Marvel: I Summon Heroes from Various Worlds

Author: Zaelum
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What is Marvel: I Summon Heroes from Various Worlds

Read ‘Marvel: I Summon Heroes from Various Worlds’ Online for Free, written by the author Zaelum, This book is a Movies Fanfic, covering SYSTEM Fanfiction, MARVEL Fan Fiction, Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: Location: Sokovia in Marvel Universe 838Time: November 2000 (during the Civil War)Golden Finger: Allows loading of prota...


Location: Sokovia in Marvel Universe 838 Time: November 2000 (during the Civil War) Golden Finger: Allows loading of protagonist templates such as Goku, Naruto, Ichigo Kurosaki, Sakura Kinomoto, Natsu, Seiya, Simon, etc. Each template can only be loaded for one hour per day. After loading, the protagonist's body gains the respective protagonist’s bloodline and memories, which can be used for self-training and improvement. This is not a clichéd story; protagonist templates are unlocked through the accumulation of justice points, where the standard for justice is determined by what the protagonist believes is just.

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source: Marvel: Randomly load a protagonist template enjoy


Is this a harem ................ . Please say no


want harem or atleast romance is it there ?


A useless main character, who is nobody without a system, he can’t even control his own body when he takes on the powers of another character, in simple words, weak-willed and weak-minded like a baby, a stupid main character


It's a good story so far with a lot of potential. Hope it gets a second chance for translation.


Me agrado, no es perfecto, pero fueron unos 30 capítulos muy entretenidos, la forma en que adquiere sus poderes es preocupante, aunque esta adquisición tan facil y aleatoria (no lo es) parece que podría interferir con el desarrolo de la historia, hasta ahora no paso. Por todas estas razones le daré un voto de confianza hasta que suba almenos 50-100 capítulos.


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