Marvel: Born in Fire!

Born in blood and fire, scarred by priests, destined to whatever I want. I am Hiro Kala, the son of Hulk and the brother of Skaar. And this is my story! Warnings: -Strong to OP MC -Harem -Morally ambiguos MC -Son of the Hulk MC -Mutant MC -Waifu Catalog used as CYOA(but no mind controlling waifus or company)

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30 Chs

Chapter 8

"So doc, what's the verdict?" Summers asked as he returned to the room. He seemed kinda depressed, did he break up with Jean?

Oh no, Jean is supposed to be dead at the moment. I really should get some information about the current state of the world and the hero community.

"Just as the Cerebro said, Kala here is a mutant. He is also a Shadow Person, but still, he's a mutant." At that, I could almost see a weight lift itself from Scott's shoulders. Guess he really was stressed about this. Also, nice to hear that they didn't bring us here only to kick us out, yay!

"Though this also brings up the question of his powers." Hank said scratching his head, time to throw him a bone.

"I can do this." I said as I levitated several books on his desk. And I didn't even need to have a bookworm with bad hair condition to scold me about my pronunciation.

"Telekinesis, interesting. Not exactly uncommon among mutants but you seem to have a good control over it." He said with a smile that would have been far more friendly if he was not a blue furry monster with teeth that resembled the teeth of some of the smaller predators on Sakaar.

"Anything else you can do?" Summers asked me, though from his tone I suspected that he suspected something.

"I can also hear what people think when I concentrate on it. Also, please tell the beautiful lady friend of yours to keep out of my mind. It isn't exactly a place one should show to a lady so soon after first meeting." I said with a smile and I could hear Hank try to smother his laughter and see Skaar look at me with a tilted head, ahh to be young.

"I'll... tell her that." The leader of the X-Men said, looking uncomfortable.

"Is there anything that you need?"

"Need? Not exactly. Though I would like to have some access to any kind of files you people have about my father." At that, I could see the light dimming in their eyes.

"Yeah, about that... young Kala, how much do you know about your father's... actions on this world?" Hank asked hesitantly, almost like asking the wrong thing might set me off.

"Not much, I know that he thought that the bomb on Sakkar had killed us and blamed it on you people. Then he left Sakaar in order to get revenge. Considering the fact that you people still have a planet I believe that it is safe to assume that he failed but is currently free with a personality that is very different than the tales of Sakaar." I explained what I 'should' know. It probably would weird them out if I just told them all the stuff I knew about the past of Bruce Banner, not to mention his future.

"Well, yes. I guess you could say that. First of all, the bomb wasn't our doing, it was revealed that..."

"That Miek the bug did it, yes we already know." I cut him off with a shrug.

"Okay... no matter, before your father learned that; he, uhhh... smashed, some very respected people on this planet. He also attacked the school in search of a certain man so he is not exactly well liked at the moment." Hank tried to explain as gently as he could, nice guy. Shame that it was wasted since I didn't care much about it and Skaar wouldn't admit that he liked father until he tried to kill him at least once.

"Give me a second." The furry mutant said before he started to look throughout his drawers before he finally got back up with a flash drive between his claws.

"This is the last moments of your father's war against us. I think it might allow you to understand the circumstances a bit better." Hank said as he inserted the drive into one of his computers.

"Hank..." Summers started to say before he was interrupted by the blue genius.

"Oh, I know Scott. But this is private so let us give the kids some space." He said with a forced smile as he pushed the leader of the X-Men out of the door and left along with him.

Suspicious, but not my problem. Might as well take this moment to see father beat up and humiliate heroes in digital.


"Hank, I don't think making them watch their father force people into a gladiator match that almost killed them is the best idea. And why do you have a video like that anyway?" Scott asked with a scowl, not happy with the decision of the X-Men's local genius.

"They would have learned of it anyway. This way at least there won't be any misunderstandings about us trying to hide information from them."

"And don't you think that they might try imitate daddy in some weird way to try to get his approval?"

"No." Hank shook his head.

"Kala is intelligent. I can see that he does not exactly understand certain things about our world but he seems to learns fast and has enough common sense to know that would be a bad idea."

"Ok, fine. Let them watch their daddy smash the Avengers. But why do you have that on a record anyway?" Scott threw his arms up, trying to understand his old friend and failing.

Hank stayed silent for a moment, looking like he was deep in thought before he finally started to speak.

"Stark and Richard, they are smart. As a matter of fact most of the time smart is the only thing they are. Yet they fucked up." The furry mutant said, much to Scott's shock at his old friend swearing.

"They can try to paint it any way they want but the matter of fact is those two, along with Black Bolt and Doctor Strange, fucked up with Hulk. They thought that they were doing the right thing but they fucked up so badly that Hulk put slave chips on people, made those four fight to death and still appeared more human than them." Hank said as he placed his hand on his forehead.

"Choices have consequences, no matter how smart the people who make those choices are. I have Hulk's war against them on record because I feel that sometimes I need to remind myself of that. That no matter how smart I am, my decisions will have consequences." Hank said with a sigh before he looked up as he felt a hand on his shoulder.

As he looked up at Scott, he couldn't help but wonder. Where had the good old days gone?