Marvel: Born in Fire!

Born in blood and fire, scarred by priests, destined to whatever I want. I am Hiro Kala, the son of Hulk and the brother of Skaar. And this is my story! Warnings: -Strong to OP MC -Harem -Morally ambiguos MC -Son of the Hulk MC -Mutant MC -Waifu Catalog used as CYOA(but no mind controlling waifus or company)

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Chapter 7

"Fascinating." Henry McCoy, in his blue and furry glory, said as he listened to the them tell him about the events of the last few hours as he looked at the sons of Hulk.

"To think that you two have managed to survive an explosion while still inside your mother's womb, I had always thought that a child of Hulk would be something beyond our imaginations but this is even beyond that." The blue mutant said as he took several notes on his desk and Scott realized that just maybe, having Hank as the first contact with the school for Kala and Skaar may not have been his decision.

Unfortunately, he was the ones with the tools to determine whether Hiro Kala was truly a mutant or not so he had no other choice.

"Is he always like this?" Kala asked him with a small glare on his face that was directed at nothing and everything.

"No... sometimes he gets annoying." Scott answered, getting a snort of bemusement in return.

"Oh, my apologies. I think I got a bit carried away." The furry mutant said with an embarrassed laugh as he scratched the back of his head.

"Now, I believe we are here to scientifically make sure that Hiro Kala is a mutant. I am going to need a blood sample for that." He said he started to go through many shelves of his lab.

"I am fine with that as long as the blood sample is either destroyed after the check up or at least with me for any kind of experiments on it." The young gray man said with a shrug, seemingly not caring for the weird looks he was getting.

"Umm, young Kala, why exactly do you think that we would be experimenting with your blood?" And what kind of life did he live on that planet Hulk was send to in order for that to be his first thought?!

"Hmm, what do you mea... oh. Oh! I get it now, you people don't know of the properties my father's blood." The young man said, his eyes wide with realization.

"We actually do know a few things about it but something tells me you are thinking of something else." Hank said as he jumped back to his chair, looking curiously at Kala.

"On Sakaar, it was father's blood that had given life to the barren lands. From where his blood was spilled, plants with healthy fruits would sprout within a night. Though all of them turned into thorny plants that attacked other inhabitants of the planet after the capital city was bombed."

"That... I did not know of? And your blood has such an effect as well?" Hank asked with his hand under his chin and from the gleam in his eyes, Scott knew that they had just lost him to his scientific curiosity.

"Hmm, not exactly. While my brother's blood and mine didn't make any plants sprout on Sakaar, the plants that my father left behind had, after absorbing our blood, returned to their original and peaceful nature."

"Fascinating, how about..." And that was Scott's cue to leave. He wasn't good with science mumbo jumbo and wasn't selfless enough to stay with Skaar who looked just as confused as him. So he left as quietly as possible.

*You seem troubled my love.* A voice spoke to him, not to his ears but his mind. Fortunately he had enough practice with such a situation to reply back.

*The kid awakened Hank's science geek side. I had to run.* He could hear Emma laugh inside his mind and wondered how exactly he managed to deserve such a lovely woman.

*On a more serious note, have you managed to get anything from our newest students?*

*Are you really sure that you want to keep both sons of Hulk instead of only the mutant one?*

*I saw the look in his eyes. We try to make him part with his brother, he'll try to tear us apart; Hulk style. Now please answer my question.* Scott thought back at his girlfriend, no intention to budge from his choice.

*Very well. The smaller brother, he is a little child. He is mostly confused about everything around him and has a deep love for his brother. Also, he seems to hate and love his father at the same time. I could have gone deeper but his mind was becoming more and more primal like Hulk's so I pulled out.* The White Queen explained.

*What about Kala?*

*I got nothing.* And that threw Scott a loop, the admission of failure more than the failure itself.


*Nothing. His mind has defenses stronger than anything I have ever seen. I can see that there is a mind but I might as well try to telepathically connect with an artificial intelligence. There is no way for me to get in.* Emma ranted and Scott could feel her frustrations.

Scott could understand where her frustrations were coming. Throughout all the time he knew Emma, as a villain and as a hero, she always had been prideful. She had pride in her name, pride in her wealth, pride in her looks, pride in her status as a mutant and most importantly, pride in her powers.

There being someone who did not even know that he was a mutant but could make her powers look obsolete, that would sting.

*That... might be a problem.* Cause even if he was glad that there was another mutant with them, he wasn't the same idealistic kid who followed Professor around like a lost puppy anymore. He knew that any new mutant had the possibility of deciding that they were the next Magneto and try to 'show' their might as a mutant who persecute against them. A son of Hulk would have twice the reason to hate people.

He didn't want to imagine a son of Hulk going villain and there being no easy way to shut them down or at least weaken them with telepathy. That sounded too much like a Juggernaut who was immune to telepaths.

*I guess we'll just have to be... extra careful while teaching him.* Scott thought with a mental and a physical sigh.

*I'll do that. You go and make sure Hank isn't wasting too much time with science ramblings.* With a groan, Scott went to do exactly that.

He really should have just ran away years ago when Xavier made him the leader of the X-Men. Being leader, therefore responsible for every idiot in the team, sucked!