Marvel: Group Chat

Note before reading Synopsis: at first, Mc is ruthless and cold, tortures enemies, and didn't bother to help others. But after certain events, he changed and becomes an antihero who is trying to save Mutants. Mc is still a Cold and ruthless hero. Doesn't hesitate to take the difficult decision to save people. He still needs Character development. No harem, but 2 girls love him. ---- *~Ding* [ Group Chat activated..., Administrator confirmed. Promoting the individual known as Rudra to Group Admin.] [Sending an invite to random Multiverse People. ] [The Good Slime has joined the Group chat] [The Weakest Hunter has joined the Group chat] [The Strongest Jujutsu Sorcerer has joined the Group chat] What the... [Messages have arrived!] [Welome, to the Group Chat] Who would've thought...A Magical Group Chat that allows you to communicate between worlds. [A Quest has arrived!]

LoneWolfAuthor · Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings
45 Chs

First Dungeon {Part 1}

(Jin-woo pov )

What... is this?

A smartphone???

He took the phone

[The Weakest Hunter has joined the Group chat]

[You received a gift]

[Do you want to open the Gift]


[100Sp, Darkness Sword]

Darkness sword

[Darkness Sword]

[When the player uses this sword, each attack will generate 30% additional attacks.

The additional attacks will occur at the target's feet and can't be defended against with physical force.

Life Absorption: The sword can absorb the life energy of those it cuts, causing its power to continually increase.

*Additional effects: The sword can repair itself by absorbing life energy.

Energy Beams: When used as a weapon, the sword shoots blasts of dark lightning from its tip.

Mana cost: 10 per minute ]

What the hell?


Gojo pov

[The Strongest Jujutsu Sorcerer has joined the Group chat]

How did they know about me?

[You received a gift]

[Do you want to open the Gift]


[100Sp, Summon White stag (The Great Sacred Beast) ]

Sacred Beast, isn't it a legendary deer? I thought it is a myth.



[You received a gift pack]

[Do you want to open the Gift]


[100SP, Unlock Vampire abilities, one character spin]

[Host unlocked all Vampire abilities ]

Suddenly I left all the restrictions are gone, then I got information about my vampire p


Oh, Vampires are more powerful than I thought. I got some decent skills.

Okay, I need to practice them.

Now I should spin. Then I clicked the spin button.

Just like before it started to move and then it stopped at the

[ Edward James Kenway (Assassin's Creed)]

Hmm, I can't even get angry because he is one of my favorite characters. I played those games when I was a high school student.

And to hunt Hydra this character helps me a lot.


Binding starting...]

I felt small pain and it disappeared. Maybe I got natural resistance to pain.

[Binding completed]

[Character completion rate: 42%]

Suddenly I Got experience and knowledge of assassins. Haha, back then I felt Assassin's Creed trailers looks badass. And now I got that character.

[System Announcement: First Mission of the Group Chat.]

[Quest: Clear the Dungeon and free the Water Spirit.]

[Participant: Everyone in the group chat.]

[Reward: 2000 Sp, new features on the group chat, one random reward.]

[System Note: The time in the participant's original world will stop when going on a quest.]

[Countdown: 10 minutes]

Vampire Prince: Wait! We didn't even introduce each other. But we already got a quest.

Weakest hunter: I just completed a Quest.

Strongest Sorcerer: Yo yo yo, what's going on? Admin, Can you explain what this group is for?

Good Slime: Explain +1

Vampire Prince: I don't know why are you asking me.

Good slime: Aren't you the admin?

Vampire Prince: Just like everyone, I was invited into this group though forcefully.

Good Slime: just like me.

Strongest Sorcerer: Thankfully the time will stop, I can't afford to disappear from my world. It will bring problems for everyone.

'If only he knows'

Weakest hunter: I want some time to recover.

Just like that everyone disappeared from their world and their world stopped without moving.


Rimuru world.

A certain Red hair GUY tried to use his skill but failed.

??? : SHIT! Why is the world didn't resume? Who stopped World Time?


??? World

Suddenly 4 figures appeared in Darkness.

??? : Where I am?

??? : I can't see anything

??? : What is this place?

??? : Ora Ora, I think this is the Dungeon that the system chan spoke about. I thought this was a prank.

Then Jin-woo opened the phone and on the flashlight. Then others did the same except slime.

??? : I am surprised Both of you are teenagers.

Slime /jin woo: Who are you?

Gojo: Gojo Satoru, I am a teacher at Jujutsu Tech. And the Strongest Jujutsu Sorcerer

[System: Strongest Sorcerer Changed his name to Gojo Satoru]

Gojo: ohh, my profile changed... Why don't we introduce ourselves?

Vampire prince: I am Rudra.

[System: Vampire prince Changed his name to Rudra]

Weakest hunter: I am sung jin woo, You can call me Jin for Short.

[System: Weakest hunter Changed his name to Jin Woo]

'It's my turn now. The first impression is Best. You can do it

Good Slime: Nice to meet you. I am Satoru Mikami and reincarnated as a Slime.

'what? Why my profile didn't change? He thought and became sad. But Rudra took him in his hands.

{Note: He still didn't get Rimuru's name.}

Then Jin Woo and Slime introduced their past and then Gojo found out that Rudra don't have an interest in others' past. He didn't point it out.

Rudra: Anyone had Fire or light magic. I don't have magic.

Slime: Hey, I brought Fire Magic for 40sp in the shop. I will use it.

Then a Magic Circle formed and a Huge fireball appeared in front of him.

Rudra: Then you will be our light.

With that, they started moving forward. Both Jin Woo and Gojo felt something is off about Rudra. But Gojo didn't feel any evil vibes from him and he felt sad emotions from him.

Gojo: Rudra why don't you say about yourself?

Rudra stopped moving.

Slime: if you don't feel good-.

Rudra: No I will tell my story.

Then he started to tell his story. And he didn't tell about his Reincarnation.

After hearing his story they felt sad. When he awakened his x gene his parents left him. To his Bad luck, he got kidnapped by an evil organization and they conduct dangerous experiments on him. Now he is fighting alone against that organization.

Slime: Dude, don't worry. Everything will be all right. And I felt you are an Mc who is going to destroy that evil organization.

Gojo: kid you should make memories with people. Emotions are what makes us humans.

Rudra nodded his head. Jin Woo felt sad and guilty for getting suspicious of Rudra.

Then they came to the Big entrance.

Slime: Guys.

The smooth walls and ceiling also indicated that the place around them was artificially created. They saw a huge square-shaped entrance and they went inside. With the fireball slime made, the surrounding darkness receded, and a new scene came into view.

Slime: Wow!

Slime exclaimed in admiration. A giant city located deep underneath the basement reflected in his eyes. Buildings made from stacked bricks stood side by side in a grid pattern, indicating that this city had been carefully planned. Other members of the group couldn't hide their admiration. This city had its charm. Rudra went inside the closest building. Perhaps, the previous residents of this place had taken out all the household items or they had all turned to dust over the long period, but its insides were all empty.

Gojo went inside several houses like this and looked around. All the houses had the same structure.

'It's not an ordinary city.' Rudra and Gojo thought

This place went beyond an ordinary planned city. It wouldn't have been strange if one area had the same houses, but other than a few exceptions, all the buildings had the same shape.

Jin Woo: "The buildings are all uniform. It's not an ordinary city. Who built this city in Dungeon?"

Slime: it feels like a fantasy and horror game story

The buildings were small, but they were too nice to be a temporary stay. The Group looked around about one-fourth of the city area. All of them became more certain that this city was probably a type of camp for people to gather together for some kind of purpose and live together.

Gojo: I wonder, what was their purpose in building a City here?

Jin Woo: Maybe there is a Valuable thing present in this place.

However, the city seemed to have no intention of easily revealing its secret.

Gojo: Get ready.

As soon as Gojo said this, the group members' moods changed.

Rudra raised his hand, and Jin-woo pulled out New Sword. Slime is ready to cast magic. Gojo raised his fingers. From the darkness, something slowly moved toward them.

Jin: That is…!

Jin Woo was surprised; 

A terrifying monster made out of the liquid with a humanoid form with two empty holes for eyes. These monsters were coming closer to them in the groups.

'I can't sense their presence.' Jin-woo thought

Swish! Swish! The monsters began changing form as they reached this Group. Their hands and arms that imitated humans began wriggling and changed into new shapes. Some of their arms changed into knives, some changed into spears, and some changed into scythes. Other than these three shapes, many other weapons appeared in view.

Gojo: "It's going to be fun."

Gojo started to stretch his arms and legs like in Anime.

Slime thought which magic should he use against them? Ice or fire or Wind.

'What I am even wondering about? I just need to test them all out! Great sage let's show them who we are.


Wind and fire flew out of Slime magic in two opposite directions. With a huge force, the wind cutter attacked monsters in one area, and the fireballs that burned across the darkness embraced the monsters and exploded in another area. Slime quietly observed the results.

'wind is okay.' The monsters that were cut by the wind didn't seem to receive much damage. 'but, fire is effective.'

Fire magic evaporated the water, and when the monster lost more than a certain proportion of its body, it lost shape and returned to normal water. Slime continued to use his magic

'Fire is most effective.'

However, even if Slime were decreasing the number of monsters from far away, there were many more monsters. They persistently approached this group. Jin-woo swung the Darkness sword at the monster that appeared in front of him.

[Cursed Technique Lapse: Blue]

Gojo is showing off and playing around. Not taking this seriously.

Meanwhile, Rudra just used his Tentacles to kill these water monsters. And he is hiding his Vampire powers. Both Gojo and Rudra can feel someone is watching them.