Marvel: I Summon Heroes from Various Worlds

Location: Sokovia in Marvel Universe 838 Time: November 2000 (during the Civil War) Golden Finger: Allows loading of protagonist templates such as Goku, Naruto, Ichigo Kurosaki, Sakura Kinomoto, Natsu, Seiya, Simon, etc. Each template can only be loaded for one hour per day. After loading, the protagonist's body gains the respective protagonist’s bloodline and memories, which can be used for self-training and improvement. This is not a clichéd story; protagonist templates are unlocked through the accumulation of justice points, where the standard for justice is determined by what the protagonist believes is just.

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30 Chs

Chapter 2

"Let go of that girl!"

"Don't kill anyone!"

"Take this stick!"

After knocking out those two soldiers, Hawking was hardly idle along the way.

Whenever he encountered evil deeds or people in danger, he always felt an uncontrollable urge to help, even though his reason told him he shouldn't, his body just couldn't resist.

He was quite certain that this was due to the influence of the hero template he had loaded.

He knew himself well, and he was definitely not someone so full of justice or fond of fighting.

It could be said that loading the hero template had its pros and cons.

The advantage was that he could instantly possess the same powerful strength as the hero loaded; the disadvantage was that during this period, he would be influenced by the hero's character and habits.

"It's almost time."

To avoid further delays, he chose the quieter roads to reduce the number of incidents encountered and finally ran out of the most intense central area of urban warfare, gradually reaching the edge of the city.

Of course, his one-hour hero template time was also running short.

"Not again!"

Just as Hawking was moving at high speed on the rooftop, about to dash out of the city, a micro missile suddenly appeared from the sky and shot towards a two-story residential house not far from him.

Importantly, he clearly saw a couple inside the second-floor room, their faces filled with terror.


Hawking pulled out the Power Pole from behind his back, leaped towards the two-story house, commanded the rod to rapidly extend, and then swung it to deflect the incoming missile away from the house.

He then landed on the balcony of the second floor.

"Oh, God!"

The middle-aged couple, who witnessed Hawking split the micro missile with his stick, were astonished to see Hawking standing on their balcony and couldn't help but exclaim.

Unfortunately, before they could recover from their brush with death, their faces changed again.

Unluckily, another, larger missile was now flying towards them from another direction.

Given the size of the missile, if it hit the house, not only would the couple likely be killed, but the two children in the basement would probably not survive either.

Hawking noticed the missile as well.

Feeling that even Goku's body might not withstand such a large missile, he clasped his hands together and began to gather energy:


The signature move of the Turtle School, the Kamehameha, was fiercely launched, a powerful beam of energy that directly targeted the incoming large missile.


With a loud noise, the missile was completely destroyed by the Kamehameha, leaving nothing behind.

"That should settle it."

As Hawking was about to leave and continue escaping the city, he suddenly felt weak, as if falling from heaven to hell, and all his strength vanished in an instant, causing him to faint on the spot.

"It's over, time's up."

Hawking had not anticipated such side effects after the hero template loading ended.

The middle-aged couple, shocked by Hawking's Kamehameha against the missile, saw their lifesaver faint on the balcony and quickly lifted him up, then rushed to the house's basement.

Dizzy and weak.

Hawking slowly regained some consciousness, his eyelids twitched slightly.

And a small girl's voice, concerned, rang in his ears:

"Are you ok?"

"Hello, thank you, thank you for what?"

Instinctively singing out, Hawking immediately realized something was wrong and quickly opened his eyes.

In front of him were two puzzled children, a boy and a girl, both about ten years old.

"What are you saying? We don't understand."

The little girl tilted her head and turned to the boy next to her:

"Do you understand what he's saying?"

The boy decisively shook his head.

The two had been learning spoken English from watching discs with their parents since they were young, but the boy's response just now confused them.

"Oh, sorry, that's my fault.

Who are you? Where is this?"

Hawking came to his senses, looked around the room, and then asked the two children in English.

In his previous life as a foreign trade salesperson, although not highly paid, he was quite capable in spoken English,

His last memory was of using the Kamehameha to blast a missile, then the hero panel ended, and he fainted on the balcony, so he planned to get some information from the two children first.

"My name is Wanda Django Maximoff, you can call me Wanda."

"My name is Pietro Django Maximoff, you can call me Pietro."

After introducing themselves, they responded in unison:

"This is our home's basement, dad and mom went out to buy food and told us to stay here."

"Pietro, Wanda, siblings, this..."

Hawking suddenly had a bad feeling, he tentatively asked:

"Do you know which country this is?"


Wanda and Pietro looked at each other, blinked, and responded again.

The two thought the big brother who came home with their parents yesterday seemed a bit simple, not even knowing the name of his own country.

"So... it really is Marvel, I've actually crossed into the Marvel world!"

After confirming again, Hawking almost burst out cursing.

Although not a die-hard Marvel fan, he had watched most Marvel movies, including some TV shows, but had never read the comics.

So he was relatively familiar with the Marvel world.

It was plausible that the two children had the same names, but Sokovia, a fictional small country in Eastern Europe created by Marvel, didn't exist in reality.

Marvel, this is not a safe world, with countless universes, and most are not safe; a major event could destroy dozens of universes.

Even the main universe he saw in the movies had its fair share of messy crises.

"Try to survive."

After some thought, Hawking couldn't help but sigh.

If it weren't for Marvel being too unsafe, he wouldn't be too resistant to the idea of crossing over.

After all, his parents had divorced early in his previous life, each forming their own families and having children, and he had always been an unnecessary presence in both families, long devoid of any sentiment.

Living in any world is still living.

"Didn't expect to start off by saving the parents of the Scarlet Witch, this is not bad."

Looking up at little Wanda in her red coat, Hawking felt a bit consoled.

This future being is of multiverse-level existence, a sure super ally. If he kept his wits about him, at least his safety would be somewhat guaranteed.

The prerequisite is not to let Wanda turn evil.

However, since he saved Wanda's parents, the gears of fate had thus turned, and Wanda would definitely have a happy childhood, significantly reducing the likelihood of her turning evil.

"Now, the consideration is how to survive in this world."

His body was only eleven or twelve years old, without any identity, and although the Golden Finger was powerful, it could normally only be used for an hour, and the side effects were not small.

After communicating with two innocent children, Hawking gradually had an idea.

(End of Chapter)