see, she wrapped up her segment back in the Channel 6 News studio. "Today, we've seen how innovation can change lives," she said, her voice filled with hope and determination. "Alex Arasaka's Kiroshi Optics is a beacon of hope for many. Stay tuned for more updates on this groundbreaking technology. This is April Oneil, signing off."

The screen faded to black, leaving viewers with a sense of hope and anticipation for the future.

The news about Arasaka Industries' groundbreaking Kiroshi Optics and Quantum Tuner spread like wildfire across the globe. Social media platforms were flooded with reactions, videos, and discussions. The Arasaka Tower presentation was now the hottest topic, trending on every major platform.

On Twitter:


🚨 BREAKING: Arasaka Industries just unveiled the Kiroshi Optics, a cybernetic eye implant, and Quantum Tuner, a brain chip that helps paralyzed people move again! This is insane! 🤯 #TechRevolution #ArasakaInnovation


Alex Arasaka is a beacon of hope. If he ever runs for president, he's got my vote! Finally, someone who uses technology for the greater good. 🙌 #Hero #Innovation


Sure, this sounds amazing, but what about privacy? Are we just gonna ignore the fact that these implants can potentially be used for surveillance? #PrivacyMatters #BigBrother


As someone who's been paralyzed for years, this gives me so much hope. Thank you, Alex Arasaka, for bringing this to the world. 🙏 #MiracleTech #Grateful


My heart goes out to Camila Karnstein. Her story is so inspiring! I'm thrilled to see her walking again thanks to this technology. #Inspiration #ArasakaMiracles


People need to be cautious. This tech can be hacked, and our personal data could be at risk. We need strict regulations before this goes mainstream. #CyberSecurity #DataPrivacy


Can't wait for Kiroshi Optics to hit the market! Imagine the possibilities! This is the future we've been waiting for. #FutureIsNow #ArasakaTech


This tech sounds good in theory, but what's the long-term impact? We need more data and transparency from Arasaka Industries. #CautiousOptimism #TechEthics


Alex Arasaka is literally a real-life superhero. His company is doing more for humanity than any government. #HeroWorship #ArasakaForPresident


Impressive advancements from Arasaka Industries. We need to monitor the long-term health effects of these implants closely. This could be a game-changer. #HealthFirst #MedicalBreakthrough

The diversity of opinions highlighted the world's fascination and apprehension. For many, Alex Arasaka had become a symbol of hope and innovation. For others, he represented a potential threat to personal freedom and privacy. The debate was as fierce as it was varied.


Thank you all for your feedback and support. We at Arasaka Industries are committed to making the world a better place through technology. We hear your concerns and are dedicated to ensuring our innovations are safe and secure. #ArasakaInnovates #FutureIsBright

As the conversations continued to unfold online, Alex Arasaka remained focused on his mission. In his high-tech office, he watched the reactions with a mix of satisfaction and resolve. He knew the path ahead was fraught with challenges, but he was determined to navigate them with transparency and integrity. The world was watching, and he was ready to lead the way into a new era of technological advancement.

Last Chapter for the Week, thanks as always.

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