Marvel: Group Chat

Note before reading Synopsis: at first, Mc is ruthless and cold, tortures enemies, and didn't bother to help others. But after certain events, he changed and becomes an antihero who is trying to save Mutants. Mc is still a Cold and ruthless hero. Doesn't hesitate to take the difficult decision to save people. He still needs Character development. No harem, but 2 girls love him. ---- *~Ding* [ Group Chat activated..., Administrator confirmed. Promoting the individual known as Rudra to Group Admin.] [Sending an invite to random Multiverse People. ] [The Good Slime has joined the Group chat] [The Weakest Hunter has joined the Group chat] [The Strongest Jujutsu Sorcerer has joined the Group chat] What the... [Messages have arrived!] [Welome, to the Group Chat] Who would've thought...A Magical Group Chat that allows you to communicate between worlds. [A Quest has arrived!]

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3. Group chat

[Nick Fury POV - Director Of Shield]

The news spoke of a terrorist attack in Texas, an explosion without precedents that killed many, and destroyed a large amount of land.

I knew better than that, this was no common terrorist attack, something else was brewing, and I couldn't help but feel it was of great importance.

"Agent Krill, I see you got my message," I said, as Agent Krill, one of my best agents entered my office. Others are working on another mission.

"I have, sir." Agent Krill nodded.

"Have you seen the news?" I asked, and he nodded.

"I have a feeling there is more to this attack than it meets the eye," I added, taking a seat on my office chair,

"I need you to investigate this affair, whoever did this... is dangerous, and I need to know everything about them."

"You can count on me, sir," Agent Krill replied.

"Good, motherfucker"


"Now get lost,"

"Yes sir" Then he left.

First Tony is a problem, Second Magento is thinking he is a God and does what the fuck he wants, then Ross bitch trying to catch the Hulk, and now this new bitch, they are POP out like popcorn. Why peace is leaving me? Can't they give me a break?



(MC pic)

From Texas to Orlando, it took one day not 16 hours. But man James is a good guy.

I went to a random house like a thief and took a bath. I missed it.

'I think this place is safe, those Hydra spies won't be able to find me,' I thought after taking a bath. Now I am resting on the roof of a random building.

'Now what should I do? Yeah, I need an identity, " I said and saw beautiful stars.

First, if I started attacking Hydra bases like a sexy badass, they would send him the Winter Soldier, I don't know how many Super soldiers are there under them, or what type of secret weapons they are carrying.

I need to find Information, if only I got a super-intelligent or hacker character it would be easy. Ken Kaneko is an intelligent guy but he doesn't have hacker skills.

Second of all, I needed to find a safe enough place to make my base, a place where I would be able to sleep without worrying Hydra Agents would pop out like porn ads on every website.

And mainly I need money.

I saw a beautiful night and moon

Everything is peaceful now but why do I feel pain? I lost everything, right? I kept thinking everything is a novel setting but this was real, not a novel to me. I reflect on my actions in my past life. Mom, Dad, I won't be able to see them. I understood the difference between reality and fiction.

"It would be great if everything happened until now is a dream. But the reality is always disappointment"

I can not able to cry. Why? Yeah, I lack the emotions now. All that was left inside me was a raw pit of emptiness.

I understood the value of my parents after losing them.

I acted like a bitch, I should have left home without doing anything on that day.

I felt the pain as my narrowed eyes burned with accusation and resentment.

The only way to live is to lock my emotions.

I knew that suppressing my emotions and locking them away wasn't healthy but I had no choice.

"I will survive no matter what"

I don't know when I will die. This world is dangerous. Many dangerous entities are planning to destroy the multiverse.

So I will live my life peacefully until I die.

I should think positively now. I shouldn't follow a dark path.

Just think what good we have.



Real Name: Rudra

Title: True Blood Demonic Spirit Prince

Character Slots: 1. Ken Kaneki

Character completion rate: 100%

Characters: None


1. AN9R gun (263 bullets)

2. 5️⃣ Grenades

3. Desert eagle (89 bullets)

4. Hydra information documents.

5. 9 EMP bombs

6. Timer Bomb

I never thought I would become a Vampire in my life. I think Vampires are present in this world right? But they drink blood instead of life force.

I thought the vampire will drink blood. But I am a High blood vampire so I suck life force. There are levels too in vampires.

