2 Ch. : 2 Susan Storm and Library

"Yawn... who are you, and what are you doing here, huh? You are stealing my food, I will call 911, or you leave."

She immediately took out the phone and entered 911, what a smart and alert girl.

"NO, no, no, I'm not please don't call police please, I'm leaving."

While I was talking to her, I saw between gaps of her body and door I saw a little biochemical lab and many books, research pages, shoes and clothes scattered on whole floor everywhere.

(Well you are thinking why she is a rich girl is living at building where a poor like him lives, so I have to say that MC's mother has bought this apartment during her pregnancy for security reasons and place where many middle and rich status peoples living in this area and this area where MC live is between stark building and empire state university.)

Well, now I remembered she is Susan Storm of The Invisible Women, and she is in her teenage years approx. 16 to 18 years, and I am at least 15-year-old and few years younger than her, so there is no problem in pursuing her (Thinking some bad thoughts), oh god what I'm thinking apologies-apologies, I am still young and before legal age I can't do anything. By the looks of previous news this world should be Marvel universe no. 199999 but why she is here look like there are some changes in this universe or butterfly effects because of me transmigrating here, looks like I have to be careful.

"Well, sorry for taking some stuff of your well I swear, that I was only taking one of each, and you see that last apartment was mine where I live, also I have no money so thought that there is no problem for taking one of each so..." I said hastily. Well now I'm embarrassed and this is my first theft in both lives and at first time I was caught what a bad luck.

"Really, I think you are still lying and even though you are only taking one of each this is still theft, what happens when tomorrow you want to take more than one." She said while taking her package box in.

"Really, I only wanted to take one of each really no stealing further again in the future, please give me only one of each no more stealing in future okay." I said while holding her package to prevent her from taking it in. 

"No!!!, hands off of my package, you can go back. I will not give you my food." She said like a puffed tabby cat, but looking like a tigeress whose precious food was stolen from her.

"Pleaasee, only this time not again." I said cheekily, while holding a packet of bread and noodle.

"Nooo, I will not give you my food, this is mine." She yelled angrily puffing her cheeks like balloons, when I saw she was yelling with so loud voice I jumped and held her mouth to prevent her from yelling further and pushed her in apartment from preventing any further misunderstanding from other neighbors.

"Huh, what happened just now, hey Charles do you know who is yelling so loud."

"No jack, I don't know, I also just come out for checking looks like someone's throwing a tantrum."

"Yeah, disturbing others sleep in early morning."

{Well, go back to our protagonists}

Well because of pushing her in and closing the door of the apartment and stumbling on a food package I fell on the ground, and she fell on me due to preventing her from having injuries.

"Well, will you believe me, I'm just preventing you from falling and injuring yourself." I said awkwardly, while looking in her beautiful sea blue eyes with my lips twitching and licking my lips.

"You brat first trying to steal my food, second pushing me in my house, and now you kissed me, and you're still holding me with your dirty paws." She said angrily but looking very cute. I released my hands from her so she stood up on the floor and I also stood up while missing that sweet taste and soft touch feeling.

"Woah! What is that behind you see." I said surprisingly and took few packets of food and opened door quickly and closing it silently I ran to my apartment in few seconds like there is a bomb which can explode anytime, after reaching in apartment and closing door I sighed heavily. After a few seconds of rest, I prepared my food and started eating it with gusto, while remembering Susan Storm's incident and chuckling at her innocence and cuteness.

{While at apartment of Susan Storm}

When she saw that she is fooled, she quickly turned back and saw that her few food packets is missing from the package.

"Uuugh this is first and last time, next time I saw him I will not spare him." She said, like an angry cat with stood furs like needles.

"He also stole my kiss and hugged me, now how can I show my face to others if they know that I'm taken advantages from stranger who I first met when he was trying to steal my food and I caught him, if he try to take advantage of me I will call 911 immediately." She said while holding her face in her palms and sitting in lotus position.


After eating breakfast, I sat on floor for while thinking that which library I have to go and also thinking if I borrow food tomorrow or not feeling somewhat hot and shy but thinking that I am now young have to wait few years to think these unhealthy thoughts.