I think there is a Ben 10 alien character that feeds on the life force of living beings like vampires.

And I think Ken Kaneki and my life are similar. That's why I reached 100% of that character.


Then suddenly I heard a noise. Then I went into a fighting mood. But I saw no one on the roof.

I confirmed no one is there except me. Then I saw a Smartphone. What! Where did this come from?

Then I took the phone to see. It looks like a new phone. This is Suspicious. Which idiot would throw a New phone like this on a random building?


[ Group Chat activated..., Administrator confirmed. Promoting the individual known as Rudra to Group Admin.]

['Rudra' Title as 'Vampire Prince' added]

[Sending an invite to random Multiverse People. ]

[The Good Slime has joined the Group chat]

[The Weakest Hunter has joined the Group chat]

[The Strongest Jujutsu Sorcerer has joined the Group chat]

What the...



[Messages have arrived!]

[Welome, to the Group Chat]

[Would you like a tutorial on the various features of the application?]

[Yes] [No]


The message box once again popped up, with a variety of information now.

[First of all, the basic introduction. The Chat Group of the Multiverse is an application intended for many people from different worlds to interact with each other. It is also designed to provide any support needed for the group members. As such, there is a variety of applications, with the possibility of more being added in the future.]

[ Group members can chat here. Rather self-explanatory.]

[Next, is missions. These missions are completely optional and come with a variety of rewards for completion. These can be issued by the system, or by group members. Some missions also may give a certain currency, "SP".]

[This "SP" is a currency used exclusively for the in-app shop. This shop includes a variety of items, Potions, and other things taken from various worlds. All group members can buy anything from the shop, provided they have enough SP.]

[50% discount on all Shop purchases for first-time buyers. ]

Who would've thought...

A Magical Group Chat that allows you to communicate between worlds

[You received a gift pack]


??? Pov

A white-haired man strolled across Tokyo, nonchalantly humming. Due to his unusual hair color, coupled with his height and handsome looks, he drew many gazes as he walked by. He wandered rather aimlessly, seemingly lost in his thoughts.

He is going to the sweet shop, however, suddenly a smartphone appeared out of nowhere, shocking this man. Checking it, he saw no curse energy in it.

'smartphone? Where did this come from? Could it possibly be some sort of trap or prank? But what would the reason be? And how else would someone be able to teleport a new phone? On the other hand, I have too little information currently, this is just a normal phone,' he thought to himself.

Various thoughts flitted through his mind, but in the end, he was able to make a decision, opening up the smartphone.

'I'll investigate it more. After all, even if it is some sort of trap, it won't be able to do anything to me. After all, I am the strongest.'

There is no lock to it.

As he opened the phone, the man was met with a notification.

[The Strongest Jujutsu Sorcerer has joined the Group chat]

How did they know about me?

[You received a gift]


??? pov

At this moment, it has been 90 days since I have reincarnated as a slime.

To be precise, 90 days, 7 hours, 34 minutes, and 52 seconds.

How can I be so sure? It's a function of the unique skill [Great Sage].

Iya~, this skill sure is convenient! [Great Sage] Saves The Day! 'Cause it answers any question.

According to it, for the skill to establish itself in this body 90 days are needed. And that would be "establish" in this world's sense.

I mean, I was sure that I had possessed that skill since the beginning, but that was true only regarding my soul.

And so... where I am?

Having confirmed that my body had returned to normal, I proceeded to check my surroundings.

Maybe dangerous monsters are lurking around here.

Though I exited the WATER, it wouldn't be strange to find some amphibious monsters.

I carefully started moving.


Then I heard a noise. What is that? Right now I don't want to face a monster.

I acted like a dead. But nothing happened. I took courage and went to the sound of direction only to find a rectangular object.

My thoughts started to run fast. This feeling I remembered it. yes I know this a


There is no mistaking it. This is a smartphone.

Fu Fu fu, Who would have thought I will get a phone?

I can tell there is no one around here. So From where did this phone come?

Well, who cares when you got a phone? Now I am the owner. Maybe I can create more phones in the future.

Time to eat.

fu fu fu... Great Sage! It's your time to shine!!!

<<Reporting. All components have been successfully analyzed. Recreation of the perfect replica, as well as a few enhancements, are possible. Would you like to proceed? Y/N»>


After I "ate" the smartphone and stored it in my stomach, great sage breaks it down and completely memorized its structure...

And finally...


I spat a black rectangular object out from my stomach.

Fu fu fu, ha ha ha ha ha, muahahahahahahaha!!!

A slime with a Smartphone. Fufufufufu


[The Good Slime has joined the Group chat]

What!? I heard a voice I can't able to see. Group chat what is that? Is this for reincarnated people or what?

[Do you want to open a Gift pack]

I don't know what is going but


[Host received Wind magic, 100SP, Ice magic, and Magic Perception]

Wow! I got magic. I shouldn't waste time.

Right! Let's be active [Great Sage]!

<<Verified. Extra skill [Magic Perception]... has been successfully acquired>>

<<Will you use extra skill [Magic Perception]? [YES]/[NO]>>

Well yeah, of course, [YES].

As expected, [Great Sage] is reliable as always!

The moment I had to activate the extra skill [Magic Perception], my mind was filled with information.

Never, even as a human, had I processed that much information at once.

Little by little, magical energy moves along–waves of light and darkness.

Having grasped all of the incoming information, I convert it into one I can understand.

And so, I can now see 360 degrees around me, without a single blindspot

<<Linking extra skill [Magical Perception] and unique skill [Great Sage]... complete>>

My field of vision cleared up.

Moreover, I was not attacked by a burning pain in my brain.

That I wasn't able to do this until now is strange in itself, this is an obvious form of "vision".

[Great Sage] just might be a cheat. It helps me to master all my skills.

I can see the smartphone. Let's see what is this Group chat.


??? Pov

In a world where hunters, humans who possess magical abilities, must battle deadly monsters to protect mankind from certain annihilation, I find myself in a seemingly endless struggle for survival.

My name is Sung Jin Woo.

I'm an E-ranked hunter. Out of all the members in the hunter's association, I'm the weakest hunter in the lowest tier.

Well... Until just recently.


A game-like system.

I thought by the time I encountered a double dungeon, that would be my end.

By the time I woke up, a blue hologram screen appeared in front of me. The system gives me quests and rewards.

At first...

[The system will help the 'player's growth.]

If he fails to obey the system's orders, there may be a penalty.

[Your rewards have arrived]

I thought I was just hallucinating.

But then...


*Quest Direction*

[Daily Quest: Getting Ready To Become Powerful.]

(Incomplete) Push-ups [0/100]

(Incomplete) Curl-ups [0/100)

(Incomplete) Squats [0/100]

(Incomplete) Running [0/10]

[Warning: Failing to complete this daily quest will bring a punishment associated with this quest.]

The penalty for not completing the quest is being transported into the penalty zone, a realm of desert full of giant centipede monsters.


After an episode of failing the daily quest and cursing every single centipede in this world, I slowly became stronger.

I do my daily quests, and I went to a dungeon alone

I soloed a dungeon full of monster wolves with a huge snake as its boss and won.

With the help of the system... I can become stronger!

Blue Poison Fang, Kasaka... It's the boss of the dungeon, in the appearance of a giant snake with two metallic fangs as if it were made of steel.

I had to become stronger... So I will kill it even if it kills me.



Accompanied by a rather awful noise, the skull of Kasaka gave in and cracked apart.

[You have killed the ruler of the swamp, Poison-Fanged Blue Kasaka.]

[Level up!]

[Level up!]

As expected of a boss mob.

His level rose by 2 after killing the Kasaka.

Jin-Woo tightly clenched his fists.

The level that had been stagnating at 15 had jumped up to 17.

In just a single day, he crazily raised his level from 1 to 17.

[Rewards have arrived]

[Item: Kasaka's Venom]

[Item Class: A]

[Type: Potion]

[Item: Kasaka's Fang

[Item Class: C

[Type: Dagger]

[Attack: +25]


[Item: Dimensional Smartphone]

[Item Class: Error]

[Type: Error]

[Attack: Error]

What... is this?

A smartphone???

He took the phone

[The Weakest Hunter has joined the Group chat]

[You received a gift]



1. Will there be a harem?

A/N: No bro,

2. Who is the Female lead?

A/N. I already decided who Fl is but I won't say 🤫. But she is a strong mindset woman.

3. Will you follow the movie's timeline?

A/N: no bro, I go with the flow.