While walking to library I saw a mart, I entered and bought some snacks and biscuits with high calorie and fat. So I can maintain my grey matter form at library.

Well I can form in grey matter for 3 to 4 hours after eating normal breakfast, but if I am doing some complicated things this food intake will expand.

After walking to nearby Mulberry Library for few minutes I reached to library and got in library from front door and writing information at librarian counter I got to section of computer and information technologies and started took few books and reach into corner section where mirrors are fixed on side section to prevent bumping I turned into Grey Matter and started reading books quickly while checking on side mirror if anyone is approaching or not and reading for whole day I got out of library at 8'o clock because this is closing time of library.

I walked to my apartment building and I walked in lift and pressed floor number when lift door was about to close, I heard someone yelling, so I instinctively watched who was yelling when I saw Susan running towards me, so I didn't prevent lift door from closing when she saw me her anger was prevailed because of morning incident and now not waiting for her so she pulled her all strength and suddenly leaped towards me while clenching her fingers to make small fist and punched towards my face, I instinctively slapped her fists to side quickly, but she lost her balance and started to fall down, but I held her from waist and supported her up then I said

"Why don't you Thank me for saving you from falling down." I teased her with a smirk.

"Thank y... huh? This is all your fault, why should I thank you, you shameless little brat." She said in hyper mode with cute expressions while getting out of my embrace.

"Why are you telling me brat you yourself is little one who have not grown anything see your little beans." I muttered, dissatisfied, didn't realize that she was still in his embrace.

When Susan listened to this, her anger raised to a high level.

"How dare you tell me little beans, you shameless, brat! Brat! braaat!!! Huff* huff* and you are still holding me, you shameless brat." She said angrily with apple like red shy face and embarrassed extremely. I shrugged my shoulders and said to her in apologetic tone

"Well sorry for morning because I was very hungry at that time and I have no money and food at home and my father is very irresponsible, and my mother died at hands of Chitauri aliens and when I go to my father to inform him yesterday, I was thrown out and said that I'm just a beggar and an annoying fly and blah blah blah, and after I was coming back to home suddenly some peoples surrounded me and took me in alley and beat me up, and they thought that I was dead, so I am lucky enough to come home, I don't even know who beat me up, and finally sorry for kissing you that was accident. If you want me to be responsible you have to wait for a few months when I am able to earn a steady stream of money, for that time can you be my rich girlfriend pleaasse." After saying this, I in the end tried to propose to her and teased her a bit.

When Susan heard this she backed two steps and looked down and is in feeling of emotions called pity, anger, surprise, sadness and taken aback because of my past. 

"Well, I'm sorry for my anger on you earlier, and for girlfriend I will not agree we're not that familiar, so keep some distance if try to take advantage from me, I will call 911." She said apologetically and with some pity.

"Well don't worry I am used to it so you don't have to pity me and I keep distance from you but can I pursue you." I said, as I tried to look indifferent.

Suddenly my stomach sounded with the sound of gurgle.

"Okay, let's go to your apartment, I will cook you delicious Indian food for what happened in morning as apology and thanks to you giving me food." I said shamelessly. 

"Okay, if you try to do something bad or anything I will call 911." She said in low but in serious voice with a bit of warning.

When we reached at the door of her apartment, she opened the doors of her apartment and I wanted to follow her in, but she closed her door suddenly and door slammed at my nose 

"Ugh My nose..."

I heard the laughing sound of Susan from the door, and she laughed for a dozen minutes.

"Perfect hit." Susan said silently while cheering with her fists waving in the air like a winner.

"Hey, can you at least give me a packet of bread and noodles, pleasse." I said in pleading voice at door of her apartment she said no, and I sighed and started going towards my apartment and suddenly heard door slamming voice when I turned back and saw food packets on ground I smiled and said 

"Thank you, Susan." then I quickly took food packets and left if she regretted for giving me food.

"Huh? How did he know my name I didn't tell him, humph he must be stalking me next time, I will straighten you when we meet." She said while clenching her small fists from anger and cute puffed face.

(Well I have to say that before dying in his previous life he was just 18 years old, and now he is 15 years in this new body. So I'm not writing any lol*c*n okay.)

